tagGroup SexMy Boyfriend's Dad...And Me Ch. 04

My Boyfriend's Dad...And Me Ch. 04


To my friends,

I would like to thank each one of you who has kindly left me feedback, whether it was here or in a private message. It is much appreciated. Thanks Kath x


Jack and Dan made their way over to the bed; both their cocks were once again starting to show signs of life. Somehow they managed to get me lying on my back between them. They took turns in kissing me, exploring my mouth with their tongues. I felt their hands roaming over my body, caressing my breasts, my stomach and my sides. Jack was the first to make his way down to my breasts, pausing to suck on my neck, before he latched onto my nipples, teasing them till they stood out, and gently sucking and nibbling them. I moaned and arched as I kissed Dan, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my thigh, he moaned into my mouth, as I reached down to stroke it as our kiss deepened.

Then as Jack's mouth left my breasts and carried on licking and kissing down my stomach. Dan's mouth took over, his tongue swirling over my very aroused nipples. Jack pushed my legs apart and moved till he was lying between them. He slowly ran a finger up and down my wet pussy lips, before opening me up with his fingers. He then began to lap at my juices, his tongue, pushing it right into my hot, wet hole.

"Oh god," I sighed, as I enjoyed Jack's tongue plunged in and out of me for a minute or so, before it was then replaced by two of his fingers.

"Mmm you're so wet Kath...Dan come down here," Jack muttered.

Dan moved across the bed to join his dad between my legs.

"Feel how wet she is," Jack said.

I felt another finger slipping into me, making three fingers, and then a moment or two later Dan gave a push and yet another finger into me. I gasped as I felt my pussy stretching wider to accommodate the forth finger.

"Mmm, you're right dad, she is so damn wet." groaned Dan. He leaned over to kiss me hungrily.

"Oh fuck," I arched my back off the bed.

One of their hands moved to my stomach, holding me down, as together they began to move their fingers in and out of me, slowly at first, then speeding up. Then one of them leaned in and began to lap at my clit, which was large, swollen and very sensitive. Their heavy breathing and my moans filled the air, as they finger fucked me harder and faster, pushing their fingers in deeper with each thrust as the tongue, flicked back and forth over my clit.

My hands clutched at the bedding, as my whole body began to shake.

"Shitttttt,oh shit, I'm cumming...I'm cumming," I gasped, as I came hard.

The two of them gave me a few moments to recover; before Jack manoeuvred me onto all fours, at the bottom of the bed, and then from behind he spread my legs and slipped inside my pussy. He then began moving at a nice slow, gentle pace, as Dan came to the foot of the bed and stood in front of me. He offered me his cock, which I happily took to my mouth.

"Mmm you are such an eager little slut aren't you?" Dan said, as I began to licking and sucking his cock all over, as if it was an ice cream.

He's right, I thought to myself, as I began taking his cock right into my mouth and down deep into my throat. I am an eager little slut, I would do just about anything you and Jack. I relaxed my throat more, not wanting to gag and I soon had his entire shaft down my throat. I made swallowing movements around it before slowly pulling away, right to the tip, then I would swallow him down again, and I did this several times, my head bobbing up and down. Dan's stood with his eyes closed as I worked his cock with my mouth and hands; his fingers wound themselves in my hair.

Jack's kept up his leisurely pace, letting his cock move slowly in and out of me, his hands squeezing my buttocks, then he ran a finger down my crack to my other tight hole, "I want to fuck this later," he told me, and he pushed the tip of his finger inside for a moment, before pulling out. He shifted slightly and began to move a little faster. I moaned and pushed myself back onto him more.

"Oh yes babe, you like that don't you...you want me to give it to you hard and fast, huh?"

All I could do was moan and nod as I had Dan's cock in my mouth, but Jack seemed to understand and he began to fuck me hard, ramming his cock deeper and faster into me. He slipped a hand around my waist and up between my legs, to my clit, his fingers moving over and around it, I shuddered as I felt the beginning of the fire deep inside me spreading.

"That's it slut, come for us," Jack whispered, as he fucked me harder...and I did, I came with a strangled cry, letting Dan's cock fall from my mouth as a powerful orgasm hit me. I felt myself spasm around Jack's cock, and he gave a huge groan and three thrusts later he came too, spurting his seed into my pussy. We then both collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily.

Dan waited patiently for me to get my breath back, before rolling me onto my back, he nudged my legs apart, with his knee and then positioned himself at my cum filled hole. He slowly slid inside, with a moan, "I'm going to fill you my cum too." he told me huskily.

"Dad, come here and hold her legs apart for me, I want to watch my cock sliding in and out of her cum filled cunt,"

Jack came and did as his son asked; holding my legs apart, he watched his son fucking me. Dan slammed into me hard and fast, ramming his cock in deeper, as his pressed down onto my clit again, then pinching it; knowing that I would soon be coming again.

"Oh god Dan fuck me..." I moaned as I felt myself starting to shake once again.

"What was that slut, I didn't hear you?" Dan said with an evil look. He stopped moving, "You want to cum do you? Well beg me for it...come slut beg!"

I had never seen this side of Dan before and it sent both shivers of arousal and fear through me.

"Please Dan," I begged, wriggling beneath him "please let me cum...please!"

"Hmmm,well seeing as asked so nicely I am going to let you, then I am going to fill your cunt with my cum."

Dan now began to thrust in earnest, hard, fast and deep. He looked down at me and spoke so quietly, "You can cum now," and to my surprise I did just that. With very loud cry, I came, my whole body stiffened for a moment then I began to shake. Then Dan was coming too, I could feel his cum squirting inside my pussy.

Dan slumped down onto the bed beside me and his dad, "Wow...you were fucking amazing babe!" he panted

I giggled and sat in between them, "That was so much fun... oh my god, I can't believe that we just did that, that was totally out of this world."

I snuggled down between them, with an arm over each of them; I'll just close my eyes for a minute, I thought to myself; and the next minute I was asleep.

I awoke a couple of hours later to find a warm body pressed up against me, lips were kissing the back of my neck, and fingers caressing my breasts. Feeling very relaxed, I stretched out and turned around slightly and opened my eyes to find it was Dan. We kissed lazily for a few minutes, before I spoke, "Well you and your Dad sure know how to wear a girl out, don't you?"

Dan smiled at me and cupped my chin in his hands, "I meant what I said earlier, you were amazing, I could not believe that you let me and dad fuck you together, you just brought one of my fantasies to life,"

"Mmm me neither, oh speaking of your Dad, where is he?" I asked.

"He had to go in to work, but he should be home about 6.30 tonight. He said something about having to arrange an interview with you tomorrow."

I looked puzzled at this, why would Jack want me to go into his work for an interview? I said as much to Dan who laughed and replied "I believe that is the excuse for having you there, you see there is a large desk in his office that needed 'christening'." Dan grinned at me.

I laughed, "Oohhh, now that sounds like my kind of interview."

I made to get out of bed. "Where do you think you are going?" asked Dan.

"I am going to have a shower, I'm not exactly fresh anymore," I replied with a grin.

"Oh no you don't!" he replied firmly.

Dan obviously had other ideas; he pushed me back down onto the bed, "I want you again, right now!" he told me, pushing my legs apart and getting between them. I could feel his cock was once again rock hard. He ran his fingers up and down my slit, then pushed them into my cum filled hole, he did this several times, each time his fingers went in further. I arched into his touch and moaned, as I felt the familiar fluttering of arousal.

"Oh god. What's wrong with me? I want to have you all the time!" he moaned, as he pushed my hands above my head and held them firmly in place. He moved my legs so that they were high in the air, near his shoulders. Then he ran his cock up and down my wet slit as he had with his fingers, coating it with my juices, and pressing it against my clit.

"You like it when I call you a slut don't you? You get turned on by dirty talk...well my little slut, I'm going take you now, take you hard and fast!"

I moaned as Dan sank into me. I was so turned on again; he seemed to know how to press on all my buttons. No-way did I want him to stop; I was literally desperate for him to fuck me again. Also I was tuned on by the name calling and dirty talk, especially as neither he nor his dad ever called me slut or whore outside our bedroom games.

Dan was true to his work, he took me very hard, slamming his big cock in and out of me, over and over again, still holding my hands above my head. With each thrust his balls hit against my ass, pressing me deeper into the mattress.

"Oh shit here it comes," Dan moaned.

I felt him stiffen, and then I could feel him coming deep inside my pussy. He released one of my hands and brought his hand down and found my clit, he began to press down onto it, as he continued to slam hard into me, "Come on slut, cum for me."

And I did, I cried out his name as my body convulsed, he let go off my arms and held me tightly, cuddling me, as my orgasm faded. We then just lay quietly in bed; for about half an hour before I was finally able to go and get my over needed bath.


Jack had arranged for my 'interview' to start just before lunch, so that his secretary would hardly be around to disturb us. Dan gave me a lift in his car, and when he dropped me off he was still slightly put-out that I would not let him see what I was wearing under my very respectable blue suit and white blouse. But as I kissed him goodbye, I promised that I would make it up to him later. This seemed to cheer him up.

I had no idea what to expect and was rather nervous as I was shown into Jack's office by his middle-aged secretary.

"Ahh yes, Miss Smith, please come in and sit down," Jack said, pointing to a chair in front of a large sparsely covered desk.

"Thank you Mrs Robbins, that will be all for now. Oh and could you just put the telephone onto the answering machine when you go off for your lunch," Jack instructed his secretary.

"Yes of course Mr Collins," she answered and left the room.

I giggled and Jack put his finger to his lip.

"We need to be careful for a while, she won't be going to lunch for about ten minutes yet," he told me, as he walked over to where I was sitting.

He took my hand and pulled me to my feet and kissed me.

"Mmm I have been looking forward to this all morning." he told me, and he guided one of my hands down to feel his arousal.

"Mmm, so I can see," I agreed, cupping his cock through his trousers.

He groaned, and one his hands pushed up my skirt. He stopped for a moment and then with both hands he pushed my skirt all the way up to my waist to reveal my black stockings.

"Ohhh, I love the feel of stockings," he moaned, kissing me as he ran his hands up and down my stocking covered legs.

He ran his fingers over matching black lacy knickers, rubbing my pussy through the material; I could feel my juices seeping out as he pressed down onto my clit.

"Come and sit up here," Jack instructed, and motioned to his desk.

I hopped up onto it, with my skirt bunched up at my waist. Jack pushed the flimsy material to the side, and let his fingers slip into my wetness. Kneeling down between my legs Jack pushed his tongue between my pussy lips and began to lick and suck me.

"Mmm Jack," I sighed, as I leaned back slightly spreading legs to give him more room.

"Kath, you are always so fucking wet and hot," he murmured, as he pushed two fingers into my tight pussy, and flicked his tongue around my clit. I moaned. He pushed his fingers in as deep as they would go, sliding them in and out, back and forth, faster and faster, his thumb working my clit.

"Oh god Jack," I moaned, putting a hand to my mouth to stop my voice from getting to loud.

I began to shake, as he finger fucked me hard and fast. Then with a stifled cry, I came, shaking from head to toe. Jack rose up and kissed me, before pulling me to my feet, and pushing my skirt back down. He looked at his watch.

"Mrs Robbins should have gone, by now, I will just go and check,"

A few moments later, Jack came back, and as he closed the door, he locked it.

"Just in case, we don't want any uninvited visitors now do we?" he said with a grin.

I stood up and walked over to him, leaned close and whispered in his ear, "It's my turn to play now."

And with that I slowly began to unbutton his shirt, and then I slowly let my hands caress his chest, before I pushed the shirt sleeves down his arms and off him completely. I kissed along his chest, pausing to lick and suck his nipples. Then I got him to stand up and I pulled off his trousers, boxer shorts, and socks. Now he was completely naked.

"Sit down on the desk," I instructed him.

Jack did as I asked, and I positioned myself on my knees on top of the desk next to him. Taking his hard cock into my hands, I winked at him, and then lowered my mouth to his cock. Jack moaned as I flicked my tongue around the tip and sides, before, sucking him right into my mouth.

"Oh fuck Kath, you are so bloody good at this now," he gasped, as I bobbed up and down on his hard length, taking his cock deeper into my throat each time. I moved to suck his testicles, swirling them around in my mouth, as I continued to stroke his cock with my hand. Then I licked and nibbled my way back to the tip of his cock, which looked like it was going to burst any moment. I opened my mouth once again and relaxed my throat and began to let his cock slide in as far as I could get it.

"Shitttt, I'm going to shoot my load down your throat, ohhh goddd," Jack pushed my head down onto his cock and thrust up into my mouth, forcing his cock deeper, then with a growl he came, his seed spurting out down my throat. I spluttered as I swallowed his cum, and Jack released his hold my head.

"Oopps sorry, did not mean to choke you, just got a bit carried away," Jack apologised, and pulled me into his arms, hugging me tight."

"It's ok, I love it when you cum in my mouth, you know how much I love drinking your cum, it's so thick and creamy," I told him with a smile, and licked my lips.

We kissed passionately, and then he began to undress me, soon I was only wearing my stockings and black bra. Jack pushed flimsy material cups of my bra to the side, and took one of my nipples between his teeth; he nipped at it gently then sucked on it, then did the same to the other, teasing them to hard points. Then he picked me up and sat me on the edge of his desk, he parted my legs and stood between them. Reaching down he ran his fingers up and down my wet slit, then he took hold of one of my legs and lifted it high in the air, so that my foot was over his shoulder. Then he began to push his cock into my pussy and inch at a time.

Jack began to thrust at a slowly leisurely pace, pulling nearly all the way out, and then pushing back in hard. I moaned, as he parted my upper lips and found my clit; he flicked his finger around it as he began to thrusts faster.

"You feel so fucking hot," he told me, "I love watching myself fucking your tight little cunt," He began to slam into me now, pressing down onto my clit. I moaned with each thrust sending me closer to the edge.

"Come on babe," Jack said, "Cum for me, cum for Jack," His thrusts were hard and deep now.

"Oh godddd Jack, I'm...I'm cummingggg!" I cried out loudly as a second orgasm hit me, with full force and I felt myself clamping down around Jack's cock.

Jack rode out my orgasm, then pulled out of me and manoeuvred me so that I was bending over the desk, then he parted my legs and pushed his cock back into me. As he moved back and forth, Jack reached down and opened the top draw of his desk, he pulled out a tube of lube, which he then squirted some onto his fingers, and dripped some down between my arse cheeks. Then he pressed one finger against my tight asshole and pushed it through into my ass. He moved his finger slowly in and out before adding a second lubed finger. All the time he continued to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy. I moaned and pushed back onto his fingers.

"Mmm Jack, that feels good." I told him, as he added in a third finger, pushing them in deep.

Then he pulled out of my pussy and lubed up his thick meaty cock, before pressing the tip of it against my ass. He slowly pressed forward, and I felt the sting of him breaching my hole.

"Fuck, you have such a lovely tight little ass," Jack moaned, as slowly inched his way in, until his cock was completely buried in my ass.

I felt my ass stretch around his thickness, I moaned when he began to move back and forth, gently at first, letting me adjust to his size. He moved a hand between my legs and once again he sort out my clit, knowing that it would bring me closer to cumming again. Then Jack began to loose control, he began to pound my ass, and I held onto the desk for support as he rammed his cock in and out.

"Ohh you are such a slut aren't you? He growled in my ear.

I moaned, and I felt my legs begin to shake as his thrusts became erratic.

"You should work here, you could become my office fuck slut...I know you would like that wouldn't you?"

"Oh goddd Jack, yesss I would...ohhh fuck my ass Jack... fuck me hard...please," I pleaded him, "I need to cum Jack, and I want you to cum in my ass Jack."

With a couple of hard thrusts both Jack and I came, almost at the same time. I felt my ass squeezing tightly around Jack's cock, as I came, and then I felt his seed spurting deep inside my ass. My arms gave way under me and I lay face down on the top of the desk with Jack leaning on top of me. We were both breathing heavily and all our energy had gone. After a moment Jack moved off me and pulled me to sit on his lap in the nearby chair. We sat for several moments catching our breaths before Jack spoke.

"Wow, Kath, that was fucking amazing," he kissed me softly.

"I wish all my interviews were as fulfilling as this one," I said with a grin.

Then Jack's watch alarm went off, letting us know that Mrs Robbins would be back from lunch very soon. We both scrambled around looking for clothes and got dressed quickly. Jack opened the office window let some fresh air in.

"Jack, have you seen my knickers?" I asked him.

"Do you mean these," Jack asked, pulling my black lacy knickers out of his pocket.

"Yes that them," I replied and held out my hand for them. But Jack put them back into his pocket.

"These are a souvenir," he told me with a smile, "I am sure Dan will be interested to know that would are not wearing any when you leave here."

"Mmm I am sure he will be," I replied.

Jack and I shared another long kiss, before I made my way to the car park, where Dan was waiting for me.

"How was the interview?" Dan asked me as I got into the car.

"Very satisfying thanks," I told him with a grin.

We set off toward home, as we drove one of Dan's hands moved to my knee, and under my skirt, I let his hand wander till he reach the top of my thigh, I moved slightly and opened my legs so that he could reach my pussy.

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