tagIncest/TabooMy Brother Loses It

My Brother Loses It


I have to admit I treated my younger brother poorly. I don't know if it is just that he is younger than me or what. I know he is eighteen now, but I still constantly make fun of him in front of his friends. I know Tommy hates me at times, but I always thought he knew I was just kidding. I guess he didn't.

One day when our parents were out for the day, Tommy had two of his friends over. I was up to my old tricks calling him a wimp and making fun of his manhood. I think his buddies couldn't take anymore of what was going on and they promptly left. I went back to my room and was lying on my bed just reading a magazine when Tommy stormed in.

You're a bitch, Ellen!" he ranted at me.

"What is your problem Tommy, can't you take some ribbing?" I asked him.

Tommy practically ran over to my bed and jumped on top of me. He pinned my arms to the bed and was directly over top of me.

"How does it feel not being in control now?" Tommy shouted at me.

He was actually hurting my wrists. I told him to get off of me, but he didn't do that. He let go of me and started to pull off my shirt.

"What the hell are you doing?" I said.

I got no reply from my brother. He was mad as hell as he clawed at my shirt. He took hold of the material and ripped it. I didn't think it were possible to tear a shirt like that, but my brother did it, he was so hot. Tommy didn't just stop at my shirt. He got his hands on my bra and pulled the cups up over my tits. I was getting scared about now.

Then Tommy did something I never though he would do. He lowered his face and started to suck on my nipples. I hate to admit it, but my nipples got hard as my brother was holding me down. They got really erect as he bit the tips and sucked them into his mouth.

I tried fighting back, but it was a weak attempt. He was too strong and I was giving in to his advances. I was panting as he was sucking my tits. Tommy then got up on his knees and shed his shirt. His hand went to his belt and he loosened it. Somehow he managed to get his pants off while being on top of me. I got my first look at Tommy's cock.

His dick was big I have to tell you, probably seven inches and it was so thick. I never saw one that big in real life. Tommy then went crazy. He pulled my shorts and undies down to my ankles and got them off of me. My eyes must have gotten big as he stripped me down.

"You're going to see what a real man is like," he told me.

My brother pulled my legs apart and he took my ankles in his hands. He pushed my knees to my chest and then I felt the head of his dick at my opening. There wasn't any buildup, Tommy thrust into me all the way. I screamed as I felt his cock enter me violently. He just drove into me up to the hilt. My pussy had never felt anything like what my brother was doing.

Somehow I lost it. I gave into my brother and I let him fuck me like he wanted. The more he drove his piston into me the more I wanted him to do it. I told him to let go of my legs. When he did that I strapped my legs around his back. I held on tight and he gave me a hard fucking. Tommy must have figured I wanted it really bad now.

He would pull his cock out of me, just resting the head against my folds. When I got to the point I couldn't stand it anymore, I begged him to put it back in. That was when he buried that fat rod of his into my aching pussy. He rammed me good and hard and I wanted him to.

I never wished for him to pull out of me. I was cock crazy now and he knew it. We must have gotten so worked up and carried away. My brother arched his back and he pushed into me one more time. I didn't have time to tell him to pull out. I doubt he would have.

I felt his hot cream deep in my belly. He just kept blowing his load like some mad bull in heat. I was wild for it and I milked his love muscle. My pussy was so greedy for my brother's cock, I knew we would be doing this again and again. Tommy kept fucking until he was totally dry. When he pulled out his hot seed dripped down my ass cheeks.

After we finished I think Tommy was embarrassed by what had happened. I didn't feel that way. My brother fucked me like no other guy I had been with before. I was wiped out after our lovemaking session. We both got in the shower and got cleaned up before our parents arrived home.

This was the beginning of Tommy and I fucking on a regular basis. It was hard to find a place and time when we could do it in the house. Our parents were always around. We had to go out into a wooded area and fuck there sometimes. Other times Tommy would steal into my bed late at night. I would suck his big cock most times, but other times we chanced it.

Tommy would get in bed with me and we fucked as quietly as we could. If my parents ever found out it would be the end for both of us. I can't tell you how many times Tommy has cum inside me. I know it is crazy. I am not on the pill or anything and I know one day Tommy is going to impregnate me.

Until that day I am letting my brother fill me with his white hot seed as much as possible.

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