My Best Friend's Girl Ch. 03

byDolma Kalem©

My hand lay against the damp material, and then slowly and gently my fingers began to explore the outline of her vaginal lips. I glanced at her to see if she was ready for the next phase of ‘naughties’ to commence, the overcoming of the final barrier. The flickering light from the screen danced across her face, and gave me my answer. Her eyes were closed, and she had settled back in her seat to enjoy my attentions.

Encouraged, my fingers slid beyond the soft fabric, and onto her outer lips. A little sigh, and movement, was enough to confirm that my timing seemed to be perfect. I eased the fabric aside, and began to trace the outline of her vagina.

By now, neither of us had any further interest on what was going on on the big screen. Steph had her eyes firmly closed, and I was looking at the lovely, but under the circumstances, dangerous view revealed by her raised skirt. I, and anyone else who cared to look, would see almost all of her gorgeously bare legs and what was going on between them. In the occasional bright flicker from the screen, I caught glimpses of her vagina, contrasted by the blue of her school knickers. The thought of someone else, a stranger, catching the same delicious view of my wife gave me a real buzz.

After tracing along her outer lips, my finger gently negotiated the tiny area of sensitive flesh to her anus. The movement elicited a quiet little moan of approval, and a shuffle of her anus against the tip of my finger. She leant her head towards me and nibbled my ear. As she did, I undid her blouse and used my party trick to unfasten her front fastening bra. She nipped my earlobe, and whispered, “pervert”. In response, I pulled at her nipple, and cupped her newly vulnerable breast.

Now it was time to go for glory. My finger retraced its path back along her open vaginal lips to her clitoris. Taking the tiny hood between my finger and thumb, I eased back the delicate protective cover to expose her most sensitive plaything. She trembled, I paused hoping that I’d not gone for her tiny button too soon.

Frustratingly, I could only imagine the view, and I did. By now, in spite of the earlier confusion, I had a shorts splitting erection, and I needed to shift in my seat to get more comfortable. Reluctantly, I withdrew my hand from her blouse. As I moved, I caught a glimpse of Nicky. Stupidly, in my excitement I’d forgotten that she was there. She wasn’t watching the movie, and wasn’t even pretending to. Nicky was leaning forward, watching what was going on between Steph and me. A second careful glance confirmed it. Nicky was transfixed. She also seemed to have her left hand under her skirt.

Shocked, my activities with Steph stopped. Pretty quickly, I felt her wriggle and push against my fingers to encourage me. Although my mind was no longer entirely on what I was doing, I continued to gently knead her clitoris. Steph was extremely aroused, and I could tell that she needed to come. Her vagina was wide open, and her delicious juices flowed freely down towards her anus. But for Nicky, this would have been perfection. Steph was moaning gently, and beginning to come onto my teasing fingers. I was concentrating on helping her through to orgasm, as silently as her accumulating juices allowed. Suddenly, my concentration was shattered as a soft voice whispered into my ear.

“Finger me too. Please, finger me too!” Geez, my hair stood on end as Nicky took my left hand and placed it on her upper thigh. Fortunately, by now, Steph was in a world of her own and looking after herself. All she really needed were my fingers, so I moved my other hand up Nicky’s thigh to her knickers. Still a little cautious, I paused. In response, Nicky pushed on my hand, as she hurriedly pulled the saturated crotch aside.

“Finger me, please! Oh fuck! I’m so excited! Please Joe, finger my cunt!,” her hot breath pleaded into my ear. It was clear as soon as I touched her vagina just how close she was to orgasm; she was almost there. Nicky grabbed my hand as I slid two fingers into her unguarded antechamber. She began to come almost immediately, her cunt soaking us both with her juices. Fortunately, the film was quite noisy at this point; otherwise the wet appreciative sounds from her would have attracted attention as she squeezed her come over my fingers.

“Oh god, I’m coming, finger my bum too. Hard, hurry. Please!” Nicky whispered. My finger slipped easily into her well lubricated but tight little bottom.

“Ohh that hurts.” She slid away from me down into the seat, and further onto my fingers. As she came, I felt Steph stirring.

“Well you’ve done it again, you horny bastard,” she scolded. “Now I’ll need to go to the little girls room and change my knickers. Luckily, knowing you I brought a spare pair. Ask Nicky if she wants to come as well.” The humour, almost gave me away. I very nearly laughed out loud, Nicky was coming, and not quietly! As Steph asked me the question, Nicky was coming, onto my left hand. I hope that the irony of the situation hadn’t triggered too much of a reaction, other than a daft smile on my face. I turned and whispered to a slightly disorientated Nicky,

“Steph’s off to the loo, do you want to go?”

“No I’m ok thanks,” she replied. I shook my head to Steph, then curled my fingers inside Nicky, dragging them across her G spot and testing the wall of her anus. Steph headed off alone for the ladies room. Taking advantage of the opportunity, my fingers began to hit on Nicky’s eager cunt and accommodating anus hard. She laid back, with her legs splayed, and was taking as much as I could give her. Almost immediately she came again, marking her territory on her seat and the rear of the seat in front. This time the film didn’t, and probably couldn’t have disguised the noises from her.

Her gentle moans, audible over the soundtrack, and the wet sounds from her cunt as she came over my invading fingers were unmistakable. Thankfully, no one turned around, but a few couples in the rows in front exchanged knowing glances at each other. My mission accomplished, I sat back and clasped my hands in my lap, my chest puffed out. There was something special about having fresh come from two different ladies on my hands.

“Ohh Joe, thank you, thank you, that was fantastic. Would you like me to suck you? Please let me.”

“Sounds wonderful Nicky, but not now. Steph will be back soon.”

“Ohh, are you sure? You’ve been so kind to me!” There it was again, she’d just given herself to me to play with, and she was grateful to me. My conscience had little or nothing to work with, so I asked,

“ I’ll call round on Monday. Is that ok? You can repay me then.”

“Promise? I’ll do anything you ask me to, you do know that don’t you? Just tell me what you like. You will do that won’t you?”


“Absolutely anything, you are a wonderfully kind man, and deserve anything you like. Promise?”

“Promise.” Thank god for my control, I think that Nicky would actually have done it. She would just have been getting down into my lap as Steph re-took her seat. Smiling at Steph, I slid my hand under her as she sat down. She smiled back and then removed my hand from cupping her bottom.

“Enough big boy let me relax now. I’m nice and dry.” I did as I was told, and sat back between them as the film flickered through its final minutes, to wonder what would happen on Monday.

Eventually, thankfully, the movie ended and the final credits rolled. The houselights came on again, and the MC’s voice came over the sound system. OK ladies remember my question from earlier? For all of you lucky ladies, who have been pleasured tonight, please smile at each other as you leave the auditorium. But it’s very important that you don’t smile too much as you leave the theatre. It upsets the neighbours, they get jealous. The place was filled with howls of embarrassed laughter from the girls, and smug grins from the guys. I got a dig in the ribs from Steph, and a shy smile from Nicky, who seemed to have tears in her eyes. I mouthed, ‘are you ok?’ She nodded.

We got a very inquisitive look from two couples, who I’m sure had been sitting just in front of us. I smiled at them, and gently guided Steph and Nicky through the crowd, away to anonymity.

Steph drove home. I tried to make polite conversation with them both, but it was really difficult to tread a neutral line. I was still horny, and I’d been unable to wash, so I still had a reminder of the evening on my hands. It was sustaining an erection that I just couldn’t get rid of. As we’d left the theatre, Steph was looking for me to hold her hand, but she was to my left, so I’d made some excuse and moved to her left before taking her hand.

We dropped Nicky off at home and said goodnight. Steph and I then went home. Steph went upstairs, and I locked the house and checked the windows.


“I’m on my way honey.” For the second time this evening, I wearily climbed the stairs. In the bedroom, Steph was sat at her vanity unit. “What are you doing?” She turned around to reveal a fresh application of shocking red lipstick.

“Come here, I believe that I owe you something.” She undid my belt, and fly zip. “Wow, you did enjoy the movie, didn’t you?” Holding me in both hands, she slowly drew me towards her.

“But supposing I make a mess?”

“Oh you will, I’m relying on it!” I thought it wise not to say anything else, and after admiring my excited erection for a few seconds, Steph didn’t speak again, she had her mouth very full.

We made love, and it was good, probably the best we’d had for months, but my mind was elsewhere, trying to analyze Nicky’s needs, and my role in helping her to fulfill them.

Sunday 20th October

I picked up Joe junior on Sunday morning, and we spent a fantastic day playing football in the local park. He loved me spending time with him, and teaching him how to improve his football skills. I applauded every time he managed to master a new skill, and he demanded that I teach him something else. In truth, he was already much more skilful than I’d ever been. He had a natural ability. I was running out of things that I could demonstrate to him. Eventually he would be challenging me to teach him things that currently I couldn’t do myself, and probably would never be able to do. I made a mental note to brush up my own abilities or he’d become frustrated and lose interest in his game. Being realistic though, I probably wouldn’t be able to improve my own skills by much. I’d need to analyse the game, and look for techniques that we could learn together.

We played a little squash in the afternoon. Again, Joe was an eager pupil. Eventually after a lovely boy’s day, we went home and Joe enthusiastically described everything he’d learned to Steph.

Joe went to bed very reluctantly at 9.00 pm, and Steph declared that she was in the mood, so we adjourned soon after. I’m afraid that I didn’t perform well. I wasn’t really tired; it was more a mental problem. I was distracted. Although I did my best, I knew that I was falling short. It was more than going through the motions, but not by very much. To her credit, Steph didn’t complain, and she seemed to enjoy herself. But it wasn’t one of our best lovemaking sessions.

Monday 21st October 09:30hrs

I opened the shop, and greeted the staff, but my mind was definitely not on my work. I still had pangs of guilt about my relationship with Nicky, but they were very much outweighed by the passion and desire that I felt every time I thought of her. One word kept playing through my mind, like a repeating movie. The word? Anything. Did she mean it? And even if she did, what on earth could she do. From a sexual perspective, we’d already done everything that I have ever imagined or fantasized about.

“I won’t say ‘penny for them’” said Stella, my Office Manager who had just come into my office.

“What? Oh I see,” I smiled a sickly smile. I could see from her face that she had a good idea why I was again preoccupied. Normally on a Monday I would be chasing around the various travel company account managers, agreeing this weeks priorities, and financial targets.

“Did you have a good weekend Joe?”

“Yes, pretty good Stella, and you?”

“Sort of, I’ve had my legs waxed. Can you tell?” With that, she hitched her short skirt up. Her long tanned legs looked even more beautiful than usual.

“Yes Stella, your legs look lovely. Why do you have them waxed?”

“Oh Joe, behave. You know very well.”

“No honest I don’t,” I protested dimly.

“Hair, hair, dummy. Waxing gets rid of the tiny hairs. See!” she said, putting her foot into my lap. “Go on find a hair. Just one, and I’ll demand my money back and sue them for inflicting all that pain for nothing.”

“Nope they look perfect Stella. But I’m sure that I could find one, it depends on where I look,” I replied with a mock leer.

“Nope, you won’t find any there either. I’ve had my bikini line done too. Perhaps you should check it out during the stock check. It’s no longer in stock, it’s gone!”

“Hmm.” I could feel my complexion turning a bright shade of red.

“Sorry I’ve embarrassed you again. I’m only joking, but they do look good don’t they? I’m really pleased with them.” They did, and so did the crotch of her white knickers. I was disappointed when she put her leg down again. Laughing, she marched out of my office on her newly waxed pins, leaving me with a cryptic comment.

“Don’t be such an old shy-baby boss. Us girls like to look good for you boys, you should notice and demand more of us. Just compliment us on our efforts, who knows what might happen?”

Now I confess that I have always been a little dopey when it comes to the opposite sex, I never could read the signs. But even I was coming to the conclusion that Stella was still coming on to me. I remembered her words, ‘I’ll always be here for you’, hanging in the air as she left my office the last time that we’d come close. Not for the first time, my ‘little friend’ signaled his disappointment at my failure to take advantage of Stella’s implied offer.

I busied myself, and did a little tidying up to occupy my mind, and get rid of the eager associate pushing at my waistband. I checked my watch every five minutes or so, but at 10:30 I couldn’t wait any longer. Very apprehensively, I picked up the phone and pushed the buttons. It rang three times,


“Hi Nicky, it’s Joe.”

“Oh, hi Joe, I’m almost ready for you. You are coming, aren’t you?” I didn’t know what to say in reply, so I said rather limply.

“Is it ok? Are we still ok?”

“Ok? Oh I hope so Joe. Surely you know how I feel about you.”

“Yes, sorry Nicky. I guess I do, and I feel the same about you. I’ll set things up here and I’ll be over in fifteen minutes, is that ok?”

“Sounds good Joe, I’ll be ready.”

“I’m ready now Nicky!”

“Hurry Joe, I can’t wait, see you in fifteen.. Oh Joe, please remember, anything, anything.” The phone clicked as the connection was broken.


My little associate sprang further into life as his unromantic, selfish, and giant alter ego. Just one word, one word had put him in command.

I made the excuse to Stella, that I was visiting a potential new client. Thankfully she didn’t ask me any details. I’m sure that she didn’t believe a word, but she agreed that if Steph rang, she would take a message and I would ring her back. As I left her, Stella said,

“Good luck!


“Good luck with the new client!”

“Ohh thanks, it’s a bit speculative at this stage, but if it comes off, it could be big.” Inside, I cringed at the words, and my guess is that Stella was having difficulty keeping a straight face. But I was very grateful that she did.

As I unlocked the car I wondered what ‘I’ll be ready for you’ meant. I couldn’t wait to find out. As I sat in the car, I noticed just what a lovely day it was, especially for October. In the short time that the car had been standing, the interior had warmed up nicely. I threw my overcoat onto the rear seat and opened the windows, then drove the short distance to Nicky’s. Under the circumstances, I was very relaxed. The sun was shining, it was a gorgeous morning, and I was on my way to commit adultery again with my best friend’s wife. What could be better?

“You selfish shit,” I said to myself.

Just a few short weeks ago, in similar circumstances, I would’ve had a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach. But all that appreciation from Nicky was having its effect. Now I’d begun to feel quite good about it. No one was getting hurt, were they? And Nicky was only doing what she wanted to do, wasn’t she? But what exactly was it that she wanted to do? Well it seemed that that, was anything that I wanted it to be.

Every time that thought passed through my mind it had two effects, one on my little eager friend, and the other on me. Over the last couple of days, I’d reflected on this mutually exclusive feeling enough times to realize that the crux of the problem was responsibility. My little associate felt none whatsoever, other than for his own carnal needs. He became excited and more than ready for anything that might come his way, and would manipulate any situation, or thought process, until he got his way.

And me? Well I just became confused. We’d done everything, and more that I’d ever imagined sex might consist of. So what else could we do? What would anything be? Nicky seemed sure that I would know, and would be asking her to do things she’d never done before. Things she’d already agreed unconditionally to do, whatever they were. That responsibility weighed heavily on me.

As I approached Nicky’s, an idea hit me.

If I’d had an erection before the idea, then it went into a different class afterwards. Smiling to myself, I muttered, ‘ok over to you smarty’.

I parked the car and strolled up to Nicky’s door. I knocked and heard her call,

“Joe is that you?”

“Yes, who were you expecting?”

“Come in.”

I pushed the door open, and walked into the hall. Nicky was stood at the other end and she looked stunning. Suddenly my idea seemed a little less practicable. She was wearing her schoolgirl outfit, exactly as she had worn it on Saturday. The blouse was completely open from neck to waist, and, in daylight, the skirt that I played under, looked even more daring than I’d remembered, It seemed much much shorter.

“Nicky you look absolutely gorgeous.” She looked a little embarrassed, and averted her eyes.

“Are you sure? It’s not too much is it? I thought that you’d liked it, so I put it on again for you.”

“Nicky, you look absolutely perfect.” I walked up to her and kissed her. Initially we kissed gently, but then moved into a full blown passionate exchange. My hands roamed all over her, and pulled her against me so she could appreciate just how sexy she looked.

“Ok, lets go.”


“Lets go, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“Go where?”


“But I can’t go out dressed like this.”

“Oh but you can, and we are. Trust me Nicky. Trust me. It’s a lovely sunny day, and we are going into the country to a fantastic little place I know, and then we are going to make love just like teenagers.”


“Trust me,” I interrupted. You can wear my coat.” I released her, and left her slightly bewildered as I returned to the car and collected my overcoat. I held it, and she helped me to put it on her. As I wrapped the coat around her, I slipped my right hand under the warm lining and into her blouse. I cupped her left breast, and turned her head, we kissed over her right shoulder. Her breast felt absolutely wonderful, and her nipple suggested that she was as eager as I was to get on with things.

“Trust me lover, trust me,” I whispered. She nodded, and kissed me again. I couldn’t resist the temptation to explore her right breast as well. Eventually, we broke off, and reluctantly I restored her modesty under the large coat.

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