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My Big Dick Addiction


Okay. So I'm 24 years old and stand 5'7". I have long dark hair, C-cup breasts, a nice tight ass, a body that kills and looks to die for. I don't mean to sound full of myself, that's just how I've been described so many times throughout my life. I don't complain either because its these looks help me fulfill my goal: To get big dicks.

My obsession with big cocks started when I was 20 years old and I met a guy with a 10 inch cock. Sure, 10 inches isn't the biggest, but for me that was incredible because I had only ever had 7, maybe 8 inches before. But from that time on I set out to have sex with every massive cock I could get my hands on.

Alright. This happened just a year ago. Now, I've fucked a lot of white guys, one had a 14 inch cock that I loved so much I went back to him several times. This time was my first encounter with a black guy and I had always wondered how it would be like to have sex with a black guy and though I had had a few opportunities, I had never acted on them.

So the day started off as any normal day would. I got up early and got a shower. I threw on a t-shirt and loose shorts. I didn't have work this day and I felt a little lazy so I decided to just hang around the house this time and enjoy my day off. And enjoy it I would.

About 9:30 in the morning, I was flipping through TV stations when I got a knock on my front door. I wasn't expecting anyone today but you never know so I got up and answered the door. As the door opened I saw my visitor. He was a clean shaving, well dressed black man probably about 6' tall, not too much more than me. He had a worried look upon him and had a rather large box in his hands.

I greeted him. "Hello." I said.

He smiled through his saddened face and partly opened his box but not enough for me to see what was inside. He held the flaps part way and introduced himself. "Hi. I'm going around today to raise money for my cousin who needs a surgery but he don't have money for it so I'm selling these home-made cookies. Would you be interested in buying a few?"

I was a little taken by him. "Sure, come on in and sit down. I have to go get my purse."

He came in and sat on the couch and I went into my room and grabbed my purse. When I got back to the living room he had the box open on the floor in front of him and was waiting. Now I wasn't exactly looking for his cock but there was definitely a small lump in his pants. I pretended to ignore it and set my purse down and deliberately turned away from him as I somewhat bent over and opened my purse and grabbed out my wallet. When I turned around I couldn't help but notice the growing lump as it slowly expanded down his leg. I couldn't help but be turned on by this.

I sat next to him and made it obvious that I was horny. He tried to pretend as if he didn't notice but I wasn't fooled so I made it more obvious as he began explaining the cookies he was selling and how much they cost. I looked down at the massive bulge in his pants and waited until he glanced at me to look away. He finished explaining the cookies and prices and I was way more interested in the beast in his pants and he knew it. I didn't want to be rude though, so as I sexually placed my hand on his left thigh, I asked if he had a girlfriend. He said no and I moved my hand up toward his balls and massive shaft in his pants.

His eyes grew a bit bigger and he said, "Damn girl, you're quick."

I grinned, "I like big dicks, and I can see you have one."

He smiled back and said, "I got a monster for ya here."

I undid his button and unzipped his pants as he stood up. He was standing in front of me and and slowly began pulling his pants down and dropping to my knees as I did so. Once his pants were completely off I stood back up and he grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up and off revealing my tits. He began groping my boobs and I grabbed his massive cock still in his boxers and waiting to be released. I rubbed his shaft and he played with my tits.

I stepped back and sexily pulled off my shorts and dropped them to the ground. I stepped back to him and rubbed my ass up against his cock for a moment. Then, the part we were both waiting for. I pulled down his boxers and unleashed his incredible 20 inch monster cock. I was expecting a massive cock but when his beast fell before me my eyes grew wide and my mouth gaped.

I grabbed it and held in my hand for a few moments. "Wow." was all I could say. I fell to my knees, wrapped my hands around his 2 1/2 inch thick cock, and slowly put my mouth over the head and as far down his shaft as I could manage. I was in heaven. I sucked his cock for several minutes, then I laid back on the couch and spread my legs for him. He took me by the thighs and forced his huge rod into my wet, waiting pussy. At first, I was overwhelmed with pain mixed with intense pleasure. I groaned and moaned and wriggled and twisted with such pleasure that I can't begin to describe as he thrust himself in and out, back and forth. It wasn't long and I could feel his cock begin expanding as he was getting very near his climax. I orgasmed for what must have been the 10th time at least and his cock exploded it's massive load into my pussy and just kept going until after he pulled out and blew probably half of his load into my mouth and all over my face and body.

I was the happiest woman on the planet. He got dressed and left a couple cookies on the table and I handed him a few dollars. I was still nude and covered in his cum as he walked toward the door. I said "Don't be afraid to come on over any time."

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