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My Best Friend Stacie



**Everyone in this story is 18 or older**


My childhood best friend Stacie has really grown into a beautiful young woman. I'm no bra expert but I'd guess that that she wears a 32C. Her ass is small but shapely and firm and definitely nice to look at. She has long dirty blonde hair that she used to hate as a kid but has now grown to love it.

We're both high school seniors and there's only about a week of school left. Our classes are mostly empty because a majority of the seniors decided not to show up, I don't blame. There really isn't anything to do, all the work and tests are complete. Every teacher has us watching a movie in every class. Of course Stacie and I still keep coming to class because, why not? Most of our classes are together and truthfully we just love any excuse to spend time with each other.

We were sitting in the back of 5th period calculus and the room was dark and mostly empty. There was only one other student in the class sitting up front but he was sound asleep. Our teacher Mrs. Grey left because the "principle needed her." Stacie and I both knew that she had better things to do than sit in a dark classroom with 3 students watching Toy Story 2. I have my phone in my hand casually scrolling through Instagram pictures. I see a selfie Stacie posted a minute ago with the caption "well Mrs. Grey officially ran out of fucks to give, haven't seen her in weeks." I chuckle and Like the picture.

Stacie is sitting in the desk to the right of me wearing dark tight jeans and a light pink shirt. She has always been a simple girl. I keep scrolling until I see a picture of Karen posing in a skimpy red bikini. I've had a crush on Karen since freshman year but haven't had the balls to do anything about it. I've never seen her show skin like this before so it was very exciting. So exciting that I forgot Stacie was right next to me. She had been watching me ogle at this picture for the past 5 minutes. "Uh hum" she said immediately breaking me out of the trance. I exited out of the app as quick as possible, "it's too late, I saw you staring at Karen's tit's," she said mockingly.

"I was not" I said "I was just ...checking the quality of the swimwear".

"Oh shut up, It's okay, she has great tits. I'm thinking D cups for sure. Definitely bigger than mine," said Stacie. I automatically looked down at her chest but caught myself, looked away and blushed.

"Her tits are...okay I guess, okay fine, they're fucking amazing" I said. "That's more like it, Kyle" she said laughing. "It's okay, you can keep staring, don't let me interrupt your HARD work" she said glancing down at my pants. I nervously shuffled my pants around trying to cover up my hard on while Stacie cracks up and looks over at the screen playing Toy Story.

Later on that day we are both in my room sitting on my floor leaned against my bed playing videos games. We have played video games side by side after school every day every since I can remember. She is like another member of our family at this point. Our parents don't treat her as if she were any other girl. I don't have to leave my door open and they don't pop in to check on us every 30 minutes.

If she decides to stay the night we sleep in the same bed. Nothing sexual has ever happened and I always viewed her as a sister. A hot sister that I fantasize about but none the less, a sister. I have never seen her as a possible romantic partner. We set our controllers down and take a break from games. "You should ask her out" Stacie said out of nowhere.

"...ask who out?" I said.

"Karen! Who else would I be talking about? I know you've been obsessed with her since forever. You memorized her class schedule so you could 'accidentally' run into her throughout the day. Come on, just talk to her before it's too late." Stacie explained.

"We both know that's never going to happen. She's out of my league, so out of my league!" I replied.

"Oh come on, don't sell yourself short. You're a great guy and I would know. I have known you all my life. You aren't too hard to look also. Please, I'm being serious" she said. She turns to face me. "You're my best friend and I love you and I'm saying this in your best interest. You need to talk to her. I see how miserable you have been for the past 4 years." She said grabbing my hand.

"But what if she rejects me? I don't want to fuck this up." I said nervously.

"Then fuck her if she doesn't see how amazing you are, her loss, not yours". She responded. "You haven't been on any dates, kissed any girls or even talked to girls that aren't me these past 4 years because of Karen. I don't want you to continue to do this during college. I mean you have at least kissed a girl, haven't you Kyle?" Stacie asked.

"Uhhh not exactly. Well actually I kissed Meg in a play I was in, does that count?" I asked.

"No! That doesn't fucking count. Jesus, Kyle. I get that you like her but that shouldn't stop you from experiencing things." She said as she caresses my hand.

"Well...sorry...I guess. I just haven't really had any opportunities to kiss or touch anybody." I said shamefully.

"Yes you have though. So many. Lots of girls like you, Kyle. Kristen from Homeroom stares at you every day. Ashley from around the corner always asks me about you. You could have easily kissed any of these girls" Stacie remarked.

"I don't want any of these girls. I only want Karen. I want my first time to be with somebody special and someone I care about." I said looking at Stacie.

"I'm someone you care about right? I'm special to you right?" Stacie said quickly. "Yes, but..." I said but she quickly cut me off "I think...I think you should kiss me. Strictly for the experience, don't get the wrong idea. You're like my weird brother." Suddenly I began to see her in a way that I never saw her before. I knew she was gorgeous and an amazing person but I never so badly wanted to pull the clothes off of her body and fuck her like I do right now.

"Sure...if you're cool with it," I said as casually as I possibly could. "You better not be fucking with me though." I said suspiciously.

"No no. I mean it. I really want to you to have a first kiss. My first kiss was with Todd in the 10th grade behind the bleachers." She said.

"Well isn't that just so romantic," I said sarcastically. "Shut up" Stacie said punching me in the arm. We both get up and sit on the side of my bed. We look at each other and scoot in closer. She puts on hand on my thigh and the other on the side of my cheek. She starts to lean in but then stops. She takes her hand off my thigh, grabs my hand and puts it on her waist. She resumes to leaning in closer. Her hair smells like strawberries and I've never been this nervous. My heart is beating so fast. I'm mentally begging my body not to pass out.

When her lips touched mine everything made sense and everything felt comfortable and natural. She gently pushes me down onto my bed and climbs on top of me without breaking the kiss. My hands slide down to her ass. We break the kiss to catch our breathes but then immediately start devouring each other's lip's again. She grinds her hips into mine as. My cock rubs against her pussy through the clothes. She moans and grinds harder.

She starts kissing my neck and chest and then goes back up to my lips and then pulls back and smiles. Now back in reality I have no idea how much time has passed. "So how was your first kiss?" she said laying on top of me caressing my cheek with her right hand.

"Fucking spectacular. I'm speechless. Holy fuck, Stacie" I said as she rolls off of me and lays beside me.

"Now if you ever ask Karen out and get to kiss her you won't be so lost" Stacie said smiling.

"Yeah...Karen" I said. I looked over at the clock and it was already pretty late at night. We must have been making out for hours. "Hey, it's already pretty late. You wanna just crash here?" I asked.

"Sure, but I didn't really bring clothes to sleep in, oh well" she said. She gets up and takes off her shirt to reveal a green sports bra. She unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down. She's wearing light pink panties but when she turns around I notice a moist wet stop right on the pussy area. She gets under the covers, lays down and starts typing on her phone.

"Can you uhhh, turn around while I change into my sleeping clothes" I ask nervously. "

"Please, I'm in my underwear right now" she said throwing the blanket off of her exposing her sexy body "Fair is fair" she said.

"Fine" I said taking off my shirt and jeans making no effort to hide my hard on. I get under the covers and start scrolling through Instagram pictures on my phone again. Stacie glances over and sees my obvious erection pitching a tent in the sheets. She tries holding back laughter "shut the fuck up, you caused this you know. Rubbing against me and moaning and all that shit." I remarked.

"I was just trying to give you the most realistic make out experience. Sorry. Usually make out sessions end with some heavy petting at least." She said without looking up from her phone.

"Well then...you didn't really give me the most realistic make out experience...did you?" I said. Stacie looks up at me and sets her phone down.

"Are you saying you want me to give you a handjob?" She said cautiously.

"I didn't say that, you did, you said the most realistic make out experience, did you not?" I said.

"Hmmm" Stacie looks up at the ceiling. "I am a woman of my word, I'll make you cum in 7 minutes max. Let's go." Stacie exclaimed. I removed the covers and pulled down my boxers revealing my swollen cock. "Well aren't you...gifted" she said quickly grabbing my cock. The second her hand made contact with my cock I felt a a rush through my body. She hasn't even started stroking yet. She's just holding it and staring at it. She uses her other hand to push herself up so she is sitting up fully like me.

She looks up at me and says "this is for the experience" and then she starts stroking my dick there was no tomorrow. I never felt sensations like this before. My legs are squirming around and I'm breathing heavier than I have ever breathed. She puts her other hand around my back and leans her head on my shoulder. Her hand keeps moving at a steady motion as she milks my cock. She uses her thumb to stimulate the head while her soft hand manipulates my cock.

She scoots her body in closer to mine so that her legs are touching my legs and her tits are pressed against my side. Her head still resting on my shoulder as her hand moves faster and faster. "Come on, come on baby. Cum for me. Cum. I want you to fucking cum" Stacie whispers in my ear kissing my neck. That sent tingles throughout my body and suddenly ropes of cum start shooting into the air all over my chest and her legs. My body feels like an explosion went off. My legs are squirming around as I moan low and she kisses and licks my neck and ear.

She keeps stroking until all the cum comes out. Now that no more cum was coming out I thought she'd stop just keeps stroking my still hard cock until I moan extra loud and cum a second time. This time even more powerful than the last. "That's right baby, that's right. Cum for me! Cum for me!" she begs into my ear. More ropes of cum shoot into the air. She finally released my cock.

She looks at her cum filled hand and licks clean looking me in the eyes. She wipes the cum off of her legs and licks that off of her hand too. Stacie rolls over into my lap and licks all the cum off of my chest and stomach and proceeds to look at me, swallow and smile. She rolls back over to her side of the bed "there, all clean" she said. I look up at my ceiling panting heavy and taking in what just happened. I have never seen Stacie in this way before. I never thought that one day she'd make me cum like that. I completely forgot about Karen. Stacie is the girl I want now. Stacie is who I want my first time having sex to be with.

I look over at her and she is just laying down typing into her phone like she usually does when we share a bed. "Oh my God, Stacie. That was amazing! I've never came like that before." I said.

"What can I say. I have the magic touch. Now go to sleep. You'll sleep well after that." She said sexily.

"In the interest of this being a realistic make out experience" I announced and she put her phone down and looked up at me. "Isn't heavy petting usually reciprocated?" I asked slyly.

"Uhhh...y-yeah it is" she said blushing. "Are you saying that you want to...like...finger me or something?" She said nervously.

"Damn right" I said confidently.

"Well oh-okay, I guess, I me-" I am already between her legs pulling her panties her ankles. Her panties were already completely drenched. I stared at her pussy just marveling at the sight. She was so wet and was looking down at me blushing. I couldn't help but just stare at her beautiful pussy. She wasn't hairy but wasn't completely bald. Which is what I'd expect from her. Not too high maintenance but always in order. She has always been like that all my life.

"Don't just stare at it...you're gonna make me shy" she said. I just had to taste her beautiful wet pussy. I bring my face down and start licking her wet lips "holy fuck, Kyle!" she moaned pushing my head into her pussy. Her legs lock around my head keeping me there as if I was going to leave. I focus my licks on her clit as she puts a pillow over her mouth to muffle the moans. I reach my hand up and grab her tit through her sports bra.

I hear a muffled "fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck! I'm gonna cum!" through the pillow. I take my other hand and stick two fingers inside of her. I feel the walls of her pussy contract around my fingers as she moans. I start devouring her clit and she lets out a loud scream that probably woke my parents but who cares at this point. Suddenly her body starts spasming and I up the pace of my fingers. "Oh God, Kyle! Fuck! Don't stop!" she screams as so much wetness comes out of her pussy. Her upper body arches and she moans grabbing my hair pushing me deep between her legs. She lets out one final moan and then pushes me away from her pussy.

She breaths heavy as she plays with my hair. She looks down at me and smiles then pulls me up on top of her. She kisses me but it feels different than the first kiss. "You cheated. You were just supposed to finger me." She said looking up at me smiling.

"Well, accidents happen." I said grinning.

"I want you to lay down because I'm about to suck your dick until you can't physically cum anymore...for the experience of course. You'll be a pro when you finally get Karen" She said smiling.

"Yeah...Karen...for the experience...yeah" I replied.

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