tagInterracial LoveMy Beautiful Blonde Neighbour

My Beautiful Blonde Neighbour


I first set eyes on her one morning as I was looking out of my 3rd floor apartment window. My name is James, you may remember me? I have been living here since leaving Sarah, my former English teacher who I had lived with for 18 months after she threw her husband out so I could move in.

It hadn't been easy to leave her, our relationship had been intense to say the least; I had seduced her into an affair, after much persuasion on my part during school hours, and life had been great, she was now nearing 30, I was coming up 20, and I was getting itchy feet!

It was my hormones I guess, wanting to sow my wilder oats, and all the rest in virile young mans mind.

I had had an altercation with her then husband, shortly after leaving school, and moving in with her, I had to give him a bit of a taster, I was bigger than he was, and he turned out to be a bit of a wimp, because when he came at me, I just spun him into the wall, slammed his head against it, grabbed him by the bollocks, told him what a wimpish little prick he was, and sent him on his way, with a warning that if he tried this again he wouldn't be so lucky next time!

We lived in Sarah's 2 bed apartment, we had the larger room of course, she had all the wardrobe space, so my wardrobe was the 2nd bedroom, which made me leaving easier, I could pack secretly, which I did, something I did do to make leaving better was to arrange handing over Sarah to another lover.

One of things we had discussed, among others was her sexuality, she had told me she had had an affair with 3 girls at teacher training college, and she had loved one of them to distraction, but had broken up after graduation.

My mind went straight to Anna Foyle, a beautiful black dyke, lesbian through and through, 6ft tall, gorgeous in every way, a figure to die for, every man and boy's wet dream, but she never ever put out, never;

Her only interest was other women, she was the same age as me, and I had known her from school.

I know she had had a go several times at Sarah, because Sarah had told me.

And she also told me that on a couple of occasions she had been within moments of giving in to Anna and her desires.

So I went to see her, I convinced Anna that Sarah would respond to her if she were made to, she was more than happy for an attempt on Sarah again.

She still lusted after her, and wanted her badly.

We discussed a way forward, I went home and took Sarah to bed for a session, and at an arranged time between Anna and I, the bell rang.

I said 'I'll go,' and I let Anna in, went back upstairs got back into bed with Sarah, Anna undressed in the hallway and walked in, got straight into bed, and smiled hugely and said 'Hello Sarah, remember me?'

Stunned silence!

I got up, left the room, and left a very confused Sarah in the arms of Anna, I got my bags and l went.

My last view of Sarah was as she disappeared under Anna, humphing, protesting, and mumbling, trying to escape, struggling weakly, her voice quietened by Anna's kisses, and tongue in her mouth, Anna's fingers already controlling her clit.

And as I am sure Sarah soon found out, she was wasting her time.

I heard Anna shushing her, and saying its okay baby, you are mine now.

Weeks later I saw Anna and she told me everything had gone blindingly well, she and Sarah were now a confirmed couple, Anna couldn't thank me enough, and that she and Sarah were very, very happy.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, my beautiful neighbour,

She was stunning to say the least, I loved watching her, she was feminine, proud of her bearing, well at ease with the way she was, they didn't have any children, I would say about 5ft 11" in her heels, long ash blonde hair, that danced around her shoulders, fabulous figure, I got my binoculars out for a better look, and yes, she was better looking close up, beautiful heart shaped pouty lips, that were meant for kissing her man, and sucking his cock.

A Blonde married beauty! Every black mans dream, especially mine!

I say she was my neighbour, she actually lived across the road, and 5 doors down, I started watching her movements, and her husbands, he would go to work about 8:00am and return at 6ish, I also noticed that he occasionally went away on business, great I thought.

I started following her discreetly she was a member of a health club and attended 2 days a week, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

I even followed her as she shopped in the supermarket to see what kind of items she bought, one day she went into a beauty shop, and I noticed that she had bought a feminine soap, I noted the make.

There was no way I was going to be able to bump into her and chat her up unless I joined her health club, and that would have been a million to one chance of success, so that was a no no for me.

No, the only way, was going to have to be the hard way! My way!

None consent!

It was going to be a big risk, planning was paramount if I were to succeed, what I didn't want was to get prison time, that would be a disaster.

I watched every morning and evening, to see his and her movements.

On one particular day he went to work, and never returned that night, so he did spend time away from home. Hmmmm?

It took me 3 weeks to plan it all out.

I started going to sex shops to buy the items I needed, all different ones.

I bought a black bag with draw strings that had a self fastening toggle, to put over her head at the right time and pull it tight.

A mask like the one the Lone Ranger wears, but without the eye holes, soft handcuffs with about 18" of cable between them, latex gloves for me, KY Jelly, and baby oil, for possible use.

A ski mask for me just in case, 2 pair of cotton socks, so nothing would be left in her house. And condoms too, no DNA!!

I was good at getting through doors, so I was confident I would be able to get into her house, as long as an alarm wasn't set!

But an open entry would be perfect.

All I had to do now was wait and watch, it was boring, but it had to be done.

2 weeks later things took off;

I was waiting on a Monday morning in the window for him to leave for work, when he came out of the house with a big suitcase!

He was going away, and looking at the size of the case, it looked like more than a day or two.

She came out too, he put the case in to the boot of her car, and they left.

Show time! I said to myself.

I went down and got into my car and followed them at a very discreet distance, if they were going into town where he worked it would be a left turn, if it was the railway station, or the airport it was a right.

They took a right, my hopes lifted, 15 minutes later they drove past the station, 30 minutes later they pulled into the airport. Yippee!

I followed them in, parked a good 50 cars away from hers and tailed them into the departure lounge; they went to the check in desk and stood in line for a flight to? Singapore!

He was going to Singapore! No way was he coming back, for at least a week from there!

I was about to turn and leave, when I saw them embrace, or rather he embraced her, it didn't seem right, she didn't really embrace him, allowed only a peck on her cheek, and she looked a tad annoyed?

I was to find out later that she was indeed annoyed, because she wanted a morning fuck, he was leaving her horny, he had got up late! Stupid sod!

I returned to my car, and went home, stopped at her beauty shop and bought myself a pack of her soap, my plan for action today was now shelved, it would be tomorrow, and tomorrow was Tuesday, her keep fit club day.

I watched her leave for her keep fit class at 10:00am; it would be about 3 hours or so before she returned, and unless other plans she may have had interfered, so I left my home, and walked around the back of hers, via the walkway.

This was the dangerous part of my plan, from the point of view of being spotted; they had a 2.5 metre fence around the back of their property, which was easy for me to scale, but I could also be seen doing it, a risk, yes.

I had all my bits and pieces in the bag I had purchased, I quickly hopped the fence, dropped into the bushes and waited for any sign of being seen, I waited a full 10 minutes.

No noise or commotion, so I made my way to the back of the house via the pathway, no imprints of my shoes, which would be removed after I got in.

I had my home made picklocks, but as luck would have it, there was a small kitchen window open, and beneath that, a larger one closed.

I got onto the window sill, I knew I could not be seen now, reached in and opened the lower one, climbed in, closed both behind me, if she noticed that the open window was now closed, I reasoned she wouldn't think too much about it.

I took off my shoes, put them in my bag, I was wearing a pair of the cotton socks, no traces.

Feeling good now, I made my way upstairs to wait for my beautiful blonde married lady, was she going get the surprise of her life!

I entered what was their marital bedroom, fragrance wafted my nostrils,

I had bathed in the soap I had bought from her shop, so no detection of a different cologne or perfume.

I set my stuff where I wanted it, had a little rehearsal of what I wanted to do, and hoped would happen, then settled down to wait, I even laid down on her bed, but remade it after I got off.

1:15pm came, car sounds on the gravel driveway, I peeped out of the window behind the curtain, it was her!

I positioned myself behind the bedroom door, ran the rehearsal through my mind again, and waited, 10 minutes later I heard her coming up the stairs, and then, she went and showered!

Fuck, I wanted to get down to action!

15 minutes after that, she came into her bedroom; towel wrapped around her, only her proud tits, and nipples holding it up.

I dived out behind her, popped the cloth bag over her head, pulled the cord around her neck, and pulled it closed, but not too tightly.

I grabbed her by the upper arms, propelled her toward the bed, her natural instinct was to lift her leg as she was driven toward it, this made it simple for me to get her on, and down on her stomach, me on top, job done!

I pulled the cuffs from under the pillow where I had placed them, and clipped them on, holding her down with my weight, I had one hand at the back of her head pushing her down, not too hard into the mattress though,

I didn't want to suffocate her did I?

She tried a muffled protest, and pleaded with me to let her go.

I growled as menacingly as I could into her ear that if she struggled, screamed, or did anything to annoy me, I would punch her lights out,

I didn't want to hurt her I told her, but she had to obey me, and behave or else!

'Is that understood?' I asked.

'Yes.' She whimpered. 'But please don't hurt me.'

'Don't worry; I have no intention of doing that.' I replied.

Climbing up a little, I told her I was going to remove the hood on her head, but that I was replacing it with a mask. 'Behave and keep still, yes?'

'Yes.' She said.

Opening the toggle on the hood, I slid my hand up inside, pushed the hood up a bit, gathered her hair in my hand, I lifted her head slightly, and placed the mask under her eyes, I wriggled the hood off, holding her soft blonde hair in a pony tail, then one handedly fastened the Velcro mask over her ears, and under her hair line, so her hair was free to shimmer for me!

Now for the opening scene!

I pulled off the towel covering her luscious body; I couldn't help but gasp at the sight before me.

Still face down on her flat tummy, her tits slightly spreading outwards under her own weight, her narrow waist, her bottom rose in a shape only natural beauty can possibly attain, her fabulously long legs, her wonderful ash blonde hair spread around her head, her smell, she was woman, beautiful woman, my woman, soon to be!

'You know why I am here don't you?' I asked.

'I think so,' she murmured.

'Good, I am glad you appear to understand.' I said.

I swiftly and carefully took off my own clothes, and got back onto the bed with her.

I didn't go straight in and fuck her, a woman like this needs to be loved; not just fucked, seduction is the name of the game!

Though as yet she didn't know that the man that was going to her seducer, and fuck her very soon was me! A black man!

I wanted to ask her if she had ever been "blacked", but I thought it could wait until later, it turned out to be the right decision.

I got tight up against her, she stiffened, which was understandable.

I began caressing her, kissing her shoulders, her neck, her back, her lower back, her ass, her little crack, thighs, tops of her legs, behind her calf's, down to her very dainty feet, her toes, by the time I worked my way back in reverse, she was breathing fairly heavily, which boosted my confidence.

I hadn't spoken during all this; I was going to take my time, if hell had me!

Leaning further over, I kissed her at the very back of her neck, while I slid my hand slowly down her body, over and around the rise of her twin cheeks, my middle finger slid in to the crack of her ass, tickling its way over and dipping lightly into her ass, down towards her pussy.

A moan! Her feet lifted singularly, involuntarily off the bed.

I slid my finger into her pussy. Wet! Hot! Brilliant!

Gotcha, I thought triumphantly, and still not a word spoken since I started. She must be feeling hot and horny, I hoped so anyway.

I went onto auto pilot, remembering some of the things Sarah and I had got up to, I started doing all sorts of things that she had loved, and it worked!

After a few moments.

'Please,' I heard her whisper.

'Please?' I repeated. 'Please what?'

'Don't tease me this way, please?'

'What is your real name?' I asked. Not wanting her to know I didn't know it.

'Chantal' she replied. 'Chaney for short.'

'Ah' I said.

'Well Chaney,' I said. 'You may, or may not know it, but today, are going to be my whore, my fuck toy, my cum slut, everything I want you to be?'

'Do you understand me?'

'Yes' she whimpered breathily.

'Got any questions?'

'Just please, please don't hurt me' she begged.

'Never once will I do that Chaney.'

She was still face down, so I got over her, I fingered her pussy, which was nice, slippy and hot, 'are you feeling hot and horny Chaney?' I teased.

'Please!' She seemed to be begging me?

'Are you feeling Hot and Horny? I demanded.

'Yes, yes, yes,' came her reply.

'Good, then here I come my lovely lady' I said, I got behind, and between her knees, pushed them apart, and just drove my prick right into her, she was helpless under me, I hammered myself into her; I really felt for some reason, that she needed teaching a lesson of sorts.

She was moaning softly, groaning, begging, and moving under me as I fucked her as hard as I could, her head was rolling from side to side. I felt her orgasm, once, and then again.

I blew my load all the way in.

She told me after when we rested; that she thought my spunk was going to come out of her mouth so hard was my ejaculation!

This was, and still is the most beautiful, and sexiest woman I have had the honour to love, and fuck. She was, and is fantastic.

Rolling over but keeping her on me, I wriggled up into a sitting position, with her now sat between my legs, and her head lolling on my shoulder, I kissed, stroked and loved her, squeezing and rolling her erect nipples in my fingers, getting her all worked up again, telling her how fabulous she was.

She responded by saying, 'I've got to confess that that was the best fuck I have ever had in my life.'

Who are you? Please tell me; please let me see you, please?'

I smiled to myself, this really could not have gone any better, but there were things I needed to know before any thing else.

'Tell me a about your wimp dicked husband.' I growled, venturing a guess.

She gasped at that, 'Do you know him?'

Right there, my answer was right there! He was a fucking wimp!

'No I don't, but I do know you need a man with a real prick!'

'One who can and will, give you what you so patently need,' I again ventured.

'Oh my God, how do you know all this?

'I just do, you exude feline sexuality' I said.

'Please tell me your name; let me see you please, please!' She uttered throatily.

'My name is James' I offered.

'Oh James, I must see you, please, let me see your face? I won't ever say a word about this, I promise.' I heard a beg in her voice.

Placing my finger nails under her mask from behind, I tilted both sides upwards, I knew she wouldn't see my face, but this would answer the unasked question. "Had she ever been blacked"!

She saw my arms first, then my legs 'Oh my God,' she whispered, 'you're coloured! You're a black man!'

'Yes, have you ever been fucked with a big black dick before like mine Chaney?' I asked.

'No.' She wailed. 'This is too much; it's fantastic, fabulous, Im going to die!'

'My fantasy has just happened.' She gurgled.

'Jesus Chaney, really?' I said a bit stunned.

'Oh yes, please I beg you, my husband doesn't know about this does he?'

'No, not as far as I am aware, no.' I laughed.

'James, I am 29 years old, married 6 years,' she gasped, 'and I've had this fantasy since I was 18!'

'But I have never had the courage to do it!' her voice was a lyrical tune.

'Everyone has wanted a piece of me, since I found out about sex, but I've always been careful, I didn't want to be labelled as a slut!'

'Even my dad wanted to fuck me, and every boy I ever knew.'

'But black has always been in my mind, though I thought opportunity would never pass my way.'

'Well now,' I said happily, 'you have just been given your opportunity Chaney; and I'm going to keep giving you black!' I told her.

'How many times have you been unfaithful to your hubby?' I asked, not really wanting to hear her say, once, twice, three times or more.

'Not once!' She said, 'I would never have been unfaithful.'

'Wow.' I murmured, her answer was a surprise, but very well received, I was happy about it.

'Chantal I told you earlier, you were going to be my whore, fuck toy, and cum slut!'

'How do you feel about it?' I said.

'I'll be everything you want me to be James, I promise' she whispered.

With that, I was convinced now that I was as safe as I could ever be, I pulled off the mask, spun her around and let her look at me.

'Oh James,' she whispered, she leaned in and kissed me, 'you are gorgeous, so good looking, have I died and gone to heaven?'

'No' I laughed, 'but you are going to be fucked up into heaven and back, I can assure you!'

'I already have been' she breathed, 'please unfasten me; I want to make love you too.'

'No chance' I said, as I flipped her over onto her back and whacked my newly erect prick back into her pussy.

I gave her the hardest fucking I have ever given anyone, her muscles clamped onto my prick, even Sarah hadn't got this!

I lasted ages before I shot another load of spunk into her.

Her own orgasms, was music to my ears.

I unfastened her then, she immediately went down onto my now very limp dick, but a mouth as hot as hers can work wonders, she worked a finger into my ass, I just love that, being sucked and finger fucked at the same time.

This was wonderful, I lived across the road from her, I was going to be able to come over almost at will, and she could come to mine too, fabulous!

As she was blowing me for all she was worth, I asked her, out of the blue, when her husband would be home?

I had seen her leave the house with him I told her, and a suitcase, yesterday morning.

She stopped blowing me, lifted her head, and looked at me for a long moment with those big blue headlights, as if deciding whether to confess, she lowered her eyes from mine, and whispered to me in a very submissive tone, 'He won't be back for 9 more days James, he's gone to Singapore.'

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