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My Boss Fantasy


Please ask for permission to post on other web sites or distribute. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about my fantasy and real life story! Don't be shy, send me an email.


My name is Stephanie and your about to read one of my darkest fantasies. Currently I'm living with my boyfriend Bob. Both Bob and I grew up in Wisconsin and attended the same high school. We didn't hook up till after we graduated. Bob had a job offer in Utah and he asked me to go with him. Bob worked construction while I ended up getting a job at one of the local banks.

I always feel good about my body but dream about having breasts implants. Mine are barely 34b and would love to jump up to a full c cup. Let's face it men love tits! At least I've been blessed with tone legs and a tight ass that drives most guys wild. I'm very sexual and love to try new things and yes, I do enjoy anal sex!

Growing up in a strict household well I rebelled at a young age. Doing things that would drive my parent's nuts and doing other things just for myself. My sexuality is open and had enjoyed several skilled lovers; however, I've also had to deal with some major assholes. I prefer to let lose out of town this way none of my friends or family could ever find out.

Bob works in construction and has to get up early so that leaves me alone at night. I have a strong sex drive and typically masturbate at least once per night. I'm about to share with you one of my fantasies. In my fantasies I enjoy everything from a romantic dinner to a hot gang bag.

My fantasy, well this fantasy is about submission is two parts.

I'm at work and having to deal with a very bitchy client. She's really getting under my skin and tried my best not to lose it. Oh how I wanted to give that bitch a piece of my mind. After another ten minutes I lost it and told asked her why she's such a bitch. Well it didn't take long for my boss to call me into his office.

Mr. James called me, "Stephanie, I need to see you in my office right now."

"Yes sir," I closed down my computer and told the girls where I was going. I straighten my skirt and made sure there were no wrinkles. Slowly I made my way to his office. When I knocked on his office door, Mr. James told me to come in and take a seat. Mr. James is your typical banker, tall and good looking. He enjoys tennis and has a nice athletic body with salt and pepper hair.

"Stephanie, you've been a great employee and a valuable asset to this bank. However I'm very unhappy with your performance today. Mrs. Gold came in to my office and told me how upset she was. She told me that you were very rude to her."

Embarrassed, I started to try and explain, "Mr. James please let me explain."

He raised his voice in a way that commanded my attention. "No, Stephanie you sit there and listen. Mrs. Gold is a very valuable client and we will not lose her business." He was firm and angry.

Now I started to become a little fearful. Was he about to fire me? "Mr. James I'm so sorry."

His eyes penetrated into my soul, "Are you?"

Immediately I looked down at the floor in shame, "Yes sir and I will do anything to make this right."

His voice faltered a little like he was testing me, "Anything?"

Maybe there was a way out of this mess with out getting fired, "Yes, but sir I didn't mean to make her upset."

He stood up and walked closer to me, "Stephanie, I should fire you but if you're willing to do anything we might be able to train you after your punishment."

"Punishment?" Oh, that caught my attention. How was he going to punish me?

"Yes, you were a bad girl today Stephanie. All bad girls need to be punished."

The submissive side really started to come out, and I knew that he could see my hard nipples. My face turned flushed with excitement. "Yes sir I was a bad girl and I do need to be punished."

"Stephanie if your ready we can begin your punishment and training."

Oh punishment, this is what I craved. "Yes sir, thank you sir."

I could see how pleased he was, then he ordered me, "You will stand and lock my office door." I loved how strong his voice was; this man was very confident and knew what he wanted. Even though part of me was afraid the moment was very exciting. What was he going to do with me? What did he want from me?

"Yes sir," I walked over to his office door and locked it. Then I breathlessly waited for his next instruction.

"Now you will pull down your pantyhose and panties and when ready stand right here." He pointed to the floor next to his chair.

I played coy, "Sir?"

He looked directly into my eyes, and with a firm voice he asked, "Are you defying me?"

"No sir." I did as he instructed and locked his office door. Then I reached under my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose. I never wear panties when wearing pantyhose. Looking down at the floor I walked to the spot. My body started to tingle and my pussy immediately became wet. He has no clue how I had craved this and how many times that I've fantasies about being controlled to have a powerful man take me under his control ordering me to do his bidding.

He looked directly at me; I could feel his eyes on my skin. "Good, you passed step one."

In a firm deep voice, "Now bend over my desk and take your lashes."

I knew what he wanted; I bent over the desk and pulled my skirt up exposing my ass to him. I would have been so embarrassed if I didn't shave this morning. Mr. James had complete access to my holes, my pussy and ass totally exposed to him. My only fear was that he would notice my scent or my arousal would start to run down my thighs.

Mr. James reached around with his left hand and cupped my pussy. Slowly I felt him apply pressure which caused my clit to throb even more. Then I felt it, the first slap against my bare ass. When his hand comes hand comes crashing down on my bare ass, I press my pussy hard into his other hand. I enjoy the sensations between pleasure and pain. How I need to scream, rub my clit Mr. James but the words done come out of my mouth.

Then I felt another slap, oh the sting. Funny how the pain turns to pleasure from my cheeks heating up from his slaps. With his other hand I knew that his fingers were become wet from my arousal. Would that make Mr. James pleased feeling how wet I was? Oh, if he only knew how much I enjoyed being dominated.

Being in his hands all I could think about was what if someone walked in? Oh the embarrassment being bent over and having this man spanking my bare ass! What if they could see his left hand touching my pussy? I would be known as the office slut! Then fear set in, what if no one walked in?

Another whack and with that one I enjoyed the sensation of my cheeks burning. My clit slipped between his fingers and he started to squeeze the base of my clit. Oh, the rush of sensations between the sting from his right hand and the pleasure from his left.

Forcefully he gave me another lash, "You know Stephanie we will have to visit Mrs. Gold. You will ask her for forgiveness and she told me that she is more than willing if you obey her orders."

What did he mean by that? Would this never end? Now, my mind would torturer my soul waiting to see what she had planned for me.

Oh did Mr. James know that I was about to cum? If he only knew how much I enjoyed feeling my clit between his fingers and having him roll my clit. He used the right amount of pressure giving me pleasure. Oh the contrast between the pain from his right hand and the pleasure from his left. I've wanted a man like this in my life for years and now that Mr. James found me I had to have more!

Every time I was about to cum Mr. James backed off. He wasn't going to allow me to cum. Oh, I wanted to make me cum! I wanted to look up at him, give him those little puppy dog eyes begging for him to allow me cum.

I could feel his eyes on my bare skin. He lightly touched my burning cheeks and admired his work. Please rub my clit! I pushed my pussy down against his hand trying to get more pressure trying to get him to rub me off. I had to cum but he wouldn't allow me to.

"Stephanie, I'm very proud of you and the way you received your punishment. Now, turn around and get on your hands and knees."

Being a good submissive I obeyed his orders. He had that look in his eyes which told me that he knew what he wanted. I've always enjoying having a man in my mouth and can almost achieve an orgasm watching a man while I suck his hard cock. Oh, how I loved having him dominate me. How do I describe the sensation being on my hands and knees under this man? For him to have power and control over me, ordering me to take his cock in my mouth and then for him to cum in my mouth or on my face.

"Good, now unzip my pants and take my cock out."

I did his bidding and carefully unzip his pants and slip them and his boxers down. I was careful with his hard cock, didn't want to get him caught in a zipper or boxers and finally once his pants where down on the floor I was able to see his beautiful hard cock. His skin tightly covered his ridged cock. We both knew what he wanted and I was ready to swallow his cum.

Slowly I moved closer till the tip of his cock touched my cheek. Teasing I let my hair brush against his thighs and cock. After all he didn't allow me to cum so I had to punish him a little. Mr. James cock looked so beautiful all hard and thick. For a man his age he was rock hard and with out a cock ring. The chiseled mushroom head was built for a woman's pleasure filling her and stretching her in ways only a hung man can do.

There I was, in his office and between my boss's legs. I opened my mouth and felt this tip of his cock touch my tongue. Slowly I worked him into my mouth and started to use my tongue for his pleasure.

I wanted to look up for his approval but he didn't give me permission. Okay I will admit that for me it's always a rush feeling a man growing him my hand or mouth, and that I get great pleasure when a man cums in my mouth.

Slowly I use my tongue to lick under his cock till I reach his tight balls. Then he reached down and grabbed me by my hair, oh my god did I do something wrong?

"Stephanie, I have a meeting in ten minutes so you better get to work." While holding my hair he guides my lips to his cock. "I'm going to cum in your mouth."

I take him deep into my mouth and use all the dirty tricks that I've learned over the years. Every guy that I've been with loves it when I make sloppy sounds while sucking on his cock. Eagerly I suck on his cock while pressing my tongue against his cock. I've been told that my tongue feels like velvet.

I could feel him starting to tense up, his body language was telling me he was getting close to cuming in my mouth. Knowing he was close I started to give him my all making those sexy slurping sounds waiting for him to cum.

The tip of his cock swelled up, Mr. James grunted and I felt the first steam of his cum shoot into my mouth. His cock shot with power the first steam hit the back of my mouth. He grunted and grabbed my head shooting another stream down the back of my throat. Wave after wave of cum shot into my mouth, and I did my best to swallow all of him.

If only I was more dominate than I could look up at him. How I wanted to see him, see how he enjoyed having his cock in my mouth. For me I get excited from watching a man cum and even more aroused when he cums in my mouth.

Once he is finished I swallow all of him, then lean over and clean his cock. Mr. James pushed his chair back and stood up. I helped him pull his boxers then his pants up. Lightly his hand brushed against my chin and titled my head up; he looked down at me and smiled. Then he sat back down in his leather chair.

"Stephanie, I'm very proud. Today you were a good girl; however, we still have to take care of Mrs. Gold. She's hosting a party tomorrow night and we will be attending. There you will ask for her forgiveness. I will pick you up at seven and you will be wearing black cocktail dress, black stockings, black pumps, and nothing else, no bra and no panties."

I'm stunned that he had this thought out, and what he wanted me to wear. How could I go to a strangers home with out wearing panties? What did they have planned for me? Now I was really aroused but Mr. James had different plans. He told me to dress and get back to work. How did he expect me to work, all I could think about was getting fucked.

He helped me to my feet and pushed me against his desk. He held me since I was unable to move due to my pantyhose bound around my ankles. Then he lifted up my skirt to get a closer look at my pussy. Fear started to pour though my veins knowing that his meeting was about to start.

Time slowed down while Mr. James reached out with his right hand, I felt his thick finger touch my lips. Slowly he moved his finger tip all around the entrance. I heard the door open and in walked Dawn Houser. Mr. James pushed two fingers deep in my pussy. I could hear Dawn walk closer, her heels clicking on the tile floor.

I wanted to move, wanted to scream but was frozen in fear.

Dawn is a beautiful woman with an sexy tone athletic body. She had her brown hair up and looked very sexy in her dark suite and white cami. She removed her jacket and walked over till she was right next to Mr. James. I looked up at her and noticed that her nipples were rock hard. Mr. James pulled his fingers out of my pussy and had Dawn lick his fingers.

Dawn smiled, "Hello Stephanie, your tasting sexy today."

I gasped when Mr. James inserted his thick fingers back into me. Mr. James turned to look at Dawn, "Stephanie was a bad girl today and I had to punish her. She took her punishment very well and will make a great addition to my collection."

His collection what did he mean by that?

"Dawn pull up your skirt, I think that Stephanie wants to taste you." She did as he commanded. "Good, now pull your thong to the side."

I was shocked to see her in stockings. She didn't seem to be a woman that enjoyed sexy lingerie; in my mind I pictured her being this perfect little soccer mom.

With his other free hand he reached over and touched Dawn. I knew that Dawn was married by the rock on her hand. I wondered if she had an open relationship or if her husband even knew about this? I could tell by the expression on her face told me that his fingers where in her. Next, he moved his wet fingers to my lips. I noticed her scent on him and opened my mouth and accepted his fingers.

Dawn looked at me and smiled, "So how do I taste?"

He smiled, "Very nice."

She smiled, "I'm glad that you shave. Mr. James, or master as you will learn to call him loves us girls shaved."

Now I was confused. What did he mean by us girls? How many girls were there?

Mr. James pulled back, "It's a shame that we don't have more time. You girls need to freshen up and I have a meeting."

Just like that he walked out of the room after achieved his goal. I could still taste his cum in my mouth. God, how could he leave me like this! Once he left I reached down to my attention starving pussy. I didn't care that Dawn was in the room with me, I needed to cum. I closed my eyes and thought about how this man had used me.

Dawn reached out and pulled my hand away from my pussy. "I don't think this is appropriate behavior."

Appropriate? What was appropriate about any of this? She had watched me suck my boss and swallow his cum. She had touched me and I even tasted her arousal. "I need to."

Whack, I felt her hand across my face. Dawn towered over me, "Master will not want this. You will stop right now and dress."

Part of me was confused, while the other part craved sex. Why couldn't she just go down on me? Like any good submissive I did as she ordered. I noticed that Dawn was watching me dress and that little fact, aroused me a little. She wanted to watch me, which meant that she wanted more of me.

Once I was dressed Dawn smiled, "Good, now go freshen up and get back to work. Master would be upset and you do not want to upset master, right?"

How could I work? My pussy ached to be filled! If anyone looked at me or showed an interested I would jump his or her bones. I needed to get laid and he was sending me off, unfinished! With that I pulled up my pantyhose and made sure that they were straight. Dawn watched and smiled, and then she made sure that her skirt was just right.

This is the end of my fantasy, but you will read about going to Mrs. Gold party.

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