My Best Friend's Girl Ch. 03

byDolma Kalem©

“Come on gorgeous, we’re skipping lessons today for a little playtime.” Nicky smiled nervously. I took her hand to the door, and then she walked very confidently and demurely to my car. I opened the door for her, and drank in the view as coat fell open when she took her seat.

“Beautiful. Just beautiful!” She smiled an embarrassed smile. I climbed in, and the engine kicked into life. At a respectable distance from her home, I said,

“Show me your gorgeous legs Nicky?” She moved the coat until it revealed a generous amount of bare flesh. “And that cleavage?” again an immediate relaxation so that the coat was completely open at the front. It was difficult to concentrate with the view on show.

“Are you happy Nicky?”

“Of course Joe, I’m just a little nervous, that’s all. I just don’t know what to expect.”

“Do you trust me?” For the first time in minutes, she looked at me and replied,

“Yes of course, you are a fantastic man, and you’ve done so much for me. I’m more happy than I’ve ever, ever, been.”

“Good, I would never ask you to do anything that you don’t want to do, I just want to explore a little. Is that ok?” She looked away from me again and said,

“Joe, I’ll do anything for you. Anything.” Thud! There it was again, the ‘A word’, an unconditional commitment to anything I wanted. The sensation in my pants was unbelievable; I had an erection like never before. We didn’t talk much for the next few miles, I just tried to concentrate on my driving, having the occasional look at the gorgeous sight to my side. After a while, the traffic and people disappeared and the roads turned into country lanes. I pulled down a narrow lane and then off the road onto an overgrown uneven track for a couple of hundred very enjoyable yards, as Nicky’s soft breasts followed every bump in the track. Eventually I pulled the car to a stop close to a waist high dry-stone wall and humpback bridge.

“Ok we’re here!”

“Oh Joe it’s beautiful, where are we?”

“Oh it’s just a little place with a river just over that wall, and my favourite piece of woodland across the river.”

“It sounds lovely.” I leaned over and we kissed again. I found it impossible to ignore her breasts and searched them out again rolling and pulling at her nipples. Nicky purred softly.

“Ok, let me show you my magic copse!” I very reluctantly let her go, and climbed out of the car. She remained in the car, and looked very nervously around. I opened her door and offered her my hand. She took it and got out as demurely as she could. But, given her outfit, I still got the most wonderful view of her soft breasts as they bounced around in all their unconstrained glory. Anxiously, in the bright sunlight, she started to fasten the coat.

“No, no, please don’t button up your coat, I want to look at you as we walk.” Nicky didn’t look at me, but she did stop and undid the buttons that she’d fastened. I took her hand and we began to walk alongside the dry-stone wall towards the bridge. It was a magical sensual feeling, the most gorgeous autumn day; the woodland was displaying its full range of colours, greens, browns, auburns and reds through to an abundant display of yellows. I don’t think that my senses had ever absorbed this amount of beauty before. I had Nicky on my arm, the woodland birds were singing and chattering a welcome from within the carpet of colours. It was almost poetic. I pointed at the blanket of colours and said,

“Listen to the birds, I wonder if they’re taking about us. I’ll bet they are. They probably saying, wow, look at Joe; we’ve not seen him for ages. And look at his girlfriend, she’s gorgeous, isn’t he a lucky guy?” I stopped, and took her into my arms again and we kissed for what seemed like hours. My hand wandered over her bottom, exploring its outline. I wouldn’t be robbed of my opportunity to examine exactly how beautiful it was. Neither of us seemed to want to break off the kiss. Eventually we did, and carried on walking. I felt her hand tense up and grip me tightly.

“Don’t panic, I’ve seen him too.” Approaching us was an old woodsman with his day’s supply of windfall dry firewood. He was dressed for warmth, and looked like he was used to sleeping rough. Alarm bells rang, and I put my arm around Nicky to reassure her.

“He’s harmless darling, he probably lives in one of the ruined cottages a little way down the river. You’ll make his morning though.” I squeezed her hand, and winked at her. I was pleased to see that she hadn’t been spooked too much; her coat was still open revealing a view that the woodsman would probably remember forever.

“Good morning!” I said as we passed him.

“And good morning to you, Sir.” He replied. Sir may one address your beautiful companion?” I nodded. “Good morning to you Madam! May an unworthy old man address you Madam?” After a pause, Nicky replied quietly;

“Of course.” He bowed.

“I’m most grateful. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer's lease hath all too short a date.

I smiled, as Nicky blushed with embarrassment.

“Why thank you. You are very kind.”

“Men’s evil manners live in brass; their virtues we write in water. Madam, you are very beautiful. You have made this old man’s day. And you sir, are a very lucky man!”

“Thank you Sir, and you know your Shakespeare. Yes indeed, I am a very lucky man.”

“He must needs go that the devil drives.” With that, he walked on. Nicky was still blushing as we left him. I smiled at her and she returned it with a coy smile of her own. The birds began to chirrup seemingly in agreement. They seemed to have been listening to the exchange, and now were keen to voice their opinions.

“What a nice guy. Over here darling.” I took Nicky’s waist and helped her over the two step stile in the wall. As I dropped down in the meadow, it seemed even more beautiful than I’d remembered. There was the calming sound of rushing water from the river, now just a handful of yards away, the ripples on the surface scattering the twinkling sunlight into every direction. Stepping-stones across the narrowest point to the other bank were barely covered, and the woods on the opposite bank looked positively serene. Although this was autumn, there was still the unmistakable smell of late blossom.

“Oh Joe, it’s wonderful. It really is. How did you find such a lovely spot?”

“It is perfect, isn’t it? I’ve never brought anyone here since I was a kid. I used to come here on my bike, and play on the stepping-stones.” I felt a lump in my throat as I remembered running across the stones chasing after an early girlfriend. We stood there for a few minutes, before turning to each other and embracing. Nicky rested her head on my shoulder, while I held her tightly. We moved back until Nicky could lean against the wall.

“Kiss me lover!” She responded, returning my exploring tongue with a nibble. My hands began to respond to the demands of my rising erection; ‘he’ clearly had plans for Nicky. Soon, both hands were fully occupied inside her coat, one making its way under her blouse searching out my favourite breasts, as the other slid around her waist eventually settling on her bottom. There was something magical about making love alfresco, something I’d rarely done. Normally unused senses became intrinsic to the experience. Nicky gasped as my hand cupped her, suddenly I realized that my hand were probably cold.

“Sorry darling, I didn’t realize.”

“It’s ok! It’s nice, just a shock that’s all.”

“I’ll let my hands warm up.”

“No! No! I need you now. Please don’t stop.” Permission and encouragement given I continued to explore her, gently tweaking her nipples. My right hand began to lift up the back of her skirt until I could feel the outline of her cotton clad bottom.

“Mmm, beautiful beautiful bottom,” I whispered, “are you going to show it to me later darling?” Her answer was a very hungry kiss, and a gentle nip of my lip. My hand slid inside her knickers, and followed the contour to her cleavage where an impatient finger followed it south until it reached her anus.

“What an inviting little opening. Now what can I do with that?” Nicky pushed back onto my finger, teasing it against her impossibly tightly closed little hole. My left hand slid down her bare flesh, beyond her skirt onto her thigh. We kissed again and my tongue explored her as I climbed to her knickers. The cotton gusset of her only remaining protection, was already showing encouragingly moist signs. Finding the waistband, my hand slipped over her tensed tummy and smooth mons pubis until it found her unlocked antechamber. She gasped, as an over eager finger touched her clitoris on its way into her.

“This is fantastic lover, you look, and feel gorgeous in the open air. It’s very, very, sexy to have my finger in your cunt, just like a teenager.” No answer from her, other than a soft moan and a gentle push against the invading finger. After kissing her again, I nibbled her neck on my way to her breasts. My tongue drew a helix on each wonderful breast, until it reached her sensitive nipples. In each case, a playful nip drew a sexy purring sound from her. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. I lay my head in-between her breasts, and looked to investigate it. The sight of our Shakespearian woodsman some thirty yards away greeted me, unashamedly watching us.

“Shh darling, don’t move, our Shakespearian friend is watching us.” Nicky stiffened.

“Don’t worry lover, it’s very sexy.” I whispered, “He clearly has excellent taste; I love to look at you too, so I can only admire his taste. Maybe we should help stimulate his literary juices?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you warm enough lover? Should we take off your coat?” After a short pause, her reply was to slip the coat off her shoulders allowing it to fall onto the grass below.

“Is that ok?” She asked disarmingly, briefly looking deep into my soul before lowering her gaze.

“Oh that’s perfect, you look gorgeous. But perhaps we should allow our literary friend to see a little more of you?”

“How much more?” she replied. She seemed a little shocked.

“Ohh we’ll see. But not more than he deserves, or more than you want him to.” She kissed me hungrily, and whispered:

“I’ll do anything for you Joe, you know that, as long as I’m pleasing you. Just ..just… ” I paused, but her words faded away. Fearing a refusal, I kissed away any further words, and moved behind her.

“Now lean your head back on my shoulder.” Nicky leant her head backwards, and we kissed again. My hands were still down her pants, and I had no intention of moving them. My little friend was desperate to be liberated to join in the action, and was pushing up against Nicky’s bottom.

“Can you feel me lover.” She pushed back in reply. “We’ve got our friend’s attention, should we take this a little further?” She kissed me, and explored me with her tongue, before grabbing my hand and whispering:

“Just finger me hard!” I did as I was told, slipping three fingers into her as I considered how far I ought to push this situation.

“Open your blouse lover, let’s show him your wonderful breasts.” I sensed a real resistance as she paused, so I encouraged her. I eased my fingers a little deeper into her and said, “I’d love to show him your gorgeous breasts. Is that ok?” She looked down, and after what seemed like an age slowly opened the delicate garment until it was hanging from her shoulders, her magnificent breasts on display for our very fortunate Shakespearian aficionado.

“Fantastic, fantastic, oh boy is he enjoying the view. Cup your breasts and tug at your nipples to show him how they like a little gentle abuse. No pause this time, Nicky did exactly that, and more playing with them as she showed off. Her state of arousal was obvious, she was very close to orgasm her juices running over my hand as my fingers played inside her.

“A little more lover, let’s show him a little more.” After a long pause, she kissed me again and whispered;

“What? What shall I do?”

“Take off your blouse.” Almost immediately, the redundant garment slid down her arms onto the grass.

“Tell me what to do!” she said, encouraging me to give her further instructions.

“I think that you should show him your lovely cunt, don’t you?” She gasped. I kissed her again worried that I’d gone too far. To my relief, she reached under her skirt and pulled away her soft cotton knickers down to her knees.

“Mmm gorgeous. And now?”

“Should I lift my skirt for him?”

“Oh no baby, we’ll do much more than that.” Nicky gasped again, then said.

“Do I have to take it off?, I’m not sure that I’m ready for that!”

“No, no baby, you don’t need to, let me do that! I recovered my left hand from investigating her wonderfully bare bottom, and fumbled with the waistband until I found the clip securing the wrap around skirt.

“Mmm William, I hope you are ready for this. Is it ok Nicky? There’s still time to stop me.” For a few seconds, she was silent, both of us so tense we were barely breathing.

“You’ll need to take your fingers away to let him see my cunt. You do want me to show him my cunt, don’t you?” The final barrier overcome, I could breathe again.

“Of course I do.” Very reluctantly, I withdrew my fingers from her, and then undid the clasp. The tiny skirt slowly, and very seductively, fell open before slipping away onto the grassy meadow below, leaving Nicky naked but for her knickers uselessly positioned around her knees. Without any comment, she moved her legs apart stretching her pants: then leant back and kissed me, her tongue competing with mine for access.

“Oh god, I’m coming. No, not yet. Oh please god, not yet. Not like this! Finger me Joe, please! Hard! I’m coming. Do you think he’s watching me come?” I didn’t answer, I was fully occupied servicing her oncoming orgasm I pushed my fingers back into her and grabbed her breast with my left hand, squeezing the lovely fleshy orb. Nicky came almost the instant that my fingers re-entered her. “Harder, please harder, I’m coming again. Please, hurt me! Please.” I gripped and pulled hard at her nipple, and my right hand slapped against her clitoris, as it forced my fingers into her.

Nicky’s cunt was wide open, my fingers leaving her completely before resuming the inward stroke. Her head began to roll from side to side on my shoulder. By now she had accommodated most of my fingers inside her, and I was almost lifting her off the ground as my hand tried desperately to comply with her screamed demands to finger her harder.

For one surreal moment, a mental picture of the situation visited me. In it, I was finger fucking my best friend’s naked wife in front of a total stranger, and, at her request trying, to hurt her. This strange picture was silent, but for the sound of Nicky’s appreciative juices and moans. The resulting brief feeling of guilt was overwhelmed by the desire emanating from my trousers to fuck her into some sort of orgasm-induced coma. The surreal out of body experience evaporated as Nicky screamed,

“Oh god, hard! Hurt me! Finger my bum! Hard! Hard! Please. Oh please, hurt me! Please god, I can’t take much more! Fuck! Oh thank god, I’m coming!” I moved my left hand and searched out her anus. A finger teased the rim of her little hole, but Nicky was in no mood for teasing.

“In, in! Fuck! Put it in. Finger my bum.” I slid the finger beyond her gatekeeper, Nicky’s own juices easing entry.

“Ouww, another. Another finger, no two! Now, please.” Even with her helpful juices, it wasn’t quite so easy to get another two inside her. The second finger slid in ok, but the third had to be forced in. Nicky was trapped between two invading hands, and as the third finger entered her she went onto tiptoe.

“Ouww! Oh god, that hurt’s so good. Don’t stop, another. I’m coming!” I slipped another finger into her impossibly stretched little hole. This was clearly hurting her; she was still on tiptoe, her only way of offsetting some of the pain my fingers were inflicting on her. As well as I could, I began to work both hands in and out of her. As my fingers receded from her, Nicky dropped from her toes following them. This unreal picture continued for another few seconds, until she moaned and fell into an orgasm that seemed to continue for minutes. Initially, she went limp in my hands like a little rag doll. My fingers taking full advantage of her quiescence until her weight returned as she milked the final spasms of her orgasm.

“Oh lover, I feel so alive with you. Just hold me! Please, hold me, I’m a little dizzy.” I was happy to cooperate; Nicky was shaking as I put both arms around her and held her while she slowly recovered. Suddenly we were both returned to reality by an unexpected interjection.

“Beauty itself doth of itself persuade the eyes of men without an orator.”

Shit! I’d completely forgotten about our Shakespearian friend. Startled, we both looked and saw he was no more than a few yards away. He waved, then turned and walked away reciting one last Shakespearian quote as he did:

“She is a woman, therefore may be wooed; She is a woman, therefore may be won, She is Lavinia, therefore must be loved. What, man! more water glideth by the mill Than wots the miller of; and easy it is Of a cut loaf to steal a shive, we know.”

As he disappeared from view, Nicky turned to me.

“I’m so sorry Joe, I just got carried away. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“What, are you kidding? You’ve just made two men deliriously happy.”

“Have I, honestly? I just lost it, and I completely forgot about Mr. Shakespeare.”

“You’ve probably given him the sight of his life.”

“Do you think so? I just wanted to please you, but I got too excited and lost control. You’ve just given me the most wonderful orgasm of my life; I thought that I was going to pass out. Do you want me to put my clothes on?”

“Well, we’ve not finished yet, so why not just put your coat on? I want to play some more in my enchanted glade.” Nicky picked up her coat, and covered up.

“And my knickers?”

“Oh I think that I’d like to remove those myself later.” Nicky smiled as she pulled them back into place. I collected her blouse, and shirt.

“Come on sexy.” I took her hand and led her to the stepping-stones.

“I won’t get wet, will I? Is it safe to cross?”

“Lover, it’s quite safe until we get to the other side’ which is where I’m going to I tell you what I’m going to do with you.” Typically, Nicky avoided eye contact and set off on her own across the stones. She made it the short distance to the other side easily, and greeted me as arrived. We kissed as if we’d been apart for a year. Nicky hadn’t bothered to fasten her coat, so I had her soft fleshy breasts against me. We needed to get to my destination quickly, or those distractions would lead me away from my goal, whatever that was.

I led Nicky over the multi-coloured carpet of autumn leaves into the woodland for a few yards or so; eventually we arrived at the magical place that I’d remembered. It seemed much further into the woodland than I’d recalled, but the gentle sounds of the birds singing their welcome seemed familiar to me.

“Oh Joe it’s wonderful!” Nicky looked around, and then went to sit on the fallen tree at the centre of the circular clearing, where I joined her. The glade was slightly different; an aborted logging exercise had stretched the clearing towards the south, which allowed the glade to be bathed in warm sunshine. “Thank you for bringing me here Joe, it’s perfect. I really am sorry about before, but you drove me crazy. I’ll make it up to you. I promise I will. Just tell me what I can do to make amends to you.” In truth, Nicky’s performance had probably been one of the sexual highlights of my life, and I didn’t really understand her guilty feelings, but she seemed to need to serve. I could only imagine what the view looked like to our Shakespearian voyeur, and I did.

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