My Bottom and Me


What followed was another lovely session of self loving. My ever faithful, AC powered massager vibe on my clit, the plug in my ass, and a favorite lesbian porn video were the perfect combination that I needed to meet my immediate need for satisfaction. I came to three or four very satisfying orgasms that left me glad that I had remembered to put a towel underneath me. I was totally wiped out afterwards and fell asleep with the plug still buried deep in my ass.

I awoke later that afternoon and was instantly aware of the pressure in my back side. Looking at the clock, I noted the time and was concerned that I might have left it in too long. A quick shower took care of that. Feeling refreshed and hungry I prepared a meal. The bagel that I had that morning was long gone and my earlier activity had left me in need of energy.

I spent the rest of what was left of the day dealing with domestic chores. I noticed that I attacked the chores with an unusual degree of enthusiasm. I also recognized the fact that I was eager to get them done so that I could return to more enjoyable activities in my bed. It seems as if I had discovered a new form of motivation and reward. In the back of my mind, I was constantly reminded of the new dildo I had bought while on the road. It had been unpacked, washed and sat unused, waiting for me in my nightstand drawer with the rest of my growing toy collection. As I cleaned and did laundry, my mind was occupied with thoughts of how it might be best employed. By the time I was done, a rough plan had been formed in my mind. I would later wear the plug while doing housework and found it an enjoyable way to do what I otherwise thought of as a menial, boring drudgery. The combination of physical activity and wearing the plug would work as well at home as it had at the car wash. It certainly made vacuuming a lot more fun.

After I was done, I forced myself to take some time to relax before beginning my next session. A couple of glasses of wine added to my level of relaxation. I used the time to prepare for the next event as thoughts of the dildo danced in my head.

When I had reached the point where I was too horny to hold off any longer, I set my plan in motion. My earlier preparations had included placing a wooden chair in my bedroom in front of the TV. On a nearby stool, I had a full glass of wine, my vibrating egg and a bottle of lube within easy reach. One of my new anal sex DVD's was in the player. Finally, the new suction based dildo was sitting in the chair. I had already made a trip to the bathroom and emptied my bladder. I had also moved an antique floor mirror so that it was strategically placed and it allowed me to watch myself. I was ready for a night of fun and pleasure. My nipples were tight, my pussy fluttering, and my ass clenching in anticipation. Because I had more time to devote to the session, I had decided on a different game plan. Rather than rush towards anal sex, I decided on saving it for dessert. I planned on devoting some attention to my neglected pussy first.

I licked the suction cup of the dildo and with a squelch of air it was quickly anchored to the seat of the chair. I applied a thin coat of lube to it, wiping the excess onto my already engorged pussy lips. I had hung a moist washcloth on the back of the chair and I used it to remove the residue. I hit play on the DVD player remote and as the obligatory promos played, I straddled the chair and managed to seat the head of the dildo into the opening of my pussy. I slowly allowed myself to slide down, and the dildo did a good job of filling and stretching me. Its girth was sufficient to stretch my pussy to an enjoyable degree and it's length was enough to reach far enough into me to be nice without bruising my cervix. I just sat there for a few moments, absorbing the feeling of the dildo inside me and contracting my pussy muscles around it. I do recall thinking that this was a nice way to practice my kegel exercises.

By that time the movie had started and the thin opening plot soon dissolved into the first sex scene. I started to hump on the dildo, riding it, and imagining it was a flesh and blood cock. I started slowly, only moving back and forth so that it further stretched my pussy. By the time the first scene of the movie had reached its peak, I was thrusting up and down on the invading monster. My moans of pleasure mixed with those of the buxom, blond porno starlet coming from the TV as her ass was spread and fucked by a typical, well hung, porno stud. I had somehow managed to retrieve the egg and it was humming away in my hand, which had moved to my swollen, exposed clit.

The sensations produced by the egg and dildo, as well as my free hand playing with my nipple, were quickly bringing me to my peak. I realized that I was coordinating my climb to ecstasy with that of the actress on the TV. If her passion was faked, it was not evident, I was happy to note. Fake female orgasms were one of my turn-offs about most commercial porn. Her enthusiasm was clear, as was her eager participation. I watched her driving her hips back to meet the large cock filling her ass and it caused me to increase the tempo and length of the thrusts of the dildo into my pussy. My legs were burning from the exertion of fucking myself, but it only added to the experience.

The actress's on-screen orgasm was quickly followed by own, following her only seconds later. It seemed like she was the catalyst that helped me find my own release. Her cries melted into my own as we both seemed to share our pleasure. My eyes drifted to the mirror and I watched my body spasm and writhe atop the dildo as I convulsed through my orgasm.

I paused the DVD and settled back down on the dildo which was still embedded in my quivering pussy. The egg had long since been discarded during my orgasm and was annoyingly buzzing away on the stool. My over-sensitive clit couldn't handle more of its vibrations. I sat back against the back of the chair and allowed myself to rest. I was still shivering with the after shocks of what had been a very good orgasm and my mind was enshrouded in clouds of post-orgasmic bliss. When I was able to do so, I looked at myself in the mirror and noted that I looked like I had melted into the chair. The base of the dildo just barely peeked out between my thighs and was coated with a heavy layer of my juices that shone in the soft light from the paused DVD.

I managed to rouse myself enough to shut off the increasingly annoying buzz of the egg and grab my wine glass for a sip. My mouth and throat were dry, no doubt the result of my loud moans, groans, and eventual screams of release. My head cleared a bit and I felt the lactic acid burn in my calves, thighs, and ass. I remember thinking that it was better than 30 minutes on the stair climber at the gym, and a lot more fun. I relaxed for a few more minutes and finalized my plans for what would come next. My ass was twitching, almost as if it knew that its turn was coming.

I slowly became more eager to proceed. I re-lubed the dildo, this time a little more heavily, although it was still wet from my pussy. That was soon followed by one, then two lubed fingers in my ass and I applied a bit more lube around the opening. I grabbed for the washcloth and wiped the excess from my hands. I was all ready for Act II of the evening's performance.

I hit play on the DVD player just before I re-straddled the dildo and placed it at the opening to ass. I gasped as the sizeable head slowly slid through my sphincter and it closed around it. I continued inching downwards slowly as the shaft filled me. I once again felt the odd mixture of pleasure and pain that came from having my ass stretched and penetrated. Finally, after what seemed like long minutes, I felt the cool surface of the chair against my ass cheeks and I knew that I had it all in me. I stopped and analyzed the sensations and considered the experience. The dildo was thick, but not as thick as the medium plug. I wasn't stretched nearly as much as I had been by the plug but it did reach a lot deeper and I could feel it buried in the depths of my gut. My previous orgasm had seemed to help me relax and made a note to explore that more later. I suddenly realized that the dildo was bigger than the majority of men and I had had little trouble accepting it in my back door. Perhaps I might be ready for the real thing, I thought.

That thought only lasted for a moment before my thought returned to my more immediate needs. I looked at the mirror and saw my ass flattened against the chair and my tilted pussy, exposed, wet, swollen, and gaping. I reached over and grabbing the egg, inserting it in my pussy. I left it turned off for the moment but enjoyed the feeling of it inside me. It exerted a little pressure against my slowly swelling G-spot and I clenched down on it with my PC muscles.

The sound from the TV re-directed my attention in that direction. I took a moment to figure out what was happening on the DVD. A lithe, athletic looking brunette with short hair and firm, small breasts was preparing to slide her strap on dildo into the ass of the blond kneeling in front of her. The target of her strap on was in turn engaged in an enthusiastic 69 with a buxom redhead beneath her. My arousal was suddenly jolted up several notches as I took in the scene before me. This definitely pushed some of my bisexual buttons and even came close to a few of my wilder erotica inspired fantasies.

Almost subconsciously, I began to ride the dildo that was buried in my rear passage as I watched the developing action on the screen before me. I could almost see the blond relaxing as the dildo slid into her butt. The dildo was not nearly as thick as the one in my own ass, but she seemed to be more than able to easily accept it. Her groans into the pussy of the redhead certainly seemed to indicate her enjoyment of being penetrated.

Before I realized it, I was thrusting up and down on the dildo and taking half of it on every stroke. I turned the egg on low and welcomed the sensation of it slowly throbbing against my G-spot.

The brunette on the DVD was rapidly thrusting into the blonde and I matched her pace on my own dildo without even thinking about it. My body seemed to be on autopilot. My mind was also on autopilot. Various scenes and fantasies flashed through my mind: the brunette fucking me, my fantasy man taking my ass for the first time, the tongue of the redhead pleasuring my clit. It all jumbled together in a mixed up collage of erotic images. My eyes glanced over to the mirror and I almost didn't recognize the woman it was reflecting. My hair was sweaty and plastered to my scalp. My entire body glistened with perspiration and I briefly became fixated on the obscene image of the dildo as I repeatedly drove it deep into my ass with increasing enthusiasm. I was the total image of sexual abandonment and need; an image that both shocked and further aroused me.

I had increased the length of the thrusts to the point that the head of the dildo was pressing against the inner rings of my sphincter on the up strokes. I turned up the egg to medium power and it obediently responded to my needs. I experimented with clenching my muscles of my pussy and ass in time to the thrusts and was pleasantly surprised with the resulting sensations. I recognized the signs of my approaching orgasm. The burn in the muscles of my legs and ass returned but it seemed to just melt into all the other sensations that were flooding my body. I hadn't touched my clit for fear that it would set me off too soon. I was that close and I didn't want this new experience to end just yet. I was happily experiencing what I sometimes call an "almost orgasm," and I wasn't ready to give that up.

Previously, my hands had either been resting on my thighs or the seat of the chair, assisting my lower body in rising and lowering myself on the chair. I moved them to my breasts and they softly caressed the curves of my tits. This was just a tease. My nipples craved attention. Soon, my fingers were pulling and pinching my engorged nips and bolts of lightning seemed to flow directly from them to my clit. The result was that I was pushed to the very edge of orgasm. I existed on the precipice, waiting for the coup de gras that was all I needed to give the release I increasingly needed.

All the while, the scene on the DVD was ratcheting up in intensity. I could see the blonde's ass cheeks clinching in synchronicity with the thrusts of the brunette. Her moans of pleasure increased in volume as a result of the dual action of the dildo and the redhead's talented mouth. It seemed as if she was on the edge of her own ultimate conclusion. Her screams of release into the redhead's pussy pushed me over the edge and my hand fell from my nipple and attacked my clit. I thrust the dildo hard into my ass and felt my own orgasm flow through my body like molten lava. I came, and came hard. My inflamed body jerked and thrashed while remaining anchored to the latex cock impaling my asshole. My mind flashed to the vision of a male lover's cock swelling, throbbing, and unloading his hot semen into the depths of my ass.

I slumped back in the chair and floated for a long while in the fog of my post-orgasmic haze. The sounds from the DVD droned in the background and the egg buzzed on in my pussy. It was a while before I could manage to shut it off, and only after it had become a nuisance.

I looked at myself in the mirror once again. Two things struck me in that image. The first was that I was a total wreck. I rarely recalled a time when I looked so totally disheveled. The second was how totally fucked I looked. I had what I called that "rode hard and put up wet" look that I usually only associated with my most satisfying and energetic sexual romps with a talented lover. It was not the look that I had ever previously associated with masturbation.

My ass was sore, but not in a totally unpleasant way. The soreness seemed to blend in with the other tingles and after shocks that I felt. I clenched my ass on the dildo a few times and it seemed to set off a new round of post orgasm tremors in my body.

I finally decided that I needed to make a move and clean myself up. I was once again reminded of the empty feeling as I stood and allowed the dildo to slide from my ass. I noted that the chair was covered in my juices. I had squirted, as I often do when I have a really intense cum. This is especially true when my G-sport is being stimulated. After wiping up the fluid, I turned and looked at my ass in the mirror, expecting to see a gaping chasm. My anus had already closed and other than the shine of some left over lube, you couldn't really tell that I had just fucked my ass to oblivion and back.

I took care of a few housekeeping items: turning off the TV, and grabbing the dildo and egg to be cleaned. I made my way to the bathroom and deposited them by the sink to be dealt with later. I felt the burn in my muscles as I moved and knew that it would probably be worse the following day. On top of that, my nipples ached from the self-abuse that had been administered to them. Soap and shampoo took care of my other immediate needs. I grabbed my now tepid wine as I made my way to bed. I took a few sips to quench my thirst and was soon sleeping contentedly.

I was right. I awoke the following morning and my lower body ached with the soreness that I had only experienced after my most energetic workout at the gym. My asshole was sore too after the double workout I had given it with the plug and dildo. I quickly decided that a day of rest and relaxation was called for. Admittedly, there was some regret in that decision.

I spent the majority of the day being lazy. A bagel, coffee, the Sunday paper, and morning news shows were enough to occupy my mind, at least for a while. However, that afternoon, in between paying bills and other weekend chores that a life on the road required, my mind did devote itself to some analysis of recent events.

I have always been a fairly analytical person, both at work and in my personal life. I have a hard time just taking things as they come. I need to figure out how everything fits into my life and in what cubicle it should be stored. This had often been a problem in my previous relationships and I have frequently been accused of not having a romantic bone in my body. I don't feel that is true, but everything has its place in my life. My recent sexual exploration was no different.

During this session of introspection, I came to a few conclusions. The first was that, yes, I did enjoy anal sex. I was ready to take the mental leap necessary to freely admit that, at least to myself. The second was that I was open to exploring it with future lovers, at least on a limited basis. The qualifier on that conclusion was based more on my hesitancy based on past experiences than my acceptance of future possibilities. Third, that I was ready to acknowledge, at least to my self, that anal eroticism was now officially part of my sexual repertoire. Fourth, that at least until I found a lover to share this part of me with, it would remain firmly ensconces as a part of my masturbatory life. I was left feeling content with my decisions and how they all fit into my new, more self-aware sexuality.

I thought that the experiment was a success. I had entered into it with two goals in mind. The first was to discover if I had some sort of latent anal sexuality. The second was, based on the decision of part one, to build confidence in my ability to enjoy it. The recent events had definitely satisfied both goals.

I must add, as a side note, that my earlier commitment to take a day off from sex was short lived. That night, beads were back in my ass while my big AC plug in massager did a number on my clit. The beads were a compromise, as I felt that my ass couldn't handle anything much larger, at least not without a few days rest. My session that night was much more relaxed and far less enthusiastic then the night before. My orgasm was a sweet and comforting release that was highlighted by the extraction of the beads as I reached my peak.

Anal sex continued to be a major part of my masturbation sessions after that time. While common, it was not something I used extensively as I had in the week that I just described. It was something I saved for times when I had the time to relax and enjoy. The analytical part of my brain broke masturbation down into two categories. The first were what I thought of as "housekeeping orgasms." Those were those that were necessary as part of the routine maintenance of my sexuality and body and were usually characterized as quick, goal driven sessions, often carried out in the morning as part of my preparations for the day or as a means to sleep better in the evening. The second type were my "gourmet sessions." They were those where I could devote the time and energy to explore and bring myself to a long, slow building orgasm that were usually of the more earth shattering variety. Anal sex was usually reserved for the second variety, although a finger in my ass or a small toy was not unheard of in the previous type.

As I traveled the country for my job, I often stopped in adult stores and slowly added to my anal toy collection. Some were successes and some were failures that were later discarded, or vanished in the back of a drawer, or the bottom of a box. One of these was a large plug that I found I could accept, admittedly not very comfortably, but was really out of the range that my petite frame could handle. I found that I was not the "size queen" that I thought.

Wearing the plug under my clothes became a more common event. I tried wearing it to the gym once and found that I greatly enjoyed it. I finally broke down and bought a second plug and lube that found a permanent, discrete home at the bottom of my gym bag. I also discovered a vaginal toy called duotone balls that accompanied the plug in my bag and I often alternated using them, and on rare occasions used both simultaneously. They both made my time spent pedaling away on a stationary bike more enjoyable, not to mention some of the lower body weight training machines.

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