tagIncest/TabooMy Blonde Aunt

My Blonde Aunt


My aunt Brittany came for a visit shortly after I graduated high school. I was eighteen and had the entire summer to do what I wanted. I had a summer job at the local grocery store as a stocker. I had not seen Brittany for several years since she was living in England. When I asked my parents what exactly she did there, I never received a direct answer.

"Why don't you take Brittany out for a tour of the town?" my mother asked me as we waited for her arrival.

"I guess I could," I replied.

Brittany was mother's older sister by four years. My friend's always thought that my mother was still a fox even though she was in her early forties. I often masturbated at the thought of doing it with my mother but had never had the nerve to do it for it real.

When Brittany arrived, my cock was trying to bust out of my jeans. She had a charm about her that drew men's eyes to linger on her body. Even my father was leering at Brittany,

After our greetings were done, mother told Brittany that she and my father had some business to attend to for the next few days. They were attending a small business seminar in Kansas City which was a five hour drive from Little Bend.

"I'm sure that Brad can keep me busy," Brittany smiled and looked at me.

"I'm sure he can," mother replied before they left.

"So what do you do for fun, Brad?" my aunt asked as soon as the door closed behind my parents.

"Since it's Thursday night," I replied as I tried not to stare at her. "I usually stay home and rest up for tomorrow."

"That's no fun," she frowned. "Don't you have a girlfriend?"

I nodded as I felt my cock throbbing again in my jeans.

"Have you two fucked yet?"

My mind was shocked at what she said but my cock was getting harder. Susan, my girlfriend, and I had sex many times in the past few months. I couldn't get enough of her and hated the thought of being without her in the fall when she would go away to college in Denver. I was planning on attending the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

I finally nodded and tried not to blush.

"That's good," aunt Brittany said. "I would hate for that big cock of yours to go to waste."

She was looking right at my crotch. My heart raced faster and I knew she was going to get pissed off or something for thinking about her in a sexual way.

What aunt Brittany did next totally took me by surprise. She undid the buttons of her tight black blouse and exposed her bra. Her breasts were small just like my mother's.

"Why don't we go to your room," she whispered. "I want your hard young cock inside of me."

I about tripped over my own two feet trying to show her the way to my room. It's hard walking with a raging hard-on in your pants.

"Nice room, Brad," aunt Brittany said after we entered my room. "Small but nice."

I was so glad that my mother had made me clean up my room the week before. I stood by my bed looking at my aunt in her bra and black skirt. Witch Susan, making out was easy but aunt Brittany was in control of me.

"Why don't you get undressed," she said as she slowly took off her skirt.

Brittany's panties matched her bra and there was a damp spot in the crotch. I quickly stripped off my clothes. When my erect nine inch penis popped into view, she let out a gasp.

"It's so big," aunt Brittany said as she kneeled before me. "I don't know if I can suck it all."

I almost shot my load when she placed her lips around my swollen purple cockhead. She sucked and then brought more of my cock deeper into her mouth. As she sucked my manhood, I held her short blonde head.

"That feels great," I moaned."

Aunt Brittany took my entire nine inches into her mouth and sucked. She quickly brought it out and held my cock in her hands.

"I don't want you to cum yet, Brad," she whispered.

Brittany got off her knees and took off her bra. She cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. Despite her age, aunt Brittany's boobs were still perky.

"Kiss them, Brad," she said.

I brought my lips to her right nipple and gently sucked it. The bud grew hard as I flickered my tongue over it. I then did the same to her left nipple. When I was done sucking it, I kissed her belly button which made her moan.

"Nobody's done that before," she said.

I told her that it was somehthing Susan, my girlfriend, liked me to do. I went back to kissing her belly button before I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her panties. I pulled them down and smiled at aunt Brittany's shaved pussy.

"Like it?" she asked.

I responded by kissing her pussy lips. I snaked my tongue into her pussy and lapped up her cunt juices. I spread her pussy lips apart so I could get to her swollen clit. My tongue flickered over the clit which made her moan in ectasy.

"Fuck me, Brad," aunt Brittany yelled.

She got on my bed and spread her legs wide. I climbed onto the bed and guided my hard throbbing cock into her gapping wet pussy. Aunt Brittany let out a low moan as I placed my entire cock inside. Surprisingly, she was still tight and it felt great as proceeded to fuck her.

"Oh, my god," she screamed into my ear. "Fuck me, honey."

I stroked my cock in and out of her dripping cunt. I could feel the cum boiling up in my balls. I wanted to shoot my load deep inside of her. When I felt her tensing up, she whispered in my ear "Cum inside me, baby."

I let myself loose and shot my load. I could feel our juices overflowing, mixing and running down my balls. I kept my cock inside her as I grew softer.

"Mmmm," she purred. "I think I'm going to like my stay here."

I responded with a full kiss on her lips. My penis had slipped out of her pussy. Aunt Brittany took ahold of it and began stroking it.

"Just think," aunt Brittany said. "We have three days to enjoy ourselves before we have to keep this a secret from your folks."

"Then we better enjoy ourselves while we can," I replied as I began fondling her breasts.

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