tagErotic HorrorMy Beloved. My Dream. My Vampire

My Beloved. My Dream. My Vampire



I am 29. I have been thus for the last twenty years. I know those of you quick with numbers will say I am 49, but I tell you I will always be 29, forever. I have not aged, nor have I known no disease for these last twenty years. But I have known hunger. A hunger that eats at what is left of my soul. Hunger that brings madness and agony. A hunger for BLOOD.

I am a vampire.

I know that I am much younger than others of my clan and that I am not of pure blood, as I was turned. And though I can walk in the sunlight and not die, like those born vampires would, I still prefer the night.

My hunger for blood bids me to hunt, so I hunt alone, prowling the upper end of the city where the decent and mostly overly religious folk dwell. Though their blood is sometimes bitter, I can think of few being that deserve to become a meal for such as I. And it was one night during a hunt in this area I caught the scent of something that made my blood on fire. The sweet, intoxicating scent of innocence.

I leapt lightly from rooftop to rooftop, racing to track down the scent. The breeze must have carried it a long distance, because I found myself in the business district of town. The taller buildings gave me a better vantage point for which to find my target. I perched an outcropping of a building and waited.

The intense burning I felt from this scent was becoming unbearable. I watched you exit your office building and start walking toward the subway. I dived from my perch to float up behind you. YESS!!! You ARE what I had scented. I floated closer to you, above and behind you and breathed in you scent. It blinded me with such intense passion and lust.

When my mind had cleared, you were nowhere in sight, having made it to the subway entrance. I flew like a wild beast over come with hunger, following the trail of the scent of your blood. I WANTED you, more than anything I had known since I became what I am now. By the time I reached the platform, your train had just left.

Frustrated I followed your scent, hungrier than ever. In the distance, I heard someone whistling. A subway worker repairing some wiring. He saw me as I walked closer. "You're not authorized to be down here, mister."

"I go where I will." By now he had gotten a good look at me in the glare of the work lights. As fear of the dark form closing in on him registered in his eyes, my hand flashed to his throat, crushing any chance to cry for help. As my fangs pierced the pulsing veins on his neck, he shook in my grasp. Emptied of every last drop of blood, he fell in a crumpled heap on the ground, never to stir again. "You mortals make it too easy for us," I told the corpse at me feet. "You barely deserve to be our food."

With my thirst only partially sated, I continued to follow your scent, floating through the tunnels under the city like a shadow. Soon, I came to the platform where you had gotten off and departed the sub-city rail system. I was lead to a high-rise apartment building, where I caught your scent again anew as you stepped out onto your balcony. I hovered in the shadows where you could not see me.

In the light cast from the room at your back, your crimson hair seemed to sparkle as you stretched. You were unlike most of the women I had preyed upon. They were thin and had bitter blood. You had a nicely full figure without being overweight. All this mixed with the sweetness of your blood scent rekindled that flame that caused my own blood to boil.

As you turned to reenter your apartment, you paused and seemed to stare right at me for a split second. I blanked any image of me from your mind, yet only a few seconds later did you turn and go inside. I puzzled over this for a few moments when a light from another window of your dwelling came on and I heard the sound of a shower running.

Through the window, I could see you as you undressed. Your pale skin captivated me like a buccaneer lusts over a box of pearls. I watched as you unfastened bra and slid it off your arms. The flesh of your breasts contrasted sharply with that of your perfectly proportionate nipples, which were erect from the breeze drifting through the open windows. My mouth watered as you bent to slide you simple white cotton panties down your rather juicy looking thighs and let the fall to the floor.

My fangs seemed to grow longer with desire for you. I had decided hat I wanted you, forever, and I would make you mine. The time it took you to shower passed tensely. When I looked up again, you had gotten out of the shower and wrapped a towel around you and were drying that lovely, fiery red hair with another. I drifted in through the open balcony door and looked in to the bathroom, where you now sat naked at a vanity with the towel now on your head.

I do not know if you knew I was there or not, but you seemed to pause your applying cream to your face for a moment, then seemed to shake off a though and continue. A moment later, you got up and walked into your darkened bedroom, unaware that I lurk in the shadows there. Getting into your bed, you were soon fast asleep. I floated above your naked form as you slept. I wanted o make passionate love to you, yet did not want to disturb you either. You were now dreaming, so I entered your mind.

The warmth of the sun shown down on you as you walked through a field of bright flowers next to a large lake. The thin cotton dress you wore blew gently in the breeze. Making you way to the edge of the lake, you pulled the dress over your head and run naked out into the water. You had not seen me yet, though I followed you closely.

Soon I joined you in the water. After a moment, you finally saw me and blushed slightly. "Hello," you said, "I have not seen you here before. Where did you come from?"

"No where special," I replied. My normally cavalier and cocky attitude seemed to disappear when I looked into your eyes. I some how felt the need to tell you the truth. "I am a vampire, and I have been hunting you."

To my surprise, this did not shock you at all, and I was stunned by your response. "I know," you said, "I have been waiting for you since I was a little girl."

"How long exactly?"

"For about twenty years, I've seen you in my dreams since I was six years old."

"That was when I was changed."

You giggled a little as you swam in circles around me as easily as a mermaid. "Its funny, you don't seem like a vampire."

"What do you mean," I queried.

"I thought sunlight kills vampires." Your innocent demeanor intrigued me.

"Only those born as vampires. I was once a human. Besides," I smiled, baring my sharp fangs, "this is only a dream you are having." In the back of my mind, I became aware of the sun fast approaching the horizon. In the daytime, my powers weaken and I become almost human again. As I pulled out of your dream, I heard you crying to know where I was going and to not leave you. "I will return," I assured you. What I did not tell you was that I needed to return to you.

With a last, longing look at you lying in your bed, I dropped over the edge of the balcony. The first rays of sunlight peeked through the gaps between the buildings as my feet touched the ground, and I suddenly felt a thousand pounds heavier, as if the world were now my burden.



I walk the few blocks to a safe house where I could wait out the day. There were several other vampires in this bar owned by my clan. Scantily clad vampire prostitutes, their pimp sires and a few others. A few looked up at me as I entered, the rest minded their own business.

One particularly nasty wench stared at me. "Well, look what the cat forgot to drag away. It's the half breed prince heir."

My eyes flamed, but I did not speak to this one. "Jhonath'n," I growled in my clan's tongue, "you best keep this whore dog on a tighter leash, before I see fit to gut the bitch and feed her to my sewer dwellers."

With a touch of bitterness, the older vampire bowed slightly and said "yes, Excellency." He slapped the outspoken slave to the floor. As I stepped through the door to the back rooms, I could hear him beating her and yelling at her for causing him this trouble. It would bother me none at all if he killed the smelly piece of trash. She reeked of the foul scent of the human males who paid to use her.

Ahead of me, I saw one of the clan guard was posted outside a door. That meant Kah'la, the clan princess, who had turned me, was here today. As I was the first for her to turn when she reached the age of ascension, I was a partial heir to the clan. We had once been lovers, but now she cared nothing for me. This suited me fine, for I cared little for her either.

I passed the door and its guard and heard the sound of several women in the throes of noisy lesbian lovemaking. When I was about six feet past, I heard her call to me. "Mik'al," she called, "I smelled you blocks away" Her lovers giggled. "Come talk with me, my old lover."

With the heavy sigh of a man who'd rather be anywhere else, I turned, opened the door and entered the room. There were seven naked women in the room, two of which were still human, and alive, for now. The sight of their overly skinny, so-called perfect bodies intertwined in a pile like so many snakes in a mating frenzy turned my stomach.

As usual, Kah'la sat on her thrown, watching, sometimes bidding this one or that one to come pleasure her. As she saw me, she gave a short, sharp hiss and held up her hand. The orgy at her feet halted abruptly, the two human women continued to moan for a few seconds. When all was quiet, an evil gleam came into her eyes as she stared at me. In the clan tongue, she hissed, "so, it has happened."

"What has, Mistress?" one of her toys asked, and then turned to see me standing over her and the others. "Oh." That was all she said and went back to toying with one of the human's.

Kah'la must have seen my confusion, because she grinned widely, showing her pure blood twin set of fangs (having two each where I had one.) "So, you have found one you wish to take as your companion." Dark fire burned in her eyes. "It's only written all over you and the smell of the passion that burned in you is still strong." For the first time in a long time, I saw that she was slightly jealous. "Tell me lover, was she good?"

"I will not say."

"Ah, so you have only toyed with her a little." The evil in this naked being, that now rubbed herself in front of me so non-chalauntly, rose to new heights in my mind. Without another word, I turned my back to her and left.



As night fell, the rising full moon found me waiting outside of you office building for you to come out once more. Your sweet scent grew stronger in my nostrils, as the burning within my heart and loins increased with desire for you. A moment later, you exited the door and turned again toward the rail system. And I followed, at a slightly quicker pace.

About a block from the entrance to the subway station, as you passed an alley, I made my move. Clamping my left hand over you mouth and running my right arm under yours, my right hand holding firmly to your large, soft left breast, I pulled you into the alley. The only noise you made was a muffled squeak of surprise.

Pulling you head aside with the hand over your mouth, I bit deeply into the soft tissue of your neck. A moan that seemed to come from deep within you acknowledged the fact that I was now drinking deeply from your life's blood. The sweet flavor of innocence mixed with an inner knowing lingered on my tongue as I raise my head to draw a breath. Now, completely limp in my arms and under my control, you moaned pleasurably.

Lifting you into the air, I drifted with you toward your apartment building. The balcony door slid open at my mind's command. I laid you gently on your bed and stepped back. A vampires bite does not bleed much once the drinking has stopped, and thusly the wounds upon your lovely neck were fairly clean of excess blood.

After a moment, you began to stir. You looked up at me, blinking and dazed. You asked, "my love, my dream, you are finally here?

With the taste of your blood still on my lips, I answered, "yes. Are you ready to be mine? Forever?"

With strength that was unnatural for a fresh victim, you stood and presented your body to me. "Take me and do as you will. I am now and forever yours, my love."

With the speed given us vampires, I ripped the clothes from your body. Your pale, naked flesh a willing sacrifice to me. Removing my own clothing, I moved to embrace you. You yielded to me and we rose into the air above your bed. You kissed my lips with such passion, tasting your own blood on my mouth. You wrapped your legs around my waist and pulled my engorged cock toward your opening. Pausing at the entrance of your physical passion, I looked deeply into your emerald eyes and saw your wanting.

Settling us down on the sheets of your bed, I entered you to my full length. Your head jerked back as your screamed in rapturous agony. As the momentary pain succumbed to the pleasure of my manhood deep within the moist cavern of your vagina, you kissed me deeply again. As I slowly began working in and out of you, you began moaning. Softly at first, then louder and more intense. I felt the warm flood of your orgasm push past me and soak the bed sheets.

The hunger between us was unbearably intense. I kissed you softly then began the slow, sensually taunting journey down your body. I caressed one nipple with my tongue and paused to pinch it between a fang and my tongue. As the supple skin gave way to my pointed tooth, you let out a low moan, mixed of pleasure and pain. I licked away the small drops of blood that followed.

Looking up at you, I teased, dragging the points of my fangs ever so gently across your skin. This caused a chill to roll through your body and your skin to pucker. I traced the rim of your belly button and continued downward. The sour-sweet smell of your woman cum enticed me beyond belief. Slowly, I licked the hood that protected you hard love button. You writhed like a cat contented. Giving you a quick wink, I sank my fangs into the soft flesh either side of your clit. I found that as I drank your blood, I was also getting a mix of your juices as you came once more.

Moment later, drained, you seemed in a satisfied trance. Moving up next to you, I bit into my own wrist and held it to your mouth. A few seconds passed, and you were drinking of my blood. Seconds more, and the wound on your neck, nipple and pubis began to close. I could feel your new fangs start to grow on my wrist. I smiled at you and withdrew my arm.

A new light burned in your eyes as you smiled back, my blood on you new baby fangs. And with my new vampire bride in my arms, I slept well for the first time in twenty years.


The first light of dawn found us wrapped in one another's arm. As the first rays of sunlight entered the room, you opened your eyes and blinked a few times. Seeing me, a loving, warm smile creased your lips, to be replaced by sudden panic as you realized that the sun was up and would soon shine upon us. You started to get up out of fear, to run and hide.

Smiling at you, I pulled you back down to lay next to me again. Holding you close, I whispered in you ear, "do not fear the sun, beloved. It will not harm you."

Confused, you looked into my eyes. Then you recalled your dream that I had entered. I shared with you that those of us who were born human and turned to vampires did not need to fear the sun's rays.

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