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My Best Friend "H"


One day, my best friend "H" and I were sitting in my bedroom. We were the very best of friends, and as I talk about it now, I realize we might have been a bit cliché. We always hung out, we always set the other up with our girlfriend's best friend, we even had plans for a musical group together, but that never panned out. We loved to dream, and we always dreamed big.

Lately things were different. We started getting a little more comfortable with each other. We had recently started watching porn together for about a year. We would just watch, make comments, but we had yet to do anything in front of each other.

Now, "H" didn't know that I was bi, and I know he wouldn't have cared if he did, but I was still afraid to tell him.

Also, my feelings toward him were changing lately. Maybe it was the porn, sharing the sex on the screen with "H", or maybe it was the dry spell we had recently hit with the ladies. Although I was sure that he was fucking gorgeous, and I hadn't had any cock since "J" which was about a year at this point, so I was starving. I began to wonder what his cock looked like, felt like, and most of all, tasted like.

I was sitting up against the wall in my bed, and he was sitting in my computer chair. As we were watching the porn, I decided it was time to test the waters.

I said, "Hey man, I'm gonna jerk off. Do you care?"

"Nah, man." he casually shot back.

Now here's the weird part: I make a blanket barricade around my crotch, like I was hiding what I was doing. Why was I hiding? In hind sight, I think I just didn't want to freak him out too much. Baby steps, if you will.

So, there I am beating my cock, glancing over at "H" every now and then. He wasn't really looking, so a bit diappointed, I continue watching the movie while handling my rigid 6 inches.

Out of nowhere, "H" giggles and says, "Damn, look at you shaking the bed!"

I laugh a bit, and keep stroking my hidden cock. A few seconds later, there's a scene on the porn, of a girl giving a great blowjob.

I nervously ask, "What would you say, if I wanted to do that for you?"

There's a pause, and I panic inside thinking that I've possibly cost the best friendship I've ever had due to my horniness.

Finally, "H" breaks the silence with, "I don't know, probably no."

I was disappointed, but didn't let him see that.

Even though I was worried about doing damage to our friendship, I also wanted to cum. I guess so that if nothing else, I got to blow my load with my best friend 5 feet away. So I keep stroking my cock until I blast a huge load onto my stomach. I know he may not have been able to see my cock, but he may have seen the stream of cum shoot up onto my stomach.

After I emptied my balls, we have a laugh. And as I clean up, we figure plans of where we're going that night.

A few days pass, and "H" never said anything about my question of blowing him.

Well, that's not necessarily true. "H" was rather obsessed with mentioning stories of girls blowing him in the past, or he would make up lines to a song on the radio to parody it into a song about blowjobs. I could tell I might have gotten into his head a bit. Now, if I could just get his head into my mouth for a bit.

Later that night, he's spending the night over. And we're hanging in my bedroom, with everything carrying on like normal, and then he begins looking at some foreign porn magazines I had. He's flipping the pages casually, almost as if he were actually reading it.

Then out of nowhere, he asks, "Do you care if I jerk off?"

I play it cool, and say, "If we're going to be on a tour bus together, and you got a need, what are you gonna do, you know?"

That's when it happened.

"H" says, "I don't know, I'd probably say, "L, suck my dick.""

I look at him for a second. I can't believe this might actually happen! I'm going to get my best friend's cock in my mouth!

I say, "Do you want me to now?"

"H", trying to be macho, before getting gay with me replies, "I don't give a fuck."

I laugh it off inside as I go to lock the bedroom door. I can't believe this is going to happen! I turn around, and he's in the computer chair with his cock out, stroking it, as he stares into the magazine. There it is. I'm actually looking my best friend's cock! And it is beautiful. It's about the same size as mine, except it's tan, much like the natural tan of his body. Only his cock is slightly darker.

I snap back to reality, and walk over and get on the floor in front of him, and immediately take him into my mouth. He feels amazing! His smooth cock sliding on the top of my tongue almost feels natural. Periodically, I look up at him, and he's looking in the magazine, and not at me. I wasn't sure why, maybe it was too much to see his cock in the mouth of his best friend, or maybe he was looking when I wasn't looking up.

After no time at all, "H" jumps, "I gonna cum!" as he grabs his cock from my mouth.

I would've swallowed, after all I've been swallowing "J" for a while now, but "H" didn't know that. So I back up and watch him stroke his beautiful tan cock for a few seconds before he blasts a huge stream of cum up onto his shirt, followed by a few more spurts that fall over his fingers and land like pearls nested in his black pubic hair.

Without a word, he gets up for the bathroom, cleans up, and comes back into the bedroom. Nothing was said about it, and we would carry on just like before, well that is, until that hotel party on my birthday.

But that, my friends, is another story.

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by rueperg05/13/18

Tell me more..

I enjoy your stories very much. They bring back the memories of the feelings that I had in high school, when I first started to play sexually, with girls and boys. Tell us more!

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