tagGay MaleMy Best Friend's Son Ch. 01

My Best Friend's Son Ch. 01


After nearly 20 years of marriage, I left my wife and began my new life. Unfortunately, I didn't know what would be in that new life.

I felt like a failure and I felt alone.

My wife and I had never been great sexually, but in the final five years of our marriage it was dead. I slept downstairs and I think we were both relieved.

She had lost interest in sex. I was beginning to think I had lost interest in women.

I'm a nice looking preppy executive guy. Think Hugh Grant in a suit. As far back as high school women have hit on me. Most I have turned down. I thought it was because I was picky. But finally, in my early 40s, I was beginning to admit that I thought more about men and cock than about women.

An old high school friend knew I was divorcing and sensed I was in the dumps so he invited me to come stay with him in Bermuda. He worked in the US embassy there and told me he had a great house with a pool and I'd have run of the place.

His wife and little son would be out of the country all summer so he and I could hang out. He even joked about going to strip clubs, though I was not so interested in that. If it came to it, I'd go to make him happy (and maybe to convince myself that I still was attracted to women) but if I could avoid the cheesy strip clubs, I would.

I was down there for sun, relaxation and some drinking. I needed to heal and figure out who the hell I was after 43 years on Planet Earth.

When I arrived in Hamilton, my friend was there to pick me up.

"Hey buddy, I'm so glad to see you, we're going to have a great time," he said. "Reunion time for the wild high school guys!"

"Thanks for inviting me down, Dan, this means a lot," I said.

"No problemo, Keith." Dan grabbed one of my bags and we went to his car.

Driving back to his place he said, "Hey, I forgot to mention that Luis is staying with me now."

"Your first son?" I said, vaguely recallling meeting the kid about ten years ago. Dan had had a nasty divorce with a local after they had a biracial kid. She was a mess and was using him to get U.S. citizenship. She was so pretty that he should have been suspicous since he was not that handsome, but...

"Yes, he's 19 now and kind of a fuck up but I'm hoping I can inspire him and get him to go to college in the US," Dan said.

"It'll be nice to see him again," I said. Truth is, I was kind of disappointed I wouldn't have the place to myself when Dan was at work, but I figured a 19 year old would be off doing his own thing most of the time anyway.

We got to Dan's place and he didn't lie: It was a huge house with a great kidney shaped pool.

"Mi casa es su casa," Dan said as we walked inside.

"Thanks man, I really appreciate this," I said. "I wish I was staying longer than two weeks."

Dan nodded and smiled. "Put your stuff away upstairs, your guest room is first one on the left," he pointed up the stairs. "I'll get the BBQ going out back and dig you out a cold one. Take a dip in the pool too, if you want." Dan walked into the kitchen and I went upstairs.

It was a great house. It felt tropical and exciting.

I got to the top of the stairs and saw that my guest room door was shut. But the door next to mine was about half open. Not thinking much about it, I went to my guest room and glanced at the other door as I turned my knob.

I saw a tall, dark skinned man with curly light hair standing in front of a mirror lifting weights. He was wearing a speedo and his body was oiled up and sweaty. I couldn't stop staring. I could feel a bulge in my pants and my cock got hard almost instantly.

My breath even got a little heavy and I dropped one of my bags.

Horrified, I started to turn when Luis came to his door, looked at me with a brief smile, and without a word slowly closed his door on me.

I rushed into my guest room and laid down on the bed. Shit! Shit! Shit! Did he know I was checking him out? Was I as obvious as I thought?

Fucking great, my best friends son probably knows I'm a closeted fag.

I tried to collect my thoughts. I was in a sweat. The house was silent...then I heard the sound of breathing and the weights moving around. I relaxed a little. Maybe Luis was going back to his routine and didn't think much of my looking at him. Hell, he probably barely noticed his dad's old friend anyway.

I began to feel a little better but I was still sticky with sweat so I began to undress.

I was standing there naked looking for my bathing suit when I heard my door open...

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