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My Best Friend


It started with a chat with a friend. His name was Alex and mine Alyssa. We have been best friends since elementary school. We were so close to each other we did the stupidest shit in middle school. Last week he asked to take me on a date, Alex was hot and has always been there for me, no harm could come from it.

I wanted to make sure I looked my best. Shower, shave, brush and blush. That's all I needed. I brushed my long dark red hair and straightened it. After, I put on my mascara and eyeliner. I like to do it thick but not too thick, just enough to make my dark brown eyes stand out.

And for the finishing touches, clothes. I liked wearing band t-shirt's and skinny jeans, but today was special so I wore a good band t-shirt with a great skinny jeans. And just before I left I grabbed my white sleeveless leather vest.

I called Alex to see where we were meeting up.

"The mall? Okay, see you there." I had butterflies in my stomach, I couldn't wait to hang out with him.

I walked into the mall and saw him in at the food court yelling at the gumball machine. He was always doing stupid stuff like that.

"No! I wanted a RED gumball, not a Orange one!" he yelled as he shook the machine.

"What the hell are you doing?" I said laughing.

He turned around and he had his pockets full of colorful gumballs. He had every color but red.

"Hey." he said smiling that sexy smile.

Alex is sexy, without a doubt. His long blonde hair, a thin body but with muscle. And his eyes were a green brown mixture.

"Do you want me to try?" I said smiling at those big gorgeous eyes. I popped a quarter into the machine and sure enough a red gumball came spinning down the slide and into his hand.

"Lucky chance," he said staring at the gumball.

"Whatever, lets go see a movie." I said taking his hand.

We went to see a horror movie, The collection. I was watching it with no problems, but occasionally I looked over and saw Alex looking terrified. It was kind of funny watching him squirm.

After, we grabbed some Mc. Donald's and went to his house. He lived alone in a small one bedroom one bath apartment. His parents gave him the money to move out last week on his 19th birthday. They fully furnished it and he had no problems with it.

I actually think I started liking him after my 18th birthday. I remember he was my formal friend at the party. The only person who thought to bring me flowers on my birthday and every day since.

We sat at the coffee table and ate our burgers having the usual conversation about sex. He told me about how his previous girlfriend fucked him in the back of the car and than stole the car. I couldn't help but laughing.

"Wait, are you dating someone now?" I said wiping a happy tear from my face. I had laughed so hard I started crying.

"No I'm not seeing anyone" He looked at me, "what about your first time? How did that work." he said smiling.

I took a huge bite of my burger and chewed slowly. I looked at him, "well, that's just it..." I trailed off, "I haven't, I'm still a virgin."

"Oh? I thought that weird emo boy took your virginity."

"No." That was all I could say.

"Well if you ever want to change that..." he joked around.

I stood up and faced him. He was still sitting on the floor eating so I took his food out of his hand and straddled him, wrapping my arms around his neck. I looked deep into his eyes and wanted him instantly. I herd his breathing change, he was nervous and so was I. I gave him a small kiss to see his reaction, and when I saw he wanted more I kissed him again. I felt him start to bulge from under my ass, so as we made out I grinded against him.

"Stop," he said breathing hard. "What are we doing?"

"I want you, you're my best friend and I know you better than any one ells." I admitted.

he hugged me tight and held me close. I actually felt comfortable.

"I'm not taking no for an answer..." my voice got soft as I trailed off. I felt his heart beat a little bit faster.

He stood up with my arms and legs still wrapped around him tightly. His hands were gentle as they rubbed against my ass.

"I want you too." he buried his face into my neck, breathing lightly. He kissed my neck and went back up to my lips. "you really want to do this?"

I couldn't speak all I did was nod. He took me into his room and sat on his bed with me still straddling him. I slid his shirt off him and he slid my shirt off me. He was beautiful. His chest was smooth and firm, he had lite abs and I loved it.

I grabbed the back of his head and brought him in deep for a kiss. I felt his hands slide over my bra, undoing the three hooks that held my D sized breasts in place. I slid the bra off my chest slowly.

"Wow," he gasped. "You're more beautiful than I had imagined."

My breasts were slightly tan, they were perky with the areola being no bigger than a quarter. They are smooth and have no change in color. I lifted his hand to touch my breasts, slightly biting my lips as I do. He fondled me and it turned me on. My nipples were now erect, and I could feel my wetness seeping through my panties.

I stood up and took off my pants and underwear in one tug. I am glad I shaved, I always liked to keep myself clean and trimmed. I picked up my soaked panties and walked over to his dresser.

"I know you're going to want these later." I dropped them onto his note book.

He stood up and pulled off his pants, he was big. At least 8 inches, and it was standing up wait for me to take it all in. He came to me from behind, he pushed himself against me and laid his head on my shoulder. He slid his hand over my shaved pussy, rubbing it slightly. My breathing got harder and I let out a slight moan, and he slid a finger in. Oh it felt so good to feel something in me.

"Come here." he grabbed my hand and sat me in the bed.

His penis was facing me, inviting me to put my mouth around it. I put my hands on it starting to stroke it. He moaned a bit, so I put my mouth around it. Licking slowly than a lot, I than pulled away. I looked at the tip of his cock and licked the head and gave it a kiss. Alex giggled at me and I couldn't help but laugh too. Than in one swoop I took all of it in and shoved it down my throat.

Alex gasped hard at this and I knew to keep going. I did it a few more times and I felt his penis swell up. "I'm going to cum." He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I gave him a questionable look.

"I want you to feel your first load." he said.

He than laid me back and looked at me. I knew his cock was only a few inches away from me and I was getting eager to feel him. I wanted him so badly.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

I looked up and bit my lip.

"Yes." that was all he needed to hear.

He than rubbed the tip of his cock on tip of my clit, and I moaned. He pushed in his cock slowly, but easily. I was so wet it was hard not to slide in. Alex thrusted in and out and I could feel my first orgasm approaching.

He felt like magic. Than with one thrust at a different angle I felt him push something in me and made me cringe, gasp and slightly loose my breath.

"There it is." he said smiling.

He thrusted again and again at that angle hitting the same spot and I quickly felt the first orgasm. My legs tried to snap shut but he was in the way. He continued hitting the same spot even though he knew I couldn't take anymore.

My pussy was contracting, sucking him in deeper and deeper. I felt a weird warm spot inside me that I had never felt before. I opened my eyes and looked at Alex and he was making a face of pure pleasure. I knew he had cum. He stopped and rolled onto the other side of the bed.

"No I'm not done." I straddled his cock. He was going soft and I knew I could fix that.

I moved my hips forward and back, allowing him to slide in and out slowly. I than started bouncing up and down taking his cock all the way in me. filling me up. I felt him getting hard again, and it was bringing me close to an orgasm.

He grabbed my hips and it allowed more movement. I felt him slowly entering and leaving and I couldn't help but to cum. I collapsed onto him, shaking from my orgasm. "I'm not done yet." I herd him smile in his voice and felt him start to move again. He eventually got faster and rougher and we both came.

"I love you so much." He said grabbing his breath.

I leaned in and kissed him. "I love you too."

I fell asleep on him, and he fell asleep in me. I just didn't feel like I ever wanted him to leave me.

About two days later he insisted I moved in with him, and I did. And we have been inseparable since. He is and always will be my best friend.

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