tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Best Friend's New Girlfriend

My Best Friend's New Girlfriend


That was where I saw her, I knew it the moment Michael introduced me to his new girlfriend from Romania there was something about her. Sandra Romain was her name, and the name struck me as unique as if I had come across it in the past. The day I met Micheal's new girlfriend from Romania, who he was engaged to surprised everyone. She was beautiful, stunning even with black raven hair and a small framed face with pert lips and stunning hazel eyes. She was quite petite, standing at only about 5'5 in height me and the rest of our friends assumed, and even though she had small breasts her body was toned, firm and athletic with a nice firm bubble butt.

It wasn't huge, but it was nicely formed and round from what I could make out through her tightly fitting, pink dress she wore the day I was introduced to her.

She smiled at me as we met in a bar, me and Michael both regularly attended and she took my hand gently shaking it speaking in her strong, Eastern European accent. "Nice to meet you, Jamie." She smiled shaking my hand, grinning at Michael.

She was beautiful, I had to have Sandra but the way she was around Michael I knew I couldn't seduce a woman like her to leave Michael for me. Again, analyzing her name in my head something just didn't sit right in my mind. I played along however, forcing a grudging smile I shook her hand in response speaking. "Pleasure to meet, a beauty like you Michael has been hiding for so long from us." I said, and she laughed at my comment as we made our way to a table to order drinks.

We made small talk, as we ordered drinks and I listened to Sandra's life story as she told of how she grew up in Romania, and that she and Michael had met when he was in Romania working for his company that specialized in Eco-friendly energies. They had a whirl-wind romance spanning just over several months, before he returned to the States with her in tow engaged to marry her. But again, as we drank together merrily something in the back of my mind told me that the story Sandra was giving us was marred with gaps, and perhaps lies.

Again we drank about half a dozen beers each, and Sandra drank about the same number in Vodka and Cokes. We said our goodbyes, and somehow mainly due to the reason Michael wanted me to be his best man Sandra gave me her mobile number in order to contact each other about the wedding plans. I went home, still unable to make sense of what was nagging at my mind about Sandra.

I got home, to my messy one bedroom apartment and threw myself onto the sofa and turned on my PC that I had set up on my coffee table in front of the sofa. I didn't own a high-tech television, it was quite a cheap model as I used my computer for almost everything.

It continued to nag at my mind, who the hell was Sandra really? Was she who she said she was, had never left Romania before meeting Michael. For some reason I highly doubted it, and as the computer was fully operational I went straight to the Google website. I just stared at the text box, as it blinked waiting for me to enter what I wanted to search. I leaned forward and typed in 'Sandra Romain' and thought this would settle it all, most likely it was just my mind playing tricks on me. It took only a moment before my search results showed, and there were some surprising results. Her full name, and next to it were words like 'sucks big black cock' or even 'rides a huge cock.'

I assumed Sandra shared a name with a porn star, and clicked on the result 'Sandra Romain rides huge cock' and waited for the video to load.

The video started with a young skinhead man, and he was speaking in Romanian or Russian I assumed and he was flicking through a magazine. He was wearing only jeans, after a minute passed I was about to turn off the video and then she walked in. I felt a surge of betrayal, at being lied to as I saw a woman that looked exactly like Sandra, no - she was in fact Sandra!

She was wearing a pair of red fishnets, and a leather corset strutting into the room in front of the young man in high heels.

What I saw unfold in the next twenty minutes destroyed the bullshit story Sandra had told me earlier in the bar, she was in fact a former porn star!

I searched her name once the video was finished, after seeing her get pounded by a large cock and I found her biography.

It stated she had entered the porn industry in Romania at a young age, at 21 years of age and for the next fifteen years she had been in many films and productions until she turned 36 years of age and left the business abruptly. That was almost five years ago, and it stated she had indeed lived in Los Angeles making films in her career meaning it was a lie of her being in Romania all her life until meeting Michael.

That was it, I was going to confront Sandra about this and printed off a few pictures and loaded the video of her getting fucked like a bitch by the skinhead guy, onto my mobile phone to show to her when I met up with her. I phoned her there and then, in my house as the photo's printed out onto the coffee table. She quickly answered the phone, and asked who it was in her strong Eastern European accent. I smiled contently to myself and spoke up. "Hi Sandra, it's me Jamie. Listened something has come up regarding Michael, I can't tell him about it but I know you love him and I think you need to know what's happening." I said.

"Yes, I love him. Where should we meet?" She asked, sounding as if there was no fear in her voice or indeed there was nothing out of place with my request. I told her to come over to my place, and gave her my address. Before I finished the call I said one last time to her. "And don't tell Michael, he cannot know about this. Make an excuse and come over, its important." I said, and she agreed. I turned over the printed pictures, and left them on the coffee table ready to present to her.

Twenty Minutes Later, My Apartment

I was almost falling asleep on my sofa when I heard the doorbell ring, I shot to my feet and woke myself with a slap to my own face and made my way over to the door. I planned my presentation out, how I would confront her. I opened the door and there she stood, still in her pink dress and with her black hair curved around her ears and above her eyes giving her an alluring stare. She smiled, and spoke up. "I came as quick as could, I did not know the address so I called a cab." She said in her broken English as I allowed her to enter.

"Please take a seat, we need to talk Sandra." I said gently, and she nodded walking past me over to my sofa I was gesturing to by my hand.

As she sat she tried her best to feel comfortable on the sofa, crossing her thighs alluringly as she placed her handbag on the sofa next to her as she waited for me to sit. I quickly closed the front door, and sat down next to her less than a few inches from her face. I smiled and spoke up as she looked into my eyes. "Listened, I wanted to show you something. I couldn't show Michael, I didn't know how he would react so I think it's best I show you." I said gently.

"Yes, show me I will decide if Michael should know." Sandra said sexily, and she watched my hand move across the coffee table and grasping the corner of the photos I slowly turned them over. Presenting the photos side by side, to her. All three printed pictures, were good quality and it clearly showed Sandra gagging on a large white cock in one photo, and in the other two she was being gang banged by three big black men in all kinds of positions. I looked up at Sandra, and I noticed she was shivering as she couldn't peel her eyes from the pictures.

Taking this as a cue, I put my mobile phone in front of her and turned it on and started the video of her. She watched I assumed in horror as in the video, Sandra was gagging on probably an abnormally big cock that made her eyes tear up. I waited and after a minute of the video, I paused it and laid back on the sofa. I spoke up. "As I said, I was unsure if I should show Michael what I found. I thought it better to show you." I said, and she continued to shiver and she took deep gulps of air.

"Where did you find this?" She asked slowly, turning to face me once more. I could tell this had hit her like a sack of potatoes in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her.

I sat up, and turned on the sofa so my body was facing her as I looked deep into her unwavering eyes. I spoke gently. "Something about your name nagged at my mind, I couldn't place it but I was sure I had heard of you before." I said simply and then continued as she didn't offer any defense. "So I searched your name, and videos and pictures came up. I recognized you immediately, and printed the pictures out and downloaded this video to show you." I said, laying my cards on the table.

Sandra said nothing, and continued to shiver horribly so I spoke up. "I doubt you want Michael to know about, this sordid past of yours." I said straight faced.

Sandra's eyes bulged, and she looked up at me shivering even more and she yelped out. "No please! Michael cannot know, I beg you!" She gasped out aloud, tears in the corners of her eyes. I smiled and looked deep into her teary eyes and spoke. "Then you better do exactly as I say, or I'll send these pictures to Michael and the video and you're romance is over." I said and slowly my hand inched across to her knee, settling there.

She tried to pull away, but my hand tightened on her knee and rubbed her silky skin. I shouted hoarsely. "You want him to find out or not, that you're a little cock whore. Then you better stop fighting this." I said and I leaned in closer and kissed her neck roughly. She gasped and I felt her legs press together as I sucked on her neck, as my hand on her knee rose up to the bottom of her dress.

"I'm not a whore anymore, I left that world behind me." She gasped, and I felt her skin shiver as I sucked on her neck.

"Then if you don't want your soon to be husband to know the truth, you better play ball slut." I said as my hand rose, and slid under her dress.

Sandra gasped, and let out a low wail as she wept but I felt her legs spread and allow me access as she relented. I felt her quiver, and gasp. "I will never love you Jamie, as I love Michael. This is nothing to me, do what you want and leave me." She gasped, and I forced her thighs open and lifted her dress up exposing a pair of tight, blue silk panties pulled up against her mound and between her ass cheeks.

"Then you better allow me to do anything I want, or your name is gonna be known all over this part of town." I said as my hand rode higher, and gently touched her mound through the panties. I felt no hair, just a smooth mound.

Sandra shuddered at the touch, and I even felt her legs spasm from my touch. Sandra was sensitive to touch, I wondered if Michael had discovered that yet himself.

"Stop please, I love Michael. Just let us be in love please." She pleaded, but her body betrayed her. She may have been in love, but her body was in need of me.

I touched her mound once more and through the blue panties, I saw a liquid stain developing. She was becoming wet from my touching, and she was becoming aroused, like a bitch in heat awakening to be taken hard.

I wasted no more time and through her panties pressed my finger against her slick, wet lips and slid inside pushing the material of her panties partly inside.

"Oh please, for mother of god stop this. I am not like this anymore." She said bucking against my finger in pleasure.

I lifted her up by her thighs, and pulled her further down the sofa laid out for me as I sat hunched up between her legs looking down at her womanly prizes. I fingered her harder, as I watched Sandra's face contort, and shiver at the sudden invasion of my fingers inside her. Sandra's mouth twitched as she bit down on her bottom lip, moaning hoarsely she gasped. "Fuck, you want me then take me. I want this, sex. But I will not love you, I will only want your cock. Never your love." She babbled as she spread her legs further for me, like the sordid cock-loving porn star she once was.

Her panties were now sodden, and soaked through so I decided to cross the lingering line between us and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her panties and rolled them down quickly down her thighs to her feet. She kicked them off hard, sending them across the room and now I marveled at her hairless, smooth cunny between her legs, glistening as her juices oozed forth. Sandra stared up at me as she lay, like a grand prize in front of me speaking up. "Take it, you bastard. Give me what I need, and let me be in love with Michael." She roared, I dived between her legs and licked her slit tasting her sweet juices.

She gasped, grabbing hold of my short, black hair she forced my mouth down harder onto her wet snatch. I forced my tongue between the two folding doors of her wet pussy, and found her clitoris and began to strike the bud with my tongue over and over again. Each time I did this, she emitted moans and groans as her body spasm beneath me. I felt her body jerk and spasm so ferociously, the couch moved an inch I could swear it, and she slumped back on the couch under me with a content smirk on her lips, and her eyes closed tightly shut. I kissed her pussy once, and sat up and voiced myself. "I'm not done with you Sandra, I want my big cock sucked by a cock-sucking queen." I said and began to unzip my jeans.

Hazily Sandra slowly opened her eyes, and they seemed glazed as she looked up at me as I pulled my zip down and my big, thick and hard cock poked out. Her eyes lit up, with a fire and passion in them as she saw my fuck stick fully. "You may be big, but I've taken men like you many times. I can handle you, for Michael I do this." She said in a lazy tone, sitting up now on the sofa as I stood partly on my feet on the carpet and my other foot on the sofa. I proudly presented my nicely sized cock, sticking out erect in front of her. Sandra slowly drew up onto her knees, and her slim, delicate hands reached for my cock. She slowly closed her hand around the base of my cock, and with her other hand she placed on my hip to keep her balance.

"I not enjoy this, I not enjoy you. I enjoy cock, yours only one here and I have need of it. But I love Michael, I do this to not hurt him." She purred and slowly her mouth reached for my cock, slowly opening and rotating as she slid the head of my cock into her mouth she shut her eyes closed tightly. Closing her mouth around my cock head, she opened her eyes and looked up at me slowly pushing more into her mouth as she held air-tight suction on me.

Her face was a mixture of pleasure, but also strong contempt she held for me as I blackmailed her.

Slowly inch by inch she slid deep into her mouth, I felt her throat soon enough as my cock head hit the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, and winched but kept her eyes on mine. Her hands slowly left my cock, and hip and she threw them into the air before resting them on her forehead submissively. She allowed air into her mouth, at the sides of my cock to mumble words to me. "Get on wid' it." She garbled, and once again made an air-tight O around my cock.

I knew what she was doing, she was submissive to me now, allowing me to fuck her mouth as I pleased as she put her hands atop of her head. I took hold of the back of her head, twirling my fingers into her black locks and pushed her down on my cock, with just one hand. The sudden movement, made her gag and choke but she stabilized herself and allowed me to thrust again into her mouth making her gag again. Her eyes winced, and I felt her throat open up for me as I pulled back and shoved right back in making her gag again. I moved my hand on the back of her head, to her right of her head and placed my other hand on her left. Holding her head, I pulled her back down on my cock but quickly and pushed back and then rammed back home. I did this steady for a minute, just continuous thrusting into her mouth quickly mouth fucking my bitch.

She didn't gag as much, I assumed this was what she wanted me to do as she had become adapt to breathing through it. I had enough of her mouth, now I wanted her pussy. I pulled out of her mouth, and she took the chance to breath in her lot of air. I stroked my cock and stared down at her smooth pussy. "I want to fuck you now." I said staring down at her.

"Come and take it." She gasped.

I was about to grab her, throw her down on the couch and sling her legs over my shoulders and ram my cock balls deep inside her. At that moment my plans were foiled, as Sandra's phone rang and she went to answer it. Going through her hand bag, she came up grasping it and she answered it. She listened first, and smiled speaking. "Michael, yes I'm on my way home now. I buy some groceries, nothing in the fridge for us." She said cheerfully, as she pretended to be the dutiful fiance.

A few more words were exchanged, and Sandra smiled speaking. "I'll be home in about an hour." She said ending the call. She looked up from her phone smiling, and upon seeing me it quickly vanished.

"You got what you wanted, we're down now. I go home to Michael." Sandra said trying to sound as if she was in charge, and she picked up her panties.

I laughed so loudly, Sandra looked at me. I smiled at her, and spoke up loudly in an authoritative tone. "We're far from fucking done Sandra, I know you got to go home to Michael now but you WILL continue to come see me when I tell you to." I said standing now, with my hard cock sticking proudly into the air.

Sandra winced, and gave a stern stare.

"No, I not do this again." She said.

I laughed, and leaning down to my computer with my cock still erect and my jeans around my knees, I brought up on the computer my email system. It was already prepared, as I had minimized it into the background of my computer. Sandra looked over at the LCD PC screen, and saw what I wanted her to see.

On the screen were already prepared emails, with photos already attached and even a sample video of Sandra's classic sex scene. The recipients of the messages were every friend of Micheal's she had already met, since arriving in the States. The other recipients of the emails were Micheal's family, and colleagues at his work. I looked up and Sandra was shaking. I continued to lean down, my mouse was placed over the 'SEND' icon.

"One false move, or word and everyone Michael cares for and loves receives the pictures, and videos of you fucking for money." I said in a rough-cut tone.

Sandra shuddered at my words, understand everything I was saying. Tears began to appear in the corners of her eyes again. She looked at me and spoke. "When does this end?" She asked.

"When I say it's over, and its far from over. You love Michael, then you will do this to preserve the life you've dreamed of all your life with him." I explained, my finger lingering over the mouse.

She gasped, and swung her head back to contain the anger she felt for me I assumed. She looked at me again. "Fine, how will this work then?" She asked me standing in just her blue silk panties.

I said nothing as I pressed log-out on my email account, but the draft messages would be saved and ready to send if she gave me anymore attitude in our new arrangement. "Come over here, now." I said standing up. As I stood, Sandra's eyes roamed down to my erect cock and I assumed she feared the worst. She did however obey me, and sauntered over to me. Noting her submissive side, she obediently stood in front of me now.

"Hands out, and around my cock. One hand around the base, the other put around my waist, now." I said instructing her.

Obediently, yet with contempt in her eyes she obeyed me. Wrapping one hand around my cock, and the other around my waist in quite a loving manner she did so. She began to stroke my cock without me saying another instruction, and leaned in and kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth lovingly.

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