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My Birthday Wishes


I have been thinking a lot of late about what happened between us, not just that though; all the things I have gone through and done in my life. Overall I have had an interesting life to say the least, and at times; it has been all that has kept me going. Of course it has not always been like this, sometimes in my life I have made mistakes and thought I had messed my whole life up. But in honesty, it took our meeting for me to realise that is not the way I should look at my life.

That is the thing about a moment (or should that be several moments) that take your breath away, it gives you a different outlook on life. As I said, I was not planning on being in your arms; not that I mind of course! I never thought I would find myself lying in your arms and totally enjoying being there, those moments we share make me view life differently. I look at my whole life differently now, I have this new (and very much improved) lease of life; and I totally love it. Of course you have seen this and I am sure you are aware of how I feel, but we have never had "that" chat have we?

While it is true, I could tell you pretty much anything without fear of you looking at me differently; you know that I am still very much a shy girl. And I know I have been able to tell you pretty much anything, and those things will always stay in your confidence... so with this in mind I wanted to be completely honest with you, I want you to know me completely. I have always said that there are a million and one things I would love to say to you, maybe now is the right time to do that...

I have done some things in my life that would easily shock my Mother and possibly kill my Father, none of it was really "THAT" bad in the grander scheme of things; but they were certainly not something I would want to share with the whole of Northampton! I have been on more than one adult dating site and have met people just to have sex, I have had pictures taken of me that I would not wish to been seen anywhere; and I have the ever growing desire to do so much more!

I guess for me, it is a case that I have never really had anyone I can trust enough to come on this journey with me. At one time I would have tried going it alone, but as I get older this journey looks to be much more fun with someone there to share in it. Even when I had my time with my Danish girlfriend, I still could not find the contentment I desired so much. She was lovely and what happened between us gave me an experience I will never forget, maybe things would have been different had the timing been better... anyways, that year taught me a lot about myself, not least that being different from the "norm" was not a bad thing!

When I think of some of the things I have tried, it certainly has the desired affect on my affectionate little body. But not only that I have this wanton desire to do so much more, of course all done with my young rebel. The trouble is, finding the right words to ask or make the suggestions... Maybe I should be nervously wondering what we could try, but somehow I do not feel in the slightest bit afraid; every new adventure with you giving me the confidence to try & do more.

I get the impression that I could tell you anything and you would not be shocked, I could tell you of my desire to explore what we tried last time in your lounge; I must admit slipping my finger inside you as I went down on you turned me (& you I hope) on more than I first expected it to!!! I have never tried that with anyone, never thought I would. And considering I had never been played with like that before, I found it something I wanted more of. But when we are away from the water, please can we use a little lube!

I would love to tell you how much I would like to try a little light bondage too, nothing too scary of course; just a little tying up & blindfolding. It is said that taking away one sense then the others are heightened; I quite fancy the feeling of being helpless in your arms.

I would like to try the couple swapping too if I am honest, the fantasy of having two others fondling me has always been at the back of my mind. I did actually go through a period where I actively looked for two lovely guys to fulfil my fantasies, at that time I had never enjoyed being with another woman.

The desire to try new things include something I have never really been sure of, not because I have not wanted to; but because of my shyness... I would love us to try playing with toys; I have always liked the idea of being watched & watching as we got each other off. There is a toy that, when used on my clit would probably have me screaming the place down; so maybe best to kiss me deeply to shut me up!!!

I mentioned that I have had naked pictures taken of me, and while I seem to have misplaced them; having some more taken of me is something I would love. To be honest, and probably because you put me so at ease; I would not mind being on tape either! See what I mean, I have this desire and passion back; thank you for giving me that. I always hated pictures of me; clothed or naked, but I just feel like if you like it; then why shouldn't I also like it?

Golly, I am rather more liberated that I first imagined. Does that mean I am a true liberal, or should we not go there? Funny, but I cannot imagine being like this with anyone else but you; maybe it just seems right in that respect. I don't feel ashamed to admit that I'd love you to watch me being taken by someone else, I'm turned on by what happened in the spa. I know that you felt uncomfortable with it; maybe it would just take you trusting the person with us? Either way, the thought of it alone has me slightly moist.

I used to enjoy having sex in the back of whoever's car, it gave me a thrill when I went down on a guy while he drove. I must also admit it felt good to be out in a field too, what a nice way to spend a summer afternoon; having my little pussy lovingly licked by you? As long as the weather is warm hey? Maybe the thrill of being naked in the spa with you was the kick-start I needed; I suspect that it is also because I felt so comfortable with you.

So, how do you feel about experimenting with me? I'm not sure if it is something that would interest you, I've noticed you seem to be quite interested in the erotic stories I've written. I'm still smiling from the "wow" reaction when I showed you that first story, and yes I agree; the middle part should go! I really like erotic fiction; I'll happily show you anything I've written; though they might not be very good. Some on certain websites are very good & well written, depends on your tastes!

What are your tastes? Is there anything you don't like or would not try? What's your fantasy? Maybe it could be a Christmas surprise for you from me? Do you enjoy xxx videos like I do? That is also something I have enjoyed on many occasions, with a partner and without. It can be highly erotic to sit watching porn while having your knob sucked, so I am told... Now there's a thought hey, what a wonderful idea for my birthday? A day in your company to explore this itch I need scratching! Or will this just be a birthday wish that will be a fantasy?

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