tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Boss Took My Wife

My Boss Took My Wife


"Jillian, would you please hurry up? We're already late for the party."

"Honey, I'm almost ready. Now stop rushing me!"

Of course, I should've known her response would have been something like that. After ten years of marriage, Jillian still behaved as if everyone else was on some level below her and somehow just almost worth her time. And now tonight, we were late for a fairly important business party at a colleague's home. You could say I was more than a little anxious.

" Henry, aren't we leaving yet?" Jillian stepped out into the living room, where I was waiting. At her 40's, Jillian had become increasingly attentive to her looks and appearance. And now thanks to her exercise, yoga and not to mention a boob job that I paid for on her last birthday, Jillian was more beautiful than ever. More to the point, she was very well aware of it.

Jillian's highlighted blonde hair just reaches her shoulders, framing her face that always seems to be in a perpetual pout thanks to the full lips that she's always had. She's 5'4" and I'd say 110lbs, but she would undoubtedly correct me. Tonight she was wearing a tight, long sleeved low cut black top that hung just off her shoulders, showing enough cleavage that made it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Her full 36C breasts strained against the thin material of her top. The black skirt she had on was short and tight, showing off her slender, tanned legs accentuated by the black strappy high heels she wore.

One of my colleagues, Ted was having the party at his home. There were to be at least thirty people at the party, the majority being my colleagues and their wives, perhaps a few other clients and guests. One of the most important guests was Ryo Takashi, a Japanese businessman worth millions. He was a potential client to our firm. My boss, Glenn Burke, had suggested to Ted that he make his home available for a party in Mr. Takashi's honor. Of course Ted agreed.

Glenn Burke was used to getting his way. I suppose that's how he became the corporate leader that he was. He was an ex-college football quarterback who now ran his father's Fortune 500 company that I was an executive at. His wife Janet was a plain looking woman. It was rumored that Glenn had affairs throughout their marriage, but his forceful personality kept her from doing anything about it.

When we arrived at the party, Ted and his wife Martha greeted us at the door. Martha was a very prim and proper woman. She smiled at Jillian, but I could sense in the way that she looked at my wife that she did not approve of her outfit and walked away to socialize with other guests. Jillian went straight to the bar and I followed her. She had Ted fix us drinks. While Ted and I made small talk, I noticed he was constantly glancing at Jillian's cleavage. Jillian seemed quite aware of it, too. She kept leaning forward just enough to encourage his stares. Martha also seemed to notice Jillian's behavior. She was casting disapproving looks in Jillian's direction while whispering to the other wives she was standing with.

I was quite aware that Jillian had a bit of a reputation at these parties as somewhat of a tease. It was something she always did. She seemed to love the attention and jealousy she often created among the guests. There were times I wanted to say something, but I was never very good at confrontations, public or private.

"Meyers, there you are." Glenn and his wife Janet approached us the bar. Even though he was 45, and my age, he was considerably younger looking. He was tall, broad shouldered, and had the arrogant looks of someone always in charge. Janet was a prim woman, her style leaning more toward a matronly librarian. She gave Jillian a little hug and air-kiss while I shook Glenn's hand, trying not to grimace at his grip.

"That is such a beautiful top, Jillian," Janet said, the jealousy and cattiness only barely disguised. "I wish I had the figure to wear something like that."

Jillian sipped her vodka tonic, smiling at Janet. "I've always said if you've got it, why not flaunt it? "

"Jillian, you're looking amazing as usual." Glenn gave Jillian a hug, then stood next to her, his arm around her waist while he spoke to me. "Now listen, Meyers. Takashi is over there by the stairs with his wife. I need your full concentration on him tonight. Pitch him the company. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how important his business could be for us. Not to mention the possible boost to the executive's career who lands him."

"Yes, sir. I'll do my best." I tried not to stammer as Glenn stared me down.

"Make sure you do better than that," Glenn replied. He and Janet walked away without another word.

Jillian took a drink from her vodka tonic. "That Glenn can be such a pompous jerk sometimes," she said almost loud enough for him to hear, causing Glenn and a few others to glance over in our direction. I quickly tried to smile.

"Jillian, honey, would you please keep it down? This could be a good opportunity for my career tonight," I whispered.

Jillian had another sip of her drink and looked at me disappointingly. "Henry, you can be such a doormat sometimes. Why don't you just go scamper off and kiss the client's ass like Glenn told you to do? I'll be having another drink and enjoying myself." Jillian walked away from me. I couldn't help noticing that some of my colleagues and their wives had heard her remarks. Flushed with embarrassment, I downed my drink and made my way through the party to over Ryo Takashi .

I introduced myself to Takashi and tried to casually explain our company's divisions. I was very nervous. Takashi seemed barely interested. His attention throughout the party was constantly being drawn across the room.

That's where Jillian was. She already seemed a bit tipsy and was constantly flirting with a lot of my colleagues, often times right in front of their wives. There was one man she was constantly talking with: Dan Radcliff. He was only 35, but already a junior executive with the company. He was a bachelor, good looking and charming. Word around the office was he was going to make full executive within months.

Dan was flirting with Jillian and she was joyously toying with his attention. She was allowing him to keep his arm around her hips while standing with my other colleagues. More than a few times I saw Jillian sitting on the sofa and having a drink with Dan, His hands were constantly brushing her legs, his fingers lingering on her thighs.

I couldn't focus on trying to pitch Takashi our company. I was alone by the bar, beginning to fix myself a drink when Glenn approached me. "What the hell's going on, Meyers?" Glenn was standing close enough to me that I could smell the scotch on his breath. He looked a little drunk and very angry. "Takashi's looking bored. He's practically yawning in your face. I've had Janet in the kitchen for half the party talking with Takashi's wife about shrimp rolls. I'd ask your wife to help out, but she looks too busy flirting with half the party."

I followed Glenn's look across the living room. Jillian was standing with three of my colleagues. She was having a drink with them and laughing loudly. One of the men had his hand lingering along the small of Jillian's back.

"Get her under control, Meyers," Glenn growled at me. "And get Takashi to sign with the firm. If you can't, maybe I should get Dan Radcliff to do it." Glenn walked away from me. Now I was more nervous than ever. I poured myself a very strong drink, hoping it would help with my confidence.

I walked over to where Jillian was. One of my colleagues, Brad Gardner, had his arm around Jillian's side, his hand near the curve of her breast. Brad's wife Elaine was standing next to Brad and looked rather displeased. Jillian was reaching out and touching Brad's chest, her fingers on his tie.

"I just love this tie, Brad," Jillian cooed as she leaned closer to him. "Where did you get it?"

"I bought it for him for our anniversary last year," Elaine replied, her tone slightly icy, to which Jillian completely ignored.

I cleared my throat and had a drink of my cocktail, trying not to cough at the heavy alcohol mixture. "Um...Jillian, may I speak with you please?"

Jillian glanced over at me. "Henry, don't be rude. Brad is telling a joke right now." She held out her empty glass to me. "Why don't you fix me another drink?"

I tried my best to assert myself. "Honey, I think you may have had enough drinks for tonight."

Jillian gave me an indignant look. "What would you know about it? You've been too busy kissing that new client's ass the entire party to pay any attention to me." She made this comment, somewhat slurring her words, but loud enough for some of the guests at the party to notice. I even saw Glenn scowling from across the room. I was too embarrassed to respond. "Never mind," Jillian continued. "If you won't fix me a drink, I'll make one myself."

Jillian walked away from us, just slightly weaving in her strappy high heels. The moment she stepped over to the bar, she was flirting with two men standing there. I was left standing with Brad, his wife Elaine, and two other guests. They all ignored me and walked off in different directions. I gulped down my drink, my throat burning and eyes stinging from the strong alcohol.

I've never been much of a drinker. Already I was feeling a bit dizzy and drunk. When I turned around I saw Glenn and Dan Radcliff standing with Mr. Takashi. Brad was talking with Takashi, who was smiling agreeably. Dan handed Takashi his business card and he accepted it. Before I knew what I was doing, I went back to the bar and poured myself a very stiff drink.

As the party continued, I found myself more drunk than I'd ever been. Some time past midnight, most of the guests had gone. Glenn's wife Janet was still in the kitchen with Ted's wife, Martha. Glenn and Dan Radcliff were having brandy at the mini bar. Jillian was flirting with Brad Gardner, who was by now drunkenly trying to flirt back with her even while his wife Elaine was standing right next to him in the den. I found myself slumped in one of the chairs next to Ted.

I remember that Glenn and Dan started having a bit of a loud debate about business. It went on for a few moments until Jillian wandered said, "Oh, why don't you two get it over already and just take your pricks out to see who's the biggest one."

Glenn and Dan both laughed. Brad was quick to join them while next to him, Elaine looked offended. Glenn leered at Jillian, "Jillian, if I took it out, you wouldn't know what to do with it." Brad laughed even more.

Jillian moved closer toward Glenn and Dan. "Oh really, I bet you couldn't even get it up without a whole bottle of Viagra."

Within moments Glenn and Jillian were trading heated put-downs. Dan and Brad laughed, both of them seemingly to side with Glenn, but always encouraging Jillian when she haughtily insulted Glenn right back.

Brad's wife Elaine was beginning to look very upset. "She acts like such a tease," she hissed at Brad. She pulled on Brad's arm, but he brushed her off. Elaine gave a spiteful glare at Jillian and stormed out of the den.

I was still sitting across the room with Ted. I felt very drunk and dizzy,

The tone of Glenn and Jillian's banter suddenly shifted. I heard Glenn say, "Alright, you little tease, you want to see it? Here it is." And then he was unzipping his slacks and his cock sprung out of his zipper.

The room went silent. I've never seen Jillian so speechless. She was just staring at Glenn's large, already semi-erect cock hanging fully out of the front of his slacks. The others seemed both shocked and uncomfortable. Next to me, Ted sat up in his chair, "What is he..?"

Glenn didn't even look across the room at me. He grinned at Jillian. "What's the matter, Jilly? Why don't you get a closer look?" Glenn grabbed Jillian by the arm and pulled her toward him. It seemed to me at that very same moment, Dan pushed her toward Glenn as well. Glenn pulled Jillian against him and dragged her down until his cock was right in her face.

Jillian was too tipsy to react. She clung to Glenn's hips to keep from falling. Her mouth was open in such surprise as if she was about to say something, but Glenn grabbed her hair and pushed his cock right past her lips, forcefully making Jillian suck him.

Dan Radcliff laughed with glee. Brad's jaw dropped in awe. Sitting next to me, Ted's glass of water fell to the carpet. He looked over at me, "Henry are you..." Ted voice trailed off. I was stunned, I couldn't move from my chair. I felt my stomach churning but I couldn't take my eyes off what was happening.

Glenn had his hands in Jillian's hair. He was practically fucking her mouth. The only sounds in the room were the wet, slurping/gagging Jillian was making and Glenn's heavy breathing. "That's right, you little tease," he growled down at her. "Suck it. It's about time someone shoved his cock into your mouth to shut you up."

After a few moments, Glenn pulled his glistening cock from Jillian's lips. He reached down and grabbed her under her arms, roughly pulling her to her feet. Jillian was helpless as he spun her around and seized her hips. Glenn manhandled her across the den, pushing her to the sofa and bending her over the back of it. He lifted Jillian's skirt to her hips, exposing her tiny black lace thong. He grabbed her thong and ripped it right off, dropping the flimsy material to the floor. Glenn thrust his cock between her legs and began fucking Jillian over the back of the sofa.

Ted got up from his chair next to me. He went to the den's door and slid it shut, locking it. He remained by the door while Glenn continued to fuck my wife harder than I ever have. Jillian's hair hung in her face and I couldn't see her expression, but I could hear her beginning to moan. I didn't know how to react. Tears were welling up in my eyes, but at the same time, I felt myself getting hard.

Dan Radcliff and Brad Gardner were watching Glenn fucking Jillian. Brad was actually touching himself through his slacks. Dan moved forward to the sofa to stand in front of Jillian. He put one foot on the cushions and undid his belt. Dan grabbed Jillian's hair and shoved his cock into Jillian's mouth.

Glenn began fucking Jillian even harder, "That's right, Dan," he ordered. "Show that stupid little tease how to use her mouth!"

I was frozen in my chair. I could only watch as Glenn vigorously fucked Jillian over the back of the sofa. His hands were now on her hips, holding her tight as he thrust into her. Dan was pumping Jillian's face while he fondled her bare breasts. Jillian's moans were muffled by Dan's cock deep in her mouth.

Brad shuffled over to the sofa. His pants slacks were down around his ankles and he was stroking himself. He stood near Dan and rubbed the tip of his cock in Jillian's face as she sucked Dan. Within moments Brad groaned and his cum spurted across Jillian's cheek and hair. He stumbled back, desperately trying to stroke himself hard again.

Dan took his cock from Jillian's mouth. Thick drops of cum dripped over Jillian's lips and down her neck. He grabbed her hair and forced wiped the his waning erection across her face.

At that same moment Glenn pulled himself from between Jillian's legs. He grunted and came in thick drops across her ass and hiked skirt. He slapped her ass and shoved himself away from her, already zipping himself up.

Jillian was left bent halfway over the sofa. She seemed out of it and was still moaning, her clothes half off, It was at that moment that I finally snapped to it. I stood up and staggered over to Jillian. I pulled her to me and clumsily tired to fix her stained top and skirt.

"Hey, Meyers, forgetting this?" Dan Radcliff threw Jillian's torn thong at me. It hit me in the face and fell to the floor. Glenn and Dan laughed. As I kept Jillian against me and dragged her from the den, I noticed Brad bending down to scoop Jillian's thong off the floor and into his pocket

I pulled Jillian to the den's door. Ted was still standing there, obviously sweating in his suit. His gaze was on Jillian even as he opened the den door for us. I kept Jillian in my arms even as she passed out, dragging her away from the den.

As I pulled my wife toward the front door, I could see Glenn and Brad and Ted's wives standing in the kitchen archway. They were whispering among themselves, their shameful glances cast my way. I kept half-carrying Jillian to the front door and out of the house, Down the driveway we went until we were at our car. By now Jillian was passed out, but still moaning. I put her into the car and quickly got in, driving away.

And my life hasn't been the same.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/26/18

The story is erotic, pornographic. It also is short & sweet (or short & dirty!?). I gave it a 4.2/5 (84%)

When my wife was 35, her 50 y/o boss (the CEO at that) had the hots for her big time & then some.
She would always tell me whenever he complimented her, what he said, everything.
A trade show was comingmore...

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by Anonymous04/16/18


My boss took my wife. We have the same first names. My wife and I were home when my boss dropped by. He is also a very dear friend of mine. I noticed some tension whenever the two of them were in themore...

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by Anonymous12/04/17

Hard core, pornographic, short & sweet.

I agree with a number of comments that the scenario is based on true events (with a bit of exaggeration).

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by rightbank06/20/17

I agree with

A Different Ending

If my boss took my wife he could keep her.

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