tagGay MaleMy Boyfriend and his Bud Ch. 04

My Boyfriend and his Bud Ch. 04


Another short story but the next one is longer I promise. Also it shouldn't be as long in between stories.

I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment or send me feedback. I do my best to reply to any feedback I get unless it's anonymous because then I can't.


A few nights after their last session my Boyfriend and Pete attended their company Christmas. After hanging out for a while and having a few drinks Pete suddenly asked my boyfriend what I thought about the situation.

"What do you mean?" My boyfriend asked.

"Mariah obviously knows you are showing me her pictures and videos," Pete said just loud enough for only my boyfriend to hear, "She knows we have been helping each other out when we look at them, does she mind? How far do you think she'll let things go?"

"Honestly I don't think she'd limit anything except bringing in another girl," My boyfriend said, "Why?"

Pete didn't answer but looked off into the distance as if thinking.

"Hey I wanna see her video again, please?" Pete asked suddenly.

He'd been asking to see it again a lot because my boyfriend refused to give him a copy of it.

"Not here," My boyfriend laughed, "We can go to my place after this. Mariah is at work."

They hung out and mingled for another hour or two when Pete asked if he was ready to go. My boyfriend said sure and they got an Über home.

As soon as they got in the door they both started stripping and my boyfriend linked his phone to the TV. He set my video to loop and they sat down and started slowly stroking each other right away.

"Ahhh fuck I love hearing her moaning my name, " Pete moaned, "She is so fucking sexy."

My boyfriend could feel Pete's cock throbbing in his hand, it felt like his cock was getting even bigger.

Pete closed his eyes and moaned out "Oh fuck slow down bro oooh fuuuck"

At this point Pete had stopped stroking my boyfriend and was just holding his cock.

"I don't want to cum yet." Pete said.

My boyfriend let go of his cock and leaned back on the sofa watching me fuck myself with my dildo and moan his best friend's name. Pete was sitting there with his eyes glued to the screen breathing heavy, and kind of muttering or mouthing something to himself.

Suddenly Pete looked like he was going to stand up but instead leaned forward and took my boyfriend's cock into his mouth. My boyfriend was startled at first but then just threw his head back and moaned in pleasure as Pete started bobbing his head up and down his cock. Pete was a natural cock sucker, he was sloppily sucking up and down my boyfriend's cock not taking it all but definitely enough.

My boyfriend was loving the way Pete was sucking his cock, and watching me while getting blown by his best friend was too much for him and he was going to cum.

"Oooh fuuuuuck Pete, you're gonna make me cum!" My boyfriend warned.

Pete stopped just before it was too late letting my boyfriend's cock slip from his lips with a pop.

"I'm sorry man," Pete apologized gasping, "I've been wanting to try that since they started playing. I wasn't sure I'd be able to go through with it but fuck I'm glad I did!"

"I'm glad you did too," My boyfriend said breathlessly, "I have to admit I've been curious too.

With that he got down on the floor between his friend's knees and lowered his face to his cock slowly taking it in his mouth. My boyfriend let Pete's cock fall from his lips then slowly licked up and down Pete's shaft before taking it into his mouth again trying to take as much of Pete's huge cock as he could without deep throating. Pete had his eyes closed and was moaning he suddenly gripped the back of my boyfriend's head and made him bob up and down faster. My boyfriend stopped and came up for air gasping, and looked up at his friend. They made eye contact and they both knew what they wanted.

Pete laid on his back on the sofa and my boyfriend climbed on top of him and they 69ed right there on the sofa. It didn't take them long before they both came almost simultaneously. They both tapped the other to warn, neither was ready to actually take a load in the mouth so they rolled to their sides and began jerking each other off again.

"Fuck that's so good bro!" Pete moaned as my boyfriend's hand flew up and down his big cock.

"Ummm fuck yes," My boyfriend moaned in response, "You stroke my cock so good!"

"Don't stop you're gonna make me cum!" Pete grunted.

"I'm close too!" My boyfriend panted, don't stop I'm gonna cum!"

"Oooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" Pete moaned shooting his load all over my boyfriend's chest and hand.

" Uuuuunnnnnngggg yessssssss!" My boyfriend said almost simultaneously as he unleashed his own load all over Pete's chest.

They laid there panting covered in each other's cum. After a while they recovered, sat up and saw they were both still hard. They decided to stroke each other again but this time together, so Pete straddled my boyfriend's lap so they could push their cocks together. They sat sideways in the sofa so they could both watch the screen and still jerk their cocks. They placed their hands over their cocks needing both hands to fully grip both their cocks. Using their cum as lube they started stroking together quickly building their rhythm.

"Mariah is so fucking sexy Mike, I love the way she moans," Pete said panting, "I can't wait to take turns using her like the slut she is, to take turns fucking her over and over."

"We are going to make her beg us to let her cum," My boyfriend moaned, "We'll make her tell us how much she loves our two cocks pounding her."

"I'm gonna ruin her tight little cunt with my big dick." Pete said.

"Your cock is so big, it's gorgeous" My boyfriend said without realizing.

"Do you love my big dick?" Pete asked.

"Fuck yes I do." My boyfriend said without hesitation.

"I fucking love your cock too," Pete said, "I can't wait till we are all fucking each other."

My boyfriend came first this time grunting loud as he coated their cocks with his hot load, but Pete didn't slow at all and kept stroking them.

"Mmmm fuck I'm cumming." Pete grunted as he came all over adding yet another load to their mess.

They sat there panting as their cocks slowly shrank and they separated. They cleaned up the sofa, then took turns showering and Pete left shortly after.

It wasn't until my boyfriend was telling me the story that he realized Pete said

"till we're all fucking."

I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to take things to that level and he said he didn't know, but I could tell he was definitely considering it.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous12/11/17

Here, too! I like nothing better than having a guy's cock buried deep inside me and feeling him come!

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by Anonymous12/06/17

Good story

Feel so horny right now reading this love to 6 9 with my partner it is so natural as I love getting my cock sucked as I suck his cock at the same time. Cannot wait for the next chapter.

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by Anonymous12/04/17


I got so horny I took it up the ass from my best friend -- I love bein gay!

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