My Blind Date with Alyssa Milano


"AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" Alyssa screamed out loud. "SHIT! FUCK THAT ASS!" She yelled still pulling her butt cheeks apart allowing me to see my dick slide in and out of her tight little shit hole.

"Oh fuck! That looks so fucking hot!" I moaned as I watched her ass hole get stretched out in order to make space for my thick shaft.

Alyssa pushed her face down, moaning and groaning, gripping the sheets and biting them as I continued to drill into her rectum faster and faster with every thrust until I had a pretty fast pace going.

I went flat on top of her, kissing the back of her neck and shoulder as I fucked her hard, getting my dick as deep as I could into her bowels with every thrust.

"OH GOD! FUCK ME HARDER!" Alyssa yelled as I slammed my hips down, my groin slapping against her butt cheeks hard, my dick thrusting up her ass hole so hard it caused her whole body to jump forward.

"YEAH! Just like that!" Alyssa moaned, sounding more pleased with my thrusts. I continued drilling her hard, the thrusts a little slower.

"OK! OK! Stop!" Alyssa said after a few minutes of me pounding her ass.

"Why? What's wrong?" I asked, slowing down to a stop.

"I don't want you to get the image of me as being a lazy lay, where you had to do all the work."

"So you wanna ride it?" I asked.

"We only met tonight and yet, you know me so well." Alyssa laughed.

I pulled out of her ass hole and lay on the bed on my back.

"Do we need more Vaseline?" I asked.

"Let me see." Alyssa said as she got onto her knees. She held my dick with one hand, giving it a couple of strokes.

"Would make it a bit easier if it was a little more wet." Alyssa said and then followed it up by spitting on my dick, her saliva flowing down my cock head. She lowered her mouth, taking the tip into her mouth for the first time.

"Oh shit!" I moaned, moving her hair behind her ears so I could see those pretty lips on my dick. Alyssa straight away started working her lips up and down my shaft, applying just the right amount of suction.

Coming this far and not receiving any oral from her, just made me think that she wasn't one to put something like a dick in her mouth. But to receive oral from her for the first time after I had my dick up her ass just turned me on even more, causing me to spray out a mass amount of pre-cum into her mouth that could pass off as a small load of cum.

"Ohhhhhh!" Alyssa cooed, rubbing my dick with her hand, her face almost touching my cock.

"I better get this huge thing up my ass before you cum again!" She giggled just before she spat on my shaft again.

"It should slide in more easily now!" She giggled some more as she straddled me, holding my member in place as she slowly eased her sphincter down my pole.

"OH GOD YES!" She yelled as she instantly started to work her ass hole up and down my man hood,

"OH YES! THAT DICK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY ASS!" Alyssa moaned as she began riding my cock at a very fast pace straight from the get go.

"You like that? You like the way my tight little ass hole chokes that huge fucking big dick?" Alyssa asked through gritted teeth, her huge tits bouncing around every where.

"Yes!" I moaned, reaching up, grabbing her tits, which allowed her to go much faster now that her tits weren't smashing her on the chin.

My eyes darted from her feet, to her huge breasts, to her face, her bald cunt. She was just a feast for the eyes.

"That big dick is making so horny, the way it's stretching out my tiny little ass hole. Makes me wanna cum for you again." Alyssa said stopping for a few seconds as she adjusted herself, lifting her legs so that she was now squatting on my lap. She leaned back on one hand as she used her free hand to rub her clit furiously as she rode me fast and hard.

Watching her pussy bulge as my dick filled her ass hole made me want to fuck her faster, so I started to thrust my hips up, adding even more pace to her thrusts. This just spurred Alyssa on to masturbate even faster.

"OH SHIT! FASTER! I'm GONNA CUM SO HARD FOR YOU!" Alyssa moaned and just as I started to thrust my hips up higher, her hips lunged into the air and off my cock as her orgasm hit and her cum flowed out of her cunt.

"TASTE IT!" Alyssa said forcing her fingers into my mouth. I instantly started to suck her fingers, licking her cum off. Alyssa pulled her fingers out of my mouth and into her.

I quickly shuffled down so that my face was just under her pussy, licking up her juices. Alyssa quickly rolled over away from my face, getting on all fours beside my head.

"I want you to fuck me hard and then give me that cum!" She said, with a hint of desperation in her voice.

"And this time, I want you to cum in my mouth. I wanna taste that hot sticky cum." She said in a really horny tone.

I quickly got onto my knees, stroking my cock at the same time, feeling that the point of release was nearing.

I got into position behind Alyssa as I entered her anal passage from behind and proceeded to fuck her in the doggy style position.

"Yeah! That's it! Work in nice and deep baby!" Alyssa moaned. "Make me feel every fucking inch of that huge fucking cock!" She urged me as I thrust hard into her bowels.

"YEAH! Keep fucking me! Work that fucking dick up my ass faster!" She almost yelled the last few words.

I instantly started working my hips back and forth faster, feeling her tight ring squeezing my shaft hard as I thrust forward, having to use extra force to do so, making the tops of my thighs hit the back of her thighs with more force, causing her body to jerk forward.

"Yeah! I love it when you fuck my ass hole hard. Just like that!" Alyssa said. She was starting to jerk forward too much and I had to grab her by the waist to keep her from flying forward too much.

As my dick began to throb hard in her ass hole, I knew I was really close to finishing and Alyssa knew this as well and she started to work her sphincter on my man hood, her tight ring contracted around my sensitive prick, not following any pattern other than going tight than loose then tight then loose all the way until it started to be too much for me.

"AWWWWWW!" I let out a long groan as I proceeded to get a few last thrusts in.

"You gonna cum?" Alyssa moaned looking back at me. "Remember where I want it?" She asked and I quickly pulled out. Alyssa gave a cocky laugh as she quickly turned around, moving her face next to my cock.

"SHHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!" I yelled and Alyssa quickly placed her soft lips over my sensitive cock head as my cum burst out of my dick and pouring out into Alyssa's willing mouth.

"Mmmm!" Alyssa moaned looking up into my eyes and letting out a giggle. She took her mouth off my penis and opened her mouth before swallowing, as if I needed convincing that she had a mouth full of cum.

I started to caress the back of her head as she started to suck my dick, feeling some more cum spurt out into her mouth.

"I think I got the last of that." Alyssa said stroking my cock. I lay down on the bed and Alyssa followed me down, resting the side of her face on my chest.

"I can't believe I did that." Alyssa said thinking out loud.

"What? Let me cum in your mouth?" I asked.

"No. Well yes. But not just that. The whole thing." Alyssa said.

"You seem to be a pro with that tight little ass hole of yours." I said.

"I meant the whole situation!" Alyssa said pushing herself up, playfully slapping my bare chest.

"I'm not the type of girl to date a random stranger and then fuck him straight away."

"But that's why you asked Jules to hook us up."

"She forced that on me cause I said I haven't been laid in a while."

"Well, if you're looking to fuck again, you know how to reach me."

"By reaching down and tugging on your cock?" Alyssa asked with a sly grin.

"Reaching down? My place isn't that close to yours." I said.

"Who said anything about going to your place to reach down?" Alyssa smiled tugging my cock.

Seeing as though this was a one night stand, I assumed once we were done I was going to be shown the door but that's when it hit me she wanted me to stay here with her. I wasn't gonna argue with that.

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