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My Brother's Friend


Dana shook out the blanket before throwing it across the couch, tucking it in so it made a nice, smooth bed. Tossing a couple of pillows on top, she turned to look over her shoulder at her brother, Chris. His forlorn expression would have been comical had she not known the emotional trauma behind it. Trying to cheer him up, she quipped, "I'd give you the bedroom and sleep out here, but I don't want to."

Chris simply shrugged. "It doesn't matter. I'm just glad you're letting me stay here."

"Stop being so defeatist," Dana chided. "You'll get the severance pay next week, so you'll have money to live on while you find another job. That won't take long at all, with your skills. And as for Stacy, she certainly showed her true colors. You can do so much better than that, Chris." Dana tried to hide her own rage at her brother's now-ex-girlfriend. Rather than being supportive or comforting when Chris had been laid off, she'd told him to pack his bags and leave...the same day.

Talk about kicking a man while he's down!

Obviously, she'd only been with Chris until the money well ran dry. Dana couldn't stand women like her. As she finished setting up Chris's makeshift bed, she turned to look at him again, finding him texting someone with a hint of a smile on his face. She crossed her arms and stared at him expectantly. "Please tell me you aren't talking to that bitch."

Chris rolled his eyes, a sure sign that he wouldn't live in this funk for long. "No, Dana, I'm done with her. You know me. No second chances."

Dana didn't argue, though it was utter bullshit. Chris had a soft heart, and sometimes he was too forgiving. Instead, she asked, "Then who are you talking to?"

"My buddy, Tyler. He got hit today, too, and he wants to hang out for a while. He's on his way over."

Gaping at him, Dana cried, "You gave him my address?"

"Relax," Chris told her. "He's cool, and he doesn't need a place to crash. He just doesn't want to talk at his place because he hasn't told his roommates yet. One of them has a birthday tomorrow, and he doesn't want to ruin it."

"That's kind of him," Dara replied drily, feeling a headache coming on. She barely had room for her brother in her small place, much less some strange guy going through the same bad course of events. But looking at her brother, who had always been there when she needed him, Dara couldn't tell him no. what was a few hours? Besides, she usually got along with Chris's friends. Relenting, she reached for her cell. "Alright, I guess I'll order in because I'm certainly not cooking."

"Get Chinese, and I'll pay," Chris said, sounding excited and young. With less than a year separating them in age, they had always been close, and Dana sometimes forgot that she was older.

In this moment, she saw his vulnerability and smiled. "No, you save your money. I got this." Nudging his head as she walked toward the kitchen to find a menu for her favorite delivery place, she dialed and heard the knock at the door halfway through her order. With the voices in the living room and a lousy connection, she stepped further into the kitchen, plugging her ear as she finished the call. Then, she stepped back around the wall separating the kitchen from the small living room.

And stopped dead in her tracks.

More than once, Dana found herself attracted to and crushing on one of Chris's friends. All of them being so close in age, it was natural. But she had never laid eyes on any of them before that struck her with such an intense desire. The air itself held a sexual charge that taunted her, and her mouth went completely dry as other, more intimate parts grew damp.

He hadn't noticed her yet, and she took the opportunity to really study him, taking in his firm, athletic build, the easy smile he wore across lips that begged for a kiss, the brilliant shine of his silver-green eyes, and the perfectly mussed head of light brown hair that looked as if he'd just rolled out of bed after a good lay.

Dana shook herself, trying to relieve the wanton feeling building low in her gut. Listening to her libido would only cause frustration, under the circumstances. Clearing her throat, she drew Chris's attention first, before the other set of extremely intoxicating orbs fell on her. She didn't miss the way his lips parted slightly and his pupils dilated as he ran a long, hot gaze up and down her body. Sure, she looked good in the tight jeans and V-neck shirt, but she suddenly wished she was wearing one of her clubbing dresses and a little makeup. She hadn't gone out in forever, and all her most impressive outfits were tucked at the back of the closet.

"Hey, Dana, this is my friend, Tyler. Tyler, my sister, Dana, who has kindly ordered some grub to cheer us up," Chris made the introductions.

Dana froze as Tyler reached to shake her hand. Could she handle touching him without melting into the floor? That would be rich - puddling in front of her brother! Forcing a smile, she wrapped her fingers around his, delighting in the warmth and gentle strength of his handshake. "It's nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is mine," he replied, but his expression strained, and his eyes spoke of something else. The pleasure can be yours later.

Chiding herself for creating fantasies in her head, Dana pulled away, trying not to read anything into the way his hand lingered, his fingers brushing over her palm as he released his hold. Noticing the six-pack in his hand, she pointed and asked, "Should I put those in the fridge for you?"

He nodded. "I can do it." As he moved past her, his gaze fell on her lips, then her chest. Did he purposely rub against her as he moved past her into the kitchen? The way her breasts grew firm and heavy and her skin tingled told her so. She gulped and welcomed the open long neck he brought back for her as she took a seat on the couch.

Chris took the arm chair, leaving the spot beside Dana open. Tyler took it, sides touching, and she glanced at the gap on the other side of him. Okay, if he kept this up, she was going to lose it. Dana could handle one-sided attraction, but if Tyler reciprocated, she couldn't promise herself or anyone else that she cared if she knew him or not, or that her brother was sitting right there. She had to avert her eyes to keep from staring at his lips and wondering how they would taste as he sipped the beer.

She couldn't focus on the conversation, trying desperately to keep her urges at bay. As Tyler laughed at some random joke Chris made, she felt the shiver of delight crawl down her spine and add to the pressure between her thighs. This was ridiculous!

She'd never been so grateful for food when the delivery came, and she fussed about, getting plates and chopsticks and silverware - she refused to look foolish attempting to use the chopsticks in front of Tyler. She knew her brother would try to embarrass her, but he never got the chance as Tyler pushed the sticks away and picked up a fork. "I never learned to use those things. I look like a toddler trying to eat and making a mess."

Did he wink at her? Dana felt like some teenage virgin as butterfly wings batted at her insides. What the hell was wrong with her? Nothing, she decided as she snuck another look at the god sitting next to her. It was just that everything was right about him.

They ate, joking and trashing the company that had laid Chris and Tyler off, and they went through more beer. Dana had never been more grateful that she kept some in her fridge. The night grew late, and she yawned, her brother echoing her with a stretch and yawn of his own. "I should get going and let you two get some sleep," Tyler said, standing and giving Dana a prime view of his ass, which was perfectly framed in jeans that hugged his hips.

"No, man, stay a little longer. Dana, you can go to bed if you want. We'll keep it down," Chris told her.

"It's really okay," Tyler argued.

But Dana shook her head. "You've had a few drinks. Why don't you just crash here so you don't have to drive? It's a small place, but I have an air mattress we can blow up for you." Then again, in her fantasies, Tyler didn't need the mattress because he would spend the night in her bed. And likely not do much sleeping.

She tried to remind herself she was being ridiculous, but she kept thinking about the signals he'd been sending all night. Or what she thought were signals. And now, as she invited him to spend the night, he gave her a very obvious once over that had her blushing and hoping that, by some miracle, Chris didn't notice. Especially since Tyler's eyes danced with the sort of mischief that made her body temperature rise at least four degrees.

"I wouldn't want to intrude," he hedged, and she heard the underlying tone that told her he wanted to stay.

"It's settled then," she told him with a nod, fighting the urge to wink or give some other indication that she had more on her mind.

"Don't worry about the mattress," Chris yawned, grabbing one of the blankets and curling up in the armchair. "I'm sleeping here. Tyler, you take the couch." He closed his eyes and looked like he'd be out in minutes.

An awkward silence fell, and Dana wondered what to say. She didn't want to read into anything, and she certainly didn't want her brother involved in whatever might be brewing here. Finally, she shrugged and said, "Help yourself to anything you like." She realized instantly her mistake and blushed, but she saw the spark in Tyler's eyes that told her the fantasies might not be so far off. She bit her lip and motioned toward the bathroom. "I'm just going to brush my teeth and go to bed. Make yourself comfortable." This time, she meant it as an invitation.

He didn't move, just stood there beside the couch, and Dana sashayed off, hoping he got his eyes full before she shut herself in the bathroom. There, she stared at herself in the mirror, noting the flush in her cheeks and the wild glint in her eyes. "It's not going to happen," she told reflection quietly. "Stop getting all worked up."

The knock on the door made her jump, and she hoped no one had heard her. "Yeah?" she called.

"Hey, Dana, can I bust in there for just a second and grab a towel? I'm going to do the dishes for you," Tyler called back. That was sweet of him. But she wasn't going to let him do it.

Disappointed that he hadn't wanted something else, she opened the door to tell him to let it go, she'd get them in the morning. But as she opened her mouth, he stepped into her space, his hands gripping her waist. He took advantage of her parted lips and snaked his tongue into her mouth. He tasted like soy sauce, salty and sweet, and underneath that was a masculine flair that had her burning up in seconds. As he pushed her into the room further, she tripped, and he turned her back to the wall, pressing her against it so she wouldn't fall.

God, his body felt good against hers! How much better would it feel naked?

He must have had a similar thought because his cock dug into her stomach as it came to life, hard and thick. She arched her back, rubbing against it, and he grunted into her mouth, the vibration of it tickling down her throat, through her chest, and straight to her core. Her pussy was already drenched, and now, she grew impatient, wanting more. She'd toyed with the idea all night, not expecting satisfaction. But Tyler had made the first move, and she intended to follow through.

With their mouths still crushed together, she muttered, "My room."

Tyler responded by sliding his hands roughly down her sides and curling them behind her thighs, lifting her so she could wrap her legs around his waist. His cock pressed hard against her core, and she groaned as the sensation traveled through her veins and up to her brain, making her lightheaded. He stumbled getting through the narrow bathroom door, and they both laughed, the sounds deep and guttural.

Dana's raw need took precedence, and she didn't care about foreplay or emotion. From the moment she'd seen Tyler in her living room, she'd had the overwhelming urge to rip his clothes from his body, and as he dropped with her to the bed without even turning on the light, she did exactly that. She tore his shirt over his head and yanked his jeans and boxers from his waist, shoving at them to push them over his hips.

Tyler seemed just as frantic to get her naked, all but popping the buttons off her shirt and practically growling as he fought her tight jeans, peeling them down her legs. Dana knew she should have been a little shier. After all, she'd never slept with a guy she'd just met. But something about Tyler and the way he looked at her, as if he was about to lose his cool and might die if he didn't find his way inside her soon negated any nerves she might have had.

He cupped her sex with his palm, rolling her clit with his thumb as he pressed against her, and Dana fisted her hands in his hair, yanking his head down to her chest. He complied, biting her pebbled nipple with just enough force to make her whimper before the pleasure took over. It shot straight to her pussy, and she poured all over his hand, making him shiver. "That's fucking hot," he muttered before licking a line across to the other taut nub.

She bit back a cry, her head spinning as she fought her nature and kept quiet so her brother wouldn't hear. Of course, the danger of getting caught only heightened her arousal, and she tugged at his hair, urging him to come up to her. When he finally slid over her and kissed her, his tongue darting in and out of her mouth with teasing licks and jabs, Tyler settled between her legs, and she arched her hips, ready for him.

His head caressed her folds, wetting the tip of him, and with one good thrust, he filled her halfway. He shuddered and stilled, lifting his head as his eyes rolled back. Dana loved that she had such power over him, and she breathed, "You're almost too big."

He sat up a bit, reaching behind her knees and lifting them up with a mischievous grin. "And you're almost too tight. But we'll fix that right now." Still holding her knees up, he slid out of her ever so slightly and then thrust into her fully. Dana's eyes went wide as he stretched her to her limit, but the sensation was delicious, and she writhed, trying to adjust the angle so he could go even deeper.

But Tyler was in fully control, and she could hardly move the way he held her. He took his time with slow, maddeningly long thrusts, and as the pressure built, she finally gasped, "Stop teasing already and fuck me!"

His eyes darkened, and so did his smile. Without hesitating, he picked up the speed, his movements rough and bordering on violent. It felt amazing, and the pressure exploded like a bullet out of a gun. Dana had to grab her pillow and throw it over her face to muffle her scream as he continued plowing into her, keeping the orgasm flowing with impossible intensity.

Just as she started to come down, she felt the pressure already building again, and it wasn't just her own. Tyler's rhythm faltered, and he lifted her hips off the bed with his grasp, changing the angle again. Dana inhaled sharply, nearly going blind with pleasure as he hit points inside her no one ever had. "I'm coming," he grunted, and his body jerked, his cock jumping inside her.

His release was hot and fast, and it sent her over the edge again, until she felt like she had fallen down the rabbit hole in complete and utter bliss. She rode the wave with him all the way as he buried himself fully inside her and dropped her legs, curling his body around hers as they both convulsed. When the spasms ended, their breathing seemed loud enough in Dana's ears to wake the dead, and the only thing that matched the volume was the sound of her beating heart thrumming in her ears.

Eventually, Tyler lifted his head, a goofy grin curled across his lips and his eyes hooded. "That was amazing."

She nodded, letting her own mouth curve at the edges. "Definitely."

Sighing, he said, "I suppose I should get dressed and get back out to the couch before your brother wakes up to take a leak and comes to investigate."

Dana pouted. "Done so soon?" He smirked, and she sighed. "I have a better idea. Go lock me door and stay here. I may need another helping later."

Tyler narrowed his eyes at her. "You planned this all along, didn't you?"

"I might have had some wayward thoughts when I first saw you," she admitted.

"What about your brother?" he asked, sounding more amused than concerned.

Dana didn't care anymore. She found something she wanted to hold onto. Waving a dismissive hand in the air, she said, "He'll be fine. I'll deal with him tomorrow. Let's just be selfish tonight."

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