tagMatureMy Best Friend's Dad

My Best Friend's Dad


I've always had a crush on my best friend Kayla's dad, Ben. At thirty-six, he's a young dad. He got Kayla's mom pregnant when he was eighteen, so the fact that he's so young has always meant that he's a little cooler than the rest of the parents. I've wanted him for years, but it wasn't like I was over run with opportunities to do something about it. All that changed over winter break, much to my delight.

Since September, I've been going to college and living with Kayla. We share a dorm room at the University we go to here in Pennsylvania. When it came time to leave our dorm over winter break, I decided that instead of traveling to whatever part of the country my mom and stepfather have moved to this time, I'd just go home with Kayla and spend the holiday with her and her dad. Kayla's mom left when Kayla was five, so it's always been just her and her dad. Ben is one of those really cool parents that lets Kayla live her own life, but always encourages her to be safe. It's part of what attracts me to him, the fact that you can tell him anything. Kayla and I are closer than close, and I've basically lived at their house since we were about fifteen anyway, so having me in the house is never a big deal.

The first night we came home for break, Ben let us have a few friends over to shoot pool in the basement hang out zone. We're only eighteen, but it wasn't a problem procuring several bottles of wine. We'd all enjoyed a few games of pool when almost everyone decided to go home. A few of the people there had spent a few hours on the road traveling home from college that day, so everyone was pretty bushed. The only person who stayed was Kayla's boyfriend, Steve.

The three of us went up to Kayla's room to relax and watch TV. We turned off the lights, turned on the TV, and got comfy. They climbed in to her bed, and I got myself comfortable on "my" bed. It wasn't even midnight yet, but the wine had made me kind of lethargic, so I think that when I stopped talking, they thought I was asleep. It wasn't long until I started hearing the sounds of them kissing. I can't lie, it had been a few weeks since I had last had sex, and the sounds they were making were turning me on. When I heard Kayla tell Steve to lick her pussy, I almost moaned out loud myself. I knew I needed to get out of there, or risk letting them know how turned on I was. Luckily my bed was closest to the door, so I stood up quietly and made my way out. Looking back when I closed the door, I could clearly see Steve with his head between Kayla's legs. My eyes shot up to her face, and I saw her look at me. I made an "I'm going downstairs" gesture, and she nodded her head. Just as the door clicked shut I heard her given a loud moan. Seems I got out just in time!

I started to make my way back down to the basement. I figured I'd turn on the TV and go to sleep on the couch. As I to the top of the basement stairs, I realized the TV was already on. I knew that Ben must be down there already, and my stomach flickered with little butterflies at the idea of spending a few minutes with him. I had on a short pink nightgown, and I wondered if he would like it. As I came to the last few stairs, I heard the unmistakable sound of quickened breathing, along with the sound of Kayla's bed squeaking on the floor above us. Imagine my surprise when I came out of the stairwell and saw Ben's hand slowly jerking up and down his cock!

I shrank back a little and sank down so that I was sitting in the dark of the stairs. Ben's cock was everything I'd imagined and more. It looked so beautiful in the half light. His jeans were unbuttoned to let his cock hang free, but other than that, he was still fully dressed. He looked so fucking hot, his head thrown back as he stroked his thick meat. I heard Kayla moan from above us again, and realized that the heating duct from the basement led right to her room, which meant we could both basically hear everything that was going on in her room. I couldn't help but notice that when Kayla moaned or the bed squeaking picked up, so did the speed with which Ben was working at his cock.

Watching him stroke up and down his dick was making me so horny, I could feel my panties flooding with my juice. I couldn't look away, and I had to touch myself while he touched himself. I maneuvered myself a bit to get my panties off, and set them on the stairs behind me. I watched as he continued to stroke up and down his hard dick, and I slid my hand down to my clit. I was completely drenched, as wet as I could ever remember being. I pushed two fingers in to my completely dripping pussy, reveling in the feeling of wet hotness, giving my pussy a few good thrusts of my fingers. I was so wet, I could hear my pussy as I fingered myself.

I was so hot and so wet, but, I knew fucking myself wasn't the way I wanted to cum. Not tonight. It took about a split second for me to make the decision that changed everything. I lifted my night gown up over my head, ran my fingers through my hair, and stepped naked in to the basement.

Ben was still going to work on his cock, and I could see some sweat on his brow. With his eyes closed and his head thrown back, he didn't see me coming toward him. He didn't even know I was there, until I was standing right in front of him. I bent forward and brushed his hands with my hair, and his eyes flew open. He sputtered for a second, and seemed to be about to say something, when I put my fingers to his mouth and said, "shhh."

I could see the moment when he looked away from my face and saw that I was completely naked. His jaw dropped, and when I looked down, his cock had let out a little bit of pre cum. I gave him a grin as I sank to my knees and said, "is this for me?" He let out a choked groan as I leaned forward and began licking the tip of his cock. I licked all over the head and up and down the shaft, delighted at finally being able to touch Ben the way I had always wanted to. There wasn't an inch of his beautiful cock that I hadn't licked before I finally took him in to my mouth.

When I slid my mouth over the head, I looked up at him and winked. That seemed to be all the encouragement he needed. He slid his hands in to either side of my hair, pulling it back so that he could watch me give him head. I wasted no time in getting down to some hard sucking, pushing him as far down my throat as I could take him, pulling back from time to time to spit on the engorged purple head before inhaling his thick rod again. I was picking up speed, and I could hear him gasping for breath. I slid my fingers down in to my dripping snatch and fingered myself for a moment, before bringing my fingers up to his mouth. He looked like he might explode when I did that. Watching him suck my juices off his fingers while I sucked his cock, the two of us maintaining eye contact as we did so, was one of the hottest things that has ever happened to me. Couple that with the sound of Kayla and Steve above us, both moaning in earnest now as they fucked, made me more than ready to be fucked.

He told me to stand up and straddle his waist. Kneeling on top of him I leaned forward and said, "put that dick in to me Ben. I need it NOW".

He wasted no time in doing just that, grabbing hold of my hip with one hand and guiding his cock in to my wet pussy with the other. With one hard thrust, he was almost all the way inside me. I started bobbing up and down, moaning quietly. This position was letting him hit me in all the right spots, and I could feel my pussy leaking juices on to him. It took a minute or two, but soon I was able to take all of his cock in to me. Now I could feel his cock head hitting my cervix, and it felt so fucking good!

I began raising myself up as far as I could before impaling myself down on his shaft, time and again. He grabbed my face and pulled me forward for a kiss, and the two of us started making out. This was no romantic kiss. This was two people fucking the hell out of each other, to hot to do it any other way. With each downward thrust I made, his hips would thrust up, and each time that happened I would moan louder in to his mouth. I had no worry that Kayla was going to hear us, because the symphony of fuck noises going on above us meant no one was listening for what we were doing.

I could feel that I was about to cum, and I pulled my mouth away from his, sucking for air. "Fuck me Ben, I'm going to cum," I whispered. He smiled at me as he slid his fingers down to my pussy and began fingering my clit as I rode him hard.

I could hear Kayla over top of us, begging Steve to fuck her harder, the bed slamming against the wall louder and louder. Each time she asked to be fucked harder, Ben would slam harder in to me. With one last hard thrust and his fingers continuing to assault my clit, I threw back my head and shrieked as I came. I came and came, and he didn't stop fingering my clit or fucking my pussy. I was still riding him, half out of my mind with pleasure. Ben suddenly grabbed my head and said, "I'm going to cum Tiffany! Where do you want it?"

I knew exactly where I wanted it, and wasted no time telling him. "Cum in my pussy Ben! I want you to fill me with your fuckin cum!" That seemed to spur him on even more, and I watched in awe as he continued thrust in to my pussy, sweat completely drenching his face. The feeling I got when his cum began showering the inside of my pussy was like nothing I've ever imagined. I could feel it hitting my womb, and just knowing that it was Ben filling me with spunk sent me off in to another orgasm.

Ben grabbed my face in his hands and brought me forward to his mouth, continuing to slam up in to me as we both came, kissing me hard as I held on to him for dear life. My own cum was dripping out of me fast and furious, the feelings going on and on. I heard Kayla upstairs screaming, "I'm cumming!" and I was glad for the sound cover it gave as our bodies slammed together and Ben moaned loudly in to my mouth.

When we were done, I was a pile of limp bones. Completely drained, I lay with him still in me, leaning forward and putting my head on his shoulder. He was rubbing his hands up and down my back when I heard him chuckle. "We are SO going to do THAT again!"

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