tagMatureMy Best Friend's Husband

My Best Friend's Husband


I was cleaning up around the apartment when my best friend Victoria called me at about noon on her cell phone. "I'm taking Andrew to a convention out of town. I'll be gone for the weekend. DO you mind going over and making Ron's dinners while I'm gone? You know how he hates to cook."

"Sure, no problem!" I answered. We talked a little more about the convention and then hung up. I took a quick shower and strolled out, still soaking wet, stopping to admire myself in the full length mirror.

I am all of 22 (20 years younger than Victoria) and I had the body for it. I stand at about 5'6, with blonde hair, a nice heart shaped ass and round full 34-D breasts. It was summer, and I had been working on my full body tan, much to the pleasure of my fat neighbor.

I slipped on my favorite bikini, a white number that was really too small for me. The top barely did a job covering my nipples, leaving the rest of my titties exposed, and the bottom barely contained by cunt lips while the thong rode completely up my ass crack. I put on a pair of white stilettos and walked confidently out of my apartment, swinging my keys.

"I could do with a good dick sucking!" my fat neighbor, Harry, called out from his door. He stood with no shirt on, his fatness bubbling over his shorts. One hand clutched a beer can while the other was making busy with the beast within his pants. He eyed me like the dirty old man that he was.

"When I come back, Harry." I said before sliding into my car and roaring off.

Victoria and her husband Ron lives out in the country, deep in the woods, where the closest neighbor is miles away.

Ron was nowhere in sight when I drove up. I let myself into their house (since no one ever locks their doors) and started in on making Ron some chicken soup.

A half hour later I heard Ron coming up, slamming the door shut and breathing heavily. Ron came into the kitchen, and whistled at my sight. "Victoria's not here, Candy." Ron said, his eyes relaxing on my tits.

"I know. She sent me here to make your dinner." I said matter of factly.

Ron approached me. He leaned forward, carelessly putting one hand on my bare waist as I stirred the pot. He pretended to be interested in the food.

"Mmmm, smells good.." he said nonchalantly. Ron was a tall man, and fat. He was in his fifties, and he smelled like sweat. His teeth were messed up, and he looked like the redneck that he was. Even so, standing so close,with his dirty hand on my waist, I could practically feel his dick pulsing on my ass. It was making me wet.

I turned off the burner, and arched my back, leaning my head into his shoulder. I stretched, feigning fatigue. "Oh, standing here by this stove is making me so hot." I whispered, twirling his dirty hair with my finger.

"Well, it is a hot day," Ron was breathing heavily. He had both his hands on my body now. One went up to my tits where he pushed the feeble fabric aside and began to knead my titty. His other hand slid it's way down my waist and into my waiting cunt.

"So wet..." Ron breathed heavily as one of his fat fingers penetrated me. I moaned, my head rolling carelessly on his shoulder, in extacy. Fingering me, and massaging my titty the whole time he walked me over to the bare dining room table where he finally removed both his hands, spun me around and shoved me down on the table.

"I always heard you were a real slut," Ron growled as he tore off my thong and ripped open my top so that my tits bounced free. "I didn't think you would try with your best friend's husband, though!" He pounced on me, sinking his mouth onto one breast while his hand roughly kneaded the other one.

I moaned, wrapping my legs around him as much as I could. I gasped under his weight.

Ron lifted his head, and kissed me roughly, his tongue wrestling with my own. His breath smelled like cigarettes. I moaned. My whole body was starting to twitch.

Ron stood up, and removed his shirt, his fat spilling out. He took off his pants; his dick was huge, and raging. I could see precum glistening off the head.

"Suck it, cunt. Suck it like you've sucked everyone else." I jumped off the table, got on my knees and took his dick in my mouth. It tasted so nasty it was delicious, and I couldn't help but finger myself with one hand while I rolled his balls in between by fingers with the other.

"Oh yeah... oh yeah... your mouth is hot... oh you want it bad... don't you slut... you want me up your slutty cunt, don't you?" I nodded, moaning, and sucking, relishing the taste. With the sucking and fingering an orgasm was starting to sweep over me. I worked my finger harder, and sucked his dick harder when he suddenly pulled my face away.

"HEY!" I cried out. He lifted me up and laid me back down on the table. "But Ron, I want your dick! I want your dick in my mouth so bad!" I wailed.

"Not now, bitch." He pinned my hands down, and leaning down he buried his face in my cunt. "OHHHHHHH, ROOOOONNNN!!!" I wailed. He rammed his face deeper into my cunt. He licked, and then bit my clit, flicking his tongue on it. He sucked on my cunt lips. He released my hands, pulling my legs up around his shoulder, and sucked deeply.

It was all too much. I grabbed my titties and dug my fingers into them. "Oh, yes, baby, yes, oh, Ron, I'm gonna cum!!! I'm cummminggg!" An explosion hit me, and I felt my juices burst forth. I screamed and groaned, my body twitching in extacy. Ron kept eating me out, making the orgasm almost unbearable. I tried to pull away but he had a firm grip on me, eating the whole time.

"OOOOHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHH!" I groaned, grabbing my hair and shuddering uncontrollably.

Suddenly he released me, and stood back. I laid on the table, convulsing slightly. I could feel my swollen cunt throbbing in pleasure.

"Yeah, you like that, slut... you know you're a real tramp, Candy. Fucking getting off on your best friend's husband like that. Real slut." Ron climbed on the table and straddled me. He grabbed my tits, and placed his dick firmly in between them, and began to fuck them, slowly, and then harder.

"Oh, Ron... Oh you feel so good... oh yeah Ron... Victoria's's so lucky to have you fucking her.... oh baby..." I lifted my head and flicked my tongue, catching his dick every so often.

"You want this inside you, whore? Huh? You want me to fuck you?"

"Yes, Ron, yes! Fuck me, fuck me hard!" He gave my titties a few more pumps, then moved away.

"Get off that table, whore, and on all fours on the floor. I'm gonna fuck you like the bitch that you are." I obeyed, slipped off the table, and got on all fours.

Ron got on his knees, and guided his dick into my cunt, slowly. His head was just barely in when he suddenly rammed into me, hard.

I screamed. My arms lost their strength and my face fell into the floor.

Ron pumped me hard, slapping my ass every so often. "You like that, you cum slut whore? You like that?" he asked through gritted teeth.

I was moaning continuously, and when I did not answer he grabbed me by my hair and yanked my head back.

"I said do you like that?" he asked, pumping me hard.

"Oh, yes, Ron, yes! Fuck me, fuck me! Oh your dick feels so good in my cunt!" I groaned. My body was reacting again, and I could feel another wave of orgasm coming along.

He let my head drop, and reached over and pinched my nipples. "Juicy titties... your body is so hot..." he groaned. His balls slapping against me was making an obscene sound, and making me even hotter.

"Get ready to lick it up, bitch, I'm gonna cum!! Oh yeah... Candy... yeah.... oh shit!!!!" He gave me a few more hard pumps and then yanked out of me. I spun around as quickly as I could and he shot his load all over my face. I flicked my tongue, and licked it up.

Ron was breathing heavily as I cleaned his rod. He laid down on the floor, and spread his legs. He reached over to his pants, grabbed a lighter and pack of cigarettes and lit one up.

The whole time I was nestled in between his legs, my ass up in the air as I gently licked his balls, relishing the taste.

He inhaled deeply, and ran his fingers through my hair as I caressed his balls with my tongue. "This is going to be a real good weekend, isn't it, Candy?"

And it was.

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