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My Beautiful Friend


I can remember fantasizing about men very early in my life but my imagination only wrapped its warm lips around these thoughts briefly, never requiring my hand to help soothe my cravings away into a washcloth or all over my trembling lap into warm, spurting, and necessary blasts of pleasure...women were the rulers of my lust until I became great friends with a boy that was always beautiful to me in our youth but became my true weakness when we were finally men. He was tall and lean and had a way about him that i never could ignore...he grew up poor but you would never be able to guess that much, but possibly assume a modesty about his life because he held on to a country way even though we were city boys most of our lives. He fished, knew how to navigate the woods, wore boots with his jeans and no shirt and the sun graciously kissed his toned body with an imperfect tan that I would trade anything to have on my own skin. All of these gifts but his dark brown eyes and wild, curly, and unkempt hair were the things I loved most. I remember consciously trying to not be so obvious whenever I stole glances at him because I was afraid that he would see right through me and then he would leave forever.

A friend that was like a brother to me for so many years and I wanted him and always searched for reasons to be with him or close to him.

When we were in our late teens, we were experimented with pot and other recreations but when we became men we grew to love mdma and cocaine. I may have loved them both more than he ever did but his tolerance for either of them was never as mature as mine and the moment where the ecstasy took hold of him the strongest was the moment we were alone and in a dimly lit room and would not be bothered for hours and i selfishly had to at least try to enjoy him.

We were on his couch watching television, enjoying the beautiful high when he suddenly blurted a handful of words that were gibberish, dipping his head back and breathing the way men breathe when they are close To coming. I noticed him squirming in the throes of possibly the most pleasure he has ever known, massaging his tight belly and oddly turning to me and asking me if he could remove his shirt.

I turned to look him in his dark eyes, licking my lips casually but enough to be noticed, whispering, "of course you can."

He was rubbing his belly slowly, dipping his head back again and closing his eyes when I noticed that he gently closed his fingers around his erect nipple and squeezed it so hard that he almost winced with pain but my concern for that quickly vanished when I heard him moan with pleasure.

I was in such disbelief that this was happening and I didn't want this exhibition to end. I never assumed that this was an invitation at all and I was always aware that he was not really there, figuratively speaking, but I was overwhelmed by my desire to press my mouth onto his body and to taste the salt of his skin.

His eyes were still closed while he was lying back into his couch and his head was turned away from me while he continued rubbing and massaging his own body and groin, but I deduced that whatever might happen that night would be permissible because i knew this man well enough to know that he was feigning an absence of awareness while also convincing himself to feel embarrassed or ashamed so he could excuse anything that his own lust would allow to happen from that moment on.

I remember feeling nervous while i pretended to accidentally place my entire hand gently onto his body, and I remember my sense of restraint disappearing completely when the muscles on his torso refused to reject my touch. My hand never left his toned body and I began to enjoy rubbing his smooth and slightly sweaty abs and chest for few as long as I possibly could. I want to learn his body. I wanted to barely touch my fingertips to his belly and tease his body into becoming tight and to make him tremble by the sensation. I noticed that he was still stubbornly pretending to be unaware that this was something that he not only allowed, but enjoyed. He was no longer fighting back the sounds of his own moaning when I slowly leaned my open mouth onto his chest and massaged him with my full lips.

We were both warm and sweaty from the peaking of our highs but his sweat tasted better than anything I have ever had on my tongue before. I took my time and kissed him all over his body, tasting this beautiful man over and over again...enjoying him...craving all of him. He sounded so vulnerable under his heavy breathing that I could have fell in love with him that night. I placed my hands between his legs and slowly encouraged them to open wider before i found myself on my knees between them holding my mouth onto the bulge of his jeans and burying my face into his groin. I held my face there and simulated going down on him over his clothes, gently tracing my hands from his inner thighs up to his hungry body and held them on his chest firmly enough to hold him, in a way, so that his bulge could never leave from its Capture by my mouth.

I was enjoying my submission so much that I almost never noticed him undoing his belt and button to his crotch. I remember the sound of his zipper being pulled down was so heavenly and exciting that I felt a sliver of my own cum being forced from some deep response in my ass that was never known before from my body, leaking uncontrollable into my briefs. He pulled his pants down just enough to free himself but I helped him out of them immediately, remembering to leave his boxers on long enough to experience his cock springing out of them when removed and having all of him reflexively slap my face. The musk of him drove me crazy but the act of giving myself to his manhood pushed me over into a bliss I will never be able match again. He was firm, not all the way hard yet, smooth on my face, not overly hairy and seemingly just enough to look delicious to me. I let him rest his cock on my face for a few seconds before i wrapped my lips around the base of him and just licked and tasted him for a while. I remember imagining how my girlfriend would suck me and I instinctively became the mouth, lips, and tongue of the women that used to service him.

When I took the head of his cock inside of my mouth, it was pleasantly not what I expected it to feel like but it was so good. I imagined a cock feeling overly stiff and rigid but it was swollen and soft inside of my mouth. I noticed that he was becoming saltier and saltier and driving me wild. He was getting wet from my mouth and from his own cock and I never wanted to lose the way he tasted. He made me want to devour him and learn how to please him. In my mind I wanted to take my time and savor all of him and enjoy him on my lips and inside of me. I caressed his balls with my mouth...I gently sucked and tugged in them...I discovered every inch of him and how it felt inside of me...I made love to him with my mouth and felt him slowly become more swollen and hard...I never wanted this to end but I was overcome with the desire to give him pleasure so I took more of him into me and pressed him further and further into my throat.

I felt like choking but I wanted to feel him gagging me...I was so nervous I would be sick but the more it gagged me, the more wet my mouth became and the more turned on it made me. I stopped worrying about whether I was going to be sick and just continued. I loved fighting back the gags. I loved the sounds I made while I choked on his dick. I loved the sounds he made and the jerking of his body so much I didn't care that I was fucking him with my throat like one of those dirty girls he went for at parties or at the bars. I wanted him to enjoy me.

All of the coyness he was showing me bothered me at first but that all vanished the moment he reached down and held my head still, forcing my face harder into his lap, and took over all of me and used my throat for his own pleasure. I was having my face fucked by my best friend and it felt so good. I knew he was close. I could feel him building up and becoming tense...I noticed a restraint before but he didn't seem to care if I was okay when he thrusted harder and faster and I was never going to complain or stop him.

I had one second to ready myself for his cum. I felt the path of his seed rising up his shaft and I knew it was a considerable amount and was grateful for that.

The sudden spurt into my throat was such a surprising, pleasurable experience that every one that followed was rewarding to me in a way I cannot describe. He honestly screamed while he filled my mouth and throat with his cum and violently held my head there and wrapped his strong legs around my shoulders and neck while he emptied into me.

I loved him so much in that moment and feeling like a fucking slut never bothered me at all.

He relaxed and leaned back again into the couch while I swallowed what I could and I was glad that he allowed me to rest my face on his lap for a while and lick and taste the remnants of this good time.

It seemed to last forever but wasn't long enough for me ...I loved it.

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by Anonymous

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by Acheronn01/12/19


I know exactly what you mean and I miss it

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by Anonymous12/19/18


Wonderful story,
wish more guys were not so judgementle about have a guy suck them off.
I Love the taste of pre cum as I lick the head of a cock, the build up of how hard they get right before they fillmore...

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by Anonymous12/12/18


A male friend of mine did the same thing to me. He made a confession about peeking at my cock at the urinals, and liked that it was bigger than his, so he wanted to see how a big headed penis would feelmore...

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