tagIncest/TabooMy Brother The Geek Ch. 03

My Brother The Geek Ch. 03


If this is your first time reading My Brother The Geek, please go back and read the first two installments. You will have a better understanding of the story.


I couldn't wait until practice was over. All I could think about was Ron. I was becoming a regular nymphomaniac, but didn't care. All I wanted was his huge cock.

"Head's up!"

I hit the ground, tasting nothing but dirt

"Come on Stephanie, get your head on straight, and start thinking of practice."

"Sorry coach."

"Sorry is not enough. The first game of the season will be here soon, and I am not going to sit and watch us do as bad as we did last year. Oh, the hell with it. Hit the showers."

I didn't hit the showers. Grabbing my gear, I jumped in the car and sped home. When I got there, my parents had not arrived yet, so I ran to Ron's room, tearing my clothes off as I went. Ron was not there, but I heard the shower going in the bathroom we shared. Not even bothering to knock, I walked right in and joined him.

Ron didn't even get a chance to say hello. I pushed him against the wall, knelt in front of him, and started to savagely attack his monster. Putting my hands around as much as I could, I started to pump him while kissing and licking the rest. Inserting the head in my mouth, I pumped his cock as fast as I could. Not able to hold back from the onslaught, Ron soon felt the cum boil from his balls, travel through his cock, and into my mouth. I swallowed it all, and then licked his cock a little more before standing.

"Well hello, and what was that all about."

"I have been doing nothing but think of your monster cock, and I had to have it."

"What about practice?"

"The coach got mad because no one was concentrating, so she called it early and let everyone go."

"That is bad."

"Yes it is because the coach is nothing but a bitch, and it brings everyone down. We have nothing to really motivate us to do better."

My eyes lit up, and a smile broadened my face.


"I have an idea."

Just then we heard a door slam, and both of us said in unison, "Mom and dad."

Ron ran to his room, while I continued showering to get the dirt off me.

Later that evening while riding his cock, I told Ron of my plan. At first he was hesitant, but then agreed to it. The only thing to do now was to plan it out, and when it would happen.

The next day before practice, I got everything rolling.

"Who wants to come over this weekend for a small party?" I asked.

"As bad as we have been doing the past few days I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Jackson had us practicing then." Laura, my best friend, and our shortstop said.

"That is true." Latoya, our pitcher, and one of the black players replied. "Besides, I have a date then."

"Come on guys. My parents will be gone, and it will do us some good to unwind. Besides, it will give us some time away from The Whip."

The Whip is the nickname we gave to our coach.

"If we are going to be away from The Whip, then I will be there." Jackie one of our outfielders voiced.

By the time practice was over, ten of the girls said they would be there. A few more still hadn't made up their minds.

When I got home that night Ron tried to hit on me. As much as I wanted him, and have his cock in me, I told him that he would have to wait. Ron was going to need his strength for what I had planned.

Softball practice continued for us, with the Whip yelling and screaming like she always does. Coach never gave us a break; it was always one thing right after the other. Almost like a slave driver. She was the same way year after year.

When the weekend finally arrived, every person on the team was glad that they could rest for a few days. My parents were going to be gone for their weekly date, and they said it was okay to have the team over. Everybody was going to be there except a few who said that they had other plans. Latoya's date had canceled, so she told me that she would be there.

When I got home, Ron and I planed out what was going to happen, and then waited.

Everyone arrived, and we just sat around chatting. Talking about everything from family, to boyfriends and sexual fantasies. There was a lot of blushing and wild laughter going on.

A few hours into the evening, Ron came walking in.

"Don't mind me ladies. I am just passing through to get something to eat."

He went into the kitchen, and a little later came out with both hands full of drink and food. When he passed me, I grabbed the leg part of his shorts.

"Hey, hold on a sec."

"Let me go, I have things I need to do." He tried to get away from me, but I had a tight hold of him. When he started to drag me out of the chair, Laura grabbed the other leg, which surprised me.

Both of us had known Laura for years, so he didn't say anything when she grabbed hold. She also had a crush on him, which we would find out later.

Ron strained to get away from us, and then a loud rip echoed through the room. He was standing there with food in one hand; drink in another, and nothing on but his t-shirt. I had one half of his shorts, and Laura had the other half. You could have heard a pin drop. No one was looking at neither Laura nor I, but at Ron's cock hanging between his legs.

Even in it's softened state, Ron's cock was a good seven inches in length, and his lemon size balls were there for everyone to see.

With as much dignity and pride that he could muster, Ron walked out holding his head high, not saying a word. Deep inside I was laughing.

No one said anything for a full thirty seconds after Ron walked out.

"Was that what I thought it was?" Sandi, one of our outfielders managed to say.

"Well, since he is a male it could have been only one thing." Patty our catcher laughed.

"He's bigger than some black guys I've seen." Latoya threw in.

"The hell with that. He is the only one I have ever seen." Jo, another outfielder, and known lesbian said.

We burst into another round of laughing. When all of us had calmed down, Laura was the next person to speak.

"I don't care about seeing it, I want it inside of me."

"As small as you are Little Bit you wouldn't be able to handle it." I told her using the nickname we gave her. She was the smallest player on the team.

"Go get him then and we will find out."

All of us where surprised and speechless. Even I didn't know what to do.

"You have got to be kidding." Latoya told her.

"No I'm not, go get him."

I looked around at everyone, and then walked upstairs. Ron was sitting in his room slowly pumping his cock. Walking in, I sit on his lap, trapping his cock between us.

"You better save it bro. There is someone downstairs who thinks she can take you, and wants to prove it now."

"Now! With everyone there? I don't think so Steph."

"If you don't want to right now that is fine. I just didn't think someone would want to do it this quick. Especially Laura."

"Laura? She is too small and would never be able to handle something this big."

"I know. But she says that she can, and wants to prove it in front of everyone."

"I don't think I would be able to do it with people watching."

"No problem."

Getting off his lap, I leaned over and slowly licked the length of his cock from base to tip. I then kissed him and walked back downstairs.

"Sorry girls. No fun tonight."

"Damn, and I really wanted to see this. Come on girls, tag team time." Latoya said, and before I could say anything, her and a few others walked out.

A few seconds later we heard some noises, and then Ron was yelling to let him go. All the girls came back into the room carrying Ron, wearing a new pair of shorts.

"Lay him right here girls," Latoya said pointing to the middle of the floor.

"Okay, this has gone far enough," I said getting a little upset.

"I want to see if Laura can take him." Jo said, and a few others agreed.

"I would like to see her try also, but he has already said no once." I said heatedly.

"Please let me go. I want to say something," Ron said from the floor.

They let him go, and he sat beside me on the couch. At first he didn't say anything, but then he spoke slowly.

"I will make a deal with you. If you can win the first game, and if Laura still wants to have sex with me, then we will, and you may watch." Everyone smiled at that. "But if you lose, the bet is off."

Laura was the first to agree, and each individual person quickly agreed after her. Shortly afterwards, we called it the night. When the last person left, I wanted to ride Ron's cock, but my parents would be home before too long, so I had to wait.

When practice resumed on Monday, everybody was there and they went at it with an enthusiasm that wasn't there before. Laura was going at it twice as hard as anyone else. Even The Whip was surprised at the intensity of practice, but she was still the drill instructor of old.

Finally the day of our game arrived, and we were all nervous as hell. Not only did we want to prove ourselves, but we also wanted to see if Laura could take Ron's cock. We had to win.

The first inning we did terrible. The other team scored a few runs, and we went to the dugout with long faces. By the end of the second inning we were doing better. We finally got the spirit, got some runs scored, and beat the other team by a wide margin. The whole team was ecstatic, no one as much as Laura or I.

We were going to meet at my house after the game, but unfortunately my mother was sick with the flu, so we had to change the meeting place. Laura said her parents would be out of town, and plans were made to meet there.

When Ron and I arrived, a few of the others were not there yet, so we sat around talking of the game. After everyone from before, and a few others showed up, we got down to business.

Furniture was moved, and space was made so Ron and Laura would be in the middle of the room. The rest of us would be standing around watching. We had to explain to the other girls who weren't with us before what was going to happen. They couldn't believe it, but we told them to stay and we would all find out.

Ron and Laura stripped naked, a gasped went up when Ron's cock was exposed, and they both lay in the middle of the room. At first they kissed, and roamed each others body, then Laura started to kiss down his chest. She didn't get very far before she ran into his hard cock, which was trapped between the two hot and heated bodies.

Keeping Ron's cock pinned back with her petite hands, Laura slowly licked the length of his monster. Slowly she would move from the head down to the base, and then back up again. Laura did this a few more times, driving Ron crazy who was moaning out so everyone could hear him. She then straddled his hips on her knees, trapping his cock, this time between her moist pussy lips and his body. Slowly Laura moved again, rubbing her pussy up and down Ron's cock, getting him wet with her juices. She paid particular attention to the purple crown, getting it extra wet so he would slide into her easier.

When Laura was ready, she stood over Ron's body, as he pointed his cock up between her legs. Spreading her stance wider, Laura slowly squatted down. When Ron's cock started to slide around, and they couldn't achieve penetration, I surprised everyone by kneeling down and taking hold of his cock to help. Laura reached to spread her pussy lips apart, and then started to lower herself again. She gasped out when the head hit her lips, and spread them even further. I let go, and Laura squatted down. When Ron's cock head disappeared in her, she stopped.

After what seemed like a full minute, Laura started to move. When another two inches of Ron's cock disappeared, she moved back up, and then down again. Each time Laura would come down, she would take another half inch to a full inch in. We knew she was getting into it, because you could see the juices flowing like a river down Ron's cock. After what seemed like an eternity, there were a few holy shits when Laura finally squatted all the way down.

Here was the smallest person on our team, squatting down with a thick twelve-inch cock buried deep in her.

Just like I did when Ron's cock was in me for the first time, Laura started to orgasm. She first screamed out, and then started to shake. When Laura finally calmed down, caught her breath, and got use to the cock in her, she started to move.

With the grace of a gymnast, and her feet still planted on the floor, Laura started to squat up and down on Ron. No place to put her hands, she started to pinch and pull her nipples, will picking up the pace. Everyone was wondering how she was keeping her balance, and the smell of sex was rampant throughout the room.

Laura continued riding Ron, getting faster as each minute passed. When we figured that one of them was about orgasm, she pulled herself off his cock, wrapped her hands around as much as she could, and started to pump him. Ron soon yelled as his cum shot out. With each shot as powerful as the previous one, Laura's face and chest was soon covered. When Ron slowed to a dribble, she learned over and licked him clean.

When they were done, Laura collapsed on the floor next to Ron, rubbing the cum into her skin. Needless to say, there were quite a few wet panties in that room when everything was done.

"Hot damn. What can top that?" Jo was the first to speak.

After some laughter, Ron looked at me, winked, and said, "If you can win the next game, a second person may join us."

"By saying a second, you mean that one of us will join you and Laura in a threesome?" One of the new girls asked.

"Yes. That is if Laura doesn't mind."

Still lying on the floor catching her breath, Laura agreed. "I don't mind at all. As long as I can have that cock again."

"What about Stephanie?" Another asked.

"What about her?" Ron questioned.

All the girls looked at me, and I knew that our secret had to be let out.

"Okay. What I am about to say cannot be told to anyone else. Ron and I have been having sex for a few months now."

There was dead silence, and a few jaws hit the floor.

"What other surprises will we learn tonight?" Latoya asked.

"Keep winning games and you will find out," Ron said smiling.

There were quite a few smiles after that comment.

After talking for a little longer, we soon parted and heading to our separate houses.

When Ron and I got home, all the lights were out so both our parents had to be asleep. We went to our separate rooms, and after changing I softly walked to Ron's room. He had already changed and was in bed. Crawling in next to him, I threw my arm over him.

"How did you like tonight?" I asked him.

"I didn't think I would ever get my cock in Laura, but damn did it feel good. Did it bother you watching us?"

"You don't know how wet I was watching. And you can bet that a few of the others were wet as well."

"What about that little wager for the next game?"

"Let's just say that I hope I will be the next one. You don't know how much I wanted to be Laura tonight having your cock in me. Speaking of that cock ...."

I pushed the sheets down covering us, and turned so Ron's cock was in front of me. Grabbing hold of it, I started to lick him, tasting Laura's juices. Soon Ron was hard again, and the plump head on his cock found its way into my mouth. Sucking in as much as I could, I pumped what was left. Instead of his cum shooting over someone's body, this time it was going down my throat.

Even though he had cum only hours before, I started to pump and suck Ron as fast as I could, while at the same time trying to stay quiet. Soon he swelled up more, and I took just the crown in my mouth, while continuing pumping. When Ron's cum hit the back of my throat, I started to swallow with each ejaculation. What leaked past my lips was lick up.

Sliding back up I kissed him. "Rest up for the next game now." And then walked back to my room with another set of wet panties.

When we had our next practice, Laura was walking kind of funny. All of us who witnessed the twelve-inch cock in her knew why. The Whip asked her what was wrong, and Laura told her that she strained her back over the weekend. Laura was benched, but she was also a motivator to those who wanted Ron next.

By the next game, Laura was better so she took over her role as the starting shortstop. We stomped the team out of the gate. The score was so one-sided that the game was called after six innings. Everyone was happy, but not for winning the game. They couldn't wait to see who was going to get a chance at Ron.

My parents were gone for the weekend, so we again met there. After everyone arrived and talked of the game, we got down to the business of being there. To make things fair, I bought a box of drinking straws and cut one short. They were placed in a bowl and passed around. The one who picked the short straw would be the one who joined Laura. Unknown to everyone, I had kept one of the long ones for myself. I wanted to be with Ron, and have everyone watch, but it was going to be under my own terms.

Jo was the lucky one. With her being an admitted lesbian, this was going to be very interesting.

We had a full size furnished basement, and with just about the whole team present, that is where we decided to have our fun.

It didn't take long for Ron and Laura to strip down, Jo joined them after hesitating a few seconds. Jo's breasts were very firm, and her nipples looked like two tiny pencil erasers sticking straight out.

Ron lay on his back again; Laura attacked his cock right off. She starting licking him, and at the same time, pumped his cock with both petite hands. Jo straddled him on her knees, sat on his face, and watched Laura lick Ron to hardness.

Jo must have really enjoyed what Ron was doing, because she started moaning and thrusting her pelvis into his face not long after she sat down. When Laura had Ron good and hard, she stood over him, and lowered herself as she had done the first time. She again had a hard time inserting his cock, so Jo took hold of Ron's cock, and guided it into Laura's opening. Already wet in anticipation for what was to come, Laura had no problem taking the thick cock. Slowly she lowered herself until Ron was completely buried in her. When she got used to the feeling, Laura started to move up and down.

I couldn't believe the site in front of me. Here was my brother on his back with a pussy buried in his face, and his cock sliding in and out of another, my panties were soaked just watching.

Jo was the first to orgasm. She pinched both her nipples as hard as she could, thrust her pussy into Ron's face, and moaned out loud.

"Oh my God, yes."

When she came down from her high, Jo started to thrust her groin into Ron's face again. By this time, Laura was moving up and down at a good pace. Sensing that Laura was about to have her own orgasm, Jo reached to squeeze and pinch her nipples. Laura didn't falter in her pace when she felt the hands on her breasts; she just picked up the tempo a little more.

When Laura felt the orgasm travel throughout her body, she placed her hands over Jo's, pressed them tightly to her chest, and sat down on Ron's cock one last time. Laura screamed out, and shook all over. After her orgasm faded, she kept her hands over Jo's, and started to ride up and down again.

Laura rode Ron's cock a few more minutes, and then stood straight up. She kneeled to one side, and Jo knelt on the other. When Jo stood, I looked at Ron's face, and his mouth and chin area were glistening with pussy juice.

Laura placed both her hands around Ron's cock, one on top of the other, and Jo placed hers in the same manner. Even with all four hands around his cock, there was still a good amount left sticking out. Laura and Jo then started to pump Ron in unison. He closed his eyes tight, and moaned out loud.

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