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My Boss And Me: Quickie In A Corner


Since this is the first story I am posting here, perhaps I should tell you a little about myself. I'm about 5'4'', 22 years old, I have dark auburn hair that hits me in the middle of my shoulder blades and I also have big hazel eyes. My lips are very plump and pouty, which I think makes my face attractive and my bra size happens to be a 36E – yes, my boobs are pretty big but I assure you its all natural. Now that you know me, let me start telling you what happened on my co-worker's wedding...

Pamela has been my co-worker for a couple of years now and we became very good friends. She had been engaged for 5 years when finally decided to get married to John – of course I was invited and attended the wedding. It was a lovely religious ceremony followed by a reception that included dinner. While everybody was getting to the reception, drinks were being served and everybody was mingling. I happened to spot my boss on the corner and I stopped by to say hi since I felt it would be extremely impolite of me not to do so.

My boss is a very handsome, not too tall, African American man. He's about 30 years old and tends to always look very serious; today was no exception. What nobody knew about my boss, Eric Danna, was that apparently he had a crush on me – he had emailed me a few times, saying that he though I was pretty and flirting generally. I always took that lightly, as a joke, a laughed or giggled. When we were alone, either on meeting rooms or happened to bump into each other in the corridors, we would flirt somewhat but it never went further than that; a couple of winks and almost innocent words.

Today, when I was saying hi and trying to be polite I noticed a couple of other guys looking at me and when I left my boss and went to the bar to get myself a drink, one of them followed and started a conversation. He was being nice and friendly but went away for a few minutes. Another guy approached me and then another. I didn't know what was going on, but I guess some desperate singles do go to weddings. Meanwhile, my boss came up to me and said:

"Would you mind coming with me? I need to tell you something."

I did so and he leaded me to a little dark corner, past the bathrooms, almost in the entrance to the kitchen. Nobody would see us there, not the guests that were in the dining room and not the staff that was coming out of the kitchen. He put me against the wall, entrapping me with both his arms, hands firmly pressed against the wall at shoulder level.

"You see, I'm not enjoying this game you're playing" – he said to me, in a very cocky, yet serious way.

There was a sort of click in my brain and I instantly knew what he was talking about.

"Well, Mr. Danna, I think I know what you mean but you'll have to excuse me because I am enjoying this game thoroughly." – I answered, smiling nonchalantly.

He took a deep breath and relaxed his arms a little, as if frustrated. His brown eyes met mine for what appeared to be a long time and he seemed to be looking within my very soul.

"The thing is: I want you. And seeing you surrounded by all these guys displeases me very much. I am not willing to not have you – that is simply not going to happen."

"Too bad." – was my response and I quickly escaped his arms, giggling just to tease him.

Next thing I knew, I was wondering how his reflexes had been so quick; he had me back in his arms and was kissing me with a mix of aggressiveness and passion I had a hard time understanding. I let go of myself and kissed back but soon realized this could only be a mistake. I tried to set myself free but couldn't. He was way stronger than me.

Eric let go of me slightly for a second and said:

"Young lady, you need to learn not to mess with me. When I want something, I'm going to have that something. I want you and I'm going to have you."

I wasn't laughing or giggling anymore – I was just confused. Letting Eric possess me was something I wanted but was it right to let my boss do this to me? Never mind, my thoughts completely evaporated when I felt his hand working his way up my silk skirt. His strong, warm hand caressing my tights and moving up threw me completely off focus.

I don't know how exactly, but he made his way up to my pussy. I had on pink silk panties that he played around with. He ran his fingers through the elastic bands and teased my clit through the silky material. It felt amazing. He decided to go even further and put my panties aside to touch me directly.

"You're so warm and wet, you should be ashamed. You're ready and I didn't even have to make an effort. You're nothing more than a common whore, always ready for whatever cock wants to get in that dirty pussy."

He let his cock out of his trousers. It was a huge black cock, completely stiff and throbbing. Eric pressed me to the wall with his body again, while grabbing my leg up with one hand. He used his free hand to guide his sex to mine and started to penetrate me. It hurt me bad at first. I wasn't used to have such big a cock in me and that position wasn't helping at all. I think he realized he was hurting me and slowed down a little; his desire still showed though. Slowly, he increased the speed of his thrusts again and filled my pussy completely. I didn't know if I wanted to moan or scream with pleasure. His breath was heavy and that turned me on even more. I searched for his lips to kiss him again but he didn't let me.

"Kneel. Right now. And open your mouth; I wouldn't want to stain such a pretty dress."

I did as I was told and he put the tip of his black dick on my mouth. I sucked it with pleasure and tasted myself in it – it was sweet and creamy. He shoved his cock in my mouth even deeper as I continued to suck. Eric exploded in my mouth without a word or sign of warning and I did my best to swallow every drop of cum he gave me. When he stopped, I licked his dick as if to clean it. To be perfectly honest, I think I wanted to suck him some more and give him a proper blowjob.

Eric helped me up on my feet and told be to go to the bathroom and tidy myself up. Then go back to the party, as people could start to wonder where I was. I did as I was told.

"What have you been doing? I've been looking for you!" said Pamela, the bride.

I simply smiled and said I was sorry. I couldn't tell her I just had the best quickie of my life with a man who happened to also be her boss.

Note - I'd love feedback so if you have anything to say, just go ahead and say it!

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