My Bottom and Me


I was extremely happy with the results. The feeling of the vibe slightly stretching my ass, combined with its vibrations and those produced by another vibe on my clit, resulted in a very nice "happy ending." It was my first anal orgasm and if nothing else, I had confirmed that I was able to receive pleasure from my ass. It was, by my own reckoning, a very good and intense orgasm, as compared to other self-induced orgasms. I particularly liked the feeling of my ass clenching around the vibe as I was cumming.

As I said before, this was largely a confidence building exercise for me and I had reached a first crucial step. Actually, there were two steps achieved. The enema had solved my cleanliness hang up, and the vibe had reassured me that my ass was more than capable of producing sexual pleasure. I hadn't felt self-conscious at all about any hygiene issues and was happy to see that there wasn't a mess to clean up on either my fingers of the vibe.

On the downside, the vibe did not really solve my hands free issues. I resolved to explore other toys and masturbation options that may be a solution to that issue. I devoted some thought to that as I lay in bed, basking in the afterglow, and allowing my mind to devote itself to problem solving. I came up with a few ideas before drifting off into a sexually satiated slumber.

I awoke the following morning and having a full day planned. I didn't really have the time to devote to further exploration. Instead, I limited myself to a quick orgasm with the assistance of the water from a hand held shower massager, one of my favorite "quickie" techniques. I did devote a little extra time to making sure my ass was clean of any residual lube that may have left over from the previous evening. I also remembered to clean the vibe with some antibacterial soap that I had brought along for that purpose.

As I said, I had a busy day and didn't really get a chance to think much about my "project" until much later that evening. When I got back to hotel, after eating a small dinner alone, I got out of my clothes and began to prepare myself again. Following my bath, I decided to try to use the enema bag instead of the Fleets. I set about preparing it by first determining a water temperature. I finally found the right mix of hot and cold water that approached a temp that was slightly higher than body temperature. I then added a mild detergent called Castile that had been recommended in one of my online searches. Not knowing any better, I filled the two quart bag completely with the thought that I could shut it off if it got too much for me. I hung it from the shower curtain bar with some rope that I had brought so that it wasn't too high and the resulting pressure too great. After lubing my bottom and the applicator tip, I assumed what is called the "Sim's position" which was on my side, with my top leg bent, and the bottom one out stretched on a towel on the floor.

The tip was soon in my ass and I found that I had to hold it in place so that it wouldn't slip out. I decided that I may have over done it some and to try using a little less lube next time. I released the clip on the hose and soon felt the warm water filling my ass. I stopped and started the flow several times, again following the online suggestions. This allowed my rectum to fill and then drain into my colon. Towards the end, I felt really full and felt some cramping begin. I had been forewarned about this during my research and it was not unexpected. I stopped the flow until the cramps lessened while massaging my belly. I was somewhat amazed when I looked up and saw that the bag was empty. I had taken the entire two quarts. When I looked down, I was also amazed to see a noticeable bulge in my abdomen. I rubbed by belly and for the first time took stock of how I felt. The feeling of fullness was somewhat enjoyable and maybe arousing to some degree after I had gotten past the cramps. My other hand moved to my breasts and I caressed them as I laid there and absorbed the sensations coming from my abdomen.

After several minutes, I got up and waddled to the toilet. When I released the tight clench of my sphincter, the liquid flowed out in a gush. Actually, it came in a series of gushes. I thought it would never stop, but it finally did. I then prepared a clear water flush and repeated the process. The cramps were not as bad this time and I thought it went even easier than the first time.

After I had finished the flush and emptying process, I moved to the bedroom again. As I walked, I noticed something else. I have since referred to it mentally as the "cleaned out feeling" that I get from an enema. This was not something I noted with the smaller Fleets. It actually felt pretty darn good. Not only was I confident of my cleanliness, I felt good about the way I had emptied myself. Perhaps it was a side benefit of enemas, and a pleasant one at that.

I repeated the previous night's preparations and soon had two lubed fingers in my ass. This time I tried moving them so as to stretch my rear opening a bit and even finger fucked myself for a while. I had decided to try a small anal plug that I had bought. That turned out to be a not very successful experiment. While I was able to insert it without much difficulty, it wasn't large enough to stay in place without holding it, and the lube caused it to pop out frequently. I found a solution to this and dug out a tight thong from my bag. Once I had the thong wrapped around my thighs, I reinserted the plug and pulled the thong into place so that the strap that passed between the cheeks of my ass pushed against the base of the plug and kept it in place. That worked well, I instantly decided.

I grabbed one of my erotic books and decided to read for a while with the plug in. I occasionally gripped the plug with my ass and I found the feeling to be a turn on. When my arousal, from both the plug and my reading material, reached a sufficient level, I added a vibrating egg to the front of the thong. The thong held it in place against my clit when I pressed my thighs together and I went back to reading. I slowly increased the power level on the egg as I got more aroused and got more into the story that I was reading. I was soon pinching my nipples with one hand, using my other to hold my book, and rapidly approaching orgasm. What followed, to say the least, was a very satisfying finish. I found that I particularly enjoyed repeatedly squeezing down on the plug in my ass as the sensations of the orgasm flowed through my body.

I had to quickly shut off the vibe that was still buzzing away against my over sensitive clit. I decided to leave the plug in place for a while as I laid there while recovering from my orgasm and enjoying the after glow.

It was still relatively early and I wasn't yet ready for sleep. I suddenly had an idea, took the egg and placed it in the small hollow at the base of the plug, and then wrapped the thong strap over it to keep it in place. This caused the front of the thong to press tightly against my pussy, which was somewhat enjoyable in itself. The tightness of the strap caused the plug to push even deeper into my ass. I turned on the power to the plug and felt the vibrations transferred to the plug, which in turn vibrated in my ass. This became a favorite technique that I would repeat many times and with numerous variations. I returned to my reading and again slowly increased the power level as my arousal grew.

Sooner than I had expected, my arousal was at a fever pitch and I couldn't help but toss my book aside and shoved my hand into the thong to fondle my clit and pussy lips. That quickly had the desire effect and I fired off into another, even more intense orgasm. My climax left me panting for breath and moaning softly as I languished in its warm afterglow. I was done for the night and after removing the thong, egg, and plug, I wrapped them in a handy washcloth to be cleaned later, and fell into a wonderful sleep.

The following day was another hectic one that generally followed the pattern of my prior day. It was my last full day on the road and I was happy to be heading home the following day. I did have a few spare moments to myself and I used them to plan that evenings anal experiments.

I used the bag again that night and again noted the "cleaned out" feeling. I was quickly beginning to appreciate that as time went on. I recall lying on the floor with a swollen belly thinking that I would save my remaining Fleets for times when I needed a fast clean out. The bag had quickly become my preferred method.

I did two experiments that evening. The first was using anal beads in my ass. I had a little bit of trouble getting them into my ass with my slippery, lubed fingers. I decided that having a lover help me put them in would be a lot more practical. While they were not that large and they didn't really "stretch" me, I did become a fan of them when I pulled them out of my ass as I reached my peak. The added sensation of my sphincter opening and closing around them as I slowly pulled them out, one at a time, while my sphincter was simultaneously spasming in orgasm was a very delightful addition to my climax.

The second experiment involved a medium sized dildo that was about the size of an smallish penis. I was somewhat enthusiastic in my use of it and it was the first time I really got the feeling that comes from having my ass "fucked." It was also the first time that I felt a little stretched. I took my time inserting it, slowly inching it in, between pauses to allow myself to relax enough to accept more of it. That in itself was a valuable lesson.

Fucking my ass with the dildo was a huge turn on and I couldn't help but fantasize that it was a flesh and blood cock attached to a real man in my ass, and not a latex imitation. However, it wasn't sufficient by itself to drive me over the peak to orgasm. A few deft strokes of a finger on my clit was all it took to solve that problem. As I was quivering in orgasm, I imagined the feeling of a hard cock throbbing as it came in my ass.

When I was getting ready to depart the next morning, I threw a medium sized plug and the lube in my carry on bag, almost as an after thought. I had a breakfast meeting appointment and I was soon after it concluded I was on my way to the airport. As I was driving to the airport I noticed a large adult "emporium" on the way. On a whim, I decide to pull in and kill some time before my flight. I again browsed the toy section and saw one thing that really got my attention. It was a dildo, about 8 inches long and fairly thick. It was not remarkable, or different from a similar sized one I already had except for the fact that it had a suction cup on the bottom. The suction cup could be used to securely attach it to almost any solid surface. As I looked at it, I flashed back to the full feeling of the medium sized dildo I had used. On one level, it scared me, while on another it excited me with the idea of its bulk buried in my ass. I decided to get it. If it didn't work out as an anal toy I thought it would still work well in my pussy.

The other item that caught my attention was something called a contour T vibrator. It looked like I could probably hold it in my ass without a hand and it had a cross piece that prevented it from going in too far and getting lost. I didn't really have a vibe that was designed for my ass and was quickly adding it to my growing collection.

I packed my new purchases away in the bottom of my suitcase and was soon on my way home. When I got to the airport and checked in, I went to the bathroom. As I was sitting on the toilet, I saw my overnight bag sitting there at my feet in the stall and I had an idea. I retrieved the plug and lube and I soon had the plug lubed up. I squatted over the toilet and lubed my ass as well. I had, by this point, figured out how much lube to use. I used enough to get the job done, but not so much that it created a mess or caused the toy to slip out easily.

The medium plug was the largest toy I had used so far. When I got ready to insert it, I had to summon a certain degree of courage to do so. I calmed myself mentally when I realized my anxiety was only going to make relaxing more difficult. I went through a little calming exercise that I had learned from a former lover that was into yoga.

I nestled the tip of the plug against the opening of my ass and tried to push it in. I quickly met resistance. Part of the problem was the way I was bent over in the confines space of the stall. I rethought my approach and then placed the base of the plug on the toilet seat. Holding the base of the plug, I squatted over it and used my weight to sit down on the plug, thus forcing it in deeper. The first few inches went in OK. I then reached a point where the stretching turned to pain. I stopped and refocused on relaxing. I tried to continue and made it another inch or so before I had to stop again. I repeated this several times. The pain got to the point where it never went completely away but at least it decreased to a manageable level. To be honest, the pain, at least in its milder forms, was almost a turn on. It certainly kept me focused on what I was doing and the "naughty" nature of my actions. I had to try hard to keep from making any noise. My body wanted to groan with both pain and pleasure but my mind forced me to remain quiet. The groans turned into almost inaudible whimpers.

I finally reached the point, after what seemed like forever, where my ass was stretched around the widest point of the plug. With one final settling of my hips, my ass closed around the neck of the plug and it was firmly planted inside me. I gasped as the feeling in my ass changed from one of pain and unending stretching to one of complete fullness.

I rested for a moment and then prepared to make my exit towards the gate. I had to rotate the plug slightly so that the based rested between the cheeks of my ass. I pulled up my thong and made sure the strap covered the based of the plug even though I was sure that I wouldn't have the same slippage problem I had with the smaller plug. The larger difference in size between the neck and width of the plug was more than enough to keep it locked in my ass until I was ready to take it out.

Walking through the airport was an interesting experience, even more so because I was wearing heels. I admit that my heart skipped a few beats as I went through the security checkpoint but managed to calm myself with the thought that the plug did not contain any metal that could be picked up by the metal detector. Of course, my gate was all the way at the end of a long concourse and every step was a reminder of the plug in my ass. I forced myself to focus on the details of picking up my boarding pass and not on the wicked sensations coming from ass.

My timing was perfect. The time I killed at the adult store and in the restroom got me to the gate just minutes before my flight was boarding and I was soon walking down the jet-way, finding my seat, storing my carry-on, and getting myself situated. I was in my preferred window seat and the flight was not full. An elderly lady sat on the aisle and the middle seat was unoccupied. For the first time since inserting it, I was able to focus on the fullness invading my ass. The airline seat and thong provided enough pressure to keep it pressed deep in my ass. I started to relax and clench my ass muscles around the plug and felt myself getting turned on. My mind wandered as I did so, and I found that I was aroused by the idea of the secret use of the toy while being surrounded by all the people in the cramped confines of the plane.

The elderly lady tried to engage me in conversation. I struggled with maintaining my composure as she went into detail about her visit to see her grandkids. I felt the moisture saturating the fabric of my thong as she showed me pictures of her beloved and I squeezed my thighs together in time with the contractions of my anal muscles. I just put on my most tolerant smile and complimented her on having such a lovely family. In reality, I was looking at the pictures of her attractive son and daughter-in-law and thinking lewd thoughts of them rolling in bed with me. Fantasies of her son pounding my ass while the cute face of the daughter-in-law was buried between my thighs filled my head. Those thoughts certainly did not help the moist condition of my panties.

I finally had more than I could stand. I excused myself, squeezed by the older woman; my plug filled ass just inches from her face, and made my way to the lavatory. Within seconds of latching the door to the lavatory, my dress was pulled up and my fingers were jammed into the thong and strumming happily away on my clit. I must have under estimated my level of arousal. It was just a few moments before I had reached my peak and came hard. I struggled to remain quiet as bolts of pleasure shot through my body. The muscles in both my ass and pussy spasmed in sympathetic harmony as my orgasm crashed upon me.

I somehow managed to clean up a little bit afterwards. A wad of toilet paper was in place in my panties, soaking up the fluids still leaking from my pussy. I touched up my makeup and brushed my hair. Content that I looked at least half-way presentable once again, I returned to the cabin. I was happy to see that the older woman was napping when I returned. I managed to squeeze by her without waking her. Once back in my seat, I allowed myself to enjoy the warm glow of post-orgasmic relaxation and nodded off myself.

The rest of my trip home was unremarkable except for the fact that the presence of the plug kept me at a simmering low level of arousal. I have since come to the conclusion, after wearing it many times in public under similar circumstances, that the arousal is partly due to the physical sensations, but also from the idea of "secretly" wearing it in public. I suppose it may be somewhat similar to the thrill that an exhibitionist gets from flashing in public. Exhibitionism has never really been my thing, but I like to think I am honest enough with myself about my sexuality to see the similarities.

I learned one more valuable lesson from that experience. Lube has a tendency to dry out over time and removing the plug was not as easy as I had thought. I once again improvised and took it out in the shower. Once the bulge was past my opening, it slid out easily. That has become somewhat of standard operating procedure for me when I leave it in for a prolonged period. I was a little shocked at the feeling of "emptiness" I felt after removing it. The smaller toys I had used before that time had only left me with a hint of that feeling. To be honest, I have come to think of it as one of my least favorite things about anal sex. All in all though, it is not so bad as to outweigh the other more pleasurable aspects of anal eroticism.

The rest of the week was busy with preparing reports and my sex life was basically put on hold until the following weekend. I did, however, plan to devote a good part of the weekend to exploring. Other than a few domestic chores, my lame social life left with me with plenty of time to devote to my new fascination with anal eroticism. I looked forward to it with all the enthusiasm of a new devotee'. By that point, I was far past the curious stage. I was definitely hooked.

Saturday started early with a shower and a quick orgasm, thanks to my handy hand-held shower-head. I decided to go ahead and treat myself to an enema. Getting dressed to go out and run some errands to the grocery store, car wash and dry cleaners included inserting the medium plug once again. It went in a little easier and quicker, but I still struggled some with the largest part of it.

I couldn't help but fantasize about a few attractive men and women I passed in the grocery store. I imagined that they knew I had the plug in my ass and how they would react. Would they be shocked, aroused, or just think me weird, I asked myself? The cute, young clerk at the dry cleaners was a mini-fantasy all to herself. I imagined her licking my ass while she retrieved my clothes and took my money. I felt my juices trickling down my thigh from my saturated panties as I walked back to my car. The self service car wash was another new experience. I learned that I liked being physical activity while wearing the plug. I felt the need to clench down on the plug while I was moving and stretching as I washed my car so that it wouldn't slip out. Needless to say, I was very turned on by the time I got back to my apartment. I forced myself to restrain my need to masturbate until I had finished putting away groceries and my dry cleaning.

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