tagBDSMMy Bitch & His Wife

My Bitch & His Wife


I will begin this tale with the info that I am what is called a bi-top. I love women, however, I will also fuck men. The reader can accept my belief that mouths and anuses have no gender, or not. It matters little to me.

I had met and fucked a submissive bottom . He is 35, married with 2 children, and dearly loves being ordered to do anything. I mean anything, from sucking to rimming to being hosed.. I don't question his attitude, I just use him.

One day when I was at his home, I saw a picture of his family. His wife in the picture looked quite nice. I asked him for her particulars. He told me she is 33, 5'7" tall, 120 lbs, and very, very strait-laced. He explained that she wouldn't give him head nor would she allow him anything except basic fucking. I smacked him on the ass with my hand and scolded him for not telling me her measurements. "I'm sorry sir." he replied. Then continued "she is 34 c cup, 30 waist and 34 hips." "Sir, would u be interested in seeing more pictures of her?" he asked . "Yes bitch I would especially if she is naked" I replied harshly.

He produced several pics of his wife that he had captured without her knowledge. They showed a very nice woman . Her pussy was trimmed slightly and her ass and legs were quite nice. The most striking thing about her were her sensual cupid bow mouth and the nipples on her breasts. Perched on the top of her breasts pointing straight ahead. Lovely large areolae on milky white skin.I allowed him to suck me off and then left promising him a surprise in the next few days.

Over the next ten days or so he and I exchanged im's . Finally he told me the kids were going to a weekend long party at a relative's house a few towns away. I made my plans.....

Saturday evening about 7 pm I knocked on his door. He opened the door and his jaw dropped when he saw me standing there. "My wife is home, you can't come in" he stammered almost whimpering.

"Move out of my way bitch, and ask me in" I said pointedly. "Please come in" he croaked out.

"Please don't do anything to fuck up my life" he begged. "I am going to make your life better than it ever was!" "Now introduce me to your wife" I ordered.

I looked at his wife and marveled at how her lips formed a perfect cupid's bow. Full, sensuous, ripe lips just right for sucking a dick. I could see the swell of her breasts and her pussy mound in her casual clothes. She offered me a drink and served it in the living room where we all took seats.

We made small talk for a few minutes until I couldn't stand it anymore. I looked at him first then at her. Both of them looked at me questioningly wondering about the nature of my visit.

"Brenda" I began, "I don't know how you react to shocking things, nor do I have any idea how you will perceive what is going to happen" " I will promise you though that this evening is going to be unlike any you ever had before" I said in a matter of fact way.

"Ben loves you with all his heart" I said "And I love him with all my heart" she said , then asked "what does that have to do with anything?"

"watch closely and judge with your heart then" I said. "Ben kiss your wife and then come here" He leaned over to her and kissed her softly saying "I love you" then stood and crossed the room to me.

"Get on your knees Ben and remove my jeans" I said as I stood.He dropped and obediently began removing my jeans as I looked at his wife. Her eyes went wide as saucers and she could not make a sound as she watched her husband dis-robe me.

"Brenda, your husband is bi-sexual. Further he is a submissive bottom" "That means he enjoys being ordered about and used sexually"

I was interrupted by Ben who asked meekly "What do u want me to do now sir?"

I continued looking at Brenda who seemed to be not able to breathe. She was the same as a deer in headlights. Not able to move or speak at the incredible sight before her. "Brenda, come over here beside me" I said gently. "You need to grasp what is going to happen"

She stood slowly and moved even slower . I could see she was trying to deny what her eyes were seeing. Finally though she stood next to me , not quite touching me . Her breathing was ragged and shallow. Her eyes were fixed solidly on her husband, kneeling before another man dressed only in his skivvies. I put my arm around her shoulder and gently pulled her closer to me.

"My dear", I began, "I am going to introduce you to a new world" "A world in which you are the queen". "You have on his knees in front of you a willing servant." "A man who will do anything you tell him to" "A person you can subjugate in way you choose". "Now watch closely"

"Ben, lower my drawers and take my dick in your mouth" I said gently.

Once more he looked at his wife and said "I love you" then he opened his mouth and slurped my dick all the way to my balls.

I felt and heard her sharp intake of breath as she watched in shock. Ben continued slurping and sucking my dick totally enjoying his subserviant role. She pressed against me tightly seeking my support before she was totally overwhelmed.

"Brenda?" I said softly. "Yes" she said , just as softly. "Do you want to learn about making your husband truly happy? and also about sexual pleasure you have never dreamt of?" I asked.

"I know about sexual pleasure" she said softly. It was my turn to be surprised. She looked into my eyes and smiled. "Since Ben hasn't been having sex with me very often for the last several years, I have found my pleasure elsewhere." My dick fell from his mouth as he stared open-mouthed at his wife. She reached out her hand and took hold of my glistening dick, wet with his saliva. "I have only had sex with a couple of men but they all have more dick than he does." she said with just a hint of cruelty in her voice.

"You my dear have an opportunity to have one of the happiest marriages of all time" I said. " The possibilites do seem enormous, don't they?" she asked.

Tell him to do something, anything. Just open your mouth and tell him what to do.

"Do you enjoy doing these things ben?" She asked. "Yes ma'am" his immediate and soft reply. "Well it seems to me we have some exploring to do" she said. With that she let go of my dick and stepped apart from me. "Ben, go to the bedroom and wait for us." she said. As he left the room she began to remove her clothing. "I want to suck your dick also sir" she said. "But I will not kneel for you." I gazed upon this woman naked before me. Not beautiful, but not ugly either. Nice rounded breasts with pink aerole around her nipples. Her pussy trimmed nicely, bare lips topped by a light fuzz. No sag to her ass, and no ugly cellulite on her thighs or nicely rounded belly.

"Of course you won't" I said as I took her hand and laid her on the floor. I knelt at her head and watched as she tilted her head back and extended her tongue to taste my glans as it slid between her lips seeking the warmth and depth of her throat. At the same time I bent forward and spread her thighs to make room for my head as my tongue sought and found her wet slit.

We began a furious 69 each seeking the other's release. Her orgasm came quickly. Her belly quaking, her muscles spasming. She lifted her hips up to my mouth seeking to trap my tongue and lips with her labia. I held on and continued to punish her clit and slit with my lips, tongue and teeth. After 4 incredible spasms she collapsed, spent for the moment, but still sucking softly on my dick.

I rolled off her and she tried to follow, but I stopped her. "Ben is awaiting us in the bedroom, I think it is time you began to use your servant" I said.

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