tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Best Summer Holiday Ever Ch. 01

My Best Summer Holiday Ever Ch. 01


I had known Lee for years; we were born in the same hospital and grew up in the same area never more than a few streets away from each other. Ever since we had turned into young adults we had talked about going away on holiday together, but we had never quite managed it. There was always something stopping us and getting in the way, either it was our jobs or partners but there was always 'something' that stopped us for getting that holiday away together. That was until we both found ourselves settled in jobs and life in general, and then there was Lee's little bit of good fortune and luck! To this day I still have no idea how she managed it, but I am so glad that she did.

"So Terri, how do you fancy a trip away?" Lee said as she walked into my flat, two months back. Two months back I had no idea just where my life was going, let alone what Lee was harping on about.

"You always say that Lee! Every time I say I would love it, something comes up and we don't go." I reply as she hugs me and we head off into my kitchen to make coffee.

"Yeah I know, but this is different." Pulling out two things that look like tickets and waving them in front of my face, while speaking with a huge grin on her face.

"I've not had these tickets before!" Almost whipping them out of her hands I study them in silence.

"Lee, these are tickets for Barbados?" I say through the shock as I look over them more intently now. Looking up I see her nodding and smiling, then I spot the date of departure.

"Lee, these are for today! I can't just up and leave!" Smiling at me and laughing Lee replies that I can if I wanted to.

"Yeah you can! Just up and go babe. And besides, I have arranged it all." Smiling at her boldness, and forethought I agree and go get packing. Hours later we are sitting in the airplane waiting to take off, Lee is reading her book already and I am reading up on where we are headed.

"It says here that Barbados is the most Easterly Island in the Caribbean chains and that we will discover a majestic island, scattered with pristine sandy white beaches, turquoise waters, picturesque scenery and enchanting wildlife!" Looking over to Lee and seeing that she is reading her book I smile to myself and shake my head.

"You'll have nothing to do when we get there!" Laughing back at me, Lee smiles.

"Wanna bet on that?" Smiling and laughing together we fly off to what we both hope will be the best holiday we ever have.

We spend the following five days searching out all the sights and sounds of the Isle and then spend some much needed time relaxing on the local beach, as Lee spent time at the bar and in the water chatting up all the men she found herself surrounded by I spent my time sunbathing and reading my books.

"Terri, these nice guys would like to buy us dinner tonight." Lee started as I slowly pulled myself up and lazily opened my eyes to find her stood in between two dark strong looking men, who seem to be accompanied by two much older and paler looking men. I knew instantly what was on Lee's mind and as I smiled at my friend I could tell the two older men were eagerly eyeing me up, shaking my head I tried to think and act fast.

"I would love to Lee, but I have some other plans. But hey, you are more than welcome to go!" Hoping that she would get the hint I got up and started to get dressed, sensing this Lee mumbled some type of 'see you later' to the four guys and asked me what was wrong.

"Come on Terri. We are two sexy young single girls, out on holiday look for a good time!" There was almost sadness in her words, as if she had only wanted to come with me so we could go out on the pull.

"That's fine for you babe, but it isn't what I came here for! I just wanted a break from the crappy year I have had back home."

Trying to avoid the brewing argument I said I'd see Lee later and went off to check out the town, walking into the first shop I came across I wasn't really looking where I was going and as I bumped into the chest of some man carrying a few bottles of wine he dropped them all sending them crashing to the floor below.

"Oh God, I'm sorry." I say without really looking up and as I am about to walk away I hear his voice and instantly look up.

"Hey it's ok, don't worry about it." I am quickly taken by the deepness of his big brown eyes and of course instantly recognise him, blushing I go to speak but it comes out all wrong and while I try to mumble something coherent he is standing there tying not to laugh. Fumbling with my beach bag, I lose my grip and the bag goes everywhere. Standing there totally embarrassed all I can say is 'Oh God' and wish the ground would open up and swallow me up, throwing my now sprawling things into the bag and mumbling I take a deep breath and speak.

"Hello Mr. Eve, nice to meet you." Groaning at how dumb it must sound and rolling my eyes, I am met with nothing but laugher and an apology.

"I am sorry my dear, I just couldn't help it. Are you ok?" Smiling a genuine smile for the first time in ages, I nod and ask him if he is ok too.

"You must let me buy you a replacement for that wine? It is only fair, seeing as I am so clumsy." Without taking no for an answer I pay for the wine and am about to leave, blushing as I go when he comes rushing out after me.

"I feel like I must apologise and make it up to you for laughing, will you join me tonight at my apartment? I am throwing a little thank you party for some locals and the staff." He says as he writes down the address and hands it to me, before I have the chance to reply he tells me to bring my friends and then he's off again.

"If you are here with friend, please bring them along too. I'll see you there anytime after seven tonight, see you later." I was left standing there in shock, knowing the man I had been lusting after on the small screen had just invited me to a party. As I walked around the town for the next few hours, trying to take it all in I knew what I wanted but also realised I may not be able to get it. Back in the hotel, I was almost ready by the time Lee and her 'new friends' walked through the door. Explaining to them what was going on, Lee took to the bathroom and changed quicker than I had ever seen.

"You must know about his parties Terri?" Lee said as we all crammed into the taxi that took us to the address he had given me, shaking my head Lee shook hers too and told me about his reputation.

"Terri, it is said that if you go to one of his parties you will never forget it. Hope his wife isn't there!"

"Lee!" I couldn't believe the cheek of my friend, but in all honesty I couldn't believe she thought or said it first.

"If Sharon has gone home, the parties are much better and so wild." Lee informed me and as the silence descended upon us I couldn't help but think about what she had just said. As we approached the villa I don't think any of us could believe our eyes, and as Lee dug me in the ribs I nodded. Set right back in the surrounding trees and high on the cliff top sat his villa, it was huge from this distance and as we approached we could all tell this was going to be a good night. As we all left the taxi and walked up to the huge entrance none of us were expecting to be greeted by the host himself and after introducing Lee and our new friends to him, he would walk us in and show us all around.

"... And here on the main terrace is where most of the guests are, drinks and food are over there and the music is getting under full swing. Please enjoy and make yourselves at home." Turning to me, he motioned for me to follow him back into the kitchen area.

"See, your alcohol is being put to good use!" He says to me, I can sense he is teasing me and I start to apologise while blushing. Reassuring me I need not worry, he tells me to have a good night and wanders off to mingle with his guests.

Helping myself to some food and a drink, I turn round to search for Lee and find her already in the swing of things with the four guys we came with. Sitting on the huge sofa in the lounge I look out over the terrace and spot Trevor chatting away to guests, searching for Lee again I see she is happily chatting away and drinking with the four guys still. As the evening progressed, the music got louder and people started dancing more. And as the drinks flowed I notice Lee getting more and more loud, as she danced with the guys I could see her changing and wasn't sure it was a good thing. Watching the party progress I watched how drunk Lee seemed to get, and how the other guests seemed to have stripped down to the minimum of clothing. I realised instantly what Lee had meant by 'his parties are legendry.' And watched how Lee seemed to strip off the quickest, joined by the other guests. Now that most of the guests were naked apart from Trevor and myself I could tell this was going to be no ordinary party, as I hear a loud voice shouting I look over to find Lee very naked and very drunk.

"Come on Terri, get ya kit off girl. Show us your tits!" Looking over to see Lee approaching me very quickly I am feeling a little uncomfortable now, standing up I move back as she reaches out and takes hold of my T-shirt.

"Lee, what are you doing?" I ask as I try to not only stop her but also steady her from falling over.

"Come on Terri, everyone else has the clothes off." Lee was grasping my T-shirt now and as I went to move her hands away she stumbles backwards and knocks into a table, sending the drinks and lamp crashing to the ground. Trevor has been watching us from the terrace all the time and as I try to help clear things up and stop Lee from hurting herself he comes over and starts to help, as we are clearing up Lee wanders back off towards the party and the guys we came with.

"I am so sorry about my friend; I've never seen her like this before." I apologise again and as we clear up the mess I don't notice my ripped top until I see that he hasn't been able to take his eyes off my chest.

"Well, I guess she gets what she wants." I say as I remove the ripped T-shirt and throw it to one side, watching him watching me I ask him if he likes what he sees.

"Mmmm oh yes." He says as he licks his lips, as I blush he notices and tells me it doesn't matter about the mess.

"Woo Hoo, you go girl." I hear Lee shout as Trevor takes me by the hand and leads me to the smaller terrace area by the pool, leading me over to the steps poolside he invites me to sit with him.

"Come and sit with me Terri. I am the only one at my own party with nobody to talk to!" As we talk I see him still staring at my breasts.

"You like what you see don't you?" Both blushing a little he says yes again and admits he feels a little overdressed. Taking off his shirt I can't help feeling like I want to touch him and he notices I am eyeing him up too.

"Like what you see Terri?" Smiling and blushing I look up into his big brown eyes and nod.

"I'm sorry about Lee; she has had way too much to drink." I say as we begin to relax together.

"Two apologise in one day?" He says, laughing as I blush.

"I thought you two were an item? She seems to like your breasts." He adds as I say no and shake my head.

"I think we are both overdressed now." He says as I look over to see everyone else now completely naked, blushing he notices and says that he'll go first. Standing up and releasing his trousers, letting them fall to the floor. I can't help myself and instantly my eyes are drawn to his deeply tanned body and his thick long cock swinging free. Not being able to keep it in I gasp and start to blush when I realise he is still standing there.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it." I say as I am still sat transfixed by his cock.

"Three apologise in one day Terri? Now it's your turn by the way." Smiling he can't take his eyes from me as I stand blushing a little still, taking a deep breath I remove my shorts and then without a second thought my panties too.

"Wow, very nice." Trevor says smiling at what he sees, blushing I hear Lee's voice shouting over to me. And soon realise we are being watched by everyone now.

"You go Terri, nice pussy! Wouldn't mind a bit of that girl." Realising I had just stripped off in front of one hundred people I blush even more now and turn to see Trevor laughing at my discomfort again, digging him in the ribs I tell him to stop laughing which he does.

"I'm sorry Terri, I couldn't resist it. See now I have apologised twice, how about I just say one big apology and we can be even then?" Holding his hands out and smiling he apologises once more as he takes my hand and leads me back down to the terrace where all the guests are, walking around introducing me to his friends and the other guests.

"This is Terri, my date for this evening." Trevor says as he introduces me to a young man and woman who work at the local hotel, smiling as they greet me I notice his cock and smile at the fact that I too seem to be getting just as much attention from the guests. Most of the men are all tanned and toned; those that aren't are the holidaymakers. The women too, are tanned and toned noting how I can't seem to keep my eyes of the women just as much as the men! The women are all stunningly beautiful and I felt a little uncomfortable with the way I looked, sensing my unease Trevor put his arm around my waist and gently kissed my neck. Shivering with pleasure I smile as I feel myself relax a little, moving over to another couple I see the man who I recognise as the guy we took a boat trip with a few days before. His cock is huge and hairy, noticing my admiring looks he tell me to help myself as he thrusts his hips towards me.

"Go for it." Trevor whispers in my ear.

"There's plenty there for everyone. He loves showing that thing off." Pushing me a little closer I take hold of his cock in my hands and gently stroke it, while both of us get a little turned on I can feel Trevor pushing me a little closer while rubbing his cock against my ass cheeks.

"Come let's go mingle." Trevor say's as he gently moves me on, looking back for a second Trevor notices.

"I may get jealous if you stayed there any longer." Blushing I turn around and for the first time I kiss him gently and passionately upon the lips, feeling his hands run softly up my sides I again shiver with pleasure. As we mingle we come across the boat guy getting more than a little passionate with the young maid, watching how she easily took him in her mouth and sucked him for all she was worth. Watching them both getting more and more into it turns us both on and as we stand watching I can feel Trevor's hardness pushing against my ass cheeks, turning to him I can see he is just as turned on as I am doing watching the couple getting into it more.

"Wow, do you think she can take all of his cock?" He asks me as she straddles him and slowly lowers herself onto his huge throbbing cock.

"Looks like she could burst if she did." I say as we try not to laugh, watching as she rides him squealing with delight as she notices us watching them.

"I want first serving, you can have second's!" She says as she turns back to her partner and continues to ride him with all her might.

Turning to Trevor and taking his cock in my hand I tell him I want him first, leading him away I ask to be introduced to more of the guests.

"Come on; let's meet more of your friends and guests." Realising I still have hold of his cock, he playful slaps my ass and kisses me again as I turn round and tell him he's being cheeky. As we walk around meeting guests and mingling I notice an older woman with grey hair and saggy tits laying back on a deckchair with a young tanned and toned man by her side, I was transfixed for a while by how she hungrily sucked at his cock and how he stoked her leather like toned skin.

"Trevor! Come and tell me who your lovely guest is?" Calling over to him we walk over to her and as they talk I notice how the young guy is pierced in placed I didn't know it was possible to pierce!

"This is Terri, Terri this is my neighbour here Marie. She lives on the island, has done for years." Greeting her but not being able to take my eyes off her companion's body she notices and asks me if I like what I see.

"I'm sorry; I have just never seen so many piercing in one cock before!" Smiling at Trevor then looking over to her young lover she speaks.

"Go on; show Trevor's friend your prick." As I kneel down he stands straight in front of me so I can study it, feeling her eyes upon me I get up and go to move away after thanking them both.

"Remember whose cock it is though you little shit." She says to him as she slaps him across the face.

"Don't worry about Marie." Trevor says as we move away.

"She has been a bitter woman ever since her lover left her ten years ago, now she buys her lovers." Moving over to a group of young people, I notice a young twenty three year old who looks familiar.

"Terri? It is you isn't it?" She says as I look up to see the young girl who lives up the road from me, sensing my shock she blushes and adds she didn't recognise me without my clothes on. Smiling while trying not to panic at the fact our families are good friends I nod.

"Don't worry, what happens here stays here!" Smiling back at her I am slightly relieved and as we move away she calls back to me.

"I won't tell if you don't babe!" Smiling and laughing I see her slap the ass of one of the guys she is standing with and how he buries his head into her chest, both giggling like teenagers. Moving on to a group of mature men and women sitting around talking, one of the women calls out to Trevor.

"Trevor darling, still on for drinkies tomorrow?" nodding to her, she continues.

"About eleven ok? And bring your friend too!" Nodding again Trevor is about to lead me away when she calls back.

"Casual dress of course, but not as casual as this evening!" Laughing, we both turn to leave as she calls back after Trevor again.

"I do hope that your intentions are honourable towards this young lady Trevor?" Smiling back at her he puts his arm protectively around me and answers her while giving her a devious grin.

"Of course Karen." Smiling back at us we bid them goodnight and start to head back for the lounge, seeing as we seem to have met most of the guests Trevor bids everyone goodnight and taking me by the hand leads me off into the lounge.

"Help yourselves to the food and drink; I have an early start tomorrow." Leading me by the hand we disappear inside. Turning to me he asks me if I fancy a coffee before he turns in, accepting I head with him towards the kitchen.

"You go girl." Lee calls out after me and comes in, throwing her arms around me.

"Make that one more coffee will you? I need to sober up a bit." Lee says and as Trevor gives her a look that would kill he tells her to help herself.

"Help yourself; I am going to show Terri some of my new paintings." Taking me by the hand Trevor is leading me off to the stairs as Lee gives me a knowing look and then returns to her coffee, I know that she will soon be back by the pool with her friends. As we climb the stairs and he shows me to his room I notice how plain and simply furnished it is, but the bed is huge! Leading me still by the hand he notices my silence and speaks.

"You know where this is going don't you?" Blushing and smiling, I nod and say yes. Leading me into the bedroom, he closes the door behind us and pulls me into his arms; holding me in silence.

"Are you sure you want this?" He said to me as he slowly stroked my back. Nodding I take a deep breath and boldly pull him closer to me, in one swift movement I kiss him upon the lips. Slowly the kissing and caressing become more passionate and I can't resist the urge I had deep inside to touch him, I had been longing to feel his hands upon me and mine upon him. As I run my hands over his body I can sense him looking at something, I realise he is watching me in the full length mirror. Realising it is turning me on as much as it is him I discretely angle myself to allow him a better view, I can imagine I am a movie star and that we are in a sex scene. I am fascinated by his hands as they slowly move all over my body and create feelings deep within me that I thought were impossible, all at once his hands are gently caressing my breasts and all over my body I can feel myself getting lost in these emotions. I can feel his hardness ever growing against my body, moving my hand lower I watch myself taking hold of his cock and begin to stroke him. As he let out a soft moan I suddenly became very aware of my surroundings and look up into the mirror, seeing him watching me watching him turned me on even more than I could imagine. Seeing how it turned him on made it seem even more erotic and as I turned slightly allowing him better access and view, hearing him inhale sharply made me want it more and as I watched his eyes watching mine I could feel the passion within me rise.

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