tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Best Friend's Mother

My Best Friend's Mother


The story I am about to tell you is a true story. It all started back in 1985. First let me give you a little background. I’m black and lived in a small town. Everybody I knew was white, and rich. I’m talking filthy rich. It seemed like all my friends had tons of loot. My father worked at a plant two towns away He worked very hard so that we could afford a small condo in this town, and I could go to a better public school. I guess that’s why my father always broke my balls about my grades and told me how important school was.

I think I was a pretty normal eighteen year old. I played sports, kept my grades up, and didn’t get into to much trouble. But I was always horny. My dick was hard all the time. I started jerking off at the age of 12, after I found some of my dad’s porno tapes. I loved watching these tapes. Porn has become a huge addiction (that’s another story). The tapes I loved the most were of young guys fucking older women, that’s when I became addicted to older white women. That’s all I fantasized about. I just loved that motherly look about them. I would fantasize about all my teachers, no matter what they looked like, tall, short, fat, skinny, it did not matter. I just wanted some old white pussy like I saw in the porno videos.

My best friend in school was Jamie. His mom was fine as hell. She looked just like the porn star Kay Parker. She was tall, around five foot eight inches and around 140 pounds. She had big fat juicy tits, and plump fat ass. She looked like she was built for fucking. I thought about fucking this woman all the time. Jamie had confided in me one night while we were at the park. Smoking a joint, that his mother was an alcoholic. After his dad died she spent most of her night’s drinking until she would pass out. Most of time when he came home from hanging out he would find her passed out on the couch. I was shocked. She seemed like the perfect mother. She never seemed to be drunk when I went by her house to pick him up. I thought to myself, what a waste to sit home day after day and drink yourself to sleep. I felt bad for Jamie because I knew this bothered him. You know people say strange things when they’re high.

This is when my life changed forever. It was a Friday night, and most of my friends had dates. I was just planning to play some video games and wait till my parents went to bed so I can sneak downstairs and watch some porno videos and jerk off. It was about 7:30 that I realized that I had let Jamie borrow my favorite game. I called him up and asked him to drop off my game before he went out. He said that he was running late for the movie and could not stop by my house. I was pissed off, because I told him to bring it to school Friday, and he forgot. I guess he realized that I was pissed and he told me to come buy his house and pick up the game. He said he would leave the back door open and leave my video game on the counter. I thought to myself for a second and said ok. I figured that since I had nothing to do and he only lived about four blocks away. I could use the walk to get out of the house and smoke a joint on the way. He said that he wouldn’t get back home until around one am. He was always able to stay out much later then most of the kids our age, I thought is was because he didn’t have a dad to pound him if he came home late.

I rolled me up a fat spliff, told my parents that I was going over Jamie’s house and I ‘ll be back in a little while. So, I headed out the door and about a block away I lit up. As I was smok’in the joint I thought to myself man this is some good shit. Buy the time I smoked half the joint I was waisted and was feeling pretty good. I put the spliff out and decided that I would save the rest for the walk home. The streets in our town at night are very quiet. Not even one car drove bye while I walked to Jamie’s. I reached his house and noticed that the TV was on in his living room. I figured his mom must be home, I said to myself let me knock on the door and ask his mom to get my game for me. I rang the bell, no answer, I rang again no answer, I rang a third time still no answer. I said to myself “Shit what am I going to do. Fuck it I’ll just go to the back door and get my tape and go home”.

I went to the back door and it was open, and the light was on. I saw my video game sitting on the counter. When I went to pick up the game I could see clearly into the living room. The light from the TV lit up the room a little as well as and part of the couch where I saw Jamie’s mom sitting there asleep. Don’t ask me what possessed me to walk over towards her. Maybe it was the pot I just smoked or just being nosey. All of a sudden CRASH BANG - I knocked over a vase. The noise was so load it scared the shit out of me. I started to say, “ O Mrs. Markie I’m so sorry for breaking your vase, and I will pay for it”. That’s when I realized that she didn’t even move. I thought to myself (what the fuck). Then I looked closer she was out like a light. She didn’t even hear the vase break. Then I thought to myself I better get the fuck out of here before she gets up. The vase looked expensive and I knew damn well that my dad or me could never afford to replace that vase. Then I look a little closer she was slumped down sitting on the sofa. On the table next to her was an empty bottle of vodka and a glass. Then I saw an empty box, one of those boxes that vodka comes in when people give it as a gift. Wow Jamie was telling the truth when he said his mother was a drunk. Then as the TV lit up the room more I really got a good look at her. She was beautiful, even dead drunk this women was hot. She had on a white robe and a red silk nightgown that stopped at her knees. Right at that moment I felt my dick start to grow and fast. Here was the older white woman of my dreams lying dead drunk in front of me. I felt like I hit the lotto.

I was frozen with lust, my dick was aching. This was the closest I have ever been to cumming in my pants. What do I do? Should I leave? I wanted to leave but my legs wouldn’t move. I was stuck, hypnotized by this women. I watched her breath. Looking at her big juicy tits go up and down was wonderful. Just standing there looking at my dream women sleep, knowing that she was dead to the world, and didn’t even know or have a clue that a horny black boy was standing in front of her. Looking at her like that made my cock grow even more. I was so excited and high. That’s when I lost it. I said this opportunity would never happen again. I must see more. I slowly walked toward her and kneeled down in front of her. Her legs where slightly parted, I just had to see what her pussy looked like. I tried to look between her legs but I could see nothing. That’s when I made my move. I went to see if I could bring up her nightgown. I was so scared, but I couldn’t stop myself it was like a force driving me. I went to put my hands on the hem of her nightgown, as I touched the hem of her nightgown. My fingertips touched her thighs. I froze right away, but she didn’t move. Wow her skin was so soft. I got her nightgown up as far as it would go. Her thighs where very sexy, nice and thick. That’s when I saw her panties. She had on matching silk panties. My cock was hurting it was so hard. I just had to feel this woman again. I slowly and gently put my hands on her thighs she felt so good. I was in heaven. I lightly and slowly felt her meaty thighs. She didn’t even move. I even put more pressure, nothing. It was like she was dead, but her body was so warm. That’s when I got bolder. I just had to see a real live pussy. I decided to see just how far I could get. Since she was already slouched down in the big couch, I thought I could pull her off the couch a little more. So I grabbed her gently behind her kneecap, on her calves and pulled her toward me. I was well rewarded. Her nightgown road up past her sweet hips, and there it was her panty-covered pussy. It was just magnificent. Her ass was now just barely hanging over the edge of the couch. Then with my hands still on her calves, I lifted her legs and spread them apart. Oh my god, she had a fat pussy, I could see the hairs poking out the sides of her panties. Two years of fantasizing about this woman had finally come to this moment. I could see the outline of her pussy lips pressing tight against her panties. She was mine and there was nothing she could do to stop me.

It was then I decided to go for broke I just had to see what her pussy looked like. I placed my hands on her sexy hips and tried to see if I could pull her panties off. I slowly started to attempt to pull her panties down. I went real slow, not because I was worried about waking her up, it for my own selfish enjoyment. I wanted this to last forever. Her panties got stuck between her ass and the couch. With one quick tug, I had her. Quickly, I pulled them down to the floor and removed her right leg and left her panties bunched up around her legs. Then as I started to look up and my nose was hit with the powerful scent of her pussy. It smelled wonderful it was my first smell of pussy.

It smelled fresh, with a hint of some perfumed soap. To this day I have never smelled a pussy that was even close. She must have just gotten out of the shower only a short time before I arrived. Her pussy looked, I don’t know how to explain it, but it looked peaceful. Her bush was jet black with a couple of gray hairs. I could see her pussy lips sticking out threw her thick bush. I love pussy hair, and she did not disappoint me she had plenty. I had to get another sniff. This time I bought my nose right into her crotch. While inhaling this wonderful scent the tip of my nose hit her pussy. It kind of tickled. Then I felt moisture on the tip. Then instinct took over my body.

I just stuck out my tongue and started to lick this woman. I don’t know what possessed me. I guess all the years of watching porn in the back of my mine told my body that this was what I was supposed to do next. She tasted so good. Her pussy lips where so soft and she smelled so good. Her tender pussy started to respond real fast. Soon, I was licking her pussy like a pro, just like I had seen them do in the porno movies. Then I took my finger and slowly started to ease it into her pussy. My finger slide all the way into her with no resistance. I started to pump my finger in and out off her pussy and lick her at the same time. Her pussy got real wet I was shocked.

Even though she was dead drunk her pussy was responding to me. Soon my face was wet and sticky from all her pussy juice. I couldn’t take this any more I had to get some relief for myself, I thought I was going to die. I sat back on my knees and pulled my sweat pants down. My thick black 8-inch cock jumped out, it felt so good to free it. With my left hand on my cock and my right hand buried in her cunt, I was the man, in total control of this sweet sexy woman. I wanted this to last forever. I fingered her cunt and slowly stroked my cock it felt so good. My cock was only a few inches away from her pussy. Then reality hit me, I could fuck this women and she would never know. I had gone this far why not get my first peace of pussy. If she woke up now I would surely be going to jail for rape and the sad part about it would be that I didn’t even stick my dick in her.

Fuck it there was no turning back now. I moved in closer to my prize. I brought my dick right to the entrance of her wet pussy, my cock started leaking pre-cum. When my dick touched the entrance of her pussy I felt her heat. This was it; the end of my virginity was near. I placed my hands on her hips and slowly pushed forward and pulled her limp body toward me. You will never ever forget the first time your cock enters a women’s body.

On that first stroke I buried all 8 inches in to her womb. It was wonderful her pussy was like silk. Her flesh was so tender, I almost shot my load right there. I had to keep my composure. I remained still for about a minute, just enjoying this once in a lifetime moment. I looked up at her face, she was so pretty. Her face never change even with 8 inches of black dick in her she was out like a light. With out a worry in the world I started to pull my cock out and then pushed it back in slowly at first. I could feel every fold and ripple of her sweet wet pussy. It was fantastic. I looked down at my cock and with the light from the TV I could see that my black cock was shiny with a thick coat of pussy juice on it.

That was all it took, I started to fuck her faster, I could feel my balls tighten up, and I knew I was close to Cumming. Her tits started bouncing up and down. Like an animal, I let loose. I grabbed her by the hips and started pounding her pussy. I took a look at her face and then I exploded with power, jet after jet of hot thick cum shot out of my black cock and went deep in to her pussy I don’t think I ever came so much in my life, it felt like it would never stop. My whole body was just tingling as I dumped my load into her womb. When I stopped Cumming, I felt dizzy and breathless. I was the greatest feeling I had ever felt. Her pussy working magic on my black cock, I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock and milking all my cum. I didn’t even know a pussy could do that. I fell back and sat on my heels. At that moment I saw the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life, my cum leaking out of a white women pussy. My cock was still rock hard and coated with both our fuck juice.

I looked at the clock on the VCR by the TV. It was only 9:00. Jamie wouldn’t be home for a couple of more hours. I felt powerful. This woman was mine for me to do whatever my heart desired. I sat up and grabbed my best friends mom’s hand, lifted it up and then let go. Like a rock falling from the sky it fell hard and fast landing by her side. That was all the more proof of her inability to wake up. My dick was hard as a rock. I wanted to fuck her again , this time I wanted to see that ass.

Without wasting a minute I pulled her down toward me and flipped her over on her stomach. She was a little heavier then I thought but I was strong. I put her right into position Her thick pretty white ass was in a perfect spot, and her wide hips made her ass seem wider. I started to rub her ass with both hands it was so soft. I had always checked out Jamie’s mom’s ass as she walked around in the past and always wondered what it would look like without any cloths. Now there it was right in front of me, even sexier than I had ever dreamed of. I took an ass cheek in each hand and felt her up. Her ass was so soft and fleshy. I just had to fuck it. I used my thumbs to spread her ass apart ,and then I just moved my hips forward. My black cock slipped into her cunt as if that was its home and that’s where it belonged. On the first thrust I went in deep, till my balls rested on her cunt. Her pussy left off where I finished only few minutes ago, started contracting and. squeezing my black cock. It felt wonderful.

I didn’t waste any time, I grabbed her buy the hips and started pumping. It was awesome, her hips where like handle bars on a bike. She was truly built for fucking. I was lost in this wonderful world I had created in this women’s home. I really got into it now, I felt like a star in a porno movie. Her pussy was just oozing, my first load still in her cunt made it seem like my black cock was sliding on glass. Every time I thrust my big black cock into her white pussy, her ass made a wave and rippled forward. It was amazing. It was like watching the ocean.

That was all I could take. I really went to town on her pussy now. I was hitt’in it hard, the noise from our bodies slapping together filled the room. I grabbed her hips real hard, pulled her to me and held her there. Then my black cock exploded with another vicious orgasm dumping another big load of sperm into her dead drunk body. I fell back on my heels again gasping for air waiting for what I had seen earlier. And then it happened. My cum started leaking out of her ass, big thick white goops of cum came pouring out her ass. It was the most precious thing I had ever seen. I really felt great. On this night I had become a man.

I looked at the clock on the VCR, and it said 10:00. It was time for me to get the hell out of there. I dressed myself, and then I went into the kitchen and got some paper towels. I cleaned Jamie’s mothers pussy up and then I cleaned up all the cum on the floor. I put her panties back on her and laid her down on the couch. She looked so pretty. I closed her robe, and put a pillow under her head. Then I bent down gave her a soft kiss on the lips and said, “ thank you for turning me into a man. I got up, left the living room, put the videogame back on the counter and headed out the back door.

On the way home I smoked the rest of the joint to celebrate losing my virginity. When I got home I went straight to my room and pulled out my cock it was still sticky and I could smell her pussy juice on it. I jerked off twice more before I finally fell into a deep sleep. I woke up about noon that Saturday afternoon. I thought that I had dreamed up the whole thing then I touched my rock hard cock, bought my hand to my nose and the smell was still there. Jamie’s mother’s pussy scent was still on my black cock. I just had to jerk off again thinking about what happened last night. I shot another huge load in my bed, cum was everywhere.

After I took a shower my phone rang, it was Jamie. I said, “what’s up? “ he said “nothing, just chill’ in out”. Then he asked me how come I didn’t come over and get the video game. I told him that I feel asleep and was to tired to come over and pick it up. I asked him if he wanted to go to the mall later. He told me that his mom started tripp’ in. on him this morning. She blamed him for breaking a stupid old vase. He told me that he didn’t do it. He said she was so fuckin drunk when he left the house that night. She probably broke it and forgot. She grounded him for two weeks for lying to her. Man I felt bad for Jamie, but that’s life and shit happens. Then I didn’t feel that bad for him, if he only knew that when his mother gets drunk he could have his way with her sweet pussy. I only wish I was in his shoes.

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