tagGay MaleMy Best Friend and His Cousin

My Best Friend and His Cousin


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


"Yo, check this out bro," Mahmed says joyfully. He's so happy all the time and it's contagious. On a drunken bender he can convince you to steal a cab just because it's fun. It's gotten me into more trouble than I ever want to be. So him suggesting we watch porn together, isn't much of a reach. On the screen I see two men with huge penises spit roast a woman. She's choking and panting, and the guys don't do much except move back and forth.

"I think I'm good man," I quip, hoping he doesn't notice the hard-on that's growing in my sweat pants. Mahmed, of course, doesn't listen and has already put on the next porn. It's an amateur one and a couple is pounding away. I'm turned on immediately. The girl is so eager and excited, I've never seen that before.

You probably guessed it, I'm a virgin. Not by choice sadly, but it just hasn't happened for me. Mahmed and my other friend Roy have fucked plenty. We're all 21. Roy has a girl who he has been fucking since high school, but they're both stubborn so they don't commit to a relationship. Mahmed is quiet about his sex life but he's handsome. Sharp jawline, full beard and what he lacks in muscle he makes up in athleticism. I'm sure he gets his fill.

I'm not too undesirable myself. Girls keep telling me I have beautiful dark eyes and though I'm not fit I have broad shoulders and a thin waste. My friends joke my butt looks like a girl's. My dick is growing in my pants. I try to hide it with my hand. I don't watch a lot of porn. I like fantasizing more. Yet this, gets me hard.

"This is so hot man," Mahmed grins and without warning he starts unbuttoning his jeans.

"What are you doing?" I ask more because I think I'm supposed to ask that even though a tingle in my stomach gets me excited beyond compare.

"Just relax, we have nothing to do anyway," he jokes. And just like that, from his tight pink boxers, Mahmed unveils his cock.

I'm in shock. I have never seen his cock before. Or any one's in real life for that matter. We have never been the type of guys that are that comfortable with each other. Even in high school we kept our boxers on in the shower. Yet here Mahmed was breaking a barrier in our friendship and casually stroking his circumcised dick without breaking a sweat.

I look at it. It's shorter than what I hear men brag about their junk, but it starts thin from the bottom and has a thick curve in the middle. Mahmeds hand stroking the skin and touching his bulb is beautiful to look at. It's so intimate, and real.

"Fucking slam that pussy," Mahmed says, mesmerized by the screen as I am with his dick. He notices I'm not watching and I quickly turn my eyes away.

"Don't you wanna?" Mahmed asks slightly teasing. I'm at a loss of words. Knowing my close friend, the one I hang out every day, has his cock out on his living room couch is so exciting and simultaneously weird. But before I can grasp my thoughts, Mahmed reaches for my crotch.

"Haha, come on pussy!" he laughs boyishly, and I slap his hands away, giggling as if we're just messing around. But then, Mahmed is faster than me and he reaches for my pants. I'm paralyzed as he grasps my rock hard dick and instead of being disgusted he holds on to it. Firm. Confronting me with my own horniness.

"See?" he laughs. And a relief comes over me. Then I do something I never in my entire life imagined me doing. I push my ass up and pull my pants down, to reveal my briefs. And I pull my dick from them.

Mine is longer, thinner too, than Mahmeds. Touching it, here in front of my friend, feels satisfying in ways it never does home alone.

"Come watch," Mahmed says as he turns to the screen. I watch. Another video is playing. A fit, ripped man is bouncing on a really big ass. I start pulling my dick.

We sit there for a while. Not saying a word. Videos end, new videos pop up. Sometimes Mahmed increases his pace and sometimes I do, but neither of us seem to want to unload. It's a warm summer day and we've got time. I look at Mahmed again. His skinny face, his soft looking balls, his hard dick.

This time I'm not shocked as Mahmed, without looking away from the screen, reaches over to my crotch. He doesn't say a word, but he pushes my hand away and wraps his around my shaft. I feel like I wanna burst and I moan. Mahmed keeps looking and pulling and an overwhelming need to return the favor comes over me. I reach into his crotch and start pulling his dick.

It feels so fucking warm in my hand. And the strength of his thick curve shoots lightning through my arm. It's so hard and manly. I don't really know what I'm doing since it's my left hand but I just follow suit and move my hand up and down. But he moans quietly too so I guess I'm doing it right.

We continue jerking like this for a while. It's not really about the video anymore as we're both sitting with our eyes closed, gently touching each other's cocks. I let myself go and enjoy the touch of another guy's hand on my dick. It feels amazing and I wonder if a girl's touch would feel the same. Mahmet makes little movements, like a twist at the top, that tell me he knows what he's doing. My thoughts are interrupted as I feel a wet mouth touch my own.

Mahmet kisses me, our tongues are intertwining, and my entire body relaxes. Something about the harshness with which he forces his tongue around the inside of my mouth is deeply arousing. When he retracts I suck on it just to keep it in. He responds and pulls me closer. I'm so hard and so happy at the same time. I didn't know intimacy could happen like this with guys, let alone with a friend.

As Mahmet wraps his hands around my back and pulls me towards him, one of his hands grabs the hair at the back of my head and forces my neck down. I know what's about it happen and I surrender completely. The bright pink mushroom nears my face and I close my eyes and open my mouth.

I swallow it whole and Mahmet moans, in deep grunt kind of way. I start bopping my head up and down as fast as I can. As fast as the women in those videos do. I want to hear that moan again. I want to make him as happy as I am.

I slobber up and down his shaft, his tip touching the back of my throat. I think I might puke but I don't give in. I want him inside me. I love the warmth of his pole, the sweaty musk of his balls, the short shaven skin of his crotch. I wrap my arms around his lower backside and pull him deeper inside of me. There's that moan again. I wish it could be like this, forever.

But as I blow my best straight, handsome friend without reservations, I feel him shifting. Am I not doing it right? Is he bored with me? Is this going to end? All my fear evaporates as I feel his warm mouth on my dick. I gasp through the little air space Mahmed dick leaves in my mouth.

We suck each other like this for what feels like ever. We're both relaxed, laying on the couch, we bop fast or slowly, we kiss each other's balls or deep throat. It's so much fun and it feels so natural. I feel sensations I didn't know I could have. Mahmed goes a little too raw on me and I can't warn him before shooting my load deep in his throat. He continues sucking like nothing happened and swallows it all. My dick doesn't go soft for a second and we continue blowing each other off.

"I'm coming," Mahmed moans, after I found a way to stroke his balls while rotating my mouth at the tip of his dick. I wanna swallow it like he did, be the friend he deserves, but in an automatic reaction I pull back when ropes of white cum shoot out of his dick. They coat my face and the thickness and warmth of it makes me so fucking happy. I lick some of it up. It has the exact musk that has been driving me wild for the entire afternoon. I feel so comfortable with his cum on my face I just leave it there when I continue sucking his dick. He too doesn't go soft for a second. And we both continue sucking in bliss.

But then everything changes. Before we both could hear it right, and before we could get up and fix our clothes, Haroun stops in his tracks as he stares at us. Haroun is Mahmeds cousin. He's tall, about a foot taller than us both. He has an unshaven beard and a bald head on which he wears a cap. A black jacket gives volume to an otherwise skinny but incredibly strong body. Haroun is the guy everybody knows and loves and respects in the neighborhood. And he has beaten up more people than I can count. Yet here he is, looking like he's ready to murder us both for our sins.

I'm completely frozen, drying cum on my face, Mahmeds cock in front of me and my own out in front of him. There's no way around this. He's going to punish us for the faggots we are. Haroun walks over, swaying his shoulders like he's the biggest man in town - which he might actually be. I'm sure I'm about to be beaten senseless. My dick shrinks and I crawl deeper into the couch.

I look at Mahmed but he's completely unbothered. He sits straight up as Haroun comes up close and pushes his face into his sport jeans. My mouth falls open. Here is the most manly, tough man I know and his pushing a younger guy's face against his junk. But soon all my thoughts disappear. Mahmed greedily pulls down his cousin's pants and throws his head into the soft bungling dick in front of him. He's like a greedy animal finally finding food. I'm obsessed with seeing the soft cheeks of Mahmed suck on the limp dick. It takes only seconds before Harouns pole is at full mast. It's long, longer than either of ours, and very firm and muscled. If I could imagine what a powerful dick looked like, this would be it.

I'm so turned on that I start jerking my own prick. Seeing Haroun throw is head back and Mahmed so happy sucking off his family member, is intoxicating. Mahmed slobbers on his dick before taking it to the hilt. I don't know how that long a dick fits into such a small mouth but it disappears completely. I fear for Mahmeds breathing, but just as I'm sure he's about to faint Mahmed releases and gasps for air. Spit all over his face. His eyes in soothing bliss. Haroun must have seen the look on my face because he pushes his younger cousin off his dick and walks over to me. I immediately get so overwhelmed, but Mahmed smiles affirming. I know he's right; I want this.

Haroun slaps his dick against my face and it feels amazing. He scoops up some residuals of Mahmeds cum before shoving his dick in my mouth. It feels like my jaw is breaking, so big and long is his throbbing member. I choke and have no idea how Mahmed took it all. My reflex causes my mouth to clench, softly scratching his meat with my teeth. He pulls me by my hair, hard, off his dick. I look up at this man, towering over me, grunting and looking with mix of rage and disgust and I see a swab of spit coming straight at me. It covers my eyes and I feel a flat hand smack me right across my face. My head is spinning and another hand slaps my face to the other side.

My eyes start to water but I understand. I messed up. I open my eyes through the spit and I want to beg for forgiveness. Instead I throw my head onto his dick again and force it down my own throat. I want to pleasure him, if it's the last thing I do. He puts a hand on my neck and slowly starts to stroke it, signaling I'm in his favor again. I feel my own dick leaking cum.

As the sucking continues I get better and better at swallowing the massive rod. It's like my mouth and throat are adapting to the shape of it. As if my mouth was created solely to be a shield around his shaft. I feel lightheaded and calm, even though Haroun thrusts so hard against my face his balls slap my chin.

He takes off his jacket and shirt and even his shoes and pants without ever leaving my wet mouth. His body is flat with a couple of hairs tracing down his crotch. His arms and legs are skinny but pure muscle. I feel so submissive to his towering physique. As my jaws have reached a state of exhaustion, locked in their current position, Haroun grabs my hairs and throws me back on the couch. He spits without aim and it lands on my chest. He slaps my face and my body relaxes. I know what he's about to do.

He grabs both of my legs and pulls my pants completely off. I get so excited I take my shirt off, as they do in porn. Mahmed also takes off his clothes and then gently cuddles me, pulling me with my back towards his naked body. I feel his hard dick and soft balls against my lower backside, my neck resting on his naked shoulders. I turn my head and start to make out as Haroun pulls up both of my legs again and spits on my hairy asshole.

I don't know where Mahmed got it from, but he pulls up a tiny bottle. It's like a vitamin cupping glass but there's fluid it in. He gently opens it and holds it in front of my nose, while pressing his finger against one of my nostrils. I don't know what I'm doing but I know it's probably going to help me get what I want; Harouns massive dick in my virgin hole. I sniff and it smells kinda weird. I wonder if I did it right. I feel more spit falling on my ass. Mahmed holds me still as I keep sniffing from the bottle.

Then it hits me. My mind goes into overdrive and I feel like I wanna scream "fuck me". I want Harouns dick inside me, all of it. I want to be his dirty little slut and be fucked like he fucks every girl in town. I want to feel it deep inside my stomach, like meat on a spitroast. I wanted all of that, up until Haroun actually shoves his dick up my ass.

It hurts so much I actually scream. Despite all the spit, it feels dry and bruised. Like my anal ring just ripped. I also feel his warm dick deep in my stomach, like it's messing up my organs. I struggle but Mahmed kisses my neck.

"It'll feel good, I promise," he whispers. I look at Haroun. He looks annoyed by my movements, takes out his dick and shoves it deep inside of me again. I understand, I'm not being the good slut I am destined to be. I grab Mahmeds legs and cling to them. He softly covers my mouth as he puts the bottle back under my nose. I sniff for dear life. Haroun starts thrusting more gently.

I look as the body of a grown men is on top of me and he's increasingly getting lost in pleasure. Haroun, with a deep grunting voice, moans and starts licking my face and slapping it softly. My dick starts leaking again and the burning pain in my asshole starts to ebb away. My ring has given in and I get used to the feeling of my stomach being poked. The lightness in my head returns and I grab Harouns naked skinny body with both my legs and my arms. He falls on top of me.

The sensation of my hard dick against his flat stomach makes me moan. The slapping noise our lower bodies make fills the room like music. I'm his fucktoy and I'm in heaven. He increases his pace and I want him to cum. He finds strength in his arms again and looks at me. His head reaches towards me but instead of kissing me he starts making out with Mahmed. His thrusting pushes me higher against Mahmeds body. My neck rests on his shoulders as the two of them are making out next to my head, my body like a limb blanket in between them. I'm so turned by it. It feels like a male family tradition where I was invited to, no, got to star in. It's so intimate and secretive. No one in the world can know what we're doing, the sins we're committing, but it feels so good we can't stop our bodies from doing what comes natural to them.

I clench Harouns body harder and to my surprise he clenches mine. He lifts me up from Mahmed, which makes my body slip even further down on his dick. I feel more spit being rubbed against the backside of my asshole. The touch of a hand touching Harouns dick and my ring feels amazing. Like a confirmation that I - who had never had sex with a girl - am being taken by a man.

My body shivers as I feel the Mahmeds smaller cock pressing against my backside. No... he can't possibly. I reach for the bottle and sniff it as hard as I can. I'm gonna need it. But even though I scream loudly as Mahmeds cock presses against my already filled-to-the-brink asshole, I want it in there. I want these cousins to enjoy me together. I want their cocks to touch each other deep inside me. Haroun grabs my neck as to silence my screams, and his relentless pounding slows down. I relax a bit more and with that I feel the tip of Mahmeds dick slip inside.

The pain numbs me. Every muscle in my body is defeated. Resistance is futile. As the curve of Mahmeds cock rips me open I give into it. It feels so good and I feel two muscled organs rip my insides open. I can't do anything but surrender as Haroun starts pounding more and falls. Mahmed embraces me. And just like that, I'm sandwiched between two cousins using my hole. The pace increases and sometimes a dick slips out, only to quickly push back in, sending me screaming. Their arms and hands quickly leave my body and instead stroke each other. I can sense how into each other Mahmed and Haroun are. As they lock eyes and I rest my head, I can feel a fluid seeping out of my hole. Mahmed starts moaning, very briefly and muffled, before his soft dick slips out and he falls back onto the couch.

Haroun lets me fall and just starts going wild. Mahmeds cum is excellent lube for us. My upper body is held in the air and his dick rams into it, letting my cock bounce like coins on a table when there's an earthquake. I can't even scream anymore. I am so obsessed with Haroun impregnating me. His entire body tenses up and reveals all the muscles he actually has. He has thrown his head back with the eyes closed and he making a humming noise as his dick drills into my hole with burning speed.

He screams. Not a grunt, not a moan, but a scream. His body starts shaking and his strokes get real slow and long and I feel an endless supply of cum shoot up my intestines and out of it and everywhere. I feel a tingling inside and my cock starts shooting ropes of cum too. Haroun cums for what feels like minutes and the loads of cum that coat the insides of my asshole as his dick keeps on stroking it feel amazing.

After minutes of Haroun shuddering and spazzing, he finally lets his cock out of my hole. I feel it gaping. I sigh and Mahmed holds me. Our sweaty bodies breathing heavily on top of each other. Haroun gets off the couch and steps towards my face. I'm a bit surprised as he jams his cock inside my mouth and strokes it a couple of times until all the cum is gone and my spit leaves a sparkling cleanliness. He puts on his clothes, gently rubs Mahmeds hair and walks off.

I can't believe what just happened. What we just did. I can't believe men can do this to each other. I turn around to Mahmed and he smiles, a hunger still in his eyes. He starts kissing me, and I kiss him back. We stroke each other's faces and hair, and before I know it our entire wet bodies, with cum and sweat, are grinding against each other. I feel the strength return to my body and Mahmed guides my cock in between his cheeks. I push.

I don't know how he does it, but he lets me in without lube or sniffing the bottle. His mouth gapes but no sound comes out. He breathes as I feel my skin being pushed back and my dickhead enter his warm canal. Oh my god this is amazing! No wonder men always want to fuck. My dick sinks deeper into his boy pussy and I feel more like a man than I ever have, despite just being used like a slut. We make out and I start pounding.

It doesn't last long, but our tongues are so intertwined, our arms and legs wrapped around each other and I - exhausted - only stroke a little as our bodies do most of the grinding. I shoot my load up deep inside my best friend as we both moan into each other's mouth. I start laughing and he starts laughing. We kiss each other and smile. This is just the beginning.

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Fat cock

The only cock I've ever sucked was this Indian guy I met online. He had a really thick cock. This story makes me want to get fucked by that fat cock even more.

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Nice story

Guys watching porn together often leads to more. Many have had similar experiences with friends but do not admit it.

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