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My Beautiful Wife


I have a beautiful wife. We've been together for 5 years. She's a petite brunette with a gorgeous body. At the beginning she wasn't that great in bed. She liked sex but was the quintessential missionary.

At a certain point, a few years after we were married, she began to change. The first sign of that was her purchase of erotic literature. I never commented about her new interest and she only made a minor effort to hide the books.

I guess she decided that she wanted more from her sex life than she had to date. I had suggested trying new things before but she always refused.

I had been away for a week on business. Like she often does, she picked me up at the airport. When she met me she was wearing one of her beautiful summer dresses. It was white with a print of small flowers and greenery. It showed her fabulous shape. I had instant lust.

She came up to me and gave me a big kiss on the mouth, wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear: "I'm not wearing any panties and I've shaved my pussy."

I got an instant bulge in my pants. This was so unlike her. I could hardly wait to get home. But she had different plans.

We got to the car and she asked me to drive. When we were both seated she pulled up her dress to reveal the most beautiful sight of womanhood I have ever seen. I reached to touch her but she said, "no, not yet." My heart was pounding and my throat was dry.

She asked me to drive to a sex store in our neighborhood. Fortunately there weren't any cops on the route. She had to tell me "slow down. It will be worth the wait. I promise. Tell me about your trip".

We got to the store and she picked out a vibrator and a porn film: Tanya Hyde's Cabaret Bizarre. I had rented porn before but always watched it when she was out. I wasn't familiar with this director. She told me later that she had rented another Hyde film while I was away. She got it on the recommendation of one of her friends.

When we got back to the house she opened a waiting bottle of wine. We went to the living room and she put the DVD into the machine. She sat next to me for a while and we soon started light petting. A short while later she took off her dress and lay on the other end of the sofa with her legs parted for me to see. She asked me to stay where I was and not to touch her until she gave me permission.

She started to masturbate with her eyes fixed on the TV. She was making deep, short moans as she played with herself. My cock was about to burst but I didn't do anything, except watch. She clearly wanted to play out this fantasy that she had been holding her head.

Eventually she started talking to the characters in the film. "Take his cock in your mouth. Suck it. Fuck her. Fuck her", she said. When the film reached a scene of double penetration she had obviously reached her limit of teasing herself, and me. I had no idea that the thought of DP excited her.

She looked at me and said "I'm so fucking horny. Brad, lick my cunt. Suck on my clit. Please, I need you to lick my cunt. Take off your pants. Show me your cock. Let me touch it while you eat me."

She had never spoken to me like this before. Not even remotely. She had never been so sexual before. She had transformed.

I had never been so excited in my life. I wanted her so bad. My legs were shaking. I shed my clothes and walked over to kiss her on the mouth. She grabbed my cock and I looked her in the eyes and said "you are so beautiful. I love you. Your tits, your cunt! I want you". She quivered when I said it. I said," tell me again what you want me to do. "

"Lick my cunt. Suck on my clit. Stick your finger in my ass. Then I want you to take me to bed and fuck me."

That's exactly what I did. All night long.

I love my wife.

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by Anonymous02/15/18

Nice story

The story was well written and a sweet tale of evolving marital love. I hope there will be more about this couple.

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