tagMatureMy BIG, PHAT AZZ Summer Pt. 01

My BIG, PHAT AZZ Summer Pt. 01


I hated being treated like a kid. I was 18 at the time and my mom was going on a week long vacation without me. I was to be left in the care of my "Aunt Etta" ... actually one of my mom's friends from work. She had been around so long that I and my sister had started calling her auntie. It was spring break and I was out of school for a week. I had tried to convince my mom that I was old enough to stay home for the week, but she wasn't having it and this meant I would have to put up with ... Tina.

Etta's daughter, an only child thank god. Tina was just a miserable person to be around. We'd met at the tender age of nine and I took an immediate disliking to her. My cousins and I were playing with a Fisher Price bowling set and the little Grinch stomped into the room and kicked over all the plastic pins. Tina hadn't stopped there and so had started an annual tradition of her showing up when she was least expected and twisting my arm behind my back.

Tina had become a sixth degree black belt in the years since we had first met and delighted in showing off her martial arts prowess. Once while eavesdropping outside my mom's room, I had heard a hysterical Etta relate how Tina had broken the arm of a boyfriend after a particularly bad breakup.

... Yeah, I didn't want to spend a week with that bitch.

My skin began to crawl and shivers ran up my spine as my mom pulled the car into Aunt Etta's driveway. Etta worked for DWP and her utilitarian wages afforded her a nice craftsman style two-story home. I had been told that Tina occupied the attic portion of the house.

"Don't give me that look boy, it's only a week. I'm sure you'll make it." My mom forced a smile knowing that I didn't want to go into that house.

"I could be dead in a week."

"Stop being so damn dramatic and get your narrow ass in that house."

I was crestfallen as I watched my mom's Monte Carlo hit the streets for the airport. I picked up my backpack and trudged up the stairs and knocked on Etta's door. Etta answered the door with her large, chunky frame wrapped in a house coat that was barely covering her underwear. I was visually privy to her humongous knockers and the inflated stretch mark covered thighs.

"Come on in boy!!" She half laughed and I was bear hugged as I entered her living room.

Everything in the living room was covered in plastic and everything that wasn't seemed like it was stuck in the early seventies as far as style.

Etta was getting ready to go out on the town for a night of "fine wine and dance" as she put it. She told me that there was more than enough food in the fridge, I could pick any bed I wanted and most importantly ... Tina was away with her father for a couple of days.

She laughed revealing three golden teeth behind her fat, lips as I unintentionally sighed at the good news that Tina wasn't going to be around.

"Lordy boy!! I would a' thought you and my Tina would have buried the hatchet by now."

I would have liked to burry that fucking hatchet right between her daughter's bloodshot eyes."

Etta had slipped into her bedroom which was near the living room and she left the door open as she finished dressing. As I said before, Etta was a big chunky woman. Her skin almost indigo dark and her figure were powerful. She noticeably had what I considered the biggest thighs and ass I had ever seen (I hadn't seen much of any thighs and ass ... I was a virgin.). I focused on the wide flaring ass encased in the dark flowered granny panties and the way her cheeks overpowered the material sucking the fabric deep into the crack of her ass.

I had a boner ... A rager at that. I was instantly embarrassed by my teenage tumescence and tried to sit on a nearby couch. Etta hadn't noticed and she was busy rubbing what looked like lotion all over her thighs and juicy ass. She was kneading the lotion into her butt with great care and attention to detail.

I was hard for me to sit on the couch as my cock was hard as a metal spike and pushed against my suddenly restricting underwear and my jeans. Etta began to rub some of the lotion on her large hanging breasts. She finally noticed me and laughed closing her door.

I didn't know what to make of that. It looked like I was having what me and my friends termed "A Private Lessons" moment.

Note: "Private Lesson was this silly, low budget movie that was about this little rich white boy getting laid with his hot maid. It was a movie about female on male pedophilia and it was widely released in theatres during the eighties.

I made my way to the bathroom and pulled out my prick. It shot straight out as I released the zipper. It was so hard it hurt. I thought about masturbating, but that was for losers and fags (Hey it was 1986 at the time and that was my one of my beliefs.). I didn't know what to do so I just sat on the edge of the tub starring at my dork, precum and all until it just subsided by itself.

"Hey, you okay in there?!!" Etta was suddenly banging on the door.

"Uhm, yeah ... Just uh, doing number two!!" I lied figgering that the thought of me taking a shit would drive her away from the door.

"Alright baby, Make sure you use that glade!! I'm gone; you have fun ... Watch a movie or something."

A few moments later, I heard the front door slam.

Etta was gone and I was free to leave the bathroom. In the next five minutes I found myself wandering around the living room starring at some of the family portraits of Etta and Tina.

Even Tina's photos were angry looking.

The only trait Tina shared with her mother was the eclipse dark skin that almost caught the light like she was made of marble. Tina had a narrow face and strange overbite. She was nearsighted and had for years worn a pair of horn rimmed, zebra stripped glasses. She had long stringy shoulder length hair that she always wore in two overly long ponytails. She had a wiry body devoid of any type of breasts (She appeared to be a negative A-cup.) and definitely no hips whatsoever.

I laughed to myself that the man upstairs had been so cruel that he hadn't even blessed her with her mother's prodigious, meaty back porch.

Tina was butt ugly.

I finally found my way to the large floor model television and switched on the set. Etta had cable, but there was nothing on ... I started my night out with Rambo and ended it with some dumb comedy called Night Patrol. The latter movie had a couple of nude scenes, most notably with Linda Blair, the exorcist girl. She had hit young adulthood and boy was she "thick"... Big ass and Tits.

Now that was a woman!!

I had found a tin of cookies in Etta's well stocked kitchen and availed myself of a tall glass of milk. I eventually passed out on the couch.

I was awakened by another raging boner and found myself in the suddenly darkened living room. The television had been switched off and a blanket had been draped across my body.

I had to take a piss and kicked the wool blanket off of my legs and raced to the bathroom before I pissed myself. Damn, it felt good to relieve myself. Guess I was backed up from that glass of milk.

On the way back to the living room couch, I noticed that Etta's bedroom door was open.

I peeked inside the room.

The bedroom was dimly lit by a small bedside lamp that had a red bulb inserted in it. There a large bottle of J&B lying on its side, what little was left of the liquor inside was pouring onto the floor. On the other side of Etta's large bed, was a series of large plastic containers that I guess she used like a dresser. An ancient stereo sat on top of it cranking out some local tunes... Sounded like "Ready for the World" or some shit like that... Yeah, it was some song called "Tonight".

I hated that song; I used to toss things at my sister when she sang it incessantly.

But tonight, I didn't mind it too much.

Besides it was mixed with Etta's loud snoring. She was apparently passed out face down on the bed. She had the large quilted comforter over her head and torso in a messy display.

From the waist down, her uncovered ass and legs sat in plain view. She had changed from her earlier industrial strength dark panties and had swapped them out for a pair of lime green undies. These two were pulled deep into her mountainous backside.

My fleshy spike of an erection returned in short order and I shuffled off to my lonely couch.

I would return to the doorway a least two more times before venturing inside to take a closer look. Her bedroom had a hardwood floor and creaked loudly as I approached the bed. I tried to measure my steps and control my weight distribution as much as possible.

I stood there for god-knows-how long starring down at Etta's wide butt, my penis beating like a heart against my zipper almost demandingly in what seemed like a never ending expansion.

I began to fidget uncontrollably, trembling moving all of my fingers at once and struggling with mounting desire.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked myself in the privacy of my mind.

"Get your ass back on that couch and go the fuck to sleep!" I yelled at myself mentally.

My body was in full revolt and I struggled with my inner demon who was demanding action.

"When are you gonna see something like this again?" The Id asked.

"Man, you stupid as fuck if you don't at least touch that big ole' booty!!" My Id challenged, laughing unmercifully at me. That laughing voice reverberated through my head in a loud echo and I found myself becoming angry with my subconscious.

Etta appeared to be blissfully unconscious in the loving arms of liquor high, sleeping it off as it were. I reached down and righted the bottle on her bedside table. The room was permeated with the smell of cheap liquor. I was pretty sure Etta was down for the count.

I nervously took my left index finger and poked Etta's left butt cheek. My finger sunk into the soft, fleshy buttock. It was hot and sweaty to the touch and the tip of my finger slid off the cheek.

My cock jumped about in my pants like a thing possessed...like it was on fire.

"Now, now that wasn't so bad was it?" My Id's voice had returned to egg me on to further action.

But I was committed at this point and the rest of my hand, fingers outstretched has found its way onto Etta's juicy left ass cheek.

It moved slightly under the pressure of my eager hand pressing down on it. It felt bouncy, and slick like it was rubber inflated. I slowly moved my hand up and down the cheek finally cupping as much of it in one hand as I could.

My other hand eventually got in on the action and I found myself kneading both of Etta's generous ass cheeks marveling at their sheer volume.

Etta suddenly moved shifting her weight in the bed and grumbling under the blanket.

My heart stopped.

I wanted to bolt out of the bedroom, but she would surely hear the creaking of the hard wood floor. "I was scared shitless." I was sure that any minute she would sit up and see me .... This of course would be followed by a severe pummeling and my mom would be called in Miami and told of my perversity.

I would die of shame ... yeah, I was dead meat.

Etta didn't wake up. She squirmed a bit in her sleep and was soon snoring as loud as ever. I inched towards the door, but my penis wouldn't let me leave.

I found myself at the foot of her bed.

From this angle, I had a great view of Etta expansive back porch. She had shifted in the bed from a slight forty five degree angle and was now lying face down. Her fat ass was higher than her back and the panties had disappeared further into the dark crack of her buttocks.

I climbed up the foot of the bed and began rubbing Etta's ass.

My hands cupped her cheeks at the bottom of her panties and I caressed and fondled that ass for some time before the inner voice returned urging me to take my indiscretions one step further.

I finally released my penis from its cage... it falls anaconda like and touches that juicy butt "accidentally" I might add. My breathing is heavy and my hands tremble as I cup the sides of her hips pushing the cheeks together.

... I ran to the living room and kicked off my pants, leaving my underwear on. My cock is fully extended from the opening in my underwear.

The head of my penis rests against one of her prodigious cheeks and soon I am rubbing its length on that ass marveling at how much my skin contrasts against her indigo darkness. It tickles when I rub my cock's head on Etta's butt. I decide to rest its length in the crack of her ass and am rewarded by the slot of heat arising from that area.

It took all of my strength to assume a kind of push up position on top of her and my arms shook under my own weight. As gently as I can, I run my cock up and down Etta's butt cheeks.

Suddenly, I get this strange feeling in my penis and my inner thighs. I panic barely managing not to shake the bed and half run from the bedroom.

I shoot a wad of cum right outside of her bedroom against the adjacent wall in three huge spurts. It feels like fire running up my urethra and my thighs tighten up into a painful knot.

There's a puddle on the floor when I'm done.

I get some toilet paper from the bathroom and clean the hallway carpet as best I can before passing out on the couch.

In the morning, I am shaken awake by an angry looking Etta and for the moment I am sure she has figured out what happened. My heart leaps into my throat, but she is angry that I made a mess in the living room.

I look over at the coffee table and notice that the open cookie tin and the cup of milk lying on its side.

I'm relieved but Etta tells me, more like yells... "Clean up your mess boy!!"

I apologize and jump out from under the blanket not realizing I'm only wearing my underwear.

My half erect penis hangs from the front of my pants.

Etta's eyes widen and I am instantly mortified. Here I am standing in my mom's best friend's living room with my dong hanging out for all to see. I quickly cup my hands over my junk and continue with even more frenzied apologies.

"Uh, it's okay boy. You hungry or something?" She has this shocked look on her face and seems to be fidgeting. Before I can answer, she quietly walks out of the room.

Breakfast is awkward as we sit in the silent house. Etta has placed everything I could possibly think of for breakfast on the table, but she is simply having a cup of coffee. She is on her fifth cup. I try to break the ice with small talk, but my words come out as little more than mumbles.

"Hey, you uh, got a girlfriend boy?" Etta suddenly asks.


She caught me off guard with that one and we're back in "weird" territory as far as I'm concerned.

"Sorry, maybe I shouldn't have asked but after seeing your little soldier this morning I just -well, I don't want you to be acting all strange and stuff around me."

My face was flush red and Etta laughed.

"It's okay. You don't have to be embarrassed."

She assured me that we were quote, unquote "cool" and everything. I secretly wondered if she would still have felt hat way of she had known that I'd "rubbed one out" on her massive donk last night.

We spend the rest of our breakfast laughing and joking about all kinds of topics and everything under the sun. I even began helping her with the dishes.

The phone rings and Etta excuses herself and saunters off to her bedroom to answer it. I can't help but stare at her jiggling butt cheeks swaying back and forth under her robe as she leaves the room. I wanted to fuck those cheeks like I did last night, perhaps go even a little further.

A few moments later, I was privy to stereo quality screaming coming from Etta's bedroom as she loudly cussed out her boyfriend (Some guy named Gene who looked like Louis Gossett Jr.) and subsequently slammed the phone in his face. Apparently unknown to me at the time, Etta had been "left hanging" at a local bar and had spent the evening drinking herself into a drunken stupor (Hence, the reason I'd found her in such a passive, near brain dead state last night.).

"Thanks Gene." My Id snickered; if it wasn't for that jerk I wouldn't have had the opportunity to avail myself of Etta's massive cheeks.

Little did I know at that moment, that more "opportunity" was right around the corner.

Etta came back into the kitchen flustered and began helping me finish up all the dishes. She lightly scolded me for not properly washing the dishes correctly and dropped a few of them back into the sink.

"Move out the way boy, I ain't got all morning to be messing around with these dishes." She gently pushed me out of the way and passed in front of me to wash the dishes.

My cock brushed against her spongy ass as she passed in front of me. It felt good... REAL GOOD!! For some reason I didn't move and she didn't either. Etta just stood in front of me messily washing the dishes and mumbling all manner of curses at the non-present Gene.

My cock began to elongate and unfurl in the sweat pants I was wearing. It snaked outward tenting my pants and coming to rest directly in Etta's butt cleavage.

Etta didn't move or acknowledge my member's intrusive stance against her prodigious booty. She just kept mumbling about her relationship problems and angrily washing the dishes.

I was confused and excited at the same time, but I wasn't going to move either. I was quote, unquote ... Going to ride this one out.

My clothed cock was snuggled into the crevice of Etta's fat robed ass. I slightly arched my back away from Etta intentionally wedging my engorged penis tighter into her ass crack. It only took a few moments and I was shivering all over from the friction and sweat began to run down my brow.

My hands cupped her hips pushing inward forcing her luscious cheeks snug around my cock.

Suddenly, everything got real quiet in the kitchen.

You could hear a pin drop ... The only sound in the room was my heavy breathing. Etta wasn't moving ... She stood perfectly still facing away from me. I began to pump my cock furiously up and down her butt for the next five minutes. The clothing separating our extremities only increased my lust and the friction sent waves of pleasure through my body.

I slowly began to pull Etta's robe up until the bottom of her dark chocolate ass cheeks were showing. My sweaty cock slipped into the narrow crevice between her plump thighs and I could feel the length of my penis snug alongside the chubby lips of her cunt.

"She was dripping wet."

Her juices coated my rigid cock as I slowly pumped back and forth against her juicy butt. I had pulled her robe high above her waist and had a great view of her black bubbly cheeks as my cock pumped between her thighs furiously.

For her part, Etta bent over the counter grabbing the two knobs on the kitchen sink. She shrieked slightly when I pulled the lime green panties deeper into the crack of her ass giving her an 'uber wedgie. She began to moan a little bit and dipped her knees ever so often putting extra weight and pressure on my cock.

I slapped my pelvis against her butt with increasing intensity. The kitchen was filled loud slapping sounds that accompanied my heavy panting. I attempted to pull those panties to the side but Etta lurched in the opposite direction. I tried two more times and was met with some resistance as each time she swung her Jurassic hips in the other direction before I finally got the point.

"Allowing me to grind my cock on her ass was as far as she was willing to go with her best friend's son."

I wasn't disappointed in the least; in fact it was quite the contrary as I just worked harder to force my penis into her slit. The only thing stopping me as the thin layer of lime green fabric between her legs that kept me honest.

I pulled my cock back away from her ass and found even more pleasure as my rock hard member slowly and surely was pulled free from Etta's snug juicy thighs. My raging dick had long since broken free of my sweat pants and stood at attention in the air while I bounced Etta's buns together creating a wave like motion or ripples on the surface of her dark ass. She moaned louder as I wedged my cock length wise between those dark cheeks.

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