tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Big Puffy Nipples and Earth Day

My Big Puffy Nipples and Earth Day


All names have been changed to protect my ass.

I'm the part-time secretary for the chair of the Geology and Earth Sciences department at a very small town's small and prestigious private college in southern California. We're less than an hour's drive from Los Angeles, but we may as well be in the middle of the desert for all the excitement and culture available off campus in San Smallville, as I call it.

I'm twenty now, got the job right out of San Smallville High School two years ago and am saving my meager wages and other less meager earnings in order to move to L.A., or anywhere with more than one movie theatre and main street. Life's not bad—this is California after all—just generally dull within the "city" limits, so my main source of excitement and entertainment is sex. (For more cerebral pleasure I read Dostoyevsky, Cicero and The Times Literary Supplement.)

My parents are Russian and academics, originally from Moscow. Dad's a theoretical physicist, Mom's in genetics. They live up north and leave me alone but for a monthly check 'to tide me over' until I decide to go to college (versus working in one). I'm not rebelling at all, I'm simply more of a sybarite than a scholastic. Of course my parents would be shocked at what I do to earn real extra cash.

This year the G&ES department is going to celebrate Earth Day with a special colloquium and related 'green' activities on campus. My boss Leo—Professor Big-Cheese to most people—is chairing the organizing committee. As his secretary I attend all their meetings in order to take notes and keep the calendar, but mostly to make and serve coffee and give the old farts a taste of Cherry (my real name). I've blown or fucked half the committee members, so I'm in my element once a week on Tuesday afternoons.

At the first committee meeting I wore a push-up bra that only half covered my nipples under a very low-cut tee shirt that barely covered the bra. I also had no panties under my little swishy cotton skirt. In the hot summers especially, I rarely wear undies. Plus, I admit readily that I'm an exhibitionist. I've got a fit southern-Cal body—blond, buff, blah blah blah—and I love to show it off, especially surreptitiously, if not subtly.

Yes, my body's a cliché, but based on some kind of truth. The only non-stereotypical aspect is my height—I'm an even six feet tall. My parents made sure I was never self-conscious or anxious about being such a tall girl, and I'm not. It's a great asset. As for earning extra cash with sex, short men adore me and pay per square footage it seems. The shorter the customer, the bigger my tip. I think there's an irony somewhere in the fact that I'm of former Soviet stock and have Capitalized on the American way of providing the biggest bang for the buck (so to speak). My various little-old-men clients think they're getting a real deal on Cherry the Slavic Amazon. (They made that up, not me.)

Everything's proportional but my tits, that's why I buy the best push-up bras on the market. I aspire to a D-cup and an enhancement's on my wish-list, but for now I'm content with less. However, I've yet to meet a man, or woman for that matter, who is not astonished at and drawn instantly to my nipples. They're extremely puffy, exaggeratedly so, and very pink. Besides being extraordinarily appealing, my nipples are also as much a source of pleasure as my cunt.

A lingerie saleswoman at Saks once asked me if I'd had them colored or tinted somehow. "They almost glow, my dear" she said with more than a simple complimentary tone. "They're so defined, sculpted it seems, yet plush, truly sumptuous." I let her at them.

I like public sex. Big city department store dressing rooms seem to invite semi-public sex for me—those little rooms lined with mirrors where you go to undress. I think I've had orgasms in Saks, Macys, Nordstrom and various little rooms in all the major shopping malls in the greater L.A. area.

Saks Lady had me dripping in the lingerie fitting room simply from her sucking and deft pinching. She was older than my mother, more like my Babushka (grandmother), but given her hometown and employer (Beverly Hills, Saks Fifth Avenue) she was exquisitely preserved and presented. She reminded me of a mature 1940's glamour queen. Lana Turner loved how the pink crinkled into a darker rose color. "Oh my lord! I've never seen such perfect nipples, I could diddle them for hours," she said between overwrought sighs and more obscene exclamations. She's a client now, but I digress.

At that first meeting of the Earth Day Committee, I first rubbed my tits against Professor Granpa's left ear as I put his coffee mug down in front of him. The sixty-something gentleman blushed brightly and sighed heavily. I leaned in again as he turned his head to thank me so that his mouth brushed across my right nipple.

"Oh, professor, excuse me, I'm so embarrassed."

"No, my dear Cherry, don't apologize. It was my pleasure."

As he smiled lewdly a hand slid up a thigh to my crotch and two plump fingers began to stroke my sweaty vulva. I spread my legs a bit for more access and could smell my sexual fragrance rise up between us.

"Make an appointment with me later, professor. I'll finish your dictation, Okay?"

On I went, making plans for special projects with four other professor-clients. They each ended up with my sexy scent on their fingers and brought their hands to their nostrils throughout the meeting. My boss winked at me after he realized what was going on and called me over to give me a note. While I took it from him he caught and took a souvenir whiff too.

Save some pussy juice for your daddy, sweetheart, I'm thirsty for your cum.

Trite and laughable, but it all goes to getting me out of San Smallville.

Professor Lance McStud arrived late and sat down next to me at one end of the long conference room table while two colleagues argued about a few of the Earth Day panel topics being too politically minded. "Saving the earth is not our mission here, we're educators, not activist agitators!"

Lance is his real name. He's the newest and youngest member in the department, thirty-something. He's also a stereotypical southern-Cal boy, only with more brains. He's sweet and harmless, and needs an outlet for the stress of the tenure-track. He's also half an inch taller than me, and my cunt fits his cock like a glove, or made-to-order mitten.

While the Earth Day topics argument escalated, Lance gave me a note:

20 bucks for 5 mins. of tit play?

I pushed my chair back a bit and leaned forward with my elbows on the table. It's a great position to take in public as all the action occurs below the tabletop and under my shirt. Lance easily pulled down and inverted my bra's half-cups and with only one hand deftly danced from tit to tit, rubbing, tickling, pinching, pulling and flicking my extraordinarily sensitive and erect nipples. I kept very still but for maneuvering my thighs to squeeze and release my cunt as much as possible without drawing attention to us.

I was ready to come in five minutes so I let him take his time. When I rose quietly, as if to simply stretch a bit, one hand came from behind and stroked my wet cunt to continue the post-orgasmic tremors. I stood tall and stretched my arms up, bent my torso to and fro and side to side, all the while letting Lance soak his hand in my crotch.

"Baby, you smell awesome!" he whispered, "my dick's gonna tear outta my pants."

That's about as socially articulate as Lance gets, but before I could lean down to respond I noticed the room had become quiet and my boss and his colleagues were all staring at me, several with fingers under their noses.

"Cherrie, perhaps you could refill some coffee cups?"

Later Leo explained that my scent, while I'd been stretching with legs spread and Lance massaging my vulva, had caught everyone's attention, especially those who had the same pungent smell lingering on their fingertips. We joked about it and Leo made up a fantasy about how the meeting might have ended with me on the table and all those seemingly stodgy professors scrambling to eat me out and fuck me right and left while taking turns holding me down.

"Shall I order some handcuffs and straps for the conference room table, boss?"

The meeting continued while I went about the table pouring coffee and letting each horny man grab another sniff or encounter a tit in their face. Given the nature of the group, I could count on their collegial discretion. While Professor So-and-So copped a feel or took a big whiff, no one else paid attention. During a short break I was even able to get Professor Viagra aside and raise my skirt to give him a quick look at my naked pussy. Those old profs love it when I flash myself. Sometimes I do it on the spur of the moment when I pass their office. I walk in quickly, just inside the door, flash, blow a kiss and leave.

Before the meeting ended I went back to the office to get ready for my first appointment, changing into a tight college tee and gym shorts. Professor Cockupski, a Russian geologist near retirement, was waiting in his office. He's an old school type, very European-like and cultured, but a typical dirty old man. He likes having "a real Russian whore". I tell him, "Just don't pay me in roubles." He always snorts and chokes laughing in response.

"Miss Cherry, I am sorry but it is my duty to fail you. You will of course be expelled from the basketball team."

Disciplining-the-naughty-student is his game.

"Oh, please professor, don't fail me, I'll do anything to pass your course, anything. I've got to play in the homecoming game, I've just got to. This year it's on Earth Day, maybe I could help you with your presentation."

While pleading and whimpering I'm doing a slow strip-tease. On my last "please" or "I beg you" I take his face in my hands and hold a nipple directly in front of his mouth. I'm an atheist but I always pray he won't have a heart attack then and there.

Role-play does nothing special for me, but Cockupski's accent and manner turn me on just enough. I like feeling naughty and threatened. And of course he adores my nipples and uses a special pinching technique on them while spanking me across his lap. The spanks are never brutal, just sting enough so that combined with what his free hand does to my tits I usually yelp and moan myself to a more than adequate orgasm.

"You bad girl! You climax while I punish you. I think I fuck you now hard with violence. Obey me and you will pass course and play homecome. And you will flash me your pussy-cunt just before I give my talk on global warming. Bend over desk now, dear. Spread legs. More."

I could hardly keep from laughing. But when he came he began speaking Russian, gasping and groaning in that lovely palate-nuanced sound. Gets to me every time.

I went home to shower and change, then waited for my boss. Leo likes 'Daddy's little girl' so I put on an old-fashioned flannel nightgown and curled up on my bed hugging a stuffed Pooh bear, pretending to be asleep. I let him easily turn me onto my back and felt cool lubricant dripping on my cunt then seeping down to my ass while two hands poked about my pussy lips and ass cheeks. I pretended a yawn and flung one arm out above my head. Then—I felt a third hand unbuttoning my bodice. 'Daddy' had brought a guest. (Great, twice the usual fee.) I did not open my eyes, that's part of the scene.

"Man, oh man, professor! You weren't kidding. These are the most spectacular nipples I've ever seen. They're so pink and puffed up, like candy or something sweet just made for licking and sucking."

"Yeah, Jimbo, that's my little girl. Those nipples are more than sweet, she'll come with just a few minutes of work. You play with them while I get her ass prepped. We're going to make her come like an earthquake, like nothing you've ever seen or heard."

Jimbo, the G&ES building's maintenance man, went right to work. He sucked one nipple like a starving baby and rubbed the other with a feather-like touch that made me moan. Still 'sleeping', I raised my other arm above my head, nodding from side to side as if I were dreaming (a wet dream, of course). I squirmed, and heaved my chest up and down to the rhythm of Jimbo's motions. I acted as if I were going to come—it wasn't difficult acting—felt thoroughly aroused through my tits and what 'Daddy' was doing to my asshole.

At Leo's signal, a slap of an ass cheek, I 'awoke' startled and feigning fright.

"Daddy! What's going on? Jimbo!"

I pulled away from both men, failing to close up my gown, and leaned back with my arms spread behind me so that my breasts jutted forward. I made my lips quiver and acted as if I were about to cry.

"Now, Cherry, sweetie. Everything's fine, don't be afraid. You were sleeping so peacefully I didn't want to wake my little girl. I owe Jimbo for the work he did on my air-conditioner last month. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the money to pay him, so I promised him some fun with you, like a trade."

"Daddy, I don't understand. Trade what?"

"Honey, you know how we play together, just you and me, having fun and making each other feel good, making each other explode with fun? Well, we're going to do that now and Jimbo's going to watch. I hope you'll be my special good girl and let him have some fun too. Okay, sweetie? Will you help your Daddy and Mr. Jimbo have fun?"

I watched Jimbo out of the corner of my eye looking incredulous but chomping at the bit to get back to my protruding nipples as they returned to their pink puffiness. I was ready for 'fun'.

"Okay, Daddy, whatever you say. Do you want me on my hands and knees, or should I stand and bend over the bed? I guess I'll take my nighty off first," I giggled as if embarrassed. I pulled the gown over my head, acting as if I were tangled up in it, squirming about and making my tits bounce.

"Jesus, professor, look at those bee stings. Man, she's totally shaved, her pussy's real pink too. I'm aching to plow."

Jimbo directed me first on my hands and knees so he could get at my tits while lying under to suck on them while Leo ass-fucked me and used his hands on my cunt and clit. I'm sure I would have come hard with just the thick cock and long fingers working me, but Jimbo's sucking and nibbling added extra fun and I yelled so loud he had to stop up my mouth. I bucked like a bronco, to use one of those truthful clichés, and nearly fainted.

"Godalmighty," Jimbo croaked, "I've never seen a coyote come like that."

Leo pulled me upright so that I was kneeling and held up from behind while he finished coming, flooding my asshole, his spunk dripping down my inner thighs. I looked down on Jimbo lying there with an unremitting incredulity and an open mouth. He noticed my stare and stuck his tongue in and out like he thought he was a cool rock star. Still, I managed a smile in my satiated state thinking of that wriggling tongue in my throbbing cunt. Leo let me go and I fell across old Iggy Pop's chest panting and gasping.

"She's all yours, Jimbo. She can take a lot more, don't be fooled by her exhausted ass."

Jimbo's tongue proved a real wonder, in my asshole too. He finally fucked me standing up while I lay with my legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Leo took care of my nipples and was ready to clap my mouth shut when I started yelling again. I kept coming even after Jimbo withdrew and slumped to the floor spent. (He's now a regular, about once or twice a month. I never worry about home repairs and maintenance.)

That's a typical 'working' day for me. I have clients in the science library too. Geeky sorts, but I like the greater variety of public settings like the stacks, study carrels and sorting room. Occasionally, I fuck 'gratis'. Some of the students are singularly alluring, and most have more staying power than my usual senior-type customers.

A week before Earth Day on one of my free days I was feeling intemperately horny, so I went to the library at lunchtime to find a quick fix. Noon is good for cruising and finding a fuck-spot as there's only a 'skeleton staff' on duty. I don't worry about getting 'caught' by students, actually enjoy it; the looks on some of their faces contributes to my arousal.

I sat in a corner of the third-floor study lounge, it's the favorite area for grad students. (I didn't feel like 'teaching' any undergrads that day.) I spread my legs and fingered myself to get my juices and scent going. Soon enough a gorgeous TA walked by, sniffed the air and followed his nose (and more) to my corner. I led him into the nearest stairwell and slowly pulled down my halter-top.

"Uh-uh. Your turn. Take out your cock."

I grabbed a few inches of semi-hard dick and doubled it in seconds. He turned my pink to red. I sensed his anxiety about getting caught so I quickly turned to face the wall. I bent over spreading my legs enough to put my cunt at his disposal. He only had to flip up a few inches of cotton skirt.

"Your cock is sooooooo hot. Ouch, lover. Come on, ream me, baby. You'd make full professor with me."

I figured the smut talk would expedite things as I was ready before I hit the wall.

"What's your name? Give me your number."

Poor thing. After I explained it was a one-er and would cost his lab fees for a repeat, he went back to the lounge. I know I'm cold, but I'm on a schedule. If an astrophysics doctoral student can't understand that, tough.

From the circulation desk, one of my librarian clients spotted me coming out of the stairwell.

"Hello, Cherry. My, something smells familiar. We must discuss your overdue fees soon. I'll have time as soon as Earth Day's past. We're holding some of the public presentations here, hope I see you, even if just for a flash."

I swiped my wet cunt and slid my hand across his smile.

"Have a taste, Dick."

My last job for Earth Day was to pick up the colloquium's plenary speaker. Leo loaned me his Benz to go to LAX.

"Leave some cunt syrup on the seat for me, hon."

Professor Hunk arrived the evening before Earth Day. I guessed correctly that he was six feet six inches tall. He guessed how much that meant to me.

"Thank you for the welcome and ride, Cherry. Let me buy you a drink."

We were the only people in the hotel bar. I faced him in our corner booth, with my back to the room, and pulled down on my tee.

"I can orgasm on nipple play alone. Try me."

It took three minutes to get me to the edge. Then we went to his room.

"My god, you are a big, fine girl. I don't know where to start—have you bend over, lie down, sit on me, pee on me. No, no, just kidding."

I liked his sense of humor and appreciation of my height. I could ride him and not worry about causing any damage.

"Baby, please let me take some photos of your amazing nipples. Close-ups, macros. I've never seen such puffy things, that color, that perfection. Can you make 'em light up? Do they sing? What can't you do, you stupendously sexy tall thing?

What couldn't he do! I was astounded at the care and deliberation he gave my nipples. I came twice before he touched another part of my body.

"I could watch you come all night."

He did.

He had me over him of course so my nipples hung down. He played with them while I lay on the bed or stood against the wall. He cupped them from behind while having us face the mirrored door of the bathroom. He suckled like a baby, adoringly and actively expressive of his joy. He fucked me only face to face, though.

"I have got to be looking at them, I cannot stop. I want to be able to touch your nipples while we fuck, have them winking at me while I come, while you come. Let me come on them, massage 'em with my spunk."

He did.

My orgasms felt deeper and more substantial than ever, but I didn't have to scream. The depth and heat of them made me swoon into myself, more like an implosion, quiet, deep, endless. I moaned loudly and constantly, I could not call forth a single word, not a syllable.

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