My Big, Little Brother


Melissa got up on him next and began riding him back and forth. After a minute or so, she whispered something in Ryan's ear, then bent down forward, then raised back up again. Then she dug in her heels and began pushing down as we all realized she was slowly taking his cock inside.

"Mel, what are you doing, girl? Looks like you're fucking Michelle's brother," Brenda asked as Melissa grinned, then raised up some so we could see that she now had some of my brother in her. She kept wiggling and squirming as she pushed down on him and several girls moved to the side so they could watch their progress.

She had her arms around my brother's neck as they began fucking in earnest. It was amazing to see his big cock sliding in and out of Melissa.

"Mmm, oh, you are so tight," my brother groaned.

"God, Ryan, anybody would be tight with your big cock in them," Shirley joked causing laughter all around. I was at the side looking at his cock move into her and she was taking about, maybe, two-thirds of it, it just didn't seem to me going in any further. Then she began swirling her butt around as he fucked her and now they were both moaning as she circled while he held her butt stroking back and forth, his cock gleaming in the light as she pulled up each time.

"Oh, oh, mmm, god, you're so big, mmm, so good, oh, this is gonna be fantastic," she moaned and I could see that Ryan was getting close, he was panting as she was pushing in and pulling back.

Then, Melissa started screaming, "OMIGOD, OMIGOD, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING, OH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME," and he was now off his chair going at her hot and heavy as he began, "Oh, yeah, oooh, mmm, UUH, UUH, UNHH, UNHH, uuh, uuh, mmm," and there began to be cum squeezed out very time he pushed in, now drizzling down her legs.

"Oh, wow, that was the best fuck I've ever had. Man, Ryan, what a cock. I'm taking you to my dorm room with me," she panted.

She still had him inside her when Angela said, "Oh, I want him, too, come on, move, Melissa, I want him next," and Ryan pulled out of her and she moved away as Angie got up in the same position as Ryan began rubbing his cock in her wetness and began pushing.

Being at the side, I could watch the progress he made in entering her and soon, like earlier, he was about two-thirds the way inside her, maybe he couldn't get it all inside most normal girls, I didn't know.

But she was sure moaning as he fucked her for us.

"Oh, so big, omigod, I'm full, fuller than I've ver been. How big is that thing, Ryan?"

"Just short of ten inches according to a group of girls at my school."

"A group of girls? Oh, tell us about this, little brother," I barked at him.

"Well, I'd had sex with one of them and she had me over to her house one afternoon and there were two others there. They all wanted to measure me. They took turns seeing who could make me longest."

"And how did they do that, little brother?" I asked.

"Taking turns sucking me, of course. They got a good measurement of nine and seven-eighths inches and then just kept sucking me the rest of the afternoon. But this is way better," he laughed.

It was incredible to watch my brother's huge cock sliding wetly in and out of Angela's dripping pussy. She had a hand down rubbing herself and also feeling his cock moving in and out as she began to moan, "Oh, oh, so big, it's so huge, I'm...I'm...OH, UUH, UUH, UMM, UMM, mmm, umm," she cried out as her body shook in orgasm as Ryan pushed hard into her and held her down on him as she shivered and shook.

Then he fucked her a minute more before he asked, "Any one else?"

"Yeah, maybe me?"

Chapter 3

His head swiveled and looked at me. I'd said it. I'd asked if my brother would fuck me...and do it in front of all my friends.

"Wow, my big sister, huh? I hope you're not mad but, well, Michelle, I've dreamed of doing you. Bad, huh?"

"Oh, not so bad, I guess. Look how you've turned out. We're all impressed. I just thought I'd try one as big as yours. You might spoil me forever, huh?"

Angela moved up off him and I got in front of him and backed up onto his cock. We both began pushing and I felt him slowly enter me, stretching me more than I'd ever been before except, maybe, that one time at a girlfriend's house when we used her mom's big dildo. It was enormous, just the biggest I'd ever seen. It took a while but we each finally got it up inside us.

Now, I was pushing an alive, throbbing big cock into me that was attached to my very own brother. And, I had all my college friends watching. I could tell that he was inside a little, I really felt stretched, more than any guy had ever before. But I also knew that there wasn't much of him inside me yet.

We both kept pushing and I could feel him slowly going in deeper but still not very far, maybe two, maybe three inches. Then, I relaxed and quit pushing for a minute as he pulled back a bit then pushed in. He just started moving back and forth in small strokes then he began pushing hard again so I did as well.

He was huge, at least that's how it felt to me. And the more I got inside me, the larger it felt. The odd thing was that fucking him was two feelings in one. The first was good, really good, his cock was so thick, it felt better than any other I'd ever had. The second part was the fullness. It was kind of uncomfortable. It reminded me of that day with the big dildo. Really, really full.

He kept moving in and out of me and, as he did, the really good feelings began to outweigh the fullness; I was really beginning to enjoy my little brother fucking me, even with all my friends watching. Actually, I have to confess, I was beginning to enjoy them watching, yes, I was discovering a bit of an exhibitionist streak I never knew I had.

It was mostly quiet and we made love, for actually, even though there were spectators to our coupling, I was feeling loved by my brother, feeling more loved by him than ever before.

My friends were all masturbating as they watched, the whole thing would have made a terrific porn flick with my brother and I as the stars. Oh, what would Mom and Dad think, I wondered, almost laughing out loud.

"Mmm, I'm getting close, Sis, you are on the pill, right?"

"Oh, yeah, it would be a little difficult to explain this to our parents," I said back to him causing a ripple of laughter, slightly nervous laughter, throughout the room.

"I've gotta say, this is the hottest sex I've ever had and it's my own sister. We should have tried this years ago."

"Well, if I'd seen that huge cock of yours, maybe you would have had the chance."

"Maybe not, then. It really only began to get bigger, I mean really bigger, when I was just about seventeen, so a little over a year ago."

"Then we could have eased into this a little more comfortably. You really are big, little brother."

"Yeah, I have a big dildo that I keep to let whoever I'm with get that in them first. Some girls just didn't want me after they saw it. But the dildo helps; if they can get that in, they'll always take me."

"Well, it takes some work but it sure is feeling better, I'm getting close, just keep doing what you're doing, you're all enjoying it, right girls?" I asked my friends as they all yelled back a big, loud, yes.

His strokes were longer, I'm sure he couldn't get it all inside me but I was feeling a lot of it slide in and out of me as his hands gripped my hips.

Then, it all came loose, it was like my whole insides just came up and overflowed all over me covering me in the most wonderful feelings as my body clenched and jerked in passion. He pushed hard into me as I felt him throb deeply.

"UUH, UUH, UH, umm, mmm, oh, Michelle, oh, wow, you feel so good, mmm, oh, wow, that was incredible. My own sister, oh, man, so hot," he groaned as he kept moving.

"You two were beautiful. I never thought a brother and sister could be so beautiful together. I'll just never forget you two," said Cynthia and the rest also told us how sexy, hot and beautiful we were.

But I knew the others wanted my brother as well and I was already making mental plans for further fun with my little brother, especially now that I'd had his big cock inside me so wonderfully.

Deborah got up as I was getting off the chair and she took my place. Shirley said, "Here, let me get that good and wet before you do Deborah," and she knelt down and sucked the end of Ryan's big cock, leaving it wet with her saliva.

He moved his cock up to her as Shirley knelt beside her reaching down to gently open her friend's pussy lips with her fingers as my brother pushed his cockhead into her. She was pushing back as well and we all watched as he slowly entered her, then when he was about a third inside, he began moving back and forth.

"Oh, man, you are huge. That's the biggest cock I've ever had, Ryan, you take the record," Deb groaned. "I am so full."

He continued to slowly fuck her as we all watched and masturbated. He was up out of his chair, crouched over the back of her, his long, heavy cock pushing in and pulling out as she moaned softly.

"Oh, you are so big, omigod, I feel like I'm splitting in two. But, don't stop, it's amazing, my pussy, oh, I'm feeling places I've never felt before. It's just so...oh, UUH, UUH, UUUH, mmm, mmm, oh, wow, I've never...oh, it's the best I've ever...oh, you can fuck me anytime, Ryan, any time at all," Deb groaned.

"Anybody else?" my brother asked, grinning widely.

"I'll suck it," offered Brenda as she moved in front of my brother and took his cock in her hands. She leaned forward and began licking the head over and over as Ryan sat there, smiling, obviously enjoying every lap of her tongue as we all fingered ourselves.

Then she took the tip into her mouth and sucked and sucked and sucked. She mouth-fucked my brother as much as she could but it was obvious she couldn't get all his cock in her mouth, I mean, who could?

But she was persistent and, after a while, she had Ryan moaning softly as his hands felt his boobs and soon she had him cumming in her mouth.

"Wow, girl, you did it," shrieked Laura and the others followed.

Brenda pulled off my brother and turned to show the strings of his cum when she opened her mouth while we all laughed.

Shirley was sitting near him and she was now playing with his cock as Angela moved behind him hanging her arms over his shoulders to rub his chest with her hands.

"He's still pretty hard, girls," Shirley called out, "Any more takers?" she asked as she lifted his cock.

"No, um, well, in that case," she said as she turned around and offered herself to my brother.

Ryan leaned back on his chair, his cock pointing at her as she moved back to touch the tip. Then he wiped the big, domed head of his cock up and down in her slit spreading her juices as she began pushing back on him.

We were all watching intently as he started pressing forward as well. Then, suddenly, the head popped into her, as she let out a gasp of air and went, "Ooooh."

"You okay?" my brother asked.

"Yeah, fine, let's do some more," and they both began again pushing against each other. We all watched as his cock slowly eased inside Shirley, then he pulled back some and began slowly fucking her.

"Wow, so full, oh, I may never be the same," she groaned as we all laughed.

Ryan's huge cock parted her, split her open, as it went in and out.

"Mmm, you are really tight, feels so good," Ryan groaned.

"Oh, my pussy, mmm, oh, slow, mmm, yeah, just like that. Oh, so good."

We were all watching, masturbating as we did except for Jessica and Brenda who were pretty happy, it seemed, eating each other out on the floor over by the door. To each their own, the rest of us were watching the hottest show on earth and it was starring my very own little brother and his big cock.

There were girls in various stages of jilling-off and one heard an orgasm every few minutes, it was a wild sight and a wild night.

"Omigod, oh, just take short strokes, Ryan, oh, yes, like that, mmm, better, god, you are huge. But I sure love it, mmm," Shirley moaned as Ryan began taking short strokes as he kept himself deep inside her.

I had two fingers running in and out of me as I pinched my nipples with my other hand. This was the most erotic, arousing event by far, by really, really far, of my lifetime. And it was brought on by my very own brother. And, it was my idea.

What a night, I thought. I'd not only watched my brother dance naked for my girlfriends, I'd had sex with him. Not just that but in front of ten of my friends. And, even more, I wanted sex with him again. Yes, I wanted more of Ryan's big cock and, having had a taste of incest, I wanted more, lots more.

Ryan and I stayed at the girls' house until almost noon the next day. He hardly got any sleep as we all had so much fun playing with his big cock, sucking it, several girls, including his older sister, fucking him again, it was a night to remember, for sure.

He left to go back home about three, just enough time for his sister to suck him off. He hardly cummed at all.

Since then, he's been emailing and Skyping most of the girls who were there, masturbating on his webcam for us.

I've been home twice since and, well, I've gotten so spoiled having his big cock that I'm just not usually as satisfied by other guys.

He's coming back for another weekend and, yes, of course, he's going to be the entertainment for us yet again, Ryan and his big cock; it's so nice to have it in the family. And next year, I have him at college with me. Mom and Dad think it will save some money if we rent a place together. Oh, little do they know.

Think of all the laundry expense we'll save with just one set of sheets and not having to wear clothes around the apartment. Mmm, I can't wait.

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A great story about a hung brother banging a group of girls including his big sister !! I sure hope you write more - maybe jerking off on each girl over a hot weekend as they tell him where to squirtmore...

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For the read.

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