My Brother & I Are NOT Gay!


'You know it, bro. Let's get this cleaned up. We're a mess!' He laughed. We cleaned up and small talked a little, made plans to go to a keg party that weekend, and headed off separately to sleep.

After that particularly rockin' keg party, where my older brother treated me better than he ever had before (usually he played the annoyed older brother routine socially), Kenny and I were heading home. Kenny wanted to drive, but I wouldn't let him; he was in no condition to drive safely. We argued about it briefly, but he gave up and climbed into the passenger seat. After arriving home safely at about 3 am, we decided to sit in the car for a bit before heading inside. I was pretty buzzed myself and feeling great. Kenny started bitching about the girl he had tried to pick up all night long, Lindsey. She was a hottie, to be sure, and Ken had actually dated her a few years back, but tonight she was having none of it. 'Bitch.' Ken spat out the words. 'She sure could suck a dick, though…first class head. She swallowed, too.'

'Well, don't feel so bad, Kenny. I struck out tonight too. Ally wouldn't give me the time of day. And that outfit—'

'Fucking hot, man.'

'—exactly!! Damn!'


'Mmm hmm.'

Kenny Nodded in agreement. Looking absently out the window up into the night sky, he said, 'But we don't really need, I mean, you know…'

Clueless, I laughed. 'No, no I don't. What do you mean?'

'I mean you know that if you wanted your dick sucked, you know I'd do it for you, right?'

I felt as if I'd been punched in the stomach. Kenny--sucking my dick? I nearly dropped the beer I was holding. 'You…Ken! I know we've been…but…Dude…' I stammered like an idiot. Kenny ignored it.

'And I know you'd do it for me. I mean, we're there for each other, right? These chicks don't wanna suck us off, fuck them! We can take care of ourselves. Bitches.' Kenny sounded pissed, but his hand had found its way to my thigh. 'You would do that for your brother, right?'

I was stunned, but…'No' wasn't the answer I was searching for…I wasn't sure what the answer was…I just wasn't sure I could ever do something that…extreme…but considering what we'd been up to lately, I couldn't really see why not, either…

'Kenny, I don't want you to get…don't be mad, man, but I don't think…'

Ken was determined…'How do you know, Tim? You ever suck dick before?'

'No, shit, man, but—'

'And if it's that 'gay' thing you're still worried about, c'mon! Give me a break! You know if luck had been on our side tonight, we'd be fucking two hot babes tonight. Instead, we're horny as hell, sitting here together and…you know…perfectly capable of helping each other out. Am I right?' Ken was kneading my leg as he spoke, still gazing up at the stars. 'I mean it's not like I'm some homo from a gay bar, or something…right? You're not fooling around with some gay guy…It's just me, and dude, I'm as straight as you get! And you know it.'

We sat in silence. I knew I wasn't gay. I knew Kenny wasn't either. And the thought of Kenny being disappointed with me was hitting me hard. He had shown me so much; not just lately, but all my life…he'd always been there for me, and in some really tough times, too…But it seemed that blowing him was just a line that I could not cross. 'Ken, I…think that it's just too much for me. I think the other stuff we've been doing is cool, really cool, but…I know you'll be pissed but…maybe I could think about it—'

Kenny interrupted. 'I know.' He turned in the car seat to face me. 'Let me do you. I'll do you first. Then you can think about it. If you don't want to do me, then that's OK, maybe you'll think about it for a few days or whatever. At least one of us will go to sleep satisfied.' His hand climbed up to my crotch and he gave a gentle squeeze. 'I would do that for you bro, no problem.'

I wasn't ready for my big brother to go down on me. It was too much, too fast. 'I could…jerk you off, Ken. How 'bout that? I'll make you come like we do with the movies! Then we'll both be cool and---'

Ken moved closer and found the snap on my jeans. 'Just let me suck you off, Timmy. I really want to show you that I'm here for you. I know you want to blow a load and I wanna help out. I know you'll do it for me someday. Here. Help me out.' He undid the snap and zipped them down. 'Just pretend I'm Ally and I'll suck you good.' He pulled down my pants and I didn't stop him; in fact I found myself squirming a bit to help him out. He slipped a finger inside the edge of my briefs and pulled them over revealing my entire package, semi-hard and growing fast. He lowered his head into my lap.

'Oh, man, I don't know…Kenny, I don't think…Mmmm, fuck…oh…ooohh…' Ken went down on me and took all of my cock into his mouth. His head bobbed up and down slowly at first, and he occaisionally pulled my dick out of his mouth to lick it and kiss it like a popsicle. God, it was good. One hundred times better than the handjob he'd given me days ago. He bit the tip gently. 'Ahhhh…Kenny…oh, man…' Ken cupped my balls as he sucked and increased his head movement. I looked outside of the car to see if anyone was around…nope. 3 o'clock in the morning in the driveway of our house, and not one light on inside.

I had gotten a few BJ's before, and this was just as good as any of them; better, maybe because of the sheer craziness of my big brother giving me head. He deep throated like an expert; after a few more minutes of sucking I could honestly say it was the best blowjob I'd ever gotten.

I really got into it. The beer buzz and the BJ were a killer combo. 'Yeah. Yeah, Kenny. Suck it. Ooooh, suck my dick.' Ally, Shmally. Kenny was great. My hands found the back of his head and guided him up and down. I never wanted it to end, but soon I felt it coming. 'Oh! Shit, Kenny, I'm gonnaUhhh…UHH! UHHnGHH!'

Kenny never stopped sucking. I came while my dick was stuck deep into his mouth, pumping my cum down into his throat, which he eagerly swallowed. He sucked the rest of my load into his mouth and swallowed that as well. Licking my cock clean, he kissed and caressed it as my erection disappeared. He straightened up in his seat and said, 'Every drop. Just like Sandra. Feel better, huh?'

I didn't know what to say. 'Man, That was…That…'

Ken smiled drunkenly. 'What?'

I blushed. 'That was the best blowjob I ever got. This whole thing is…I'm—'

'Dude, you think too much. You still…?' He looked at me to see if I were willing to return the favor. I guess he decided not to push it. 'So you'll think about it, right?' Kenny went for the door handle. I didn't want him to leave.

'Think about what?'

'Getting me back, bro. You owe me one!' And with that, he climbed out of the car and walked toward the house. I sat there watching him move dizzily across the yard and thought about how good it felt, coming into his throat, and how bad he had wanted me to do the same for him. And I didn't. He invited me to the party; he never did that before. He treated me like one of his friends, not the pesty little brother like usual. He had shown me a few new ways to get off, and all he asked was a blowjob. I wouldn't do it for him. That wasn't cool and I felt badly that I couldn't do what he wanted.

I collected myself and went inside. Kenny had already gone to sleep; probably passed out. I knew what I had to do. Sure enough, Ken was in bed. Lying on his side in only his boxers, he was breathing heavily. I slipped into his room as quietly as I could and approached his bed. I looked down at him there, sleeping peacefully, and remembered everything my brother had done for me. I remembered the times he had been there for me. And I remembered this new aspect of our relationship; 'Helping each other get off', was how he put it. I had to be honest with myself. I was enjoying it. I enjoyed exposing myself to him, jerking off with him, enjoyed him stroking my dick and making me cum. My dick still throbbed with the excitement of the blowjob he had given me in the car half an hour ago. I owed him. And I was ready to repay.

I was exhilarated. I looked down at my sleeping big brother and wanted his cock in my mouth. I was fascinated by my big brother's huge man-cock, and wanted to explore it's every bump and contour. I wanted to shoot my cum on his washboard stomach, instead of spewing onto my own. It was so cool; that we could do all of this together and not be gay…It didn't make sense, I suppose, but it was still cool. We could still get laid by girls, and all that…but when we couldn't, we could be there to help each other out, like brothers always should.

I knelt down at the side of his bed. I reached over and opened the hole in front of his shorts and his cock spilled out. He stirred but did not awaken. I took his big soft cock in the palm of my hand and gently fondled it. A shadow of a smile appeared on his face and he rolled over onto his back. I continued softly stroking his meat and gently sat down on the bed. Soon Kenny's cock was almost fully hard and I readied myself for what I was about to do. I aimed the tip of his cock at my mouth. I licked my lips to moisten them and opened wide. I took the huge penis into my mouth as my heart pounded in my chest. At first just the head filled my mouth; it tasted salty and pungent. I moved my mouth over it and built up some saliva. Licking the underside of his cock while it was in my mouth, sucking on the head, but not too hard…This was all new to me, and I was guessing. I started to move my head up and down, emulating Ken's movements from earlier that night, and grasped it at it's base. Suddenly I felt Ken's hand on my head.

'Oooh. Good job, bro. Yeah, like that…Mmmm…' I looked up at Ken and our eyes met. 'Put you lips over…Yeah. Good. HHHhhh…' I was blowing him. I was sucking my brother's dick. It was the most intense experience I had ever had and his encouragement meant the world to me. He liked it. I only hoped that I was half as good as he had been before…It was a very noisy blowjob. Occaisionally, I raked his hard cock with my teeth, but I think I was doing OK. I took my hand off of it for a second and it popped out of my mouth with a loud 'smack'; I said I was sorry before slipping it back into my mouth.

'Don't worry, Tim. It's fucking great. Fucking great. Ahhhh…' His hips started moving a little and his prick was moving further and further into my mouth. I looked up to see if Ken was getting off and his eyes were closed as he pinched his tiny nipples between his fingers. 'Shit, Timmy…Ahhhh…So fucking good…'

Suddenly, Kenny's hip movements intensified; he sat up and pulled my head off of his cock. 'Jerk it, Timmy! Fuck! FUCK!!' Kenny erupted in my hand as I jerked his dick, squirting about a gallon of warm cum onto his abdomen and my hand. Apparently he didn't want to come in my mouth. I hadn't even realized that was a possibility…Squeezing his meat as he grunted and groaned through his orgasm, I was overcome with curiosity…I sucked his dick back into my mouth and swallowed a mouthfull of warm cum. It tasted like bananas and salt. I drew the last of it from his cock and popped it out of my mouth. He whispered loudly. 'Dude! You like it, bro?' I leaned over and licked some more off of my hand and swallowed it, looking straight at Ken, who was now wide awake.

'It's pretty good. Not what I thought…' I wanted to seem cool to him. 'You coulda let go in my mouth, Ken. I would have handled it.'

He laughed. 'OK, OK…next time?' He grabbed my shoulder and gave it a shake. He rolled over and pulled the sheet up, inviting me into bed with him. I took off all of my clothes and got in. 'We need to make sure you're in your own room when Dad gets up in the morning, K?'

'Yea. No problem', I said, getting comfortable next to my big brother. I fell asleep with his leg against mine…

…And woke up lying next to him in the 'spoon' position. My morning woody was pressed up against Ken;s naked buttocks; my arm was splayed across his shoulder. I looked over at the clock on Ken's nightstand and jerked my head off the pillow. 'Shit! Kenny wake up it's 10 o'clock! We—'

'It's OK, it's OK dude…chill out! Dad's long gone. He never knew where you were. Relax.' Ken didn't move, he spoke to me still lying on his side in front of me. He squirmed a little and my hard-on slid across his ass cheek. 'Hmmm…That's some morning wood, bro.' He maneuvered his ass so that the cleft of his buttocks fit over the length of my dick snuggly. My nose was buried in his hair and I felt his hand on my hip, pulling me closer. 'I know how we can take care of that, bro. Wanna try something new today?'

'Jesus…Kenny…you don't mean…You do! You want me to…You sure Dad's gone?'

'Yeah. He's long gone. Timmy, you've done so fucking much this week…why not try it? You don't like it, you pull it out. No problem. Then at least you'll know.' He pulled me harder into him; my dick pressed in between his cheeks…it felt good…I moved just a tiny bit and it felt even better. Ken responded to my movements my pressing into me even further. 'Sure feels like it wants to be somewhere…'

I didn't respond for a few minutes. We lay pressed together in silence, enjoying the feeling of my cock against his ass. Then Ken pushed on. 'There should be nothing we can't do together, Timmy. We're brothers. Try it out, man! If you like it, you might want to try it out on that babe Ally, if you ever get another shot. I know I'd sure love to do her in the ass.'

I could fuck my own brother. After all we had been through together, the masturbating, fondling, oral sex…This had never occurred to me. I could fuck him. And he wanted me to…Then I thought that every other thing Kenny had gotten us into this week was pretty damn awesome…this would most likely be great too. The chicks in the porn videos loved to ass-fuck…Kenny was offering his asshole to me…I'd do it…and then I'd know.

I started gently humping Kenny's ass, moving my hips very slightly. 'I take it that's a 'yes'…' Ken said.

'I guess I could try it. You'll help me out, Kenny?'

'Of course, bro. Here…try this first.' It was that same bottle of baby oil from before; he reached back over his shoulder and handed it to me. 'Put this on that bad boy. Lot's of it.'

I pulled away and squirted oil into my hand and quickly applied it to my morning-hard cock. Ken bent at the hips a little more, presenting his butt a little more prominently. 'Just go slow, Tim. Make sure it's nice and slick and then just put the tip into my hole.' I moved into position, both of us still covered in Ken's sheet. My respiration increased dramatically. 'Relax, bro. It's cool. There. Slow…slow…Nope…No…There. Right there. Hhhh. Push just a little…little more…mmmmOK.' My dickhead was stuffed just inside of Ken's anus. I was shaking. I didn't want to do this wrong; didn't want to do it the way gay guys did it. But I didn't know how…I couldn't let Kenny think I was gay. I just hoped I did it right, like straight guys do to chicks.

Ken moved ever-so-slightly and suddenly 2 or 3 inches of my cock slipped into his butthole. 'Uhhh!! There you go. Now: real slow…Fuck me. Go ahead. Fuck my ass, Timmy.'

His words set my mind on fire. I was halfway in and already it felt incredible. I pulled out slightly and the feeling was indescribable. Kenny adjusted his hips further and I pushed in gently…My cock seemed to enter Kenny's ass in feet rather than inches…The inside of his rectum was warm, tight, and slick. It squeezed my cock in the most pleasurable way. 'That's it, Timmy. That's good. Mmmm…Put it in farther, go ahead…Uh! Oh! Further!' My pubic hair was touching his buttocks; almost all of my dick was in his ass. I moved my head close to his ear and whispered.

'That good, Ken? Like it?' Kenny smiled and nodded. 'Like my cock?' Again he nodded. 'It's not as big as yours…'

Ken inhaled sharply. 'Maybe not, but that's mmmmperfect for what you're doing right now, bud. Ah..It's just…Unh!…right.' Ken pulled the sheet mostly off of us and lifted his leg, opening his but just a tad more.

My hand on his hip, I at last found a rhythm. I was fucking my big brother's asshole. It was fantastic. He Took my hand and guided it to his semi-hard cock. I began fondling it eagerly, never straying from the steady in-out of my dick in his asshole. Ken was in heaven. 'Mmmmm…Nice long strokes, bro. Fuck me good. Like it, Tim? Like fucking my asshole?'

'Damn, Kenny, I fucking love it.' My gentle fucking had slowly become slow thrusting. I jerked Kenny's cock as I fucked him, pushing in to the hilt.

'I knew you mmmmwould, dude. Ally would love it too, dude, if she'd hhhhever give you a chance…'

'Fuck her. Fuck all those cunts. Right now I'm having too good a fucking time to worry about them…Hmmm hmmm mmmm…'

Ken smiled again. 'That's right, bro. We can huh get each other through. You got it.' By now my thrusting was getting beyond my control. My cock actually popped out of Ken's ass once and I grabbed it and slid it back in without missing a stroke. I was fucking him with a capital 'F'. The bed was quaking and we were both grunting like animals. 'Dude-roll over on your back. No—don't take it out, just roll over.' He grabbed my hand and as I rolled onto my back, Ken stayed on me and ended up sitting down directly on my cock. He leaned back on his hands and put his ankles outside of mine. Settled into the position, he began moving up and down on my cock. I thoght it had been in all the way; I was wrong. NOW, as he sat right on it, my dick stuck straight up his ass. I reached up and resumed jerking him off as he impaled himself on my hard cock. I helped him up and down; I could feel his balls banging into mine. 'Oh! OOOHH! OHH! FUCK, Timmy…Ahhhh!!' We forgot how to speak English and simply fucked each other. Hard.

Soon Ken wanted another position. He lifted himself off my dick and quickly told me what to do. 'Put some more oil on it. Put some more on your hands.' Kenny got down on his hands and knees before me like a dog. 'Now. Stick it in. Stick that cock in my ass and fuck me, bro. Fuck me good and hard.'

I moved over behind him and between his legs. I pushed my cockhead into his anus again and slid it straight to the top in one stroke. 'Ohhhhhhh….FUCK! That's good!' I wasted no time and began slamming Kenny's asshole as hard and as fast as I could. 'Mmmm! Mmm! Mmmm!'

'Oh, YEAH, Timmy! Fuuuuuuck…Yeah…Yeah…Yeah…Ooooooohh…' He was yelling so loud the nieghbors might have heard. Fuck them, too. The lube made his huge cock slick and I stroked it in a frenzy. 'Fuck me, Timmy! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!'

I was coming. And I mean COMING. My body was completely out of my control; sweating profusely, I stuffed my dick so far into my brother's asshole I thought it might pop out of his mouth…Kenny must have sensed it coming too and pulled away just at the right moment. He wheeled around and lay in front of me on his back, his head just under my balls. 'Right here, Timmy, right here. Come in my mouth. Yeah. Yeah…' Ken closed his eyes and opened his mouth, extending his tongue to catch my cum.

I stroked my dick 5 or 6 times and came in a gushing wad of white goo. I roared loudly. Cum flew everywhere, including onto Ken's face, neck, and into his mouth. He swallowed what he could as I shook the remaining drops from the tip of my cock into his hungry mouth.

I fell back onto the bed, exhausted. Kenny lay beside me, wiping the sperm from his face and licking it off his fingers. After a few quiet minutes as we caught our breath, Kenny spoke. 'You sure can fuck, bro. The next girl you snag is in for the ride of her life.'

I looked over at my older brother. He had shown me so much; brought me so far. I was greatful. Nothing I could say could sum up how I felt at that moment. So I didn't speak. I simply leaned over and took my brother's cock in my mouth, and tried to give him the best blowjob a straight guy ever gave.

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