tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Best Friend Tom

My Best Friend Tom


It was the first Saturday evening of the month - my usual time to get together with my buddy Tom and go to a strip club to ogle women and enjoy martinis, steaks, and to shoot the shit. But this was the first Saturday after my wife had forced me into becoming her cuckold. I had asked her politely many times during the week if this activity was now forbidden to me, but she never answered directly. She just smiled and said, "We'll see."

The doorbell rang at 6pm. Tom was standing outside, and said, "Ready Paul? Let's get a move on. It's is half-priced lap dances until 9pm." I hesitated and didn't know what to say, when my wife stepped up to the door and said, "Come in Tom. It's rude to rush off without saying hello. Sit down and have a beer."

Tom is in his late 30's, blond, blue eyes, with short cropped blond hair. Although he is not the athlete he was in college, he kept fit from jogging and lifting weights in the gym. He still the boyish look he had when we were friends in high school.

Tom seemed a little uncertain at the invitation. My wife usually scowled at him when he came over for to pick me up for our strip club night. This time, she was so friendly and smiling. He shyly answered, "Okay Alice, thank you."

Tom sat down on the couch, and my wife poured him a cold beer and brought it to him. She then down next to him. Tom didn't say a word, he just looked over towards me with a puzzled look on his face.

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" my wife said playfully, "It's ok, I know what you boys are planning to do, and it's fine with me. I know men have needs."

My wife smiled at him. Tom looked embarrassed. He was always a little shy, and wasn't used to a woman confronting him so directly on his sexual interests.

"Of course, you know, women have needs too," my wife continued smiling. "But we don't just like to look. We are more interested in a relationship. A warm and close relationship."

Tom's eyes kept darting back and forth between me and my wife. My wife played with some buttons on her blouse.

"What do you like best about the strip club? Do you just like to watch? Can you smell the women? Do they wear strong perfume? If they get hot and bothered, can you smell their pussy getting wet?

Tom choked in embarrassment, "No Alice, we just have drink and...."

My wife interrupted him. "Wait, I know. You guys like a lap dance. Does having a hot women rubbing you turn you on?"

Tom said in a nervous voice, "No, no, we just look a little. We can't touch, you wouldn't let your husband get that close, and if my fiancé ever heard that I was getting a lap dance she would kill...."

"Let me give you a lap dance," my wife said. "Just for fun."

"No, no, stop playing around. I couldn't do that. You're married to my best friend!"

"Are you saying that I am not sexy enough?" my wife said, her feelings hurt.

"You are very sexy, one of the sexiest women I have ever seen," Tom assured her. He seemed a little more confident now. He was no longer looking over to me to see if I approved.

"Ok then," my wife said. "Give me 20 dollars. I'll put on some music."

Tom's hand reached for his wallet. He then stopped suddenly and looked at me to see what would be my reaction. I shrugged my shoulders signaling that it resigned to it. Tom didn't know that I had no choice in the matter. As a forced cuckold and a battered husband, I couldn't stop anything my wife wanted to do.

My wife put on the stereo, and Tom tentatively offered up the 20 dollars. My wife started to sway her hips, then suddenly reached forward and rubbed Tom's crotch. I could see his cock swell up push against the closed buttons of his jeans. My wife then turned around and lowered herself over his lap. At first, she moved her butt back and forth a few inches above his lap, then slowly ground her pussy down hard against his crotch. Tom started to sweat a little, and his hands reached around and lightly cupped my wife's breasts. My wife leaned back against his chest, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, giving Tom a great view of her breasts barely contained in her red lace bra. Tom was breathing heavy now.

My wife stood up, and said, "Tom, come on down to the bedroom. I want to give you a special show."

My wife went downstairs to the bedroom leaving Tom and me in the living room. I said to him in a quiet voice, "Please buddy, don't go down there and fuck my wife. I can't take it emotionally. It would kill me."

Tom said. "Don't worry, I wouldn't do that to you. But if I did, are you planning to stop me? Are you going to fight me?"

"No, no," I said, "It's a long story. I'm just asking you please. Please don't fuck her. We've been friends for a long time. You were the best man at our wedding and said all those nice things about us as a couple. Please don't hurt me like this."

"Well," Tom said hesitantly. He looked around nervously, thought for a moment, then said, "I really don't want to hurt you. But, but.... my fiancé has been out of town for awhile and I have this problem with my prostate. It's a medical problem really.

I could see that his face was hardening. He then said. "Buddy, don't take it personally. You know, men have to do these things. Are you sure you are just going to sit there? You don't have a gun or something?"

"No, I won't do anything to stop you, I said with tears coming into my eyes. "I am just pleading with you as a friend. Remember when you were in trouble and I loaned you 500 bucks no questions asked. I never asked you for the money back. Now I am the one that needs the favor. It would destroy me to know that my wife was being fucked by another man, especially my best friend. Please just go home now. Please."

Tom was no longer looking at me. He seemed to have made up his mind now.

"And," I said softly, "my wife can be a very determined person. You don't know who you are dealing with. Just go now. It would be best for all of us."

Tom stood up and looked towards the stairway, then at me.

"Really, Paul, don't take it personally. You are still my friend. This is just something that I need to do now."

He started backing away towards the staircase. At first, he walked slowly, keeping his eyes on me to see what I would do. I just sat down on the couch put my head in my hands. Seeing that I was harmless to him he quickly turned and descended the stairs to our bedroom.

I turned off the stereo and poured myself a big drink. After about 15 quiet minutes, I heard my wife say in the bedroom "Do you like this?"

Tom answered, "Oh yes, and it is very wet. But first suck it. Suck it bitch."

I heard my wife laugh, then Tom started to moan, "Yes, yes. Use a little more tongue."

Then it became quiet. Soon though, I heard our bed creaking. Somebody was moving back and forth in a slow but steady rhythm. At times, I could hear my wife say, "Oh yes. A little deeper please. Don't stop. DONT STOP."

My heart was pounding in my chest. I could only imagine my sweet bride being used by my friend's cock. It was like a nightmare from which I couldn't wake up.

I heard my wife call, "Paul. Come down here, I wan't to show you something.

I went down the stairs reluctantly. I walked into the bedroom to see my wife face down on the bed doggie style, with Tom behind her, balls deep. He was gripping her hips, and fucking her from behind. With each stroke he nearly pulled his cock out, then pushed it in deeply, slowly, enjoying every wet tight inch. He was oblivious to my presence, concentrating on the friction of my wife's pussy on his cock.

"It's great was a really big penis can do, dear," she said to me. "You could never reach my most sensitive spot. You should study your friend and how he does it. You used to bounce around trying to please me. Each time failing. Tom is only focused on enjoying my pussy. I can feel him getting the most of each spot he rubs. Feeling him enjoy me like that make me cum."

Tom's face was blissful. I could tell it wouldn't be long before he came. My wife said to him, "Tom, be a gentleman. Reach around and rub my clit please."

He did what was asked, and my wife started to shudder with an intense orgasm. I hadn't seen her get off this much since we were first married. Tom rubbed her clit, then firmly stroked her breasts and pinched her nipples. Suddenly he moaned, "Oh oh, uhhhhhh" and his body tightened and pushed hard and deep inside my wife. He came heavily inside her. He stopped pumping, and they were still for a minute. He then pulled out, and laid down on my side of the bed, his hard red dick still dripping cum. He smiled, and my wife then laid down in his arms, her pussy streaked with his semen.

"Paul," my wife said, "be a dear and go upstairs and get your friend his beer. He didn't finish it, and sex is thirsty work."

I went upstairs my legs shaky from what I saw, my heart pounding in my chest. I just watched my best friend enjoy my wife's pussy. Even worse, she loved every minute of it. I started to feel nauseas. I went back downstairs, and handed the beer to Tom. He took it, and smiled and said, "Thank you buddy." He took a full thirsty swig. He laid back on the bed, softening now, satisfied.

My wife seemed very relaxed. She spread her legs, and said. "Paul, there is one thing left for you to do."

"Bring you warm washcloths?" I asked meekly.

"No, honey, I need to be cleaned another way." She pointed towards her pussy.

"Please no, I begged. "I can't do that!"

My wife rolled over onto her elbows. She had an angry expression on her face. "Did you just say no to me?"

"No, no, I wouldn't do that. I mean yes. Whatever you want." In her expression I knew she would happily destroy my career and reputation.

My wife rolled onto her back and spread her legs. I kneeled down between her knees, and started to lick her pussy lips. Thank god, there was only little cum streaked there. It tasted a little bitter, but I was enjoying licking my wife's pussy. I knew that this was not something I would be allowed to do very much anymore. While I was happily tonguing her labia, my wife suddenly grabbed the back of my head, and pushed it hard against her pussy. The, using her vaginal muscles, she expelled the full load of Tom's cum into my open mouth."

"Swallow, swallow," she commanded. I started to gulp it down. "Good," she said laughing.

Tom's cum tasted like strong bleach. It had the consistency of snot. I became sick to my stomach. Suddenly, I had to vomit and I ran to the bathroom. I puked it up into the sink. When I looked down, I saw a bowl full of my stomach acid mixed with the slimy white streaks of Tom's jism.

I rinsed out my mouth and went back into the bedroom.

"Why are you sick," my wife asked sarcastically. "You used to enjoy watching porno movies where the girls used to drink sperm down happily. You thought it was a great idea then. Soon, you will enjoy it too.....you bastard."

Tom was now standing and putting on his pants. He looked at me and said. "Uh, thank you. Paul. Sorry. Just something I had to do. You understand. Nothing against you really. And don't worry, I won't tell anybody about the disgusting homosexual thing you just did. Really, it will be our secret. I won't tell the guys. Promise. Hey, do you think you could loan me 100 dollars until next payday? I am a little short this week."

My wife smiled. "Pay the man," and laughed.

I gave him five 20 dollar bills from the top drawer of my nightstand.

"Ok," Tom said, "I have to go. Thanks again. It was great. Let's do it again sometime." He turned towards the door to leave. Then he suddenly stopped, turned around, and said, "Say Alice, hate to ask, but are you on the pill or something?

"What do you mean?" my wife asked?

"You know," Tom said, "what are you using for birth control?"

"Nothing. I don't like it."

"Then, you might get pregnant from this?

"It's possible," my wife laughed.

Tom looked concerned. "If it happens, please don't carry it. My fiancé would never forgive me."

"Should have thought of that before you came in me," my wife said coldly. "But no worries, I have always wanted a baby. Paul has a low sperm count, worthless as usual. And you would have no responsibility for it. Except child support payments of course."

"No! I would deny it!" Tom said strongly. "You're married so everyone would think it is Paul's."

"That's what they would think at first, of course. But I would tell them otherwise. And paternity tests are so scientific nowadays. What do they use now, DNA? I could easily prove it was yours."

"No, no, please please" Tom begged. He got down on his knees. "Please have an abortion if you become pregnant. Please. I am getting married in two months. It would destroy my relationship. And my father-in-law is taking me into his company. It is the best job I have ever been offered. I am about to finally make it in life."

"Calm down sissy," my wife said. "You men are so pathetic. First, it is unlikely that I will become pregnant. And if I do, I might be persuaded to have an abortion."

"How?" Tom pleaded.

Well, I am against abortion, but I might do it for a good friend. I think a good friend is someone who treats me well and with respect. I do like flowers and other nice gifts. I need a little help with expenses now and then. You plan to be my friend, right?"

"Yes," Tom said, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Good! That's a start," my wife said. "I will let you know in a month if I miss my period. Maybe two months before I go to doctor though. I hate doctors."

Tom slowly stood up. The full realization of what was happening to him was sinking in. He left our bedroom without a word.

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by Anonymous09/04/17

Really Sad!

Three really shitty people! An abusive ,cheating wife,a betraying "best friend",and a husband who is a sorry excuse for a man!

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