tagFirst TimeMy Best Friend Stacie Ch. 02

My Best Friend Stacie Ch. 02



**Everyone in this story is 18 or older**


Stacie has was the first friend I ever had growing up. I've always had a deep care and love for her but now, it's different. After the kiss, after the handjob, and after I ate her out. Something is different and it's more than physical.

I never thought that one day my best friend Stacie would be giving me a blowjob but here I am tonight. She is laying between my legs holding my cock in her warm soft hands. It's only a few inches from her face.

I keep telling myself that this is just for the experience and that this is just a one time thing. She looks up at me and smiles and then gives the head a kiss which sends tingles throughout my body.

She licks her lips and opens her mouth ready to put my cock in. I squeeze the sheets to prepare for the pleasure but suddenly I hear footsteps coming towards my door.

"Shit! Your parents must have heard us!" Stacie said quickly crawling up the bed and underneath the covers.

"Why'd you have to cum so loud, Stacie!?" I said quickly pulling the covers over us. The door quickly opens and my parents are there with a worried look on their face. They probably thought that we were in danger.

They'd never expect us to be doing what we were doing.

"Are you guys okay!? I heard Stacie screaming," my mom said in a worried voice.

"We're fine" I said making sure the blanket didn't fall below either of our necks.

"We were just...uhhh...watching a scary movie, yeah, a scary movie...and well you know how Stacie is deathly afraid of clowns." I said trying to sound believable.

Stacie kicks me underneath the blankets because we both know that she loves horror movies and I'm usually the wimp when it comes to them.

"Oh well I guess that explains it. I didn't know that about you Stacie." My dad said in a tired voice.

"Well you guys should get to sleep anyway. You have school tomorrow," my mom said turning around to walk back to her room.

"Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. I didn't mean to wake you guys. We'll get right to sleep." Stacie said clutching the covers tight so they wouldn't fall any lower.

"It's okay Stacie. No more killer clown movies for you guys anymore. Goodnight kids!" My dad said turning the lights off and closing the door.

"Holy shit that was so fucking close," Stacie said throwing the blanket off of her and getting out of bed. She always couldn't sit still when she was anxious. She always had to pace back and forth until she felt better.

"Imagine if they caught us, Kyle!" Stacie says walking back and forth bottomless.

"That would not have been good," I said staring at her exposed ass and pussy. Either she didn't notice or didn't care.

"Let's just go to sleep, Stacie. I had a really good time tonight. Thank you for showing me the ropes." I said in a comforting voice.

Stacie stops pacing, looks at me and smiles.

"Okay" she said.

There was no more worry in her expression anymore. She crawls over me to get back to her side of the bed. Her pussy slides against my chest in the process. She gets back under the covers and lays down. We both close our and eyes and fall asleep.

I wake up with the feeling of warm arms wrapped around me. I feel legs touching the back of my legs. I glance over and see Stacie must have rolled over and grabbed onto me in her sleep.

We have to wake up for school but for about 15 minutes I just lay there enjoying the moment. I nudge her awake and her enchanting green eyes open. She lets me go and rolls over to her side of the bed.

"Morning, Kyle" she said in a tired voice followed by a yawn.

We are now at school back in 5th period calculus. We stopped by Stacie's house on the way to school so she could change into new clothes. She's wearing her usual tight dark jeans with a plain red shirt. She never needed much to be beautiful. Not even makeup.

The day went by pretty normal. Nobody brought up the actions of last night. We just joked around and messed with each other the way we always do. In the back of my mind I can only think about the blowjob I never got from her.

Mrs. Grey is still nowhere to be found and the same kid is asleep in the front of class. All the lights in the room are off and Toy Story 2 is playing on the screen again for the 3rd time this week. Stacie and I can practically quote the entire movie by heart at this point.

I'm scrolling through Instagram pictures again and see another picture Karen posted. This time she is trying on a new bikini only this time I don't care so much and just keep scrolling.

"Whoa wait, go back up. Did you see Karen's tit's in that picture?" Stacie said.

"I think you've got what it takes to go after Karen now. You aren't so sexually pent up, you pussy eating skills are on point and you like her. What else could a girl ask for in a guy?" She said scrolling through Instagram on her phone.

"Ehhh. I think I'm over Karen now." I said looking at Stacie.

I can't help but stare at her. It's crazy to think that she has been in my life for so many years but I am just now seeing her as the amazing woman she is. I still haven't seen her tit's yet.

"Hey, hey, my eyes are up here," she says giggling.

I immediately look back at the T.V embarrassed.

"It's okay, Kyle, tits are tits. And tits are fucking awesome. I'm a straight girl and I can't help but stare if a girl has nice tits. So go ahead, look all you want." She said moving her shoulders around so her tits jiggle. We both laugh and get back to are usual joking selves.

There is now about 12 minutes left until lunch period.

"Hey...I wanted to make good on the promise I made last night." Stacie said getting out of her desk.

"Wait, what? What do you mean?" I ask inquisitively.

She crawls underneath her desk and then underneath mine and rests her head on my thigh.

"You know...when I said I'd such your dick," she said unfastening my pants.

"Right fucking now? In the middle of the god damn class?" I said but I had no intentions of stopping her.

"Yep" Stacie said as she completely unfastens my jeans.

She reaches down and takes off her shirt revealing her pink lacy bra. I didn't think she owned any underwear like this.

"I want you to take my bra off. You'll need to know how to do it when you take off Karen's bra." She said in a sexy voice.

"I'm not gonna take your bra off in the middle of class. I don't want the school to see your tits!" I said defiantly.

"The school? The only person in this classroom is Dave and he is not waking up any time soon. Come on, live a little" she said grabbing my hands and putting them behind her back.

"Now feel around and undo it. It's not so hard," Stacie said rubbing my cock through my boxers. I moan and successfully undo her bra. She lifts her hands up so I can get it off easier.

I pull the bra off revealing her spectacular tits. They may not be as big as Karen's but no part of Karen has ever made me feel this way before.

Stacie just looks up at me smiling and rubbing my cock through my boxers. She grabs my hand and puts it on her tit.

"I want you to feel them. I need you to feel them," she said moaning.

She moves her fingers into the hole in my boxers and gently pulls my cock out. She lets my cock rest on her face. It touches her chin, lips, nose and forehead all at once. She smiles and I keep fondling her tit.

She grabs my cock off of her face and starts stroking it slowly. I moan and start rubbing her nipples. She lets out a loud moan and puts a hand over her mouth blushing. I guess keeping quiet is not her strong suit.

I keep rubbing her nipple regardless and even get my other hand on her other tit. She looks up at me with the hottest expression on her face. She quickly devours my cock with her mouth. She envelops her tongue around my cock and bobs her head up and down as fast as possible.

I lean back in my chair staring up at the ceiling moaning. If her mouth feels this amazing I can only imagine what her pussy must feel like to be inside of.

My legs start squirming around underneath the desk as her head bobs up and down creating a loud we slopping sound that fills the room. I look back down at Stacie. I never imagined growing up that one day my cock would be in her mouth.

She releases it from her mouth with a loud popping sound to catch her breathe. She strokes it fast and looks up at me smiling. Her mouth, chin and lips are wet and full of pre cum.

"I want you to cum in my mouth. Don't even tell me when. I just want to feel it blast straight down my throat." She said stroking my dick fast in her soft hands.

I simply nod and she smiles big.

"Does my mouth feel good on your cock?" Stacie said.

"Ye-aahhhhhuuuhgg" before I can finish my response she licks from the base to the head and then started sucking my dick again. This time even harder and more focused. Her head bobs up and down fast and the slurping sounds get even louder. I feel like a bomb about to explode.

My entire body feels so alive. I grab onto the edges of my desk and moan load as cum shoots out of cock right into her mouth.

Stacie doesn't let up, not even slightly. She keeps going faster just taking in all the cum. I see cum start to leak from the side of her lips but she keeps going at a steady pace.

As I my breathing and moaning starts to subside her head bobbing and sucking slows down matching my pace.

She takes my cock out of her mouth and looks up at me with her mouth closed. She does one big gulp and then opens her mouth to show me that she swallowed it all.

She wipes the excess cum off of her face and licks it off of her fingers. We both relax there breathing heavy. She rests her head on my thigh and I lean back into my chair.

"Stacie...you're so fucking perfect Stacie." I say looking down at her caressing her cheek.

"I know this, Kyle" She said jokingly as she puts my cock back in my boxers and fastens up my pants.

She puts her lacy bra back on and puts her shirt back on. She crawls back over to her desk to which we both laugh at because she looks silly doing it. There is nobody to hide from.

She gets back in her desk and goes back on her phone.

"There, now we're even. You ate my pussy, I sucked your dick. I don't like receiving and not giving." She says casually.

"You're so amazing Stacie. I...I think I-" Before I could finish Stacie cut me off.

"You're gonna be perfect for Karen" she said with a slight frown.

"I can't promise that she can suck your dick as good as I can though, who knows, Karen might be one of THOSE girls," she said smiling again.

"Yeah...Karen..." I said as the bell rang.

Stacie and I had different classes 6th period. I was in Mr. Smith's class watching Bambi and she was in Mrs. Daniel's class watching god knows what.

At least Mr. Smith shows up to class unlike Mrs. Grey. My phone vibrates and I see a text from Stacie.

I read her message off my screen. "Meet me at my place after school, don't worry, I'm on the pill ;)"

For the rest of the day I'm anxiously sitting at my desk glancing at the clock every few seconds. I'm begging the hands to move faster so I can go Stacie's house. Finally after what seems like an eternity the final bell of the last period rings

I collect my things quickly and rush out of the door.

"What's up with you man? Why the rush." My friend Jason says standing in my way.

"I'll explain later, I just gotta go!" I say moving past him.

If only he knew that I was going to Stacie's house. I wonder what he'd think? He has always thought Stacie was gorgeous but she never gave him the time of day. I exit the school doors and head towards her house.

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