tagLoving WivesMy Born Again Christian Wife!

My Born Again Christian Wife!


My wife has always been very conservative. Her father was a strict southern batiste preacher. You know the church types where women wear dresses only, no makeup, and hair up, no alcohol. Anyway we met at college and a short two years later we were married. We never had sex before marriage and the most I got was kisses. If I tried to fondle her, she would slap my hand and end the date immediately

Now my wife is about 5'6", very slim, small B cup tits, but Fantastic ass, brown hair, and brown eyes.

After marriage we finally got to have sex! She has a fantastic body, but was so conservative she wouldn't even suck my cock! Most sex was missionary position. I tried to loosen her up, but she kept quoting various bible verses. I do not know why the hell she married me anyway.

My wife went to church every Sunday and also at mid-week. She still wore plain conservative dresses. She has a great body, but is always hidden in under those awful dresses. I desperately wanted to show her body off to my friends. I bought her lingerie but refused to wear it for over a year. She finally put it on, but with lights out only.

She came home from work early one day and caught me watching porn on the internet. I can't remember the title, but was a MMF action with two guys fucking a wife. My wife was shocked and screamed at me about going to hell, being a pervert, etc. Being a Christian she said she loved me and would never leave me, but she ignored all of my sexual advances for about 3 months. Now I have never told her that my ultimate fantasy was to share my wife, but I knew this would never happen.

I started to act depressed, distant, and stopped asking for sex, and moped around the house. New Year's Eve was approaching and she asked me what the problem was. Why was i never happy etc.?

I told since she caught me looking at porn we haven't had sex and that life was to boring. I couldn't even enjoy a simple drink of champagne with my wife on New Year's. I complained she only thought of Church church church and thought she hated her husband. I attempted a big time guilt trip so I laid it on thick.

She said she was sorry and would try to enjoy New Years with me. She stated she would not drink alcohol, but would toast the new years with non-alcoholic champagne.

I hatched a plan for my Born Again Christian Wife. As stated my wife never drank alcohol, so I bought a few bottles of non-alcoholic Champaign and steamed off the labels and put them on real Champaign bottles. She never drank so would know the difference.

My best friend, Ed, from college still visited with us frequently. He is married with two kids, but his wife is an absolute sex freak. He tells me of his sexual exploits all the time. We often share our sex stories and he knows my frustrations and fantasies with my wife.

I told him to come over on New Year's Eve, as his wife and kids would be at her parents' house for the New Years. I told him I planned on getting my wife to suck my cock on New Year's and maybe his. He was all for it as he loves anything kinky.

Anyway New Year's Eve came and Ed arrived at about 5pm. My wife was wearing her usual 2 inch below the knee dress with long sleeves and had her hair up in a twist. We sat at the table and at a few appetisers and I opened the first bottle of 'Non' alcoholic Champagne. I told my wife out of respect that I would not drink alcohol either. My wife immediately loved the taste and loved the 'fizziness' as she called it.

After one glass I knew she was feeling the effects and started to loosen up and began to giggle a lot. We had planned to watch 'Casablanca' which is my favourite movie and fit in with her Christian Rules.

Ed and I finished the first bottle with my wife only having on glass. I opened the second bottle and we settled in to watch the movie. My wife and were sitting in a small 2 seat sofa and Ed next two us in a recliner.

We toasted again and my wife finished her second a lot quicker. I couldn't believe how quick my wife was getting tipsy. She was giggling from the beginning of the damn movie! I poured her a third glass and we curled up with a blanket. I started to feel my wife up, beginning with gently rubbing her arms and stomach under the blanket. I then moved to her tits, dress still on of course. She giggled and slurred 'stop it' into my ear. I had intentionally turned up the volume so she could 'whisper' loudly if she wanted.

I kissed her neck and told her to relax and enjoy the movie. It's been so long sweetheart just let my hands play a bit I whispered. The blanket covers everything anyway dear. I poured her a fourth, toasting again to my lovely wife and challenged her to who can bottoms up their champagne first. Ed and I let he win of course!

We settled back as I poured her 5th (I think). I fondled her tits under the blanket with not resistance. I unbuttoned the top of her dress, and squeezed her tits roughly. My wife moaned loudly, and Ed pretended not to hear. I pushed her bra up over her tits, tweaking her nipples. She began to moan loudly, nipples harden, and arching her back.

I continued to whisper little loving things in her ear, such as I love your nipples wife. I still couldn't use 'bad' language as I didn't want to spoil her mood. My cock was throbbing rock hard at this time and I put my wife's hand down my pants. Now remember she has never sucked my cock or any cock to date. Her hands wrapped around it tightly. She giggled loudly and whispered in my ear, 'ooo what do we have here husband.' She squeezed my cock tightly and began to stroke it gently.

I topped her champagne glass up and held it to her lips as her hand busy at that time. She guzzled it like water! Ed got up and stated he had to call his wife and walked into the kitchen. I had set up a small video camera pointed directly at our sofa. It sat on a kitchen chair and only needed to be turned on. Ed turned it on and stepped back to watch.

I hiked up my wife's dress and began to stroke her clitoris through her panties. My wife's body was alive! I pulled the blanket off and she didn't even notice. I poured champagne onto her nipples and sucked them dry. My wife moaned and pressed my head into her tits. I pulled her dress down to her waist and poured more champagne down her titts. I sucked and fondled as she moaned loudly.

I sat back on the sofa and pulled her down front so she was on her knees in front of me. So far so good. I could clearly see the camera in the kitchen, and could make out Ed staring, giving me the thumbs up! I let my wife unbuckle my pants and pull them off.

I poured champagne all over my cock and she immediately began to lick and suck it up off my cock head. I moaned loudly and leaned back. My wife seemed to take over. I saw her giggle and pour more champagne all over my cock. She took my cock head into her mouth and sucked hard. She even was able to go almost half way down!

I whispered to her' I love you wife! That's feels Fantastic! She looked up at me and I could see that she was loving it and completely drunk. She slobbered on my cock and even licked the dripping champagne off my balls. Ed came in at that time and sat down in his recliner, taking out his cock and began to stroke himself. My wife was so wasted she didn't seem to notice.

I pulled her up on top of me pulling her dress off. I ripped off her panties and plunged my cock into her wet pussy. I fucked her hard and she rode me cowboy style. Her pussy was so tight I could hold for long. She began to scream thrashing about as I fucked her.

Now how was I going to Ed in the picture? I picked up my wife and practically threw her on the floor, doggie style. He head was now only about a foot from Ed and the recliner. I plunged my cock into her pussy hard again as my hands tweaking her nipples. My wife continued to scream and surprisingly yell...Harder Harder!

I gave Ed the nod and I began to lightly slap my wife's ass as I tried to fuck her harder. My wife gasped and moaned with her mouth open most of the time. Ed got on his knees with his rock hard cock and placed it at on my wife's lips. I slapped her hard on the ass and as she gasped, Ed slipped his cock head into her mouth.

My wife seemed to be lost in the moment and closed her lips around his cockhead and even wrapped one hand around the shaft. I pinched her nipples hard to distract her and continued to pound her pussy.

My wife was grunting, moaning, screaming at the same time. I could not hold and came deep in her pussy as she still sucked Ed's cock. My wife began to climax, body shuddering and quivering. I nodded at Ed, hoping he would know he had to hurry. As my wife sucked Ed's cock like she had just sucked mine, he suddenly came in her mouth. Cum poured of her mouth as Ed pulled out and stroked a few streams of cum on her face.

She didn't seem to be aware of what was going on, so I pulled her around missionary position and knelt between her pussy and began to lick her clit and pussy. Ed quietly snuck out and after a few minutes my wife came again and I tongue lashed her. Ed put the camera away and I lay on top of my wife.

I poured another round of champagne (trying to get her to pass out). She guzzled it and she lay there next to me on the floor all covered in cum as 'Casablanca' finished. She was passed out cold by the end of the movie.

Ed and I got wet towels and cleaned her up and helped carry her to bed. We even got her dressed in her 'Very Tame' Pj's and tucked her in. Ed and I cleaned up the living room and then viewed the tape. I must say, the viewing was Astonishing! Ed and I both jerked off again as we watched my wife suck our cocks.

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too much poor grammar to bother with.... get someone who can read and write, and try again.

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