My Brother, My Master


"Hmmmm, you are quite the tease," he moaned as I bobbed slowly back and forth taking just over half his cock in.

I moaned on his cock as I began slowly taking his cock in my mouth. After I had half his cock in my mouth, I began slowly bobbing back and forth, each forward movement taking more of my brother's stiff rod in my mouth.

"That's it cocksucker, nice and slow, worship your brother's cock," he moaned authoritatively.

I obeyed, the name calling somehow triggering a wetness in my pussy I couldn't explain. My left hand went to my wetness under my shorts and I began rubbing myself as I continued taking more of his cock in my mouth. A couple of minutes later, I had six inches of Kevin's thick rod in my mouth and was determined to take it all.

Kevin grunted, "Do you think you can take it all slut?"

My fingers frantically rubbed my clit as I focused on getting the last inch in my throat. I leaned forward, gagging slightly as I took the last of Kevin's hard cock on into my throat, my nose buried in his pubic hair. I lingered there impressed I had taken all of him and for some reason wanting to impress my brother.

"Shiiit, you did it cocksucker. Now get me off like the dirty incest cum slut you are," he ordered.

I had always been treated like a princess so I couldn't believe the litany of derogatory names he threw at me. I should have been furious, yet it only turned me on more for some unknown reason.

I hungrily bobbed up and down desperate to get him off, to taste his cum. Unlike all my friends, I liked the taste of cum, enjoyed the odd texture lingering on my tongue and liked the aftertaste that lingered long after the deed was done.

I was again surprised by my brother's transformation from meek to mighty when he ordered, "Stop rubbing yourself slut. You only get to come after your Master does and only if I decide you deserve the privilege."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, yet I obeyed as I quit rubbing my needy pussy my building orgasm just below the surface, a volcano ready to burst on a moment's notice. I continued my aggressive assault on my brother's cock all the while trying to figure out why I was obeying him and why it was turning me on so much. The word 'Master' was also a shock that sent a chill up my spine. It was another ludicrous word out of my brother's mouth and yet it again enhanced my eagerness to play, my hunger to come.

"I'm close, cocksucker, don't you drop any of your Master's cum," he ordered, through stunted breathing.

My head bobbed like I was in the Olympics speed cocksucking finals and I was determined to win the gold medal.

"I'm coming," he grunted before I felt his full load of sticky goo glide onto my tongue and down my throat as if my lips, tongue and throat were made perfectly for his cock. As rope after rope filled my mouth and slithered down my throat and into my belly. I continued my hungry cocksucking, wanting, no craving, more of his addictive cum, a taste like nothing I had ever tasted before...salty, sweet and bitter.

A couple more minutes of retrieving every last drop of Kevin's cum, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. As he pulled his underwear and jeans back up, he said, not recognizing my need to come or of him acknowledging just how amazing I was, "We should probably get back before mom and dad come looking for us."

I couldn't believe it, I just blew my brother and now he was acting as if nothing happened.

I wearily got up and Kevin started walking back the way we came, leaving me behind. Pissed off and horny, but also worried if I didn't follow him I may not find my way back to camp, I quickly composed myself and reluctantly followed.

As we silently walked back through the forest, I decided two could play this game. I would ignore him as well, I was the popular one, and he was the geek. Yet, no matter how much I tried I couldn't get my brother's cock out of my head. Also, no matter how much I tried to cool down my fevered cunt, it kept begging for attention. I knew I had to come so I could focus and stop thinking of my brother's yummy, hard, long, and thick, cock and how good it would fit fucking my needy, wet cunt.

Just as we were arriving back to camp, Kevin turned to me and finally spoke. "I know your cunt is probably leaking like a funnel, but don't you dare come until I give you permission."

Before I could respond to his condescending expectations, he turned and left me alone. I was furious at his treatment of me, yet another gush of wetness soaked my panties.

I again followed him and was about to yell at him when I heard mom's voice ask, "Where is your sister?"

"Right behind me," Kevin answered.

My frustration and anger boiled but I had to hold it all inside until I was again alone with him.

The rest of the night was exhausting as my pussy eventually cooled down but never completely, causing me lots of anxiety. Meanwhile, Kevin was his usual geek self as he and dad talked about the environment, the rest of the trip and eventually about how excited they were that they were making three more Star Wars movies. I gave Kevin a plethora of glares throughout the evening, but he seemed oblivious to my anger.

At bedtime, I learned much to my surprise, that I was sharing a tent with Kevin. I was looking forward to being alone so I could finally get the release my body had been craving for hours.

Kevin, a smug smile on his face, asked me, "Ready for bed, sis?"

Mom and dad, of course, didn't notice the smugness. Wanting him alone to set him straight, I faked a yawn, "I guess so, baby brother." I stressed the word baby as I tried to re-establish the sister-brother hierarchy that had been in place since birth. I was in charge, not him.

Ten minutes later, both of us in the tent, Kevin said, "Damn it is still hot." He stripped down to his underwear and looking at me asked, "Does my cocksucker need a bedtime snack?"

I hadn't realized I had been staring at his crotch area and his semi-erect cock outlined so well. Snapping out of my sudden hunger to suck his cock again, I said firmly, "This has got to stop."

"What does?" He asked innocently.

"You fucking know exactly what," I snapped.

He shrugged, as he lay on top of his sleeping bag, "I just thought you might be hungry."

His casual attitude frustrated me even more. "We are never doing that again."

"Whatever," he said, closing his eyes.

"You are such an ass," I shot back.

He opened his eyes, looked into my eyes and asked, "Did you say you wanted it in your ass?"

"Fuck what the hell has gotten into you?" I asked, super frustrated by his new attitude.

"The better question is what do you wish was in you," he countered.

I gasped again not able to believe the complete cockiness of my usually quiet, meek brother.

"I am going to sleep, if you decide you need a bed time snack I will leave my cock out for you," he said, tugging his underwear down and unleashing his still semi-erect cock. "Or if you need to relieve yourself of your hunger down below feel free to just climb on top and get yourself off."

He closed his eyes, smiling, his cock now totally hard stood at attention causing another gush down below. Staying strong verbally, even as my body ached in longing. I said confidently, "That is never going to happen."

"Your loss," he said, not even opening his eyes. A few seconds later he said, "Good night, my slut."

"Stop calling me that," I snapped.

"Do you prefer cocksucker?" He asked, opening his eyes again.

"Enough," I demanded, holding onto the last shreds of dignity I had left. "This ends now."

"Whatever you say," he said, again closing his eyes, although his smug tone implied he thought he was still in charge.

"I'm serious," I countered. He didn't respond and I closed my eyes, desperate to win this power struggle.

The next ten minutes were literally hell. Angry at my brother's pretentious, confident attitude mixed with an undeniable and unexplainable lust for him. I kept taking quick glances at his still very erect and ready for action cock and cursed its beauty. My pussy was leaking, the fire was burning and my moral fibre was dissolving rapidly as my hunger for his cock was overwhelming my very being.

"It's now or never, my slut. If you want to come tonight, Crawl over to your Master and get my cock ready for that cunt of yours," Kevin said, never opening his eyes.

I looked at his cock, beginning to shrink and before I even knew what I was doing I was obeying my brother's orders, verbatim. I crawled to him, leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth determined to restore it to all its erect glory. Even as I pleasured his warm cock I pondered why I was doing it. Yet, the answer was obvious; I wanted and needed his cock in me.

"Good slut," Kevin moaned, "I knew you couldn't resist."

I could feel the heat in my cheeks, he was right I couldn't resist. My insatiable hunger was all that mattered. Unlike last time when I was hungry to make him come, this time I wanted to tease him. I used my tongue and moved down slowly to his balls, taking each in my mouth individually, before returning to his stiff cock.

A couple of minutes later, Kevin asked, "So what does sis want to do next?"

Taking control, I straddled his cock pulling my panties aside and lowered myself onto his erection. "I want to ride your big cock, baby brother," I answered, as I leaned down and kissed him.

As his cock filled me, I allowed myself to enjoy being filled so completely as my tongue explored Kevin's mouth. For a couple of minutes, there was no movement other than our lips and tongue as we gave in completely to our sin.

Finally, he broke the kiss, again trying to take control. He put his arms behind his head and ordered, "Take off your t-shirt, I want to see my slut's tits."

I sat straight up, his cock going deeper into my wet cunt, and asked coyly, as I ground my pussy on him, "You want to see your sister's tits, do you?"

He grabbed my hips and thrust upward forcing out an undeniable moan. "Now, slut."

Overwhelmed with hunger and enthralled by my brother's dominant power, I quickly pulled off my t-shirt allowing my firm breasts and hard nipples freedom. "Nice tits, sis," he complimented as he pulled me down and my left breast went into his mouth.

The warmth of his mouth on my breasts sent chills up my back and sparks down below, my burning need to come becoming impossible to deny. My head was spinning, my body burning as my breathing became erratic. I began slowly moving my hips to fuck myself on his cock as he pleasured my breasts with his lips, tongue and teeth.

He whispered, "That's it slut, fuck yourself like the little slut you are."

Again such words should have been offensive and yet instead turned me on more. I whispered back, "You want your own personal live-in slut don't you?"

"If you are worthy," he quipped back, just as I began riding his cock faster.

Trying to take control once again, I leaned back, grinding my pussy on his cock and allowing myself to be filled completely. "Do you like my tits, big brother?" I asked, calling him big brother for the first time.

"They are very nice," he nodded, as he watched me cup my breasts, as I bounced up and down on his cock feeling so full.

"Just nice," I pouted.

"They are not as big as Mrs. Sheets," he replied.

"You're an ass," I shot back, grinding my pussy on his cock.

"Soon I'll be in your ass," he smugly retorted.

"That is an exit only area," I countered back.

"We will see about that," he smirked, lifting me up and flipping me onto my back all the while keeping his cock in me.

"Oh God," I moaned, as he manhandled me with such power and authority.

Looking down on me he said, his cock deep in me, "You are my fucktoy now sis. Your mouth, cunt and ass are mine, is that clear?"

"Just fuck me," I replied, ignoring the question.

"Answer the question, my slut," he repeated, his cock deep in me, but not moving.

"Damn it, Kevin, just fuck me hard," I begged, moving my hips to fuck myself on his cock.

"Obey," he said firmly, grabbing my hips and holding me in place.

"Please," I begged, not wanting to give in to his absurd expectations, but desperate to reach my long delayed orgasm.

"Please what," he smiled, his cock somehow flinching inside me.

So desperate to come, I heard the words out of my mouth before I had time to think about them, "Please make me your slut."

"Real sluts take in the ass," he clarified.

Again so desperate to please, to come, I responded without thinking, "My ass is yours, big brother."

"Good girl," he purred, which for some reason actually only made my submission to him hotter.

Getting into the role playing I responded, "I am here to serve my Master."

His smile getting wider, he returned to slow hard strokes which continued kindling the flame but refusing to allow it to grow to a full scale furry.

"Oh yes," I moaned, "Harder, fuck your sister harder." Hearing the words made the taboo act even hotter.

"On all fours, slut," he grunted.

I didn't hesitate, so drawn into his world of submission and my need to come that it seemed natural to obey.

"Good girl," he again approved of my obedience, my pussy juice literally leaking out of me in this position.

I felt his fingers slip inside my pussy and after three quick pumps, he pulled them out and moved to my ass. I instinctively tightened up as I realized his intent.

"Relax, slut," he instructed as his finger teased my anal entrance.

I asked nervously, "Did you fuck Mrs. Sheets ass?"

"Of course," he answered, "she was reluctant at first too, but true sluts have three holes and all three are meant to be used."

Strangely in my erotic state that logic made sense, plus if Mrs. Sheets could do it so could I. In retrospect, a bizarre reason to do something, but suddenly pleasing my brother, my master, and allowing him to take my anal cherry seemed the right thing to do. "O-o-ok," I stammered nervously, yet excited at the possibility of pleasing Kevin.

"Ok what my little plaything," he answered, continuing to draw me deeper into his obedience web.

"Fuck my ass, Kevin, take my anal virginity with your big hard cock," I replied, trying to shock him, trying to get him to just take me, my need to come all that remained.

"Quite down, slut, or Mom and Dad will be witnessing you taking a cock up your ass," he said, his tone more amused than warning.

Remembering where we were and what we were doing, I obeyed and whispered, "Sorry Master, please make me your slut."

He laughed as his finger penetrated my back door making my one way only rule no longer relevant. I winced slightly at the intrusion but was surprised how the slight pain faded almost as quickly as it came.

"Now I am going to prep your ass for my cock, sis. Just relax and this will be good for both of us," he explained, his tone shifting from domineering to soft and soothing.

"Kkkkk," I whimpered, his finger wiggling inside my ass.

"This is called gaping," he explained.

The thought of my brother teaching me sex lingo would have been hilarious less than twenty-four hours ago, yet at this moment I was completely at his whim.

"Kkkkkk," I again barely got out trying to get used to the strange, uncomfortable feeling inside my ass.

The next few minutes my ass was slowly widened as Kevin eventually slipped in a second finger causing a new burning that didn't fade as quickly as the first. The whole time Kevin kept talking, explaining what he was doing, calming my nerves, relaxing me when I should have been anything but relaxed. Eventually I got used to the two fingers and although the burn never completely dissipated, as I relaxed I began enjoying the absurd submission to my brother.

Finally, wanting to feel his cock in my ass, I whispered, "Fuck my ass, Kevin."

As his fingers left my ass, I suddenly felt empty. It didn't last long as I felt his hands back on my hips, and his cockhead between my ass cheeks.

"Are you ready to give your ass to me, slut?" he asked, his tone back to authoritative.

I didn't hesitate as I moaned, "Fill my ass with your cock, Masteeeeeeer." He didn't wait for me to finish my answer before sliding his cock inside my ass.

"Relax," he instructed, as his cock slowly moved deeper inside me.

"It huuuurts," I whimpered, the pain much more intense than his so-called gaping earlier.

"The pain will go away," he promised, as he continued his slow intrusion in my no longer virgin ass.

"Shit," was all I could counter with.

Silence persisted as I bit my lip trying to deal with the incredible discomfort in my ass as his cock went deeper than his fingers ever did.

I let out a gasp when he announced, "All in, big sister."

"I am sooooo full," I whimpered, shocked and yet proud to have taken all his cock.

"Just let yourself get used to a big cock in your ass, sis," he explained.

"Kkkk," I obeyed, the pain still blunt and yet the thought of Kevin fucking my ass turning me on at the same time.

A minute later, Kevin said, "I'm going to slowly start fucking you Kerry."

Hearing my name after the name calling and sister references was startling and intimate. "Ok, Kevin, please be gentle."

My whole body burned, a mixture of pleasure and pain, as his cock slowly pulled out and pistoned slowly back in and out again. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt before, a feeling of hunger, of crazed desire, that made me want more. After a few slow strokes, I moaned, "Faster Kevin."

"Tell me exactly what you want, slut," he demanded.

Falling into the submissive nature that I didn't really know existed before today, I responded, "My ass, Kevin, fuck my ass."

Obliging, his strokes in and out of my ass picked up speed and the burning sensation began to fade as the pleasure pulsations began to increase. I wanted more, I needed more and begged, "Harder, Kevin, fuck your sister's ass."

"Who owns your ass, Kerry?" he grunted, as his cock slammed into me.

"Yooooooou do, Maaaaster," I admitted through a long moan as a renewed sharp pain trembled through my body even as a new rush of pleasure cascaded through me simultaneously.

"And you will obey me at all times," he questioned, pulling his cock almost all the way out of my ass.

"Yeeeessss," I agreed, not even thinking how big a scope such an agreement may encompass.

"Your mouth, cunt and ass are mine to use as I wish?" as he continued his clear domination of me.

"They are all yours, Master," I agreed, desperate to feel his cock back in my ass.

"Ready to come, my ass slut?" he asked, his cock just barely in me.

"Yes," I whimpered, so hungry to feel him in me and to reach my long simmering orgasm.

"Fuck yourself, slut," he ordered.

I didn't hesitate realizing I was finally going to be in control of my own orgasm. I slowly backed my ass onto his cock, taking it all back in my ass. Once all in, I slowly moved back and forth getting used to fucking myself. Once in a constant rhythm, I began moving my ass back faster, filling myself completely, even reaching new depths in my ass, causing new sensations of pleasure and pain. The pain somehow enhanced the pleasure, making me feel dirtier, hornier and more desperate to come. My orgasm continued to build and bubble, just below the surface of explosion.

Frustrated, I realized what was missing, Kevin's nasty words. I begged, as I began slamming my ass back onto my brother's big cock, "Tell me what I am Master."

I could sense his smug smile without looking as he assaulted me with names: "Ride my cock ass-slut; pound yourself like the hungry little slut you are; fuck yourself on your brother's cock like the incest slave you are; your cocksucking lips are mine, your big titties are mine, your cunt is mine and your tight ass is mine." The litany of names was the final pin that burst the bubble and my orgasm bubbled over the surface as my moans and whimpers began to rise as well. The eruption came when he finished his verbal assault with, "Now come sister slave, come for your Master, come now my cunt, my slut, my slave."

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