tagErotic CouplingsMy Barista: Single Shot

My Barista: Single Shot


I met Cathy at the local espresso stand where she works as one of their sexy baristas. Since I started to go there, we seem to hit it off well. I'd always walk in and she'd get on my usual. Usually, I'd go there for the coffee, but also to see her. She was around nineteen, about five foot seven. She had shoulder length brown hair that was always down. She always wore the tight shirt that really stuck her chest out and did little to hide the tattoo right above her bum, especially when she had to bend over to grab something.

I'd be dishonest if I didn't admit that I had a thing for her. I'm a happily married man of fifteen years, but this little thing always had me going to bed with a grin, especially when the wife was in one of her moods. I could fantasize about how many things I would do with her before falling asleep at night. Oh for the chance to spray my spunk all over her wonderful face and tits. I would have done almost anything. It turned out I wouldn't have to wait.

One day, she admitted to me that she was going to school and she was moving away. I was crushed until she asked if we could have dinner before she left. Figuring a good alibi for the wife, I agreed and we decided to meet that night. We exchanged numbers, wisely I gave her my cell just to keep things hidden, and I left with more anticipation in my head. Right after lunch, she called me and told me to meet her at her place since her roommate would be away. We agreed to meet at six. I then called the wife and told her that I would be working late because of the project I was working on. She wouldn't have minded anyway since she was on the rag. I dreaded the wait.

I arrived at Cathy's apartment a few minutes before six and knocked. She opened the door wearing a red teddy which accentuated her firm breasts. I was speechless until she pulled me in and began to kiss me deep on the lips. I was surprised until she asked me between kisses if I minded having dessert first. I responded by cupping my hands against her bum and squeezing gently. I use my hands to then pull down her straps to get my first view of her wonderful breasts. She then led me into her bedroom where she threw me on the bed and proceeded to pull down her teddy until I saw the whole picture. Her breasts were gorgeous and I looked down to notice she had her pussy trimmed. Talk about goddess in the making.

She bent down and began to undo my belt buckle and within minutes, my member was being kissed up and down by her luscious lips. I then watched as her tongue started to lick up and down both sides, her lips turned to a smile as she saw me enjoying the sight of it. I then saw her slowly begin to take me in her mouth. I watched as she slowly pulled back up, the suction feeling exquisite on me. As if reading my mind, she rose and straddled my face so I could enjoy her beautiful area up close. I took my fingers to gently spread her apart and begin to tongue her deep, licking up and down her pussy slowly. I was rewarded with a deep moan on my cock as she was still swallowing me. We stayed like this for a few minutes as she started playing with my balls and I began to touch her anus hesitantly. She responded to this by raising up and climaxing on top of me, covering my face and tongue with her juices.

She then rolled off of me and laid on the bed as I scurried over. I admired her beauty for a moment before slowly sliding into her tight pussy. It felt like cotton rubbing against my shaft from all directions as I started to pound her. I placed my hand on her breast and began to roll her nipple with my fingers as she was impaled on me. Her moans were driving me crazy as we were there.

I then was pushed back by her legs until I was against her headboard. She rose up and had me lay down so she could ride me. I watched as she grasped my cock in her hands as she rubbed me against her before feeling her warmth envelope me. She cooed softly until she bucked on me rapidly. My hands were on both of her breasts now as she yelled my name. It wasn't long until she arched her back and climaxed again.

She then looked down on me and asked me if I could take her ass. The way she said that was so slutty, I couldn't resist. She was on her knees, her hands spread her cheeks apart so I could enter her slowly. She felt really tight down there, telling me I was the first. I started to pound deeper and harder as she was begging me to fuck her hard. I felt like I was about to climax as she told me she wanted it on her face.

I pulled out as she turned around, her mouth inches away from my cock as she took it in her hands and began to stroke me forcefully. I felt as I started to spurt, landing on her face as she smiled at me. I began to shoot more, coating her face and chest as I remained there. She smiled at me as she started scooping it up and tasting it. She responded by telling me she would have to swallow me next time.

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