My Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me Ch. 07


Then Lewis told Emma to squeeze the vibe out. Emma struggled and Dylan told her to pretend that she was giving birth. The vibe eventually slid out and Lewis managed to catch it. As it touched his hand he shouted,

"Woah! Blood hell, that's been doing that inside your pussy since we left the hotel. I'm surprised that you've only cum 3 times."

Lewis turned to the audience and asked for another volunteer. The geek's geek mate stepped forward and Lewis gave him the vibrator. He nearly dropped it when he realised that it was vibrating.

"Put that inside Tanya." Lewis said to him.

My eyes opened wide. Lewis had just told a complete stranger, a geek at that, to push a vibrator up my pussy. I really wanted to clamp my thighs together, but they wouldn't move.

Geek 2 asked which one of us was Tanya then came over to me and gently pushed the vibe into my open hole. It was a good job that my hole was open and visible because Geek 2 looked as if he'd never been near a girl's pussy before.

Geek 2 gingerly pushed the vibe just inside me then stepped back. It wasn't far enough in and was in danger of sliding out. I tried to use my pussy muscles to pull it further in but was struggling as Lewis told Geek 2 to push it right in.

Geek 2 stepped forward and slowly slid a finger inside me and pushed it a bit further in.

"No, no, push your whole hand in and get it right up her." Lewis said.

My eyes opened wide.

Fucking hell, Lewis was telling Geek 2 to fist me. I looked down and was glad to see that Geek 2 had small hands.

Thankfully, Geek 2 didn't know what he was doing and left his thumb where it normally is. He only got his fingers inside me but his thumb was pressing on my clit. This was enough to make me cum. When I started shaking and jerking Geek 2 jumped back wondering what the hell was going on.

Just about everyone else in the audience knew what was happening and laughed at poor Geek 2.

Lewis pulled Geek 1 away from Clara's tits telling him that her tits were well and truly alive now. They looked rock hard and very wet with Geek 1's saliva. I wondered if he'd thought to chew them.

Dylan appeared with a tray of shots and beers and Lewis pulled our ball gags out of our mouths. They stood in between our spread legs and poured the drinks into our mouths. Just before they put our ball gags back in our mouths Emma said that she had to go and pee. Clara and I said that we needed to go as well so Lewis and Dylan lifted us off the bar and led us to the Gents toilet.

I was expecting to have to stand over the toilet bowl and pee, but Lewis told us to stand in front of the urinals, lean back and pee. That was a first for me and at first I found it difficult, but by the time I was about finished I was able to direct my pee where I wanted.

Another first for me was that when I'd finished Lewis got a piece of toilet roll and wiped me. He did the same for Emma and Clara as well.

A guy came in while we were there and just stood there in amazement until we left.

Shortly after we got back to the bar the group moved on to the next bar.

It was another big one but it was busier, and it had a little stage there.

Again, Lewis and Dylan got us some drinks while we were left to get groped. We were there for long enough for us to have 2 rounds of drinks. Just as we were finishing them the holiday rep got on the microphone and announced that they were going to judge the fancy dress outfits.

There must have been about a hundred people gathered around that stage.

The holiday rep got some silence the held up a piece of paper and said that it was a list of people who wanted to enter the fancy dress competition. I hoped that we weren't on that list.

One by one the people on the list were called up to the stage and 4 reps (2 male, 2 female) looked them over. The girl in the painted shorts and top was called up and she got a lot of cheers, especially as she stood up there with her legs apart. Everyone could see the shape of her labia and clitoris.

When the rep announced that there was only one more entry on the list I started to relax believing that it must be one person. My heart dropped as she read out,

"Lewis and Dylan and their slaves."

The vibe inside me was getting me close to cumming and the last thing that I needed was to have to go up on the stage for a hundred or so people to have a good look at my naked body; but Lewis and Dylan moved forward pulling us behind them.

The crowd burst into cheers and rude comments as soon as the 3 of us climbed on the stage.

We had to stand there as the rep asked Lewis and Dylan all sorts of stupid questions. It didn't help when Lewis told everyone that it was our idea for us to be naked and tied up.

What I hadn't realised when we first went on the stage was that I had stood there with my legs about 2 feet apart. When I realised how I was exposing myself I cursed my body. It was ruling my brain – again. My body was deliberately exposing my pussy; this time to about 100 people. Why are women's brains so stupid when it comes to being naked in front of men?

Half way through the stupid questions the vibe took me over the top and I closed my eyes and started cumming. If I could have screamed I would have. It would have been a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure. Why does my body crave embarrassment and humiliation?

Anyway, the 4 judges chose us as the winners and gave us 2 bottles of what was probably very cheap champagne.

The holiday rep thanked everyone and told us that the guided Pub Crawl was over and we could do our own thing. She told us that she and the other reps were going to a club and that we could join them if we wanted to.

Before she left the stage, the rep came over to us and asked us if we were going on the Bike Ride in a couple of days. Clara pushed the ball gag out of her mouth and asked,

"What Bike Ride?"

"The WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) Magaluf leg," the Rep said.

Emma's eyes lit up and I turned to make sure that I was hearing right.

"It's a Bike Ride from one end of Magaluf to the other and all the riders have to be naked. It happens in just about every big city in the world and we've decided to have one here as well. We thought that lots of you young people would be up for it. We've reserved 50 bikes and places are going fast."

"When is it?" Clara asked.

The rep told her then Clara turned to me and asked it that was the day before I went home. When I nodded, Cara turned back to the rep and told her that we'd have 3 places and that she'd sort out the money the next day.

I had mixed feelings about riding a bike, naked, through Magaluf. I'd enjoyed my bike rides with Ryan and the exercise bike in the hotel in London, but naked through the main street of Magaluf with hundreds of people watch; I wasn't sure.

I didn't have time to dwell on it for long because Lewis and Dylan led us down from the stage and told us to sit on the front edge of the stage. Lewis then told us to lay back. For some strange reason, when we did, all 3 of us opened our legs wide, it was if we wanted everyone to come up and have a close look at our dripping pussies.

I certainly wasn't expecting what happened next. Lewis opened one on the bottles of champagne. When I saw him do that I expected him to offer us a drink, but he didn't; he put his thumb over the top and shook the bottle. What he did next really surprised me even more. He held the bottle to my pussy and as he pulled his thumb off he pushed the neck of the bottle into my pussy.

The champagne erupted into my pussy and gave me one of the strangest feelings that I have ever had; strange, but nice.

Lewis then did the same with Emma and Clara. When he did it to Emma she had an orgasm.

The next thing that Lewis did surprised me as well. He shouted for 9 volunteers.

"What the hell is going on?" I thought.

When he had the 9 (6 young men and 3 girls) he split them in to 3 groups of 3. He then told 1 of each 3 to go behind us and hold our backs to their chests. Each one of them held us by our breasts (nipples in my case).

The other 2 with each of us were instructed to stand outside our legs then lift us up to about their waist height. Naturally each pair held our legs wide apart.

He then told them to carry us all round the bar, letting anyone play with our pussies if they wanted to.

Believe it or not, the girls were worse than the guys. The young men just wanted to finger fuck us, but the girls pulled and twisted our clits as well as finger fucking us hard. One slightly drunk girl fucked me with the bottle of beer that she was drinking. I felt it hit the vibrator that was inside me.

The 3 carrying me even took me outside on to the street and told a passing young man that he could finger fuck me.

God, I really did want to be fucked after that. Towards the end of that tour of the bar the vibe and the excitement got the better of me and I had about my fifth orgasm of the night.

Eventually we were taken back to the stage and put back on our feet. I was knackered. Clara and Emma looked knackered as well. Lewis and Dylan must have seen that as well because they decided that it was time for us to head back to their hotel. They weren't being that nice to us because they left our wrists tied and the ball gags in our mouths until we got back to Clara and Emma's room.

It was so good to be back there. After they freed us the first thing that I did was to squeeze the vibe out; right there in front of Lewis and Dylan. Clara needed a bit of help getting the vibe out of her pussy, but Emma managed to free her nipples and clit on her own.

Clara and I went for a shower leaving Emma having her nipples and clit sucked back to life by Dylan and Lewis. When we got out of the shower the 3 of them were all asleep on Emma and Clara's bed.

"Shit," Clara said, "I was hoping to get fucked tonight."

"Will I do?" I said.

"Of course you will, but it's not the same as a real live cock."

"I know." I said and we went next door and flopped onto one of the beds.

We started making out, but we never finished because we both fell asleep.

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