My Boyfriend's Dad


He stands up and pulls me to the very edge of the table. I'm still bent back all the way, my pussy and ass open to him, waiting to be violated. My eyes are on his, and I see for the first time the look of pure lust in his face as he rubs his cock along my slit and then further back, pressing against my virgin ass. Gently, he starts pushing the head inside me and I whimper, my breath catching in my throat when I cry out in pain. I feel so stretched, such an invasion, so wrong... I'm shaking my head, trying to take deep breaths, anything to accommodate this thick cock filling my most private place.

He groans. "Ohhh god you're so fucking tight, Joanna... Mmmmm...." I feel him sliding inside me slowly, every inch of his length filling me, like he'll never stop... I bite down onto his shoulder when he tells me that he's buried all the way inside me now, his cock in my ass, he's saying it over and over again, holding himself inside me until I start to relax a bit. He takes my hand from behind his neck and moves it down to my pussy. "Play with yourself, Joanna..."

I slip my fingers between my pussy lips and gasp when I realize how wet I am. He smiles. "You like that, little girl?" Starting to move his cock inside me now, in and out, slowly. I can feel myself stretching to fit him, to take him into me, almost like he was meant to fuck me in this forbidden little hole. "Ohhh, god..." my fingers working faster now, something changing inside me, something unraveling, like I want... "more... Mike... More, please... I can take... harder...."

He groans and sinks his cock all the way inside me, then starts to fuck me in earnest, pumping me full of his length, pounding into my tight virgin ass, and I'm moaning, we both are now, every profanity we've ever known. My pussy is so wet I can hardly find my clit through all the cream but I do and I rub myself so hard, as hard as I've ever done it before, edging towards an orgasm unlike any I've ever known. His hand is on my throat now and he's holding me down flat against the table while he pounds me, and fuck it feels so good, his fingers wrapped around my neck, his cock buried in my little ass, my clit swelling, my pussy dripping, so close now, I hear him groan and I do too, both of us unleashing on each other. My whole body is throbbing, clenching, milking the hot cum from his balls and feeling it fill my ass, shooting so deep inside me, someplace I didn't even know existed until now.

Seconds pass, but it feels like longer. He's laying on top of me, panting, until his cock finally softens and slips out of my ass. I sigh when I feel him slide out of me, an emptiness I never felt before. He falls back into his chair and pulls me with him, peeling me off the table and drawing me into his lap. I wrap my legs around his waist, kissing him softly. "Mmm, I can feel that cum leaking into my lap, dirty girl," he says. I grin and untangle myself from his embrace, dropping to my knees again on the floor. I know what he wants... I don't even have to ask. Slowly I lick the cum from his thighs, my eyes wandering from his lap to his face, meeting his gaze. He guides my face to his cock and I open my mouth, licking him there too, eating every drop of cum as he runs his fingers through my soft hair. "That's it, little slut... Clean my cock with your mouth..."

We reassemble ourselves after a few minutes, and I look back at the sliding glass door, debating if I should go upstairs and join Jeff in bed. Mike notices the look on my face and smiles gently, offering me a seat beside him at the patio table. He opens his pack of Marlboros and offers me one. "Don't you normally do this... afterwards?"

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