My Brother, My Master


"Fuuuuuck," I moaned, biting my lips to not scream and alert my parent's to their children's sexual debauchery. The orgasm riddled through me unlike any that I had ever experienced, realizing my previous sexual past was just a charade of real pleasure.

Collapsing forward, weak from the never ending earthquake of pleasure, Kevin began pumping his cock hard into my ass somehow enhancing even more my orgasm.

I babbled like a blithering idiot, "Oh God, shit, fuck, cum, God, oh, shit, yes, more, aaah, harder, fuck, fuck, I love youuuuuuu."

I couldn't believe I declared such a thing as my brother took my anal cherry, yet at that moment I was his and wanted him to know just how much I wanted to be his unconditional slave.

"I love you too, sis," he grunted, as I felt my ass being filled with his cum.

"Oh yes, fill my ass with your come, Kevin, it feels so good," I moaned, loving being used as his cum bucket. I tightened my ass as best I could to milk every drop of his cum.

"Shit you are so tight and eager, slut," he grunted, as he slowed down and eventually pulled out.

Wanting to show him just how much of a slut I was for him, as soon as his cock left my ass I turned around and took his cock back in my mouth and retrieved any last remnants of his cum.

"Fuck sis, you really are a bigger slut than I thought," he groaned, looking down at me.

Taking his cock out of my mouth, I looked up and said, giving his delicious cock a firm squeeze, "Your sister slut, big brother."

Finally, both exhausted, we collapsed to the ground and into each other's arms.

After a couple minutes of silence, I whispered, "I can't believe we just did that."

"It's just the beginning," he promised, kissing the back of my neck.

"I hope so," I whispered back, knowing that there was no going back, nor did I want to.

"By the way, happy Earth Day," he said, moving his mouth to my ear.

"There really is such a thing," I laughed.

I felt his cock, still hard, poking between my legs, as he said, "I think we have started a new tradition for Earth Day."

"We have, have we," I purred, reaching behind and grabbing his hard cock and guiding it into my very wet and yet feeling rather neglected pussy.

"I guess there is one hole of mine I haven't filled yet, have I my sister cum bucket," he said, his cock sliding easily inside my cunt.


Remembering our first Earth Day all those years ago, my first time submitting submissively to my brother in the rainforests of the Amazon, had my pussy soaking wet and my ass begging for attention.

I reached for his semi-erect cock and began stroking it back to fullness.

"Ready for round three, big sis?" he smiled.

"Always," I smiled, getting onto all fours.

"No, no, this time I want to try something different," he smiled, standing up, grabbing a chair and sitting on it.

"What do you have in mind?" I coyly asked.

"Straddle me and ride my cock with your ass," he instructed.

"Really?" I asked, thinking this virtually impossible.

"You may want more lube," he suggested, ignoring my question.

Knowing his tone meant the conversation was done, I grabbed the lube and generously coated his cock. After adding excess lube on my ass, I slowly straddled the chair and lowered my body down. Finding his cock, I aimed it at my ass and slowly lowered myself onto his cock. Although awkward at first, I slowly took all his cock in my ass, the feeling in this position a new sensation. Once all in, I began riding his cock slowly as I got used to the fullness and angle.

"Good girl," he purred, as I finally got in a comfortable rhythm.

"Fuck, this is awesome," I moaned, as I began to really ride his hard cock.

"Bounce," he demanded.

I obeyed, allowing my whole body to collapse on his cock and allowing his cock to reach new unimaginable depths inside my ass. "Oh shiiiit," I whimpered, as the mixture of pleasure and pain, long gone after years of backdoor fucking returned.

"Harder, slut," he ordered.

Again I obeyed, whimpering like a virgin school girl as I devoured his cock with my ass.

A few minutes of deep anal riding and I could feel my orgasm rising and I began to frantically rub my clit as I smoothly continued fucking my brother.

"Don't come until I do, my little whore," he groaned, his tone implying he too was close.

"Of course, Master," I replied weakly, slowing down my self-pleasuring to not come until told.

"On five my fuck slut, come like the little ass slut you are," he demanded.

"Oh yes, Master thank you," I whimpered, loving the traditional countdown to pleasure he had initiated during our second earth day fuck-fest at college.

"Four my whore," he counted down, the orgasm rising in me begging for release.

"Oh fuck, yes, I love being your whore," I declared, my body never feeling as fulfilled with pleasure as when Kevin and I were intimate. Mike, my husband, was a great man and a sweet tender lover, but sometimes I needed to fucked like a two-bit fuck-toy and only Kevin could get me off like that.

"Three, my cum bucket," he continued, getting close to finishing his usual Earth Day tri-fecta he had achieved every year since that first fateful day in the Amazon.

"Oh yes, Master, fill my ass with your cum," I begged, loving the feeling of his cum sliding inside any of my three fuck holes.

"Two, my sister slave," he said, loving to remind me of the incest taboo we continued to commit year after year, even though we were both happily married with children of our own.

"Oh yes, Kevin, I love being your full-service sister, ready to obey any order, and eager to please," I admitted, meaning every word of it.

"One, I want you to sacrifice one more thing to be allowed to cum, my incest pet," he said, surprising me.

"Whaaaaat?" I asked, expecting one to be the simultaneous orgasm we had mastered years ago.

"Didn't Kimberly turn eighteen last week?" he asked, holding my shoulders down on his cock and forcing me to stop pleasuring myself, in turn stopped my orgasm that was bubbling so fucking close to the surface.

"Y-y-yes," I stammered, already knowing his intent but not able to respond in my current state of mind.

"You will bring her with you next year for our Earth Day celebration," he informed me, his tone implying this wasn't a question, but an order.

"But, how will I do that?" I asked, the family Earth Day tradition somehow believed by my husband and Kevin's wife, of course they were both unaware of what really occurred during these special weekends.

"That is up to you, my slave," he said, "but I will not take no for an answer."

"Fuck Kevin, you are one sick fuck," I replied, both turned on and mortified by what he was expecting of me.

"Well, it takes one to know one," he quipped back, before adding, "Just agree like you know you eventually will and I will let you come."

I didn't want to agree, knowing a mother should protect her daughter, yet I wanted to agree to come and to allow my daughter to experience the rare pleasure that only Kevin had brought me. "Fine," I eventually sighed.

"Fine what?" he asked, like he always did.

"You can fuck Kimberly," I agreed, the words sounding so ludicrous.

"In all three holes," he questioned.

"Yes, dammit, you can come in her mouth, her pussy and her ass," I declared, my need to come again overtaking any sort of common sense.

"And you will clean my cum from her pussy and ass?" he asked, surprisingly me again.

I said teasingly, "You really are one dirty old man."

"Answer the question," he ordered, bucking his knees up so his cock went deeper up my ass.

"Yes, I will eat Kimberly's pussy with you're cum leaking out," I agreed, "Now fuck my ass, dammit."

He let go of my shoulders and without a word I rode his cock like a woman possessed. In seconds, my orgasm was back on the rise and as usual my brother's nasty words brought me over the edge.

"That's it sister slut, come like the dirty little whore you are, while imagining me taking your daughter's virgin ass while you licked her ripe young pussy," he whispered.

"Can I come?" I asked.

When no response came, I repeated, "Can I come, Master."

"On five," he announced, and I cursed to myself not sure I could hold on for the short countdown.

"In four, my cunt licking sister slut," he said.

"I'll eat pussy for you, Master, just let me come," I begged, holding my orgasm from exploding taking every ounce of determination I had.

"Three you slutty lesbian whore," he continued, adding, "I can't wait to see you two munching each other's boxes."

"Oh yes, I'll make her a good slut, just like her Mommy," I whimpered, the idea of eating my daughter's cunt never once popping into my mind was now suddenly an obsession.

"Two, my dirty sex slave."

"Oh yes, Master, I will never disobeeeeeey," I replied, the orgasm ready to burst.

"Come nooooow, my sluuuuut," he groaned as his cum shot into my well fucked ass.

On cue, my orgasm exploded out of me as I screamed, "Oh yes Masssssssster, I love your coooooock so fuuucking muuuuch!"

I continued bouncing throughout both our orgasms until we were both spent.

Finally I climbed off him and felt his cum slide out of my ass and down my leg.

Looking at me, he said disapprovingly, "Look at all that cum you are wasting. Next year we will have someone to make sure every drop of my cum is savoured like it should be."

I scooped the cum from my leg and put it in my mouth. "You are serious about Kimberly aren't you?"

"Deadly," he said. "And I can tell you are already thinking of eating her cunt aren't you?"

I shrugged, "I haven't ate pussy since Vegas," another Earth Day rendezvous and another crazy day.

He laughed "That was one crazy night, as was the first time you munched pussy with Mrs. Sheets."

"You made me her personal pussy pleaser the rest of grade twelve," I retorted, remembering how mortified I was at first and yet how much I ended loving being used and made into a very well-trained pussy pleaser.

"You are welcome," he shrugged.

"Thank you Master," I replied, falling to my knees before him and taking his now shrinking cock back in my mouth.

"Shit, sister slut, do you ever get enough?" he chuckled.

I didn't answer as I began to resurrect his cock.

Until Next earth Day...The END!

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I Agree

With JUBURIN another chapter introducing Kimberly to Earth Day and Submission. Maybe letting her know that Kevin is her Father/Uncle.

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Please write another part for this. It is one of my favorite stories of yours.

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