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My Big Mouth


I learned a valuable lesson about knowing when to keep my big mouth shut last week. I was watching television with my wife Kim, when the doorbell rang. Kim went to the door to see who it was. It was Zach, a guy in the neighborhood that played video games with me. Hard to believe at 30 I play video games, but I do and they get pretty heated.

I am a pretty big guy about 6 foot tall. Zach is bigger than me and quite muscular. My wife is beautiful about 5'11, thin and sexy. Zach liked teasing her because she got breast implants and now she gets all this attention. So there we were.

Zach and I were playing video football, a game I never lose at. I was rubbing it in because I had a lead with 2 minutes to go. Kim said, "Mike you should be nicer!" My response, "I'm not nice!" Well, wouldn't you know, I ended up losing.

Miffed, I called Zach a Big Dick. He said, "no, I have a Big Dick." To which I responded "whatever." He kept pushing the issue wanting to bet $100 that his dick was bigger than mine. I told him to forget it. He was hinting that I was afraid Kim might see how big he was and she would want him. So finally I gave in.

To my surprise my wife was all for the bet. I felt a little weird. "Stand up Mike" Kim said. "Take your dick out so we can compare." I did just that, sliding my cock out for them to see. "About 5 inches" Kim uttered. Then she called Zach over. Her voice trembling, Kim said, " Zach please take out your cock." He laughed as he looked at me and said, "you're in big trouble." Zach undid his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I have ever seen. "Oh my god" Kim yelled, "About 11 inches."

He had me beat, no questions asked. When I told him I didn't have the money he got mad. He called Kim over and told me she would have to work the 100 dollars off. I said no way. He told Kim to get on her knees, she did without hesitation. I went to stop it but he pushed me down. Zach told Kim to suck his cock. "No" I screamed but Kim took his enormous cock in her mouth and began sucking him.

"How could you?" I cried. Her response, "I'm not nice." I must admit, seeing my lovely wife licking the head of his huge cock got me hard. When i tried to join in she wouldn't let me, telling me my cock wasn't big enough to please her. She was stroking his massive cock looking at me telling me what a huge cock Zach had. I wanted to cum right then. Then she looked up and told Zach to fuck her hard.

He was happy to oblige. He laid her on her back and without warning forced all his 11 inches deep in her wet pussy. She screamed in pain and pleasure. My wife was calling another mans name as I watched. I began stroking my hard cock. They saw this and began laughing at me. "Show that miserable fuck of a husband how to fuck." she said. His cock sliding in and out of her as she clawed his back. His cock barely fit in her. He fucked her harder than I'd ever seen in any porno, all the way to his balls he'd force it in her.

His thrusts made her cum so fast she screamed his name. "Zach, I'm cumming" she yelled.

At that same time Zach screamed out that he was going to cum on her tits. "No" she pleaded. I thought good my baby doesn't want another mans cum on her tits. Those are my tits I thought to myself. "I want your cum in my mouth!" she begged. So he forced his cock deep in her mouth holding her head still as she gagged. He then let go his huge load of cum in Kim's mouth. She struggled to swallow it all as it slipped out of her mouth.

Zach got dressed, walked out and said "see ya chump." Kim told me if I wanted to stay married to her that she got to fuck Zach whenever she wanted. What could I do, I loved her and her hot body. Last time I open my big mouth though.

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