tagInterracial LoveMy Best Business Trip Yet Pt. 06

My Best Business Trip Yet Pt. 06


It was early morning and I felt wonderful, despite the fact that I had just turned 46 years old yesterday. The sun was coming through the office window, and the bright blue sky made me feel like today would be another great day. I truly felt great!

I was in Cleveland on a business trip and last night my friend Rob had given me some birthday surprises. Rob, of course, was a recent new friend of mine; one who had been exposing me to the pleasures of interracial sex with a black man. I had been looking forward to an intimate night alone with Rob last night to celebrate my birthday. He had given me that gift for sure, but his first surprise was taking me to his large, beautiful home and fucking me there.

But his biggest surprise was inviting his gorgeous friend Denise to join us for a threesome. Denise was many things: a stunning young black woman with an incredibly hot body and face; an openly bisexual and sexually adventurous woman; and she was the first woman I had ever slept with.

In the past I had brief thoughts or little fantasies about having a lesbian encounter, or a threesome with a man and a woman, but they never went anywhere. Denise had changed that for me and I had been overwhelmed by the experience. I knew then that I would look for other opportunities from now on.

In fact, there was yet another reason I felt so great this morning, I had plans to get together with Rob and Denise again tonight! I didn't know what they were planning exactly, but I was excited to find out. I was fully expecting a similar experience of tasting Denise's pussy while being fucked by Rob's big, black cock. I could feel my excitement as a perpetual wetness in my vagina as these thoughts kept resurfacing throughout the day.

At about 3:30 in the afternoon I got a call from Rob. When I heard his voice on the line I said, "Hi Darlin'! I'm really looking forward to seeing you again tonight! What time should I be ready?"

There was a pause, and then I heard Rob's voice. I could immediately tell it was bad news. "I'm so sorry, Marcy! I just got a call from a client in Dallas with an emergency that I can't ignore. I have no choice but to fly out tonight."

I felt crushed by the news; I had been so excited all day that my feeling of disappointment was intense. But as a businessperson, I knew that sometimes we must make sacrifices. Trying to spare him the guilt of disappointing me I said, "It's OK Rob, I understand completely. I was really looking forward to seeing you and Denise again, but we can just plan to get together next time I'm in town. Maybe its for the best; I can stay here and catch up on my work. I'll admit that I have been a bit distracted all day."

Rob tried to keep it light and gave a little laugh. Then he said, "I just found out and I immediately called you. I haven't spoken to Denise yet. I'll call her now and break the news." Then he added, "Hey, maybe you two can still get together for dinner. I'll give her your phone number and ask her to call you. OK?"

"Sure. Absolutely," I said. For a split second I had a vision of Denise and I alone in bed, kissing deeply, as we made tender love together alone. I felt a sharp shock in my pussy from this momentary thought, but then I realized it was unlikely. Our connection was Rob and he wouldn't be there. "Have a good trip, Rob, and thank you so much for my birthday celebration last night! I'll let you know when I am coming back to town."

He said, "Goodbye, Marcy. Take care!" I heard the click of the phone disconnecting and tried not to let my disappointment affect my demeanor in the office. I went back to work. It was only about 20 minutes later that my phone rang again and this time I did not recognize the number. I answered.

"Hi Marcy! It's Denise." Her voice was so bright and cheerful that she immediately raised my spirits. She continued, "Rob just called me. I'm sorry that he has to leave town so suddenly, but I don't think that should stop us getting together tonight and having some fun. If you are still up for it, we have some more birthday celebrating to do!"

Feeling better I responded, "Hi Denise! I would enjoy that. What would you like to do?"

Denise said, "Let's grab some dinner and then maybe I can take you to a local club that's a favorite of mine. Good music. Good drinks. I think you'll like it. What d'ya say?"

"That sounds great to me," I quickly replied.

"Perfect! I know where you're staying; I'll pick you up out front at 7:30," she said before adding," We'll make it a real 'Girls' Night Out,' OK?"

"OK. See you soon Denise." I hung up the phone. The image flashed through my mind again when she said 'Girls' Night Out,' but again I tamped down the thought. Wishful thinking on my part, I'm sure. I decided to just plan on an evening on the town with my new friend. I got back to work so I could finish and leave on time.

I was back at the hotel by 6:30 and hurriedly took a shower and did my hair. Since I was short on time I just left my blonde hair straight and long. I wore a simple slip dress that went to mid-thigh and with some nice lace around the hem and the neckline. Simple but sexy. I added some fairly high-heeled sandals to show off my recently pedicured toes.

It was just 7:30 as I stepped out of the hotel entry and saw Denise pulling up in a spiffy little convertible. She looked so cute with big tortoise shell sunglasses and a bright pink scarf blowing in the wind. She had a large, bright smile on her face as she pulled up in front of me. "Hi Marcy! Don't you look good enough to eat!" she teased. I blushed as I got in and Denise quickly leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

I liked the way this was starting out, but again, I told myself, she is just being friendly. Denise zipped out of the lot with her sporty little car and we zoomed away. She was in a great mood, talking fast and loud over the radio and wind noise. She told me she was taking me to a seafood restaurant, if that was OK with me. I quickly agreed.

Once we arrived and were out of the car Denise greeted me with a big hug. She smiled and said, "I'm so glad we are doing this. I'm sorry Rob had to leave, but at least we can get to know each other better! Don't you agree?"

Denise's positive energy was infectious, and I was feeling much better about how things had turned out. I knew that I would be seeing Rob again soon. Live for the moment; isn't that what I have been trying to practice these last many months? I replied, "Yeah. Me too!"

The restaurant was great; we had a booth near the back, so we could talk in peace. The waitstaff were attentive but not overbearing, so we had plenty of time to ourselves. The food and drinks were very good too. Cosmopolitans to start, oysters for an appetizer, I had the scallops and Denise had Chilean sea bass, and white wine during dinner.

We each talked about our lives over dinner. I learned that Denise had grown up in central Ohio, in a small town, and moved to Cleveland with her Mom when she was seventeen after her Dad died. Her Mom died soon after and she had decided to live a kind of bohemian lifestyle, a free spirit, funded mostly from her parent's life insurance. She supplemented her income with professional dancing and occasional modeling.

I told her about my life; my quiet and conservative upbringing, and my work. I told her of how I had married early, and how I loved my husband, but also of my current dilemma with wanting to expand my personal experiences, and how I was hoping that one day soon I would be able to bring my husband along on this new life I was exploring.

Rob had already told Denise all about how he and I had met through our mutual friend Darrell, and how Darrell had been the one to break me out of my shell. I told Denise I would like to introduce her to Darrell someday.

I was really interested in learning more from Denise about her lifestyle and how she had learned to become such a free spirit at such a young age. We were having a small but decadent chocolate dessert when I asked Denise, "When did you decide that you are bisexual?"

Denise smiled and giggled. "I didn't decide that; I discovered it. I was pretty young actually, when I realized that I was attracted to both boys and girls. I was still living in that small town, a place where that type of lifestyle isn't encouraged. So I tried to be 'normal' and just date boys. It wasn't too much of a hardship for me, because I like guys!

"It wasn't until I moved to Cleveland and started college that I decided I could be more open about my choices. That's when I started to date other girls and have sex with them. In fact, I was still trying to fit myself into the heterosexual vs. homosexual slots. I wondered if maybe I was really just a lesbian, so for a while I tried to be in committed lesbian relationships. I went through several failed attempts before I fully realized that I couldn't force it.

"For the last ten years I have been trying to be as open as possible to whatever comes my way. I have been in relationships with guys, with women, sometimes with both at the same time. They have all been beneficial to me and even though they haven't turned into lifelong commitments, they have all remained my friends."

"Wow!" I said. "That is fantastic. I can't believe how confident you are and so early in life. Until you and I had sex together..." I hesitated as the words came out of my mouth and I blushed. But I could see that I didn't need to feel ashamed as I looked into Denise's beautiful face and there was absolutely no hint of judgement. She just remained looking into my eyes with her bright smile.

I continued, "What I mean is, I never had that confidence. You were my first experience sleeping with another woman. I didn't realize I was bisexual until I turned 46."

Denise started to laugh at this; a good hard laugh, but not in a mean-spirited way. She smiled and said between the laughs, "But Marcy, you're not bisexual!"

"I'm not?" I said with true surprise. "But I had sex with you and I loved it!" I looked left and right and then whispered loudly, "I ate your pussy and loved that too!" I was feeling a little confused and defensive now, so I pushed ahead, "In fact, I want to have sex with you tonight! I think I want to have sex with other women, too...maybe...I mean, I'm sure I do!" My convictions and stridency started to lose steam as I was getting ahead of myself.

Denise's laughing finally faded and she looked at me with a confident smile, "OK, I'm not a professional and I could be wrong, but I don't think you are bisexual. I think you are heterosexual, but I also think that you have discovered some exciting new things about yourself; about your sexuality. You are learning that you don't have to live your life like most everyone else, and you want to keep testing the boundaries. It's exciting, isn't it?"

She was right about that! Life had become very exciting for me lately. And I did want to keep exploring and trying new things. Denise continued, "I think you love men. I think you will always prefer a man to a woman, in the end. But that doesn't mean you have to confine yourself to just men when it comes to sexual partners and your enjoyment."

And then Denise gave me a wicked smile and said in a breathy whisper, "But maybe you can convince I'm wrong, because I am also planning to have sex with you tonight! I have been thinking all day about licking your pussy again!"

When I heard that my vagina gushed, and I felt my head become dizzy. Denise remained calm while I was trying to regain my composure. She motioned for the waiter to bring the bill and said, "But I don't think we should go back to your room just yet, Marcy. I want to show you off, so I would like to take you to a favorite club of mine. I feel the need to dance with you."

I was still feeling light-headed as we left the restaurant and walked to the car. Denise reached out and held my hand across the lot and helped me into the passenger seat. Before closing my door, she leaned down and pressed her large soft lips into mine. I had been dreaming of this all day and my vagina oozed again as I felt her tongue enter my mouth and swirl with my tongue. I was kissing this gorgeous black woman in a public parking lot in an open-topped convertible and I was just fine with that!

Denise got in, started up the engine and we were soon off to a lively part of the downtown area with clubs and restaurants. As we drove my mind was swimming with what we had just talked about. I was still confused by the whole bisexual thing, but the logical part of my brain was losing ground to the more animalistic part that was simply focused on the anticipated pleasure to come. I was going to have sex with Denise tonight!

The internal struggle within my brain didn't last too long because we were soon pulling up in front of a sultry looking club called Sapphire's and the valet took the car away as we entered the building. I could hear the heavy beat of the music from the sidewalk, but once inside I felt it more than I heard it.

Denise took my hand and led me toward the back, shouting over the music, "C'mon Marcy! I want to introduce you to some of my friends." She led me around the perimeter of the dance floor crowded with people and into a low-ceilinged area in back where all the surfaces were covered with dark red velvet and other plush fabrics. The shape of the room and the décor helped to muffle the sound of the music just enough to be able to hear each other if you spoke loudly.

On the way back to the room Denise had grabbed the arm of a punk-looking waitress walking by. She was a thin white girl wearing a ripped leather and lace teddy outfit, fishnet stockings, and laced-up leather boots up to her knees. Her hair was bleach-bottle blond, but with streaks of other colors in it. She had a very pretty face when she smiled, which she did when she recognized Denise, giving her a quick hug. Denise ordered us a couple of martinis.

Once we got back to the quieter area Denise walked up to three women who were talking and laughing together. The three all looked to be around Denise's age, in their early thirties. When they saw Denise their faces all brightened with big smiles and they greeted her with hugs and kisses. I stood back a little, feeling slightly uncomfortable, but Denise pulled me close and said, "Girls, this is my new friend Marcy that I told you about. Remember, be nice to her because yesterday was her birthday!"

I gave a little wave and a smile and Denise introduced each of the women in turn. Anna was a pretty, young white woman with long curly red hair. She looked to be the youngest of the group. Tina was a slender black woman with an afro hairstyle. She was even a little taller than me with impressively long and shapely legs. Finally, Jackie was a stunning Asian woman with long, straight blue-black hair and strong cheekbones under perfect skin.

They all greeted me with big smiles and even some quick hugs and kisses on my cheeks as they all wished me a Happy Birthday. I was overwhelmed at the kindness and warm welcome that I was receiving, and I started to say something to that affect when I suddenly glanced past Jackie's shoulder and saw two women leaning against a pole, and they were kissing.

I was caught off guard for a moment and I stopped talking. I looked back toward the dance floor and took a hard look for the first time. How did I not notice this before? All the patrons were women. Now I could clearly see women dancing closely, holding each other, and a few kissing. I turned back to the girls apparently with a surprised look on my face, and I said, "Oh! This is a lesbian bar!"

The girls laughed, and Denise said, "You don't have a problem with that, do you?"

"No! Not at all!" I said quickly. "So, does that mean that you are all...?"

Denise answered for them, "Actually, Jackie is the only true lesbian among us, isn't that right Jackie?" Jackie smiled and nodded. "I have tried to get her to try some dick, but she just won't do it," Denise said, laughing. "The rest of the girls are more like me. Anna is even married to a guy, but he is completely cool with her lifestyle. And why wouldn't he be? Anna has taken each of us home for some fun with her husband!"

Jackie piped up, "Except me!"

I laughed at this, which helped me relax from the momentary shock of my realization. The arrival of our martinis at that moment helped me to relax even more. We all went back to just talking and I was drinking my martini and trying to chime into the conversation when appropriate. But the whole time I kept looking at Denise, watching her move and interact with her friends. She was so beautiful, and her body was so enticing. I was aching to be with her tonight.

Denise would look over at me often and smile, making my heart melt. Finally, she announced. "I need to dance! C'mon Marcy!" and she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. I was uncomfortable at first, most of the women in there were at least ten years younger than me and probably regulars. And I hadn't been dancing in the club scene in many years; it wasn't something that my husband and I did anymore.

Denise was smiling at me and giving me encouraging comments as we danced, and I was surprised at how quickly I became more and more comfortable. I'm sure the martini was helping, but I found myself moving freely with the music. Denise seemed excited at my newfound confidence and she moved in so that we could dance more closely.

Denise was holding and touching different parts of my body as she moved around me; she was a talented dancer and her body seemed to float and move around me effortlessly. She would hold me around my waist or move her hands across my back. She came up behind me and pressed herself into me; as she ran her hands up my torso I could feel her full breasts pushing into my back. I was so aroused by her body and her movements.

I noticed then that the other girls had joined us on the dance floor, which was becoming very crowded. The music was thumping loudly, and the crowd was moving and lurching together. Denise and I were pushed closer together, our faces almost touching. She put her arms around my waist and as we moved to the music she leaned in and kissed me again, another slow, deep tongue kiss.

Denise's friends were dancing with each other around us and I heard them laugh and cheer at our kiss. Denise looked up and started laughing and then she moved away from me and toward Jackie and they began to dance closely together. I kept dancing along with Anna and Tina in a tight group when I noticed Denise lean in toward Jackie and they began to kiss also. I wasn't sure how to react; there was an understandable immediate flash of jealousy. How dare she! But I was also aroused at watching these two gorgeous women kissing.

Anna was suddenly at my ear saying, "I hope you aren't upset; we tend to share everything together." She must have sensed my feelings or seen the momentary flash of jealousy in my face.

I turned to her and forced a smile on my face, "No. I'm OK. It just surprised me a little."

Anna moved in closer and we started to dance together. Tina moved in closer too and we were dancing as a trio. Tina began to reach out to both Anna and me and soon we were dancing tightly together. I could feel Tina's hands moving across my back and hips, and then I felt Anna's hands also. I took this as encouragement, so I began to touch them in the same manner as we moved and danced; pressing ourselves into each other.

Tina was directly in front of me now and I looked up and into her face. She and I are both tall and we were nearly eye-to-eye. The press of the crowd pushed us closer together and Tina smiled and so did I. At that moment we didn't need to speak, we both just leaned forward and started kissing. It was a short shallow kiss at first. We parted for a moment, but then she took my face in her hands and pulled my mouth closer and our lips parted. I felt her tongue move into my mouth and I pushed my tongue forward to meet it.

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