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My Best Friend's V Day Massage


This is my entry into the Valentine's Day contest and my third story. Any feedback and votes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and enjoy.


I was almost done working for the day night when my best friend Violet texted, me asking when I was off. I told her in just an hour. She asked if I wanted a ride home from work and to hang out for a bit since she knew my car was out of commission. I'm the type of person who likes to plan out social activities ahead of time. I like to go out and do things but I need to prepare myself mentally. The only person I didn't mind doing things spontaneously with was Violet. This was a good thing because it seemed like that was the only way she ever decided to do anything. She was always inviting me to movies, concerts, and on road trips randomly. I would love to go everywhere with her, but almost every time I have work, so when she asked to see me after work I jumped at the opportunity to spend time with her. With a renewed amount of energy, I helped finish closing the coffee shop that I worked at. I was done a good 15 minutes earlier than the time I had thought I would be.

We have known each other since 5th grade. I have had a crush on her ever since we first played tag during recess. Our friendship kind of ebbed and flowed while we were growing up. In 7th grade I used to walk her to and from school. We grew apart after that year and didn't start talking again till our Junior year in high school. She was the girl that everyone seemed to be friends with while my circle of friends stayed small. Often the only time I would see her was at a distance, her long jet-black hair blowing in the wind or from a casual toss of her head.

She came back into my life again like my own personal Haley's comet. We kept on running into each other in and outside of school. During one of these chance meetings she invited me to see a movie. We hit it off and after that, it seemed like all my free time was spent with her through the rest of high school and into college.

I have never confessed my feelings for her because I knew that they weren't mutual. At first, I thought we didn't end up dating because one of us was always in a relationship, usually her, and we just couldn't be single at the same time. I finally stopped trying to read too much about her always wanting to spend time with me. It was then that I started to notice how often she said how much I was like a brother to her. As badly as I wanted to be with her she was still my best friend and if that was the only way I could have her in my life then I was fine with that.

We would always buy each other gifts randomly and for every holiday, including Valentine's Day. in our Freshman year of college, we found ourselves both single on the worst day to be single. Violet had just gotten out of a nearly year-long relationship. She was the type of girl who put all her effort into her relationship and tried her best to make them work. After finding out her boyfriend had been putting all his effort on cheating on with other girls and then broke up with her when confronted she took it horribly.

I knew the usual box of chocolates wouldn't be good enough so I asked her if she wanted to do something together on Valentine's Day. I made sure to try and clarify that it was as friends before she might be weirded out by it. She interrupted me by saying she would love to go.

Even though it was just our usual hang out of dinner and a movie she still took the time to get ready. For the rest of the night I got to pretend like the beautiful girl with me was my girlfriend. After the movie she invited me inside. When we were first starting to be friends I would always think that this was it, this was the moment where we end up having sex together. We would go to her room and watch hours of Netflix together. Most of the time I was with her at her house would be spent giving her a full body massage. That Valentine's Day I thought that this was it, this was the moment I had been waiting for. I took my time on her and tried my best to pour my feelings for her through my touch. I had thought any moment she was going to roll over and look at me with a sultry look that I had imagined so many times before on her face and then we would make love.

I started to massage her legs for her while she laid on her stomach. I slowly worked my way up from her calves to her muscular thighs. As I worked my way higher she parted her legs to give me access to her inner thighs. My heart was beating frantically as I thought this was it, it was finally going to happen. I was inching my way towards my goal. I could hear her breathing getting heavier. My fingers were just inches from her pussy when she let out a moan. This encouraged me and I was about to go to the point of no return when she made another sound. After she inhaled she let out a low rumble of a snore. She had fallen asleep.

I pulled my hands away, not wanting to take advantage of my sleeping best friend. I was so close. I moved over to the side of the bed that was my side when I spent the night. I sat up with my back resting against the wall, staring at whatever we had playing on Netflix but not paying attention to it. I breathed in and out, willing my beating heart to slow down and my throbbing erection to go away before I did something I would regret.

Right when I was calmed down Violet stirred in her sleep. She looked at me with heavy-lidded eyes and asked, "Hey, why did you stop?" did she mean stop massaging her, or stop what I had been about to do?

"You fell asleep."

"So." She said. She extended her arm out to me to massage. Not even five minutes later I heard her faint snoring again. I was used to staying up later than her so I was up till around two in the morning massaging her and watching movies on Netflix.

I spent the night a lot over the next three years and most nights would play out like that night during our Freshman year of college. I would massage her beautiful body for hours, craving that I could be with her. The next two years we both found ourselves single again, so we did our Valentine's date. I hoped that maybe those would be the days that finally a spark would light between us and we would finally get together. With each Valentine's Day that passed without the spark lighting, I grew more willing to finally make peace with the fact that sometimes no matter how much you wish it so, sometimes you just can't start a fire.

She pulled up, The Weeknd's latest song blasting from her car. When I got in she was dancing and singing along to the music. She was always so full of energy and happiness that to try and match her level would be impossible for me. Violet had that manic pixie girl look going for her, but she would kill me if I ever said that to her face. She loved getting piercings. She had her ears gaged with small gages, multiple ear piercings, and a nose ring. She had a few tattoos, including a Deathly hallows symbol on the back of one hand and a tri-force on the other. She changed her hair color often, this time it was jet black with violet tips. She was a little overweight. The only place the extra weight showed was in her slight gut and her large D cup breasts. She had been working out for over a year to lose her extra weight and now had toned arms, legs, and a tight ass.

We went to one of our favorite local restaurants and ate some burgers and fries. After eating I thought that she was going to take me home, but I noticed her driving towards her house instead. I had been looking forward to going home and decompressing but hanging out with Violet didn't seem like a bad way to unwind after work. "In case you hadn't noticed, I'm stealing you for the night," she said.

"Yeah, I kind of noticed that," I said with a laugh. A few minutes later we were at the apartment that she shared with a mutual friend. While Violet was an early bird compared to me, her roommate was basically prehistoric when compared with when I woke up. If her roommate didn't work the next morning then we would often hang out in the living room, but when she did work we would hold up in Violet's room so we didn't have to be as quiet.

Her bed was a queen-sized bed. Violet had a habit of treating her bed like a cross between a dresser and a bookshelf. Often almost half the bed was taken up by clothes that needed to be folded and put away, textbooks, and her MacBook. Her room wasn't dirty, just cluttered. Tonight was a good night for her bed, only a quarter of the way covered in clothes. "Did you do some cleaning?" I asked her.

"Yes, I started to clean up earlier."

"Started?" I looked pointedly at the pile of clothes, "how much time was there in between started and stopped?" I asked.

"About 20 minutes. I may have taken a nap." She admitted as she flopped down onto the bed. "Find something for us to watch," I asked her where her remote was and she just shrugged. I had a theory that she only invited me over whenever she couldn't find her remote so that she could have me do it. When I brought this up once she didn't really seem to deny it.

"I can't find it," I said after looking for a couple of minutes.

"Stop complaining, it's here somewhere."

I looked over and she was laying on her back while scrolling through her phone. "You're not even looking!"

"It's because I believe you can find it," she said. After almost ten minutes I found it underneath a pile of her panties. I was almost used to seeing them by now. If I thought of them as just clothing and not where they had been and what they would look like on their owner then I could keep my brain from focusing all processing on fantasies. Violet was a frequent shopper at Victoria's secret. She loved to buy all types of panties and lingerie from there, frequently dragging me along with her. She seemed to treat her purchases like her treasures, and slept on them like a dragon did their treasure horde.

"What do you want to watch?" I asked her once I got Netflix open.

"I don't know you choose." Those were the words she said, but she didn't mean them. Everything I suggested we watch was shot down by her. I stopped trying to pick things I wanted to watch, I could always watch them after she fell asleep, and started to run through the list of her favorite movies. Finally, we settled on the first Amazing Spider-Man movie.

I kicked my shoes off and climbed up onto her plush bed. I sat as far away from her as the reduced amount of open space on the bed allowed me to. Our routine had always been for me to start massaging her the moment we were watching something. Recently I had started to wait to touch her until she asked for it. It helped me feel less weird about constantly touching her. I pretended like when she asked me to massage her that she wanted to be touched as bad as I wanted to touch her.

She handed me a bottle of lotion and asked, "Can you massage my back?" She was still laying down on her back.

"You are going to have to either sit up or turn over." She sighed as she sat up. I moved behind her and started to massage her. Violet had a firm opinion on how a message should be. It seemed like I could never apply enough pressure to her liking. I lotioned up my hands and slid them under the bottom of her shirt.

"Shit that's cold."

"Sorry." I wasn't really. I could have let the lotion warm up in my hand but then there was no fun in that. I started at her lower back and focused more on spreading the lotion around so that it would be easier for me to massage her with pressure if her skin was lubed up enough. Her shirt was loose so I could slide my hands up it towards her upper back. She always carried a lot of tension in her neck and shoulders.

I worked my hands past her bra snaps and started to rub the lotion into her shoulder blades. After probing around I found one of her knots at the bottom of her shoulder blade. I started to work the knot in a circular motion, alternating between using my fingertips and the base of my palm. Sometimes I would lose the knot and would have to feel around to find it again. Once I got warmed up I could almost always know where the knot was.

After rubbing the around of the knot, I started to use my thumb to apply focused pressure in slow circles. I could feel the knot shift with each pass of my thumb. I pushed down too hard and Violet let out a groan of pain. "Sorry," I said this time meaning it. It had taken me months to start applying actual pressure to her. I still had a fear of breaking her somehow.

"It's ok, it hurt but felt good."

I kept on rubbing the knot, every now and then causing Violet to groan faintly. Sometimes her groans sounded like moans, of pleasure, which I suppose some of them were. Some of the moans took on almost a sexual sound to them. From touching her soft skin, I had already been getting hard. Her moans filled my fantasies of her and made my cock twitch. Slowly with each circle, I ground away at the knot. I could feel it slowly disappear. Finally, it was gone, back to that place that knots go. I knew it would be back. it had taken me 20 minutes to get rid of it.

I found the knots twin on the other side a lot quicker this time. My technique was better but this knot was more stubborn. With one hand held her shoulder in place and with the other, I pressed down firmly. Violet's groans were deeper louder now and I couldn't help but close my eyes and pretend that they were made while we were making love. She leaned her back against my hand, increasing the pressure and drawing our bodies closer. My hands were starting to cramp up after a couple of minutes of this. It was hard to keep up the pressure when giving up would have meant Violet would fall back against me but I was able to keep it up.

After the knots were gone I worked on her shoulders and neck for a bit. All the working out Violet had been doing was really paying off. As I rubbed down each of her arms I could feel the muscles budding just below her skin.

"Scoot over," she said. I was given a few seconds before she started to lean back and laid down. I moved down towards the middle of the bed. Violet spread her leg out so that it landed right in my lap, brushing against my erection, and causing a shock of pleasure to radiate through my body from my hard-on like it was a lightning rod that had just been struck by lightning.

I put some lotion into the palm of my hand and was considerate enough this time to let the lotion heat up in my hand before starting to massage her foot. I didn't have a foot fetish, normally they did nothing for me sexually, but there was just something about Violet's feet that I found enduring. She was a mix of Pacific Islander and Hispanic. From the Hispanic in her she got her coloring, her skin was like a milk chocolate bar. She got her sleek black hair from the pacific islander in her and apparently her feet too. They were compact. Even though she was physically active all the time her feet always seemed to be blemish free and soft. They never once seemed to smell bad, even if we had just worked out. I enjoyed massaging her feet, not in a sexual way, more in a way that I can't help but appreciate something beautiful and well made. She rarely wore sandals or flip flops so I liked to think that I was the only one who got to see them.

I worked the muscles of her feet, using both of my hands to alternate between applying pressure to the sole of her feet and extending and pressing down on her toes. Once I was done with her foot I started to slowly massage my way up her leg. As I massaged her calf she spread her leg so that It was resting diagonally across my lap and braced against my hip.

I finished her calf and looked up towards her thighs. The leg hole of her loose cotton shorts was wide open and I could see inside of them. I saw a flash of her panties and looked back towards the tv. I wanted to be a good friend and try not to look, but I gave in. I turned back towards her. Her panties were black with a cloth gusset but the rest was black lace. Her pubic hair was trimmed so that almost an even amount of black pubic hair and brown skin could be seen under the lace. The panties clung to her pussy, fully showing the outline of her plump pussy lips. My dick twitched and pressed up against her leg. I had ten glorious seconds to look before with a slight shift of her leg the shorts fell back down to block out my view,

My heart was beating frantically as I ran my hands up and down her thick yet muscular thighs. I stayed working on her outer thigh until I made it to the top then I started back at the bottom. Every time I repeated this I would move my hands starting point closer towards her inner thighs and would wait a moment longer before twisting my hand out as I slid them up. With each pass I got closer and closer to the junction between her legs. Every now and then as my hand got closer to her pussy she would let out a sigh and spread her legs even further out for me, her leg on my lap seemed to keep on pressing down onto my erection accidentally.

I got to the point where my hand was entirely going up and down on the inside of her thigh. My hand would brush just inches away from her pussy. I wanted to "accidentally" touch it so badly, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I tried to focus on the movie instead of where I was placing my hands in the hope of an actual accident. My hands seemed to be controlled by some higher moral power because try as I might to give them permission to venture higher they refused to listen to my suggestion.

I must have been massaging her inner thigh for nearly 20 minutes. I was torn between taking the leap and playing it safe. I had gotten to this point multiple times before and I always chickened out. Not this time. I started on her lower thigh and slowly worked my up, staring at my destination the whole time. Just as my hand was closing in Violet asked, "Can you work on my other leg now?" I didn't know it was possible but both of my heads slumped down in disappointment.

"Yeah, I can." She pulled her leg off me but just laid still. "How am I going to get your leg if your laying like that," I asked her.

"You could move to the other side of me," she suggested.

"Then I wouldn't be able to watch the movie."

"So?" she said.

"You could turn towards me and lay on your side. You're probably going to end up falling asleep anyways."

"Fine," She said with a sigh and turned towards me. I thought that she was going to just lay on her side and I was going to scoot down a little so that I could get her leg better. Before I could move she angled her leg out and put it in my lap. It was just a leg but she never touched me this much. I wondered if maybe this meant something.

I forced myself to take my time and start at her foot even though all I wanted to do was start to rub her thighs again. I took a couple of minutes to massage her foot and then her calves. Sometimes in the past I would absently massage her or only used one hand. Not this time. I used both hands so that I could work my way up twice as fast. When I was done with her calve and started on her thigh she extended her leg and pressed it against me.

I used one hand on the back of her thigh and the other on the front. I would alternate between applying pressure and slowly sliding my cupped hands up along her skin or alternating my hands so that one was going up while the other was going down. My touch would linger on her upper thigh where I would knead her muscles. I looked down and I could see that she was laying with her eyes closed with her mouth slightly parted. As I worked on her upper thigh I could hear that faint mewling sound coming from her. It was similar to how her snoring sounded but I knew this sound wasn't that.

My heart was hammering as I finally decided to go for it. I started off with cupping both of my hands around her thigh again and pressed up. Towards the middle of her thigh, I let my hand that was on the back of her thigh to start to get a head start on my other hand. I thought of it as the scout of my desire, rather than just reach up and grab her pussy I had a better idea. My left hand slid past the barrier that I had always put on myself that separated where I told myself I could touch and where I thought if I touched would end our friendship or lead to an awkward conversation. My hand reached the hem of her short shorts, and then went further. I was staring at the tv afraid to look at either what I was doing or her response to it. Another couple of inches and I reached her panty line. I slid my hand over her panties and stopped. I had my hand firmly cupping one of her ass cheeks.

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