tagIncest/TabooMy Brother My Slave Ch. 07

My Brother My Slave Ch. 07


A/N: All Characters are at least 18 years of age. This is a work of fiction; characters are not based loosely or directly on any real person.


Emily woke slowly; sunlight shown through a pair of drab curtains illuminating the sparsely furnished room. Despite the morning sunlight bathing the room she could see little of her surroundings as Jeff's muscular body blocked most of her view. She felt his arm around her and could sense his chest hair as it brushed against her nipples, tickling stimulating them each time he drew a breath. A soft and contented sigh escaped her lips as she thought about him lying next to her, naked and strong.

Emily was never one to enjoy waking up with whomever she'd fucked the night before. Typically, she avoided talking to the guy on the simple principle that she wasn't interested in a relationship, just the sex. While it was never hard to get a guy to fuck her, dealing with a clingy lover boy or a self-absorbed jock wasn't what she wanted, especially first thing in the morning and often with a hangover. Yet as she lay there feeling the sensual grazing of her nipples against his chest, she marveled how easy it would be for her wake up with him every day.

She wasn't entirely sure of herself. She liked the sex. Okay, she loved the sex. More like totally addicted to the sex, but physical pleasure aside she was finding herself falling in love with her would be slave. She gazed at him, his features relaxed and peaceful. Even growing up he'd rarely been relaxed, especially around women. Her torture and subjugation of him had actually awoken something carnal within Jeff, something strong and fierce. Despite the submissive role she forced him into, his spirit was far from broken. If fact, she was quite sure that she was walking the edge of a blade in her treatment of him. On one side lay his utter devotion and broken will, on the other a man who could just as easily turn the tide on her. What made her uneasy and truly worried her was the danger that she might even let him.

Emily's right leg was pinned by his right, their limbs intertwined together in a rather intimate configuration. As her gaze travelled down his body, the erotic thoughts that had first been playing at Emily's senses and her nipples now began to assert themselves. Drawn like a moth to flame, her eyes found the part of him that made her tingle and ache. As with most men, Jeff's cock was sporting a nearly hard morning erection. Emily's content aura suddenly charged with that insistent mischievous hunger.

What the hell is wrong with me? I haven't been this desperate for sex since I went three months without it last year. Her thoughts seemed to ring out in her own mind as she stared at his semi hard member, wanting very much to touch it. While she knew touching may be the first step, it would certainly not be the last. She glanced up at Jeff's face but he was still sound-asleep. Emily wasn't too surprised, she'd put him through quite the ordeal yesterday. Yesterday. That thought reminded her that she only had two more days to fuck him without discovery. Two days to finalize her control. Two days to try and satisfy this ache. Emily and Jeff would have to return home on Monday and that time was already moving along, slipping away like trickling sand. She wanted more, but she knew the danger of fucking her little brother under her parent's roof.

Emily moved her hand down between their bodies wiggling against her stomach, avoiding her brother's chest. Her movements shifted her shoulder slightly causing her to nudge Jeff's broad chest. Jeff's arm to pulled her closer in a automatic reaction to her touch. The sudden feeling of his warm chest pressing firmly against hers began to make her pussy pout. Her hand had made it between their bodies and she was able to lightly flex it. Emily gently groped in the area she could no longer see and found his semi-erect member. At the feeling of his sex, she felt her own tingle in anticipation.. Emily smiled to herself as she felt the semi erect shaft begin to harden in response to her touch. Jeff's breathing quickened, but the look at his eyelids showed no signs of consciousness. The angle made it difficult to grip him so Emily used her limited range to stroke his length with a feather light sweeping motion.

The indirect contact had the desired effect and Emily began to feel the tip of his cock press into her as he lengthened, pushing into her thigh. She could feel the girth of him growing as the pressure on her thigh increased. She squinted so that it would look like she was still asleep if he happened to wake up. She continued her gentle movements and felt the hard mass of his erection as it became fully engorged with his hot young blood. She listened to his breathing and waited. What had been steady air moving in and out of his nose started to become ragged as Jeff's body began to respond to the sexual medley Emily was playing on his cock. The shaft jerked slightly and she tried to hold back her smile as the feeling of warm sticky liquid pulsed from his nearly solid cock. Emily lay still save for her hand and looked through closed lids to watch Jeff's reactions as she tickled and caressed his cock.

Jeff's hips shifted slightly as she continued to run the tips of her fingers up and down his shaft. His mind, still cloaked in sleep was not fully aware of her seduction, but his body was responding readily to the gentle stroking. Her hand was getting sore with her cramped movements, but the reward of her touch was enough to keep going. Emily tried not to smile as she saw and felt his body move. Jeff's leg tensed and she felt another surge of pre-cum oozing onto her thigh, her pussy seemed to drip in sympathetic longing. She carefully watched his face, waiting for the final thread of sleep to fray.

Jeff's arm instinctively pulled her closer and Emily could feel the rough hair of his chest lightly scratching her rock hard nipples. The rough sensation was so erotic, that she felt a jolt of excitement race down her. Jeff shifted again and mumbled sleepily. Her face was only a few inches from his, she wanted to press her lips to his and feel his passion ignite. Emily could feel the wet streak making a trail down her thigh as the pre-cum oozed from his hardened dick. Slick heat began to seep down her inner thigh and cheeks as her own excited sex began to fully awaken in response to the mental images she was conjuring. She could picture him holding her down with his strong arms, pressing his hands to her wrists, pinning her to the bed as he shift his body weight in order to situate himself between her legs. She imagined him pressing them open with his strong thighs and aligning his cock to her nearly bare entrance. Emily's heart was racing and she felt the flow of her arousal coating her inner thighs and the crack of her ass.

In her mind's eye, Jeff placed the tip of his hard cock at her entrance and began to run the head along her slit, coating himself in her glistening desire, working his way up and down her opening, grazing her clit as he passed over it with each wet thrust. Emily wanted to feel him plunge into her with hard deep strokes. She felt a moan escape her lips as the menagerie of memories and fantasies merged into a growing flood of sexual tension straining for release. Through hooded eyes, she glanced at Jeff's face. His eyes were focused on hers. Realizing that he knew she was already awake, Emily's eyes opened and they stared at each other, neither speaking for a time.

The night before had been intense for both of them. She'd tortured him with pleasure until he'd cum with reckless abandon and not long after he'd fucked her hard and fast until she'd cum twice, the second time hard enough to pass out. A strange, visceral connection had formed in the wake of such intense sexuality. Both felt the pull of the connection, drawing them together in a purely carnal sense of hunger. He longed to burry cock deep inside her, pumping her to the brink, and then with his boiling cum release her tense body in the clutched of ecstasy. She longed to feel the thick shaft stretch her cunt as it pulsated with orgasmic explosion inside her body, filling her with the life seed of her baby brother's living essence. They both longed to be forever in the moment of mutual fulfillment, each melded to the other in the pure ecstasy of release, feeling the other let go of everything but the moment, everything but them. They both longed to be one.

As she laid there, a hair's breadth from him, his eyes were intense but his expression was unreadable. At that moment Emily was filled with so many emotions she wasn't sure how to process them all. She stared into his eyes trying to get a grasp on what was happening. Torrents of emotion, memories, hunger, desperation, mixed with fear flashed. She felt regret for her manipulation, terror of rejection, affection for the man before her, hunger for his body, and a deep need to fulfill his every desire. In that moment, it all came clear. Emily was afraid. For the first time in her life, she was afraid of Jeff. He held in his hands the power. At this very moment he could bring her down from the pedestal of command into the very throes of submission. She ached for him, in every way. She hungered for his caress. Emily's mind swam with the realization that she was in love with him, and in the wake of such an epiphany dread followed.

Jeff took her in, seemingly reaching through her eyes and examining her very soul. The blank look on his face was almost terrifying in its scrutiny. Emily felt vulnerable, open and dangerously close to an emotional collapse. At that moment she desperately wanted him to stop watching her. Instead Emily wanted Jeff to mount and fuck her mindlessly, carnally, she hungered for it. She didn't want to be confronted with her abusive actions or the guilt that would surely follow. Pride had not only kept him at emotional distance, it had also opened a chasm between them that was even now only bridged by Emily's desperate lust and Jeff's fear. Fear of her betrayal. A fear she had cultivated and encouraged now faced her in the blank face of her brother.

Her mouth opened to speak but she couldn't seem to manage any sound. Her voice choked off before it escaped her lips. She felt her throat constrict and heard herself manage to whisper his name. The sound was a mixture of anguish, part sob and part plea. Her hand stopped stroking his cock and moved up awkwardly to his chest. He continued to look at her without expression. His eyes continued their search into her dark thoughts, and Emily felt as though he was undoing her with his silence. It would have been less torturous had he simply yelled at her. The silence was even more condemning. He'd lanced through her armor without a single word.

After what seemed like an eternity Jeff spoke. His voice came soft but deliberate. "What do you want from me Em?"

The simple question hit her like freight train and she felt the pent up emotions suddenly unravel, rushing to the surface shredding her composure. She couldn't stop herself as the fortress erected to resist Jeff, the protection from the growing affection for him and the intense guilt she'd sheltered her conscience from assaulted her unmercifully. She lost sense of everything but his eyes. As the floodgate opened, even that became a blur as tears streamed down her cheeks. Emily's body shook in convulsive sobs and her throat constricted. She pulled in ragged breaths only to release them in bursting uncontrollable cries. Her arousal forgotten, she felt only anguish and shame at herself. She'd tortured the love of her life, her own sibling. She'd beaten him, won the game. He was hers, and she'd hurt him out of prideful spite. She gasped in breaths as the weight of it all threatened to smother her in its endless depths. And the more she thought of all that had happened, the deeper she sank. She loathed herself. Inside she felt the insurmountable chasm grow. She realized with tortured clarity what her own threats had and would cost her. In that moment, she wanted to die.

Jeff's arms held her tightly as she wept uncontrollably. He felt her body and her fierce tremors. He could hear her gasping breath and could taste her salty tears. He made soft shushing sounds trying to calm her from her building hysterical crying. Emily folded into his chest, feeling the toned muscles. She continued to cry for a while, held in their naked embrace, completely bare to each other. The master was stripped reduced to a sobbing child.

He held her, feeling the time pass unmercifully slowly. It took all that was in him not to say anything. This was his sister. She was all he had and he didn't know what to do except hold her to him. Emily's cries turned to sniffles as the sheer emotional exhaustion took its toll. She tried to pull away but Jeff's arms held her tightly. She knew she looked a miserable mess. Her eyes were probably red and puffy her nose running and her hair matted by tears, she was a wreck. She felt his heart beating and turned her head, placing an ear to his chest, listening to the steady thumping.

She didn't know how long it was until she found her voice, she was afraid to talk, but afraid not to say it. "Jeff..." she paused trying her best to find the words. She couldn't look up; she couldn't bear to look into his eyes at that moment. She felt naked. Ironically her physical nudity played no role in her feelings, it was her soul was naked. So many words, and none seemed right.

The silence stretched interminably, she truly wanted to say it, but she couldn't seem to bring forth the words. Jeff's hand moved to her face. He gently stroked his index finger down her cheek and then lifted her chin so that their eyes were level. She saw something there she did not expect. Something she didn't quite understand. And then he spoke.

Her heart stopped as he said. "I love you Em."

His voice was soft and gentle, and was laced with pain. Emily looked away from his eyes. She was at least glad that she hadn't lost her sibling's love, but knew there was no chance at anything more. She nodded, not trusting her voice. As she moved her head back towards his chest, his hand gently pulled her back so she could see his eyes.

"Emily? I love you. Truly, deeply and madly love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Emily froze. She'd heard the words, but they seemed wrong, incoherent, distant, and seemingly unbelievable. She looked up into his face, chancing to see something beyond condemnation and loathing, the same loathing she herself felt inside. As her eyes found his, she saw something totally unexpected. He had a wisp of a smile on his face. She stopped breathing, staring into those eyes. She was stupefied, and stunned, and speechless.

"Jeff, I...."

Jeff placed a finger on her lips. The smile was still on his lips and now his eyes twinkled. "I know."

"Jeff I'm so sorry, I'm so very, very sor..mmph..." Her apology was silenced by his kiss on her lips, and she felt herself pressing her mouth hungrily against his. Emily wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her fingers in his hair. She held his head to her lengthening the kiss and showing her own hunger for him. Suddenly she was filled with a burning need to have him inside her again, but this time she wasn't just desperate for sex, she was desperate to be his, only his.

Jeff's muscled arms moved her up on the bed and he situated himself in a kneeling position, breaking their kiss for a moment to pull her up to face him. He knelt in front of her knees together, cock fully erect and waiting, oozing clear liquid from the tip. Emily once again wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself up his thighs. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his hips, pulling herself up his thighs. Her lips continued to work his in a frenzy of hunger that possessed her fully in purpose and deed. Emily locked her legs behind his hips and pulled herself to him. Her bare sex slid up his thigh and pressed his cock against her stomach, the cleft of her cunt nestling her little brother's shaft in its folds.

She began to gently rock her hips against him, sliding her sex up and down his shaft. She could feel herself heating at the feeling of Jeff's shaft gliding back and forth with her movements. She was gasping through their kisses and he hadn't even entered her yet. She wanted him, she needed him desperately. Jeff's hands gripped her ass, applying gentle pressure that helped her movements but didn't rush them. She was breathless feeling the ignition of her longing. Her tongue slid along his lips as his shaft slid along her sex, coating it with a slick layer of her excitement from their grinding.

She could feel the base of his cock as the veins and head caressed her clit as she pulled her hips up and down. Jeff's breathing was shallow as he gripped her ass firmly. Emily wanted him inside her, she wanted to see his pleasure, feel his body, hold him close to her as they become one being. She broke the kiss, pulling back to look into his eyes. As their gaze met, she lifted her hips higher this time until the tip of his cock was just below her clit. She focused herself in that look, her soul, her heart, and her devotion poured into her eyes. She envisioned all her desires and feelings flowing into him through their locked gaze. As if in response, her mind flashed back to their first encounter, similar to this she'd plunged herself down upon him, feeling his entire length burry deep within her until he'd cum hard, filling her with his seed. She held her hips still, his cock at the entrance to her womanhood, remembering, feeling, communing in a way that was beyond words.

A gentle smile came to Jeff's lips. He held her gaze as she undulated her body just enough to align their sexes. Once the tip was in the well of her excited lips, she slid forward and down watching him as she sank down, feeling the hard thick shaft begin to fill her emptiness inside, stretching it just enough to feel solid inside her. They both felt the pleasure bolt as he slid home, felt the other's breath hitch as he filled her. She felt their bodies come together. She ground her hips to push him deeper into herself, wanting to take his entire length in, wanting to feel that sense of possession and wholeness.

Fully inside her she held him there, unmoving while they stared into each other. It was a moment of pure connection, blazing between them. They were sharing each other's pleasure, neither taking but giving freely. This was consensual, unified, intentional, desired; both feeling the intense satisfaction of being a part of the whole being, one. The moment stretched out both content in the knowledge that they had completed the puzzle, synchronized into a new being. They were alone in a world of longing and fulfillment. It was perfection, all they wanted was to stay that way; and then Emily squeezed her pussy around his cock.

As if a smoldering fuse had finally reached its payload, fire ignited in his eyes and he began to move. Gripping her ass in his strong hands he began pulling her up and down his shaft, up and down, up and down, plunging into her core with slow strong thrusts. Every time their bodies met Emily gasped softly as his skin touched her clit, feeling his length touch her g-spot, caressing, massaging her pleasure centers within and without. She continued to look into his eyes as they moved in their private dance. She felt him within her, strong and full, thick and hard as he stroked in and out. Emily focused her muscles and squeezed around him, applying gentle pressure to increase the sensations. Jeff moaned in response to the undulation of her pussy, the muscles clenching and milking his cock, attempting to take that which he was not yet willing to surrender.

Emily smiled hearing his pleasure and bit the left side of her lower lip in a coy grin. The mischievous innocent look seemed only to heat the flaming need within him and he began increase the pace of his movements. In, out. In, out. Again and again her tight lifts sucked his rock hard rod, sliding with ease yet tightly locked within its willing sheath. She was teasing him, enticing him to take her in any way he wanted, and he was eating it up. She encouraged his movements, his aggression. She surrendered to him in a way that showed submission, allowing his hands to lift her up and down on his shaft, responding to him using only her pussy and her expressions.

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