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My Best Lover


Hello Literotica Readers

This is the first erotic story I've written. I will start with an experience I know and can still remember clearly, although it took place almost 19 years ago. I will reminisce for you, about the best lover I had. I hope the readers enjoy imagining it as much as I enjoyed living it.


I met my lover on an online adult hookup site. She enjoyed the way I described myself in my profile and so she emailed me. We started chatting and enjoying each other's emails over a variety of different subjects. She lived in a larger city in the middle of British Columbia, Canada, and I was about an hour south from there. I was 25 and she was 31, not much difference but still she was older. She was also engaged to a guy in Oregon or some place, but he only came up about once every two months. She needed more physically and emotionally, at least until she moved down to live with him. For better or worse, I didn't care at all that she was engaged. I hadn't been with anyone in over a year, so that was that.

We moved from email to our first phone call within a couple weeks. We had already arranged a time at night to talk, when we'd have no distractions. I was lying in bed when I called her and could barely breathe I was so nervous. On that first call, we talked for over two hours and inevitably we started having phone sex that first night. Among other things, she had the hottest phone voice I have ever heard. I guess everyone likes something different, maybe because she smoked socially, but for me, she had that perfect level of raspy, slow feminine sexiness. I was always a good boy before her, she had to tease me into even saying cock and pussy on the phone, I didn't use certain vocabulary often even around my guy friends. I just didn't talk that way, and would never say those things to a woman.

I asked her more directly about a sexual experience that she told me about in one of her first emails. It happened only a few months earlier where she had made out with a girlfriend of hers. She told me how it started and how she liked it. She then asked me if I liked that, two girls kissing. I said, "what guy doesn't." She started teasing and was trying to draw me out, but I continued to be evasive and used vocabulary like "two girls kissing makes me excited". She would giggle and didn't let up until I was specific about how it made me excited. She wanted me to talk dirty to her and wanted to hear me say it makes my cock hard, so I finally said the words. I know she enjoyed her first of many moments of seduction.

From there she told me to do something about it and pull it out for her. I remember gladly pushing my underwear down and moaning into the phone when I started stroking my cock. She told me she had already started to run her hands up and down her pussy lips and wanted me to catch up. It didn't take me long to get into the spirit of the moment. I told her how hard she was making my cock and that I was sorry that her hand was doing the work that my tongue should be doing. She moaned back and agreed with a sweet sounding "yes". A moment later she said that she wished she could taste my cock and take over stroking it for me. Hearing a woman talk to me like that for the first time was so crazy hot and I was pumping my cock hard now. In between our moans and delicious sounds, I asked her how wet she was and she quickly answered "Very". I asked her to push a finger inside herself and taste it for me. A few seconds later I could hear a soft sucking and slurping on the other end. She said she put two fingers inside herself and they tasted so good. I quickly told her how I wished that I was tasting her and how hard I'd be fucking her with my tongue. She asked me if I had gone down further on a girl, if I had ever licked a girl's ass before. I told her "no," but if she wanted it, I'd do anything to make her cum. Not long after that I was fucking my cock harder and harder with my hand as we got closer and closer to finishing. We were both moaning louder than we needed to, and it felt so fucking good when I finally came all over my chest. After that first phone call, I couldn't wait for our first meeting.

We saw each other a week after that first phone call. The first night was so explosive, we didn't stop going at it until 3 or 4 in the morning. So much foreplay that first night. Touching and rubbing, deep kissing and tongues pressing. I enjoyed her large breasts and she kept begging me to suck each of them, back and forth, for a good while. Only after all of that fun did it then go to a long oral 69 and sex. With a very extended physical introduction to each other's bodies complete, we both opened up, and it seemed to became a non-stop porn movie. Back to a quick round of oral and then hard fucking. A water break, then fucking in a few more different positions. A late night snack run to 7-eleven, then mutual masturbation and more fucking. I barely remember anything about the first night. It seemed to happen so fast. I only remember how new and good it felt, and that we both were barely able to walk the next day.

As good as the first night was, after talking together about our encounters on the phone, and enjoying more nights together, we both became more and more in sync with each other. My favorite night was about four months into our affair; I know it wasn't long after Christmas, so I would guess the middle of January. I drove up to see her on a Saturday afternoon, she was house sitting for a couple she knew. The house was fifteen minutes south of town, It was a rural area and most of the homes around there were on 5 acre lots or larger. There were a number of larger farms around as well. It was a very scenic and quiet area.

I remember how frustrating and slow the driving was because it had been snowing all day. I could not wait to get there, I could not wait to feel her. It was around dinner time when I finally arrived. As soon as I got there, I saw that she had the door to the house open and was waiting for me. I came inside, with barely a hello, we started kissing right away. She said that she wanted to go out for dinner first, before we went any further because she was starving. She said she wanted to stop but her hand started massaging my rear and her other hand started rubbing my crotch, we didn't stop. I was only inside the door for less than a minute when we took each other's pants down. She then got on the couch in the living room and bent over the arm. She smiled and reached behind her with her hands and opened up her pussy for me and we started fucking hard doggy style. It was fantastic to reach that point in our relationship. We both knew what to do and say, so that we could send the other over the brink when we wanted. We climaxed in a very fast five minutes.

After we came back from a nice dinner, we sat on the couch and started watching "Weekend at Bernies" on TV. We didn't get half way through the movie before our cuddling turned into a deep make out session. Her gorgeous kissable lips, her wet tongue on mine. I still remember every detail, even the perfect smell of her perfume. It was pitch black outside and the only light in the room was from the TV. She pulled her face away from mine, stood up from the couch suddenly and smiled. She reached out and took my hand, grabbed the remote with her other hand and turned the TV off. In the darkness, she silently guided me down a hallway to the master bedroom.

She stopped beside the bed and turned around. We started kissing again and I felt her hands start to rub my behind then move to my front. I was very hard already, but when she started rubbing me through my jeans, my member got painfully hard. Her hands move to undo my button and then zipper. She reached under my underwear finally pulled me out to my relief and pleasure. She gave me one last deep kiss and then slowly dropped to her knees and put me deeply in her mouth.

I hadn't paid attention to how cold the bedroom was when we first walked in. She had opened one of the bedroom's windows earlier I guess. It wasn't until she pull her head back and me out of her mouth and started licking around the head that I noticed the cold. The second her mouth pulled away, she had made my member so wet, the cold room made my cock feel like it was freezing almost instantly. When she put me back in her mouth, it felt almost burning hot. It was the craziest feeling I've ever had. It felt so good, my knees almost gave away a few times.

I remember opening my eyes with my head tilted back. I glanced out of a window in the large bedroom at a light over the driveway. The light wasn't that far away but I could barely see it because it was snowing again. That moment felt so strange. You couldn't see anything outside except that one light because of the huge flakes coming down. There were no other sounds in the bedroom but the ones we were making. It felt like everything on earth had disappeared except the cold bedroom and the very warm bed we moved into. It felt like nothing else and no one else existed except the two us holding each other.

She taught me almost everything I know about sex, about how to slow down instead of always trying to race to a big finish. She taught me how to pay attention to her body and let her pay attention to mine. Nature will take care of the finishing side of things. After being with her, the sex I had before her seemed ridiculous. That night became my favorite because I felt like we completely and totally connected.

I love all the dirty porn talk that we often had. Sometimes we would compete with each other to see how loudly we could make the other moan or demand to be fucked. She would sometimes push me over the edge by whispering and begging in my ear to not cum inside her but to pull out and finish in her mouth. That night was different. We didn't say a word for three hours. We knew each other's bodies, the angles that we needed in the many positions we enjoyed. I loved hopping out from under the heavy quilt and sheets for a few minutes to cool off. It also let me get more vigorous. For instance, she loved to stand beside the bed and bend over the edge with her legs together and have me pound her from behind. We'd jump back underneath the covers and start over again.

I loved starting over again. The flannel sheet and quilt covering us up to just above our waists, I was lying on my side facing her. Both of us with very content smiles on our faces. I was slowly running my hand up from her thigh, along her side and up beside her right breast, watching my fingers trace along the top of her breast, then into her cleavage and down her stomach. She had the softest, smoothest skin. Feeling her run her hands on my body as we kissed, feeling her slide her hand between my legs and gently pull on my balls and then massage my soft penis. We would often play like that, touching and kissing for a while between sessions. She then moved her hand up behind my head, moved her mouth to my ear and gently started nibbling and biting it. That was one of many of her cues that she was ready to start again. It didn't hurt that hearing her soft breath in my ear was such a turn on. She started stroking me more vigorously and biting a little harder. She was quickly and thoroughly successful at getting me ready again.

It may be just vanilla, but we both enjoyed a round of just some intimate missionary position. I had pulled the sheet and quilt up to my shoulders as she opened her legs. I easily slid my cock into her as she pulled me down on top of her and I started a slow rhythm. Feeling her hard nipples pressed on my chest, feeling both her hand running her nails up and down my back drove me nuts. After a while of just taking my time, letting our tongues play in each other's mouths, I bent my body and began sucking on her breasts to which I always received some delicious moans to show her enjoyment.

I raised my upper body up and started to pick up the pace, she raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist. She started running her hands on my chest and then moved them to hers. It drove me wild when she started pulling and twisting her breasts and nipples. After a while she then reached down with one hand between us. I could feel two of her fingers around my cock gathering as much wetness as she could. She then brought her hand up and put the ends of her pussy soaked fingers on my lips. I licked them and she pushed them into my mouth for me to suck them clean. She always tasted so fucking good. She loved watching me suck on her long fingers and I loved feeling them. Feeling them deep in my mouth and pressing on my tongue, but exploring that is a different story. I loved that it turned us both on when we saw the other so turned on. Then she started working her fingers in and out, fucking my mouth in sync with the rhythm of our sex. I remember her pulling her fingers out and then leaning up slightly and just out of the blue, she slapped my ass with her left hand. I looked down at her wide eyed as she laid back down with a smile on her face with a "what are you going to do about it" look. Maybe it wasn't completely out of the blue because that wasn't the first time she did that, but it was always unexpected. I felt the sting immediately, then the pleasure from that slap went right to the base of my cock, but exploring that is also a different story. That got me going even faster.

The sight of watching my cock glide out of her soaked pussy, seeing her wetness covering my cock and then ramming it back in will be burned to my brain forever. I've never felt anything like her pussy, she had some muscle that would flex on the top side of her pussy, underneath her stomach. It is difficult to describe, but a bump would just be there after she was very aroused and had cum, or was close to coming, and the top ridge of the head of my cock would rub on it. I later learned that was her g-spot. That every girl has, but only a few guys are good enough to hit. Sometimes I could think of other things to keep me from coming, but once I started hitting that bump, I couldn't last longer than a minute. I felt that bump deep inside her and immediately pulled her legs up so her ankles were at my shoulders. She didn't mind me putting all my weight on her legs for a few minutes as I finished hard in her. In fact she loved feeling constricted for that short time. I fucked her as hard as I fucking could for that last minute, as she slapped my ass a couple more times. Then feeling her pussy tighten and flex around my cock pushed me over and we both finished, hard. I let her legs open up and let myself down to lay on top of her. My cock kept twitching inside and her pussy was still flexing for what seemed like forever. I could see her toes tightening and releasing out of the corner of my eye.

I pulled the sheet and the quilt back over us and then after a few minutes, we both finally broke the silence to go to the bathroom. We jumped back into bed and kept the pleasure going, we changed from the heavy fucking and slowed down with a lot more cuddling and kissing. We loved to talk about fantasies and things we wanted to try together or would love to see the other person do. We finished a little after 3am with me spooning her for as long as I could. I can never forget how tightly she was gripping the headboard as we finished, pushing back at me perfectly with every stroke. I will always remember how we just stared into each other's glazed eyes as we finished for the last time that night.

I guess it's the nature of being lover's, the intensity was often like having years of sex all in one night. I only saw her a few more times after that, I was a surprised and a little hurt when she told me she was moving to get married. I knew that day was going to come but I wasn't prepared. Maybe I should've fought for her and begged her to stay, but I now know that our overall compatibility, our lifestyles and goals were different. At the time, it was just something I felt. I know we were 110% compatible sexually, but I guess it was best that it ended. For better or worse, I will never let go of the "Boy Scout" in me, but she definitely changed me. She added many more dimensions and depths to me that wasn't there before her. She taught me things I never knew my partner would want, she taught me things that I didn't know I wanted, and taught me how to ask for them. I will always remember our nights with the deepest gratitude and fondness.


Any and all constructive criticisms, comments or suggestions about this story or what I should write next are very welcome.

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