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My Birthday Present


My husband brought me a really lovely bunch of flowers for my 50th birthday. My man brought me an exquisite little clitoris vibrator, a fat butt plug, the thought of which made my eyes water, a tube of lube and a T shirt. I loved the T shirt at first sight.

I whipped off my dress immediately, I never wear a bra when my man is around nor panties so I was naked, just how my man likes me. My pussy was perfectly smooth. It's my husband's job to prepare me for my man. In return I allow him to clean me up after I've been fucked and if he is very good he is permitted to join us, sometimes. I slipped the T shirt over my head. My nipples perked up hard straight away but more importantly now writ large across my tits were the letters DGF. Underneath in smaller letters the characters 'D**n G**d F**k'.

On the back large letters spelled out 'FAF' and underneath, in smaller letters, 'Ask Me'.

At one end of the dining room table my husband arranged the flowers in a vase, he's good at that sort of thing. At the other end my man bent me over and filled my greedy pussy with a nice fresh load of spunk, he excels at that sort of thing. When my husband had finished the flowers he came and cleaned me up. A skill that he has developed over the last couple of years.

We went to a pub in a nearby town for my birthday treat and to try out my new T shirt. It was a rough kind of pub, Sky sports on a widescreen TV in the main bar and a pool table in the other bar. My man brought me a small white wine and made me to perch on a stool at the bar, on my own, while he wandered a little way off. We waited, my pussy was wet with excitement and anticipation. I looked around the bar trying to find somebody I would really like to 'Ask Me'. After about fifteen minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder then a head close to mine.

"I Fancy A Fuck. You up for it?"

I turned to see a stocky guy in a sleeveless vest. All his visible flesh was covered in tats, even his head had them. Thug! Was my first thought. A bit of rough was my second and my pussy told me I liked the idea. I had no choice anyway, I had my instructions and I always obeyed my instructions. I took his hand and slid off the bar stool.

He led me across the car park to the darkest corner, behind the large people carrier. He turned me to face him and before he even put his hands on my shoulders I was starting to crouch down. I knew what was required of me.

Undoing his belt and zip I worked his jeans down then went back for his boxers. They were hooked awkwardly over the top of his erect cock so I had to work to get them out of the way. When I finally uncovered his stiffy I could tell he was ready to fuck but I always follow all my instructions. Looking straights into his eyes I pulled his cock towards me, opened my mouth and worked my lips down his erection. If the enthusiasm with which he proclaimed 'Oh shit!' was anything to go by he was not displeased.

I stroked and sucked while he twisted and turned with pleasure.

"Suck or fuck?" I asked.

"You gonna clean up after?"

"Of course." What a stupid question!

He pulled me to my feet, turned me to lean forward against the side of the vehicle and pushed his cock between my legs. We got ourselves organised then he shoved his cock hard into me. My turn to cry 'Oh shit!' as he rammed back and forth in my wet cunt. I came noisily a couple of times before I felt his spunk pump into me. That brought me off again.

After he had slipped out I turned, knelt, cleaned his cock and dressed him. He walked off without a word of thanks to me but as he passed my man I heard him say;

"That T shirt's fucking right. She is a damn good fuck." as he swaggered back to the pub.

My man pressed the button on his key fob and the people carrier door slid open. I climbed into the back where my husband was waiting to clean me up.

We visited two more pubs that night. I got another pussy full and gave a guy a blow job. I love my new T shirt and we plan to go out again very soon.

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