tagIncest/TabooMy Boyfriend's Back Ch. 01

My Boyfriend's Back Ch. 01


All characters are over eighteen; any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental. GT

This is the original series that introduced Tommy and Angie, posted first in 2014. I've had a lot of requests to bring it back. There are ten chapters and it should go up about one a week.


I guess this is my story as much as Tommy's, even though it's supposed to be about him. Tommy is a hunk, if I do say so myself, him being my older brother. When we went through this stuff he was twenty-two. I'm just a little bit more than two years younger than he is. Tommy is tall, tanned and gorgeous. He was maybe six two, came in just under 200 pounds most of the time, and was very fit. He was pretty active, although he didn't play sports and didn't work out, so I'm not all that sure how he stayed so fit. Good genes, maybe.

Claiming good genes for Tommy doesn't hurt me, either, since I've got a lot of the same genes. I'm tallish, five eight, weigh in at different amounts in different circumstances, although I consider 135 my fighting weight. I'm happy with myself even though I'm not exactly curvaceous. I'm a little big at the bottom end and a little small at the top, like Mother Nature mashed two different people together. On the other hand, I like to think both of them weren't bad looking, even if they don't go together very well.

I've got good legs and not a bad ass and I'm in shape and, at the time, had raging hormones. Tommy says to tell you I've still got those, and not to be fooled. My face is so so - nothing bad, but nothing startling. My hair is kind of a mousey brown. I wear it fairly long. It was a pretty blonde when I was very young and Tommy is forever on about me getting it bleached, but it's me, so I don't want to mess with it.

When all this started I was coming home - late - from a date with my current boyfriend Jim, one of Tommy's closer friends. We'd been going out together for quite a while, and about six months back he'd plucked my cherry. What there was left of it, anyway, after sundry natural and unnatural objects had preceded him. He was my first guy. Is it fair to say he plucked my cherry if I damn near raped him? Poor Jim was so scared Tommy would be upset, since here he was pronging Tommy's little sister. I cooled him down and we didn't tell Tommy but we had a pretty good sex life. I'd been on the pill since I was sixteen and we were both monogamous during our time together so we didn't worry too much, the way you have to do with casual encounters these days.

Anyway, here I was sneaking in late, pussy dripping (I said we had a pretty good sex life) and there Tommy was, staying up to see me home as if he were Dad. I was surprised. Tommy hadn't done that before during all the time Mom and Dad were on their second honeymoon in Europe. They'd been gone three weeks and were likely to be gone another week, maybe more.

It was a good thing Tommy and I had changed our relationship three or four years back, actually, just about my sixteenth birthday. Before that we'd had a fairly standard sibling rivalry, sparking off each other, seeing who could get the most attention from each parent. I'd always had an in with Dad, of course, being a girl, and a very sweet one when I wanted something. Tommy had an edge with Mom.

When I had my sixteenth birthday party one of the guys got a little strange with one of the girls and Tommy took care of him. After that he was more interested in me, no, not like that, me as a person, and what I thought and was doing, and he gave me advice and stuff. Tommy says to tell you I never took any of it, but that's not really true. I wouldn't want him to know, but it helped a lot. Tommy even taught me to drive that summer. So we got along pretty good, which is why my parents figured they could leave us to look after ourselves when they took their long vacation. We were both happy they were finally spending some time on themselves. Because we felt we owed them that kind of a good time after all the time they'd spent on us, we were pretty well behaved, and kept the house clean and didn't have wild parties and were generally good kids.

Well, I don't know if what I was doing with Jim counts as being a good kid, but Jim said I was pretty good, and I was a long way from his first. My girlfriend Posie said the other girls were quite amazed Jim had hung around after we started having sex. He was supposed to be a 'slam, bang, thank you ma'am' kind of guy. I found him a caring and considerate lover. Go figure.

I tend to wander a bit. Sorry, but get used to it. That's the way I am. I'm deliriously happy with my life now, so I don't plan to change, either.

Let's get back to where we were. So here I am, sneaking in late, pussy dripping, hormones temporarily in check, to find big brother Tommy waiting up for me. Holy shit. I could wrap Dad around my little finger, but not Tommy.

"Angie, sit down, we have to talk."

"Don't tell Mom and Dad, Tommy. It's not all that late."

"That's not what we have to talk about, Angie."

"Oh." He sounded pretty serious, not really male macho 'what have you been up to little girl' stuff.

"Angie, you remember what we heard about the crash in Frankfurt, plane lost, no survivors, on the radio at supper?"

"Yeah, happens sometimes, real bitch for the families, I guess. What about it?"

"The airline called a couple of hours ago, Angie. Mom and Dad were on that plane."

Fucking shit.

"Tommy, they were wandering around Europe. They weren't . . . ."

"Yes they were, Angie. Frankfurt to London was on their itinerary for today."

I guessed denial wasn't going to work. I started to sob and Tommy just folded me in and hugged me. He'd done that for me before. The first time had been when Gary Walker had dumped me a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday because I wouldn't put out.

"Fuck you, Angie," he'd said after a fairly hot petting session that had my bra off and his pecker out. "You're not worth waiting for."

Gary had some kind of accident a few days later, and was laid up the best part of a month. Is that the right way to say it if he's not getting laid?

Yeah, yeah, I'm off topic again. Excuse me, I don't like to dwell on the night I found out my parents had been killed. So sue me. It won't do you any good. All my money is in offshore accounts. Did you know you could open an account in the Caymans with only twenty-five dollars?

I'll try.

It wasn't long after he hugged me as I cried for my parents that Tommy started to cry, too. We both of us clung to each other, crying our hearts out. I'd guess we just sat and hugged and cried for the best part of two hours. I was really bummed out. I had things to show them, stuff I'd just accumulated while they were gone, stuff I knew Mom and Dad would like me to share with them. Now I couldn't do it. I think we all think of little things like that, instead of trying to focus on the big picture, like they were never going to be there for me ever again. Tommy and I were all we had left.

We didn't have any close relatives. Dad and Mom were both only children. Their parents had passed. It was just us.

After we'd wept out hearts out, Tommy told me I had to get to bed.

"It's late, Angie. You need some rest. The next few days are going to be really rough."

He was right. I went up, showered, threw on a nightdress (sounds cool, eh? That's what words can do for an old T-shirt) and crawled into bed. I couldn't sleep. I was still thinking about Mom and Dad, of course. I started to think about what we would do. I didn't know how we would get along without them. Could I stay in school? Tommy had just graduated, so he'd get a job, I guessed. What about me? I didn't have any skills or qualifications just then.

After about three hours I got up, just as first light, precursor of rosy fingered dawn (I took some English courses, and I even know that's Greek, from Homer) started sneaking through the windows, between the drawn curtains. I saw the light was still on in the living room. Tommy was still in the chair. He hadn't even tried to sleep. I slipped downstairs and into his lap. I hadn't done that with Tommy since one night I was ten and had been especially bad to him. I was trying to make up. Worked, too. Maybe I was trying to make up to him that night, too, for losing Mom and Dad. Didn't work this time.

Oh, I don't mean Tommy rejected me or anything like that. He just put his big strong arms around me and hugged tight. He had one hand on my bum, just holding. I never noticed, until thinking about it just now. Then, it was just comforting. We sat like that until the paper hit the front porch, maybe three hours later. Hugging can change feelings, can be an apology for when you were a little bitch, stuff like that, but it doesn't change facts. Our facts were that Mom and Dad were never coming back. I never liked facts.

Over the course of the next two weeks or so, Tommy was a tower of strength. He took care of the memorial service - I really don't remember anything about that, nothing. A blank in my life.

He took care of the other stuff, applying for pension benefits, life insurance, seeing the mortgage on the house was paid off, all that kind of thing. One night he sat me down.

"Angie, this is our budget. If we are careful, you can stay in school and finish, next year, just as you had planned. Most of the regular bills are set up for automatic payment. This is the emergency account, and there's enough to take care of anything likely to come up. All of the accounts are joint, you and me."

Now I'd been signing a lot of stuff for Tommy. Some of it must have been these accounts. You can be an adult in law, I mean I was twenty, I knew about bank accounts and paying bills and that sort of stuff, but I wasn't too sharp about the rest of it then, and I hadn't been thinking all that straight since Mom and Dad passed, either.

"Angie, everything has finally come together, and we have it all done. Oh, there's stuff about probate and the estates and things that will go on for months yet, but the important stuff is taken care of. I just wanted you to know that, so if anything happens to me you'll be all right. Do you understand?"

"I think so, Tommy. You've been very clear, and the records you showed me are easy to follow. But nothing's going to happen to you, is it?"

"Not that I know of, Angel, but who knows? I'm just trying to cover all the bases, like Dad did with me a couple of years ago."

"Thanks, Tommy. You're the best brother a girl could have." Tommy preened at that, and I can't say I hadn't meant him to. He deserved it, though, he'd been a fine brother. He'd taken care of little sis (me) just as he always saw himself doing. I really felt secure with him taking care of me like that.

Jim had been pretty good about not pushing. After all, we'd been screwing each other pretty much daily. It wasn't until ten days or so after we got the news that he called up to see whether I felt up to going out yet. You'll think it was odd that he'd made no effort to comfort me in my loss, and you'd probably be right. I didn't even think about it at the time, though later on it seemed strange. Posie told me later, a lot later, that it was because he'd managed to get into the new girl's pants, but I don't think she was right about that. I think Jim was too embarrassed to be thought thoughtful, if you get what I mean. He probably thought guys didn't do stuff like that, not unless you were maybe going to marry the girl, and sometimes not even then. We hadn't got anywhere near that stage and probably never would.

As far as I was concerned Jim was a caring sort of guy and we had good sex. He was respectable, and it didn't do me any harm with the other girls to be going out with a guy a couple of years older. I didn't see him as the love of my life. I didn't think he thought much differently about me. I found out later that maybe he thought a little more of me than I'd thought.

You know, that's happened to me all my life, people thinking more of me than I figured, or than I even thought they should. I'm borderline attractive and not all that deep a thinker. There's nothing really special about me to keep a guy, or a girl, even, interested. Posie's been my friend for a hundred years, so with her it's just habit.

Anyway, I told Jim that I wasn't up to going out yet, and could he give me a call in a week or so. He said okay.

"Angie, whatever you need, you let me know."

Tommy had put everything in order for me and even given me the lecture about how to deal with it all if I ever had to. He'd written it down, too, which was even more helpful, or would be if I ever ended up having to deal with it. I didn't intend to. Tommy knew that sort of thing a lot better than I did, and I fully intended to rely on him. Of course, I did learn my lessons, and showed Tommy I understood. If I hadn't he'd have put me through it all again.

It was probably a couple of weeks after Mom and Dad died and two or three days after Tommy had given me my lesson in the family finances that the package arrived. It was in a tiny little box with the airline logo on it.

We sat down together to open it. It was Dad's watch. I guess they identified it from the inscription on the back. Tommy and I had bought it for him for his birthday three years ago. My share had taken my babysitting money for three months.

The strap had burned off (Dad only liked leather straps) and the rest of it was pretty mangled, crystal starred so you could barely read the face of the watch, case scratched, that kind of thing. Tommy just looked at it like it was a finger cut off a dead body or something.

I wonder whether it didn't take that to prove to him that Mom and Dad were actually dead.

What happened next scared the shit out of me. I don't think I'm a shrinking violet or anything. I stood up to the guys (well, guy) who said he wanted to feel me up when I was younger. Probably because I figured he was a little touched in the head, but I still did it. This, though, was seriously scary.

Tommy's eyes rolled up in his head and he keeled over, just like that. What do I do now?

I dragged him up to his room. The stairs were a bitch. I managed to get him into his bed, even under the covers. No way I was going to try to get his clothes off. Tommy was a big guy, and I wasn't. Oh, I checked for breathing and heart and that stuff. His heartbeat seemed to be no more than half the rate mine was. He was breathing kind of slow and shallow, like he didn't need so much air.

Once I had him in bed I just flopped down on the floor and cried. I relied on Tommy. He was my big brother. I needed him. Now he'd gone away.

I sat on the floor in his room, my back against the side of the bed and cried. Maybe I slept a little, because the next thing I knew it was morning. My eyes were sore and my head hurt and my back ached and my throat was scratchy. My bladder felt like it was going to burst. I got up to check on Tommy and found that at least he was sleeping. Somehow he'd moved from being laid out on his back until he was all curled up, hugging himself.

I figured I could take a little time to go to the bathroom, get a drink, maybe some ASA. When I got back, nothing had changed. I was starving. We hadn't had dinner. We opened the box when Tommy got home from his job, then he'd collapsed, then over however much time it had taken I got him upstairs and into bed. Then I collapsed, I guess.

Tommy wasn't going anywhere, so I went down and got breakfast. I wasn't thinking all that straight, but I took some breakfast up to Tommy. Dumb if he was as out of it as I thought he was. It turned out to have been a good idea, even if I can't take credit for it, because Tommy was awake, sort of, and hungry enough to eat what I pushed at him. He didn't say anything, though.

"Tommy, what happened? Are you okay?"

No answer.

"Tommy, speak to me!"

I didn't know what to do. He probably needed to see a doctor. Doctors didn't make house calls, and this didn't seem to need an ambulance. I mean he wasn't in a coma or anything, just disinterested. I called for reinforcements.

"Posie, something's happened to Tommy. I don't know what to do. Can you come over and help me." Posie was good about things like that.

"What, Angie?"

"I don't know, Posie," I wailed, and started to cry again.

"Be right over."

The list of emergency numbers on the fridge that Mom and Dad had left listed our family doctor. I called to make an appointment. I thought I could get Tommy there, especially if Posie would help me, since Tommy seemed to be able to move if he wanted to. He just didn't seem to want to. I took a quick look at Tommy's book, the one he'd been showing me with the stuff about money and bank accounts and the other things he'd wanted me to know about. Under emergencies he had just copied the stuff on the fridge. Maybe he didn't know anything more than that, or, more likely, he hadn't thought we'd ever need to know anything more.

He was probably right. I would not have put anything more in myself, even if I'd known it. We've both been depressingly healthy all our days, and so had our parents. If you want to be healthy, I don't think it's all about granola and stuff. It's about choosing your parents carefully. We'd done a good job of that.

When Posie came over, she and I checked on Tommy again.

He hadn't moved since I left him after breakfast. He just stared at the wall at the end of his bed. He was sitting up, not lying down. His hands were in his lap.

Posie tried to get him to put one of his arms around her, but he just let it fall back in his lap. Now Posie is a pretty good looking girl. You remember the old stories about a plain looking woman tagging around with the really gorgeous one? I think it happens more often than we recognize. Anyway, Posie was the hot one and I was the lukewarm one.

Posie always thought Tommy had the hots for her. I don't know about that, but he tended to be somewhere in sight when the two of us were doing something around home, or sometimes he'd take us to the beach. Posie in a bikini is something else. So am I, but not the same kind of something.

Posie had a short blonde haircut, really attractive face, regular features and clear skin, really nice boobs - the kind that beg to be touched and cuddled, but not so big they scare you, so the boys told me - a flat stomach, fine swell of hip and ass, and very nice legs. All of it in perfect proportion, unlike me. We'd been friends since about five, so it wasn't like she kept me around to make her look even better, as if that were possible.

I figured that maybe Posie had the hots for Tommy. When Tommy wouldn't do anything, wouldn't respond, just sat there in what had to be a depression as deep as the Dead Sea, Posie said we had to try shock therapy.

"Tommy's appointment isn't until mid-afternoon. We have time to see whether there's something we can do."

It turned out that shock therapy wasn't quite like sticking Tommy's fingers into the light socket to see him light up, although it was supposed to have a similar effect. Posie sat on the end of the bed right in front of Tommy and took her shirt off. She was reaching behind to get her bra.

"Posie, what are you doing?"

"I told you, shock therapy, Angie. If Tommy wants to see my boobs as much as I think he does, the chance to actually see them might bring him out of whatever this is." She had a point. Posie has very nice boobs.

Tommy didn't seem to react when Posie took her red fuck-me bra off and shook her chest pretty much under his nose. Now, I'd seen Posie's set reasonably often.

No, we weren't lovers. I was having too much fun screwing Jim to even think of playing around with another woman. Or guy, for that matter. I never knew whether Posie wanted to. And so I never knew how I might respond. Always useless speculating about things that didn't happen. Well, we did fool around a little together when we were quite a bit younger. I've got to admit I was always curious about how Posie's breasts could grow out of the same sort of flat chest we'd both had while mine had only made it part way. She got her magnificent pair and I didn't.

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